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Radio War by s2rocks
Chapter 4 : The Weasleys
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All characters belong to J K Rowling. 

Here is another chapter. Hope you love this one. We are back with Ciara's PoV

Thanks to all the people who reviewed and have put me as favorites, it means a lot, please leave a review too!



credit to  milominderbinder@TDA



  I think I am the luckiest girl in the world because I have the perfect job, where I can tell everyone my own opinions.


I mean, I can say whatever the hell I want.




Most importantly, I have an internship to work under my idol, Healer Charles Bonham, a.k.a. Charlie.


Isn't this a dream come true?


Yes, it is.


But like a coin has two faces, my life has its worst too.


But you know what the worst part is?


It's the night duty I have to do.


Charlie is the best healer in Mungos, so it’s natural that he is the busiest one of them all and has to take care of the entire hospital, as he is the head too.


Moreover, he is kind enough to save some time to train me.


And as much I want to have a normal eight hours of sleep, this is the chance of a lifetime which I don't want to miss.


I want to become a healer.


He is really cool. He helps me a lot and knows that I do the morning show of WWN and manages the session in such a way that I can take part in both.


But today I have a very important thing to discuss with him.



Albus Severus Potter, the brother of my best friend, proposed to his long term girlfriend, Alice Ginny Longbottom.


It’s quite funny that he is going to marry a girl who has a middle name same as his mother.


She is one of my close friends, so it was right to say that I will be one of her bridesmaid.


I am not assuming this, she asked me, Okay.


Al is the spitting image of his dad, same black untameable hair, (we tease him a lot for that and every Christmas he gets at least one comb as a gift and Harry thinks its hilarious until we remind him that the trait has been passed on from him,) emerald green eyes (the girls drooled at his beautiful emerald green eyes in Hogwarts, once I was one of them too,) and is about five feet and ten inches.


He is quite short as compared to other male in the Wotters, who are mostly above six.


Harry isn’t very tall either, though.



Albus is an Auror like his dad.


Told you, a total copy.


Just in appearance and job though, I should include.


He was a Slytherin, so you know less selfless and killing himself with guilt or blaming himself for every wrong thing.


Alice is quite opposite; she is brown haired with light brown eyes like her father (Professor Neville Longbottom), small in stature at 5'4” and sweet like her mum Hannah, (as she is a Hufflepuff too) who is now the owner of the Leaky Cauldron. Alice is a Herbology freak—I mean she loves it and works in the Magical Plants Department of the Ministry.


That isn't a surprise.


The proposal I mean.


He proposed to her last weekend with a romantic dinner, champagne, poems etc.


Let’s not discuss that, it was the traditional proposal.


Oh sorry, I forgot the ring too.


Victoire Weasley, his cousin, is one of the best event managers in the whole wizarding world and she accepted the offer to arrange all of the parties, whether it was the engagement party or the wedding, even though she was six months pregnant.


So, she needed help and asked me to help her out because no one else would.


You ask why?


I will tell you later, it will take a lot of time.


Helping needs time and I need to get some too.


So, I have to ask Charlie to give me this Friday night off as the engagement party will be that night and I have been specially invited.


I am helping a pregnant Veela and tolerating her, I should be specially invited.


After the whole night working on the muggle project, it’s three o'clock in the morning when I knock on the door of his office.


"Come in," comes the muffled voice of Charlie.


I enter his office. His office is more like a library. There is a big bookcase covering the right side of the room from floor to ceiling, in front of which is a comfortable red couch (which I had told him reminded me of Gryffindor, which had amused him), while in the middle there is a fireplace so he can be easily informed of any emergencies. On the left side of the room is his desk where a big pile of files is stacked neatly; as I walk in, I find him working furiously on some papers.


"Ciara, sit down. I was going to call you. I wanted to talk to you about Friday’s session," he says while rummaging through the pages.


Shit, please. Don’t let it be an important lesson.


"Shoot," I reply nervously, waiting for his words.


"Actually, this Friday, I have this charity function which my wife is organizing. So I won't be able to come to work that night. Can we schedule it on Sunday night if you don’t have any conflicts?" he asks, looking at me.


Seriously, how is this possible?


"Are you psychic?" I blurt out, not able to stop myself because I am really shocked. My question amuses him; he smirks and quirks an eyebrow, asking why I am asking him that.


If he had been single or a little bit younger, I would have seriously considered making a move on him. Healer Charles has dirty blonde hair with ocean blue eyes, which can easily melt any girl's heart and I am sure, girls would have drooled when he gave them his smirking smile.


"Well, you must be because I was here to talk about the same thing. I have an engagement party to attend on Friday, so I wanted the shift to be transferred to the weekend," I tell him excitedly, almost jumping from the joy of having a night off.


Phew, at least I don't have to ask him now because I don't know whether he would have agreed or not. Besides, this is the last weekend of my night shifts and after next Saturday, my morning shifts will start.


"Well, looks like you are okay with it,” he says looking at my grinning face. “So, in the end, Mr. Potter proposed," he stated knowingly.


"No shit, Sherlock!” I curse and he laughs. “If he didn't, I was going to yell at him to put us out of our misery." We both laugh at this.


"Well then, I guess I will see you on Sunday night,” he says and moves to leave the room and stop when I hear him saying something, “and I need the project by Sunday."

I wave to him as I was done for the night.


If I say, I am feeling awesome then you can see the sarcasm here because I feel and even look like shit when I wake up in the morning.


Three and half hours of sleep can do that to you.


Amy smacks me hard on my head as I fall asleep in-between the show and bite my head off literally.


The problem is that my training is at night and I do the morning show, so all I have is the afternoon to myself till the evening and which I should use for rest.


But that’s the thing: I don’t get much sleep as there is always something to do and I have a dinner to attend tonight.


After doing the show, I get a few hours of sleep, do some grocery shopping and start making my famous chocolate lava cake, which is always appreciated by all of the Weasleys and cook ready-made noodles for a quick lunch. I disapparate to the Burrow when everything is done and am met by the screeching voice of the one and only Victorie Weasley.


Sometimes, I wonder how the glasses survive after her screeching voice.


"SEE IF I CARE. I CAN DO THIS BY MYSELF AND I DON'T NEED ANYONE'S HELP. SO DON'T COME ANYWHERE NEAR ME BECAUSE I AM VERY BUSY AND I DON'T NEED ANY HELP.” I put my hands on my ears trying to save myself from Banshee’s shrilling voice. ”I SAID I DON'T NEED ANY HELP!" Victoire yells at the front door as I approach the Burrow.


I groan.


Vic is six months pregnant and with Veela genes and hormones through the roof, it’s not a good mixture. It is a known fact then when it comes to planning any event, Vic will go crazy and can bite anyone's heads off with her plans.


So, her cousins used to avoid her and now, since she is pregnant and completely absorbed by hormones, she is like a walking dragon except this one is totally gorgeous with her mother's blonde hair (from whom she has inherited the yelling tendencies) and dad's blue eyes (which enhances her emotional face and can make anyone agree).


I watch as she looks towards the door and waiting for someone to come out and help her. After waiting for a few minutes, she sighs and yells, "I HATE YOU GUYS!"


I need to move before she starts crying as that will make the situation worse.


"Sorry, I'm late. I had to make this delicious cake for some blonde Weasley who loves it," I say innocently trying to make her mood better. She throws her arms around me as soon as she sees me and gives me a bone crushing hug.


The pregnancy cravings are driving her wild, more than she already is and I know that she loves chocolate and it calms her. The cake is to lighten her mood knowing others would have frustrated to the end.


"Thanks Key, you are the only one who cares about me and you know how much I love chocolate lava cake," she says, a dreamy look on her face.


I chuckle and sigh when I hear my nickname.


At last someone who calls me with my real nickname, which my mother gave me.


"Who said I'm talking about you? Maybe I was talking about Louis," I question her, raising my eyebrows.


"No, you wouldn't do that for him. If you wanted to kill him you would use only a chocolate bar, not a lava cake," she states flatly and I laugh at this, knowing she is right. I won’t make this for that idiot, he hates it.


Really, he hates chocolate. I thought he was mad when he told me how much he hated the chocolate. It almost broke our friendship.


I mean who can hate chocolate.


Only him or maybe a stuck-up dentist.


I wave my wand at my bag, sending it to her dad's room that I and Lily usually share. I rub my hands warming myself for the upcoming work.


"Ok, what do I have to do?" I ask her. She beams and leads me to the table placed in the yard. She tells me all of the arrangements and plans she has made and asks for my opinion.


I actually like that she wants a small band to play at the engagement party as it is going to be a small get together with only close friends being invited. I give her the number of a wannabe band who I had interviewed to help them launch their new song. We don't realize how much time has passed as we talk and remember that it’s late when my stomach grumbles loudly, breaking us from the conversation.


"I'm sorry for keeping you here, go in and eat something. I will take care of all of this. Thanks for your help, I needed it," she says gratefully and I squeeze her hands before entering the house.


"You're alive!" Dom yells when I enter the house and hugs me tightly.


Dominique is as beautiful as her sister with her strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes; both sisters look like they can be models in the Weekly Witch magazine. I laugh knowing she is the first one who slips off when Vic asks for any help with her work.


"She won't be if you try to squeeze the life out of her," Lysander says teasing her and smirks when she glares at me and moves around to give me a hug.


Lysander Scamander, twin of Lorcan, has dirty blonde hair like his mother and baby blue eyes. He is a friend of Al's and is working as Obliviater after his training from France.


He’s tan now and looks hotter now.


Dom blushes red while glaring at him.


Ah the Weasley blush.


"Who asked for your opinion?" she snaps angrily and I walk away, knowing they are going to start fighting.


This is nothing new. They both kind of like each other—okay so maybe they love each other but are in denial, and there is so much sexual tension between them sometimes I feel like they should just snog and spare us the whole row.


"Oi! you two, get a room," Lily says loudly and hugs me as Lorcan waves cheekily, knowing I am angry with him. He has his dad's bluish-green eyes and his hair is a shade lighter than Zander's.


Both blush and mumble something like ‘we are seriously fighting’.


"C'mon, I wanted to talk to you about something," Lily says, but before she can drag me away, my empty stomach makes its presence known. This makes everyone laugh and I shrug.


"I guess we should go to the kitchen," she leads me to the kitchen table. At the table Albus, Scorpius, and Fred are sitting drinking butterbeer while Rose is drinking coffee. I grab Fred's cup and he shouts, "Not fair!" I ignore him and move into the kitchen and throw my arms around Nana Molly, otherwise known as Mrs. Weasley.

She is my hero, she is the best cook in the world, and even Hogwarts’ food is nothing compared to hers.


"Good afternoon, Nana," I greet her.


"It's so nice to see you Key, and you look so thin! You should eat more, let me get you something," she scolds me, but I just smile when I watch her preparing something for me.


She reminds me so much of my Grandma Jordan—I miss her terribly—she was like a walking, scolding typical grandmother and always smacked my father when he joked about blowing something up.


She leads me to a chair and places eggs and bacon in front of me and tells me to eat. I thank her and dig in. As I start eating, I see everyone staring at me.


"What?" I ask, assuming maybe something is on my face and turn to Lily, who is smirking and then realization strikes me like a lightning.


Al clears his throat and I look at him.


"So I heard about the interview," he says and I raise my brows and nod hesitantly telling him to continue.


I am nervous. Maybe they think I am awful and don't want to be related to me anymore, maybe they are even thinking of schemes to throw me out of the house.


"And it was…” I wait for him to complete and he takes a long leap knowing I am almost peeing because of the anxiety, ”amazing." All the guys start laughing.


This makes me relax.


"You kicked his ass in front of all the people, it was fucking brilliant." Fred booms out, looking in awe at me.


Fred Weasley is the funniest Weasley apart from his father and slightly darker skinned but otherwise the spitting image of George Weasley.


"FREDERICK WEASLEY, WATCH YOUR TONGUE!" Mrs Weasley yells and Fred apologises profusely.


And before I can say anything Scorpius cuts me off.


"Did you seriously say that he must be sleeping through a very bad hangover?" he questions with a big smirk on his face and I shrug.


Why don’t I get a handsome man in my life?


"I can't just say on the radio that he was drinking his ass off somewhere and hitting on some slut to have a one night stand, that he is pissed with a hangover which made him unable to show his shameful face in the studio. Can I?" I whisper to others.


I am smart enough not to say it too loud so I don't get scolded by Mrs Weasley.


"You have got a very dirty mouth," Fred says, pointing at my mouth and I poke my tongue at him.


"Yeah, pot calling the kettle black," I snort and others laughed. "Besides, I said one night stand not that he was fucking some whore with her boobs hanging out," I improvise and Fred shaked his head at me.


It’s a known fact that that Potter is a man whore ever since his days at Hogwarts.


"You know, I also heard the repeat," Al says grinning like fool. Lily snorts.


"Mum recorded it," she winks at me. She picks up her bag and takes out the paper from it.


“What?” I ask her. She just points to the paper.



I read the headline of the Witch Weekly and feel my heart drop. God! Why didn’t I think of that?


Fred starts faking crying and wipes his fake tears. “Our little Key on the front page, never thought that would happen.”


“God!” I exclaim and jump from the chair. “Mum’s going to kill me.”


Lily laughs at my horrified face. “Your Dad’s giving a party tonight to Uncle George in celebration.”


“Oh, hear this- That Jordan is a shitty host. She is just trying to gain attention by insulting James Potter. He wouldn’t ever do something like that. He is too nice for that,” Al reads out from the paper.


“Nice my ass,” Scorpius scoffs and others nod. He looks just like his father, platinum blonde with grey eyes and the same devil smirk which says he is better than anyone else. Scorpius became Al's best friend when Al got sorted into Slytherin, which irritated Rose greatly as they were childhood friends. So, it was obvious that Scorpius and Rose hated each other. There was a time when they would curse each other every time they came face to face.


It was very amusing and very entertaining to see them fight.


But things changed when they entered their seventh year.


They both became Heads and no one knows how and what happened, but they started dating. Ron was not very happy and Draco cursed himself as he thought he was the one who made Scorpius rebel.


It’s been three years since they started dating, and even now Ron glares daggers at Scorpius. Scorpius is trying hard to make Ron like him and Ron likes Scorpius but acts otherwise. Ron knows Scorpius loves Rose from the bottom of his heart.


“That it is.” Rose winks at Scorpius, who smirks and kisses her. While Fred makes gagging sounds and Al looks at his best friends in disgust.


“But, newspaper. I don’t need attention. I don’t want to be famous,” I say sadly. I have seen how much Lily had struggled for years due to the attention of media on her and I don’t want that.


“First of all, we all know Weekly’s a bullshit. Moreover, you are famous,” Lily says and waves her hands infront of me.


“I’m not,” I deny and scoff.


I am not.


“Really, aren’t you the reason that the morning’s show ratings have increased? “ Al asks me and I nod.


“It is. But that doesn’t mean I‘m famous,” Everyone looks at me disbelief. “I’m serious.”


“No. That’s James,” Fred winks at me and I glare at him.


“I thought you guys would hate me,” I whisper and I hear the combined sigh of all. I turn to Al who cleared his throat.


“Key, we....” Al shakes his head and looks me in the eye. “You are right to think that and maybe we would have done that if it was James before Hogwarts.”


“While attending Hogwarts, he was fun and spent time with us. He was a momma’s boy, even though she scared the shit out of him. He was eager to know how his little sister was but it’s all changed now,” Lily mumbles and her eyes close, trying to stop the tears.


“When he accepted the position for Puddlemere, he became a magnet for the media. They were after him, everywhere. He was the same James but after few months he just changed and stopped being the fun git he was. Now, he rarely comes home, and forget the Burrow,” There’s a longing in Al’s voice and I feel sad knowing how things changed.


"What are you guys talking about?" Alice asks, entering the room and breaking the sad mood. I hug her and congratulate her about the engagement.


“Told you he would do that,” I whisper and she nods and blushes.


Al stands up and gives her a sweet, mind blowing kiss infront of all of us. They keep going on forgetting us all till Fred clears his throat.


“Nice show,” Fred whistles and we all grin at them.


“Newly engaged couple. Kill me, please.” Dom gags. Zander grins and rubs his hands.


“Name place and time. I will do it, babes,” He grins and she scowls at him.


“Just use conception charm and everything will be fine,” I cut them off and wink. They both blush again and we all grin.


"This is disgusting," Fred says, pointing at Al and Alice, who were still in each other’s arms. He wrinkles his nose in disapproval. "Look at his puppy face. Seriously, you, Al and this Malfoy are totally whipped."


"Hey, leave me out of it," Scorpius says, raising his hands in defence.


"And what's wrong with them?" Rose asks; the voice of reason.


"Nothing my sweet cousin, just they are not normal anymore," Fred said, waving his hands.


"And you are normal?" Dom asks, sniggering.


"I am the most normal person in this family," he states as a matter of fact and it makes everyone laugh. "I am the one who is not whipped, no whining woman attached as there is no girl in the world who can tame me. Fred Weasley," he announces with pride and happiness.


"Of course there is no girl who can tame you," Roxy says, walking into the kitchen. "I always knew there was no girl who is worthy enough for of you." Fred beams and Roxy winks at us when Fred looks at us. "I mean it's obvious that we are looking for the wrong gender. We all knew you were gay," she says innocently.


"Of course," Fred exclaims, before realizing what she had said and we all laugh.


"You my dear Freddy are an idiot," Roxy kisses his cheek and Fred rubs it quickly as if he has been burned.


"Traitor sister, hey it rhymes," he chimes. Roxy ignores him and asked,


"Where is the dragon tamer?" We all look around the room.


"I'm here," came a voice from behind and we turn to see Teddy Lupin with his blue hair and sweet smile.


"Is it fine if I go out?" he asks hesitatingly, not sure of whether it’s safe or not. It’s funny knowing that once he was an Auror and now he’s the DADA Professor at Hogwarts.


"She is your wife," I remind him and he nods and replies, "That's why I asked."
He leaves the room before taking a glimpse.


"See, marriage does that to you," Fred comments pointing to Al and the others.


"And I am never getting married," says my idiot chocolate hater best friend Louis Weasley.


I grin and run to him, hugging him tightly, beating the life out of him. He is my best boy friend not boyfriend.


“A litlle force and I would be in heaven,” he teases me. I shake my head.


“Can’t do that. I care about angels.” I grin at him and he just raises his eyebrows at me.



"Are you seriously not dating?" Fred asks as Louis and I tease each other.


"Nah, we are not dating, we are just fuck buddies," I say keeping my face straight. I bite my bottom lips to stop myself when his eyes widen and he looks as if he’s going to piss himself. I peek a look at Louis and then at Fred and we both burst into laughter.


"Oh my God… Hah… Your face… Hah… Priceless!" We say, both laughing so hard that tears are falling from our eyes and after some time we eventually quiet down.


"Don't say something like that again. You nearly gave me a heart attack," Fred says, clutching his heart dramatically.


"Why did you get excited?" I wink at him.


"Besides I would never date him even though I have seen how he looks naked."

Louis was the smartest and fittest boy in our year at Hogwarts and due to his Veela genes, he was one of the gorgeous guys that every girl fell for at one point. He knew the effect he had on women, which led him to become one of the famous players in Hogwarts. It was said that Louis Weasley maintained the legacy after James Potter and I hated him for it. He was the first one who had talked to me on the train and we became best friends. My friendship with Louis is as strong as my friendship with Lily so you get the picture.


"You've seen him naked?" Malfoy questions smirking. Louis groans and Lily laughs out loud.


"Yeah, I have. When was that?" I pretend to think. "Oh, I remember now. It was after the party in our sixth year and he was with some Slytherin Michelle something, right?" I ask Lily and she nods. "Yeah, so he left early and I thought of going to the bathroom before leaving as I was exhausted. And as I entered she was going down on him and on opening the door they both looked at me and they were both naked," I tell them. I chuckle at their gaping faces.


"And you know what she said, 'seriously Lou Michelle'," Louis moans.


"Don't forget you blushed and went as red as a tomato," I tease him, poking him.


"And she looked at the girl and said, 'sorry continue and use your hands' before leaving and made this grabbing the ball hand motion," Louis adds and I and Lily laugh out loud.


"What? I was helping you. She was not using her hands correctly," I say seriously and then join others in laughing.


"Ew, this is not something you want to hear about your baby brother," Dom whines and covers her ears.


"You both are one of a kind," Fred comments, shaking his head.


"Why thank you, your highness," we chime in unison and bow dramatically.


You remember I said that I started attending the Weasley feast after my fourth year.




Because one time, Fleur said that she thought that I and Louis were dating and I was shy to meet them at the Weasley dinner in my fourth year. After that I started coming to each dinner. Every member of the family thought we were dating and I don't remember how many times we had to deny it and correct them. Even now many prayed that I would marry him but our friendship was not like that. He was my best friend, he was like a brother to me but we were not awkward to any sex related thing. Hell, he was my first kiss and we both learned how to properly snog together. Even then there was no spark there.


I know its cliché right.


“Forget about them dating, Roxy I heard you had quite the date last night,” Lily questions, a big grin on her face knowing the answer. Roxy groans and turns to me.


“You, I hate you,” I pout at her and she shakes her head.


“Don’t ask me. He pulled the Naked man stunt form How I met Your Mother,” she mumbles and I crack and snicker.


“Naked what?” Every one of them asks, looking clueless.


“It’s a muggle series, hmm... like short movies which comes daily on TV. I am a big fan and it’s hilarious. When we have breaks in between night shift, I drag Roxy to watch it with me,” I tell them.


“What’s the naked man stunt?” Rose asks curiously. I chuckle.


“When you go on a first date and the boy comes to receive you and he excuses himself to the washroom and then you go and check for a last look and enter and see the guy sitting naked on your couch,” I gasp dramatically and it turns into howling.


“Naked, are you serious?” Fred looks like he’s just going to kill the guy.


“It was not that much but he was looking for a one night thing. I don’t think he would be able to have sex for a week,” Lily whistles while guys wince.


“That’s my girl,” I pat her arm. “A healer knows some good moves,” Roxy winks at me.


"What about you?" Rose asks me and I fidget.


“I am waiting,” I reply.


“And for whom may I ask?” Lily questions and I glare at him.


“Louis to become normal,” I joke and Louis grins.


“Can’t do that. Not even for you,” he winks at me and I smack him.


“You would when the right girl comes,” Rose says and others nod.


“C’mon don’t change the subject,” Dom whines. “I always thought you would marry Louis and become Weasley officially.”


“I don’t have to marry Louis to become a Weasley,” I comment. “Charlie looks hot even now,”


Charlie Weasley never married and remained a bachelor. He looks damn good even now.


“Ew! That’s our uncle.” Louis wrinkles his nose.


“Or you could just marry Potter,” Scorpius smirks at me.


“Of course, I have been waiting my whole life for James Potter. One day he will meet me and it will be love at first sight and I will marry him and have three kids—two boys, one girl and a sweet home with a small garden. Perfect huh,” I snarl at him.


“Don’t say that. It can come true.” Al says and I glare at him.


“It will come true when the hell breaks loose,” I snap back.


"Moreover, dating has been a fun experience for me," I mumble the last words.


Everyone quieten down at this; they know what happened with my ex and that was not one of my memorable moments.


My last relationship is not the one I want to remember.


Everyone has something in their life which they want to forget. Well that’s something I want to never think about again.

(Editing done by amazing mammateej and MadiMalfoy. Thank you!xxx)

How I met your Mother- created by Carter Bays, Craig Thomas. Love the new season :)

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