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House Unity by MyGloryGirl
Chapter 2 : Towels
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POV Simon Friedrick Pagnanelli

“Erin Lyon! We agreed to study today!” I grumble out to one of my three best friends as he sits at our table in the library.

“Well, Simon Friedrick, I was studying,” he waves a finished portions essay before dropping it carelessly into his bag. “I was proactive, did it in my free block yesterday.” To my right I hear the unamused snort of Al.

“Erin, Erin. Always adventurous.” Al tuts before going back to his Transfiguration book, quill in mouth. I join Al in studying, by the shuffling of papers Erin is getting settled in as well.

“Sup.” Ah Sam, always the intellectual. I stare at him, slowly turning into a glare as he tips his chair back.

“Sam. Not in the library please.” Sam lets his chair come down with a loud thump, earning him glares from the four Ravenclaws one table over, the librarian and of course me and Al. “Come on. Don’t you have girls to chase or I don’t know, homework? “

“Simy, do you have a heart?” Sam teases.

“We all have work to do. Yes, even you Sam.” I know that smirk! Erin has a bribe! “ And I have a story, for those who get their work done.”

“A story?” Al peers over his glasses. I can’t help but laugh, the nice one evilly smirking, and Al looking like a teacher. Erin nods, before picking up his quill and beginning on a star chart.

We work in silence for another hour, at which point its time for lunch. Erin and Sam wave goodbye as the head downstairs to their respective common rooms to drop off their bags. Al and me head up for the same reason.

“Any idea what this story is about?” I ask Al, he’s good at reading people, and might know what Erin is on about.

“Hum?” He looks startled as he looks at me. Then I see realization dawn on him. “Right Erin. You think I know what that crazy puffer is thinking?” I shake my head and laugh. “Its a good thing he is a kind person, because no one can predict what he is going to do.”

“Right you are.” Our paths split, I head towards Ravenclaw tower, Al goes to my left, towards the Gryffindor tower. I walk absorbed in speculation of Erin’s mind. That is until I meet the knocker. I reach out then drop the bronze handle.

“What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?” A smile lifts my lips.

“A towel.” I only hope we won’t need one for Erin. Why did I just think that? Right, note to self don’t do all of your divination homework in one sitting.

POV Albus Severus Potter

A story is a scary thing at times, especially when it makes Erin smirk like that. I mean the nicest bloke I know just smirked like a Death-eater because of a story, somethings up. At least it made Sam do some work, I have no clue how he passes in all the classes he does.

Ah Sam, our rebel, only reason we befriended him was we needed a snake and he was our age. Only reason we needed a snake was my dream, house unity. Don’t look at me like that, I had too! I mean come on with a dad like mine I had better do something awesome at school. Getting the first three of us together was easy, me and Simon were fast friends before school even started, Erin’s a muggleborn and the friendless person ever so he made friends with all of the blokes in our year that first week. Which of course is how we roped Sam into this, he liked Erin from the start, mostly for just being a muggleborn.

I slid into my seat, today we sit at the Claws table. I should mention that I think Sam has OCD...The man has schedules for everything, down to how to style his hair or which socks to wear.

“ALLLLLIE! Whatcha doing sitting at the Raveny-poo table? You are lion my brother!” Meet my delightful brother, James.

“Well Jamie, I have friends you see, so instead of sitting alone amongst those of my house I seat with them.” My tart reply in compulsory. James needs his head deflated a bit.

“Whoa there Jamie! I’m the Lyon here.”  Oh Erin, he always can get a laugh out of us.

“Lyon yes, but LIONS are what I am looking for.” James smiles and ruffles me and Erin's hair. He long since learned not to mess up Sam’s hair, Sam flips if you mess up his hair or better yet steal a sock.

I’m still chuckling when Simon slides in next to Sam. “ Sooo.” He looks intently at Erin, who is busy eating chicken soup and looking at the Hufflepuff table. “Erin, you have a story?”. Right story, that wipes the smile off my face. But my wonderful CARING friend has no sense of how far up the wall he’s sending me, and waves a hand dismissively, while missing his mouth with a spoon of hot soup. Causing a few swear words to be dropped and napkins to fly, and some comment about needing a towel for Erin was a bad omen, might have been my mind.



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