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A Bottle Full Of Love: The other ending by SlightObsession
Chapter 1 : Goodbye, My fallen angel.
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 A/N: before you start reading, this is UN-BETA-ED. so PLEASE, dont give me hassel. My Beta is on holiday.




He hated it, he hated what he was doing, but he knew he had to do it. It wasn’t fair on her. Telling her he remembered, would put her in danger.

Since Lucius was never caught after the night of the incident, telling Hermione he was remembering would not benefit her at all. As long as he never remembered, she was safe and that’s all he cared about.

Merlin Draco loved her, he did, that’s why he had to do this, it killed him but he knew what he was doing was the right thing to do.

So here he was, sitting In his flat  in north London at the age of twenty two lying on his bed, wondering if he could ever be able to be nice again to Hermione. As he worked with her, he had to see her every day and it was torture. Every day she would see him and give him this look, this look of longing but then it would switch to hatred or she would just ignore him. She had grown to hate him, she had to, to keep Lucius away and every day, Draco’s heart crumpled even more.

‘’Draco, dear?’’ he heard his mother call out from the front room.

‘’In the study mother, be with you in a second.’’ He called back out.

Draco shut off his laptop and exited his study- heading off to the front room.

‘’Hello mother, nice to see you. Tea?’’ he asked as he bent down and kissed his mother on the forehead.

‘’Please. You know, you should really get a house elf too do it for you!’’ she frowned as her eyes followed her son into the adjoining kitchen.

‘’I have a house elf, but all Tilly does is clean. That’s all I want her to do. That’s what I pay her for.’’ Draco called back as he clicked for the kettle to boil, and he walked back in.

‘’I know, but you don’t have to do this. ‘’ she looked around the room.

Draco smiled, Hermione did have an effect on him, after all this time. He heard the kettle click and he jumped up, arriving a minute later with two mugs of tea.

‘’Draco, when are you going to find a lady?’’ Narcissa asked him, taking a sip of her tea.

‘’Um…’’ he looked down into his mug, suddenly finding the mug very interesting.

‘’Draco, have you found someone? Please tell me it is that Astoria girl!’’ her face light up.

‘’No, mother, I haven’t.’’ he frowned.

Draco had tried to fill the void that had been missing for four year now, but nothing and no one helped.

‘’Then what is it?’’ She was confused for about ten seconds when it hit her, ‘’you’re still in love with Hermione, aren’t you’’ she frowned at her son.

Draco didn’t reply.

‘’Oh Draco, you still love her? For merlin’s sake, why have you told no one? Let alone the poor lady herself?’’

‘’Because Lucius is still out there and what if we never find him, Hermione would be put in danger and im not going to put her into that risk, it’s not fair.’’

‘’But sweetie, it’s not fair on you. You can’t move on if you don’t tell her.’’

‘’Look, mother, even if I did tell her, she is with weasley now, and she wouldn’t leave him for me.’’

‘’And why not?’’ she tried to catch his eye.

‘’Because mother, she would find out I have been lying to me for four years, ever since she asked me at the head boy head girl dance. She fell, I picked her up and she asked me, and I said no. Because of him.’’ Draco felt anger flood through him.

‘’Oh Draco. It’s not fair on you though! It really isn’t.’’

‘’I’d rather hurt myself, than hurt her.’’

‘’You are hurting her, by showing your face every morning.’’ Narcissa sat her tea down on a place mat and cupped her son’s face. ‘’do what you think is best my boy. I have to go and meet Andromeda and Teddy.’’

‘’Can I come? I haven’t seen Ted in a long time.’’ Draco asked, smiling. He had a bond with his cousin, although he never met Tonks, if she was anything like Teddy, Draco wished he met her properly.

‘’Sure thing.’’ Narcissa held out her arm which Draco took, and they apparated to his aunt’s house.

Landing on door step, his aunt opened the door and greeted them with a kiss on both cheeks and a hug for her sister.

‘’Aunt Dromeda, nice to see you again.’’ Draco said to her.

‘’Oh Draco! My how you have aged! How old are you now?’’

‘’Twenty two.’’

When Draco usually saw Teddy, his mother had dropped him off. Draco had also aged nicely. His hair was slightly longer and tickled his eyebrows and often blinded him. His face was more defined and he was slightly broader.

‘’DWWWAAACOOO.’’ Draco heard a high pitched voice come from the hall.

He stepped inside and was greeted by his four year old cousin who’s hair was now bright blonde.

‘’Hey Teddy! How are you! I missed you a lot!’’ Draco bent down and picked Teddy up.

‘’Dwaco! Im okay Dwaco. I missed you to! Look! Look at my hair! We have the same hair!’’ Teddy bent over and put his hair in Draco’s face, causing Draco to chuckle.

‘’Yes Teddy! It looks very nice!’’

‘’Gwandma, can Dwaco take me out please?’’

Andromeda chuckled, ‘’you will have to ask him that my dear!’’

Teddy faced Draco, his face full of hope, ‘’Dwaco?’’

‘’Sure think Kid.’’ He turned and faced his aunt, ‘’is that okay?’’

Andromeda chuckled, ‘’yes, just make sure you’re back here in two hours.’’

‘’Can we use your floo?’’

She nodded and Draco, holding Teddy’s hand, walked over to the fireplace.

‘’Bye mother. Teddy, say goodbye to grandma and Aunt Narcissa!’’

‘’Bye Gwandma. Bye aunt Cissa!’’

Draco took some powder, ‘’The leaky cauldron!’’

Teddy and himself stepped out of the fireplace and brushed themselves off,

‘’where to first, kid?’’

‘’Ice cweam!’’ he jumped up and down.

Draco laughed, ‘’ice cream? At 1 in the afternoon?’’

‘’Yes! Ice cweam!’’ Teddy and his bright blond hair started to tug on Draco’s sleeve.

‘’Okay Kid.’’ The walked out of the pub and into the busy street, not spotting the two red heads, a black haired person, and mass of curly hair.

‘’Okay, what flavour kid?’’ Draco asked as they stepped into Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour.

‘’Um, what are you having Dwaco?’’ he said as Draco picked him up so he could see the flavours.

‘’Um, probably chocolate and vanilla with a hint of orange.’’ He smiled at the little boy.

‘’That’s auntie Hewmione’s flavour!’’ he grinned.

‘’Oh, isn’t that weird! What flavour kid?’’ he avoided going to into the Hermione subject.

‘’Chocolate fudge brownie!’’ he pointed at the carton named, ‘chocolate fudge brownie’. ‘’Big cone pweaaasseee!’’

‘’Sure thing Ted.’’ He faced the new interne behind the counter, ‘’one chocolate vanilla with orange and one chocolate fudge brownie please. Large.’’ Draco avoided looking into the young woman’s eyes. He knew she knew who he was as his arm wasn’t covered.

After Hogwarts, he had left the country in search of a way to find a way to get rid of the dark mark, but in all the four years he had searched, he had found nothing, so for the time being, he was stuck with it.

He fished out some money and handed it over to the woman with burnt red hair and put Teddy down, handing him the ice cream and sat down by the woman.

‘’Dwaco?’’ Teddy said, behind his ice cream which was being consumed at  a quick rate.

‘’Yes Teddy?’’ Draco managed to lick away a drip before it fell onto his lap.

‘’do you have a girlfwiend?’’ 

Since when do 4 year old’s ask that kind of thing? ‘’No, Teddy. Why?’’

‘’Auntie Hewmione asked.’’ Teddy said, while licking his ice cream.

Draco nearly choked on a bit of his cone, ‘’what?’’ he spluttered.

‘’She asked uncle Hawwy.’’

‘’Oh, okay.’’

‘’LOOK! LOOK IT’S UNCLE HAWWY!’’ Teddy stood up on his chair and giggled, putting one hand on the window.

Draco looked out the window, lo and behold, Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione were walking towards them.

Draco felt the now automatic switch in him at the spot in Hermione.

‘’Uncle Hawwy!’’ Teddy shouted as Harry walked in the parlour.

‘’Teddy!’’ he hugged Teddy. ‘’Draco, how are you.’’ Harry smiled at Draco and turned his attention to Teddy.

‘’Uh, hello Harry. Good thanks, you?’’

Harry and Draco had become friends when they had to work together when they both became auror’s.

Harry had started wiping Teddy’s chocolate covered ice cream.

‘’Hawwy, Dwaco bought me a big ice cream!’’ he used him hands to emphasise how big the ice cream was.

‘’Wow! That big! Im good thanks, Draco.’’

Draco looked back outside and acknowledged the other three. He simply nodded at them.

‘’Uh, Draco, can I speak to you for a minute. Outside?’’

‘’Sure.’’ Draco stood up, confused.

‘’Ginny, can you look after Teddy for a sec.’’

Ginny nodded at her newly wed husband and came into the shop, sitting down in the seat Draco previously occupied.

Draco followed Harry out, careful not to brush Hermione on the way out. He briefly caught a hint of her perfume, she still smelt of oranges.

‘’Uh, Draco we need you to come on a mission. It’s Lucius.’’ Harry spoke in a lowered voice.

Draco’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.  ‘’when!’’ he asked.

‘’Now, that’s why I have bought Gin, Hermione and Ron. I know Ron’s on leave because of the broken ankle.’’ He nodded towards the crutched, ‘’but he’s some help if someone gets to them. Say goodbye to Teddy and we’ll go.’’

Draco nodded and headed inside the ice cream parlour, and crouched down next to Teddy.

‘’Teddy, I have to go, okay? Im sorry we cant have any more time.’’ He looked up at the boy, who’s  hair was now a deep shade of blue.

‘’Okay Dwaco. See you soon.’’ Teddy looked down, he looked nervous.

‘’What…what is it Teddy?’’

‘’I love you Dwaco. Come back soon.’’

Draco’s heart swelled for the young boy. ‘’I love you too kid.’’ He stood up and hugged the boy tightly.

He walked out the shop, saying a quick and swift goodbye to Hermione, Ginny and Ron.

He assumed Harry had said goodbye already and they walked up the street,

‘’So, the plan?’’ Draco asked.

‘’No plan, it’s just me and you. That’s all they are sending in.’’

‘’What!’’ he faced Harry.

‘’Yes, I know, im pretty angry too. But they’ve done a sweep of the place and it’s just your father there.’’

‘’Oh, okay. Where is this place by the way?’’

‘’You know the old hotel on Mile End Road?’’ Draco nodded, ‘’there.’’

‘’Great, of all the places, he chooses an abandoned hotel.’’

‘’I know, right, you ready?’’ Harry asked.

‘’Yeah, you?’’

‘’Yeah. See you in a sec.’’ and Harry apparated away.

Draco sighed, he should have been a healer like Hermione suggested, and apparated away.

He looked up at the old building, it was 5 stories high and about 6 large houses across. The front metal gate was hanging open by some loose screws and the nature had started to take control of the hotel. Its once bright red bricks had now faded and the hotel gave off a very eerie feel.

‘’You take the first second and third. I’ll take the fourth, fifth and roof.’’ Draco stated, wand out.

Harry nodded, ‘’okay. Send your patronus if in trouble or if you find him’’

Draco nodded and they started to sprint into the grounds, quickly slowing as they got near and they quickly entered the building through the gap where the revolving doors one stood.

Draco looked around him, the foyer was grand, a huge chandelier hung from the high celling. Chairs  and tables were scattered around the floor, old rubbish and dust covering the floor and remains. Draco crinkled up his nose as the smell of old surrounded him.

He looked at Harry who made a ‘go ahead’ signal with his hand. Draco nodded in response.

He looked to the back left and saw some grand stairs, he carried on climbing them until he reached the third forth floor.

‘’Homenum Revilio’’ Draco hoped this charm would reveal his father, but it came back with nothing. He climbed until he reached the fifth floor and muttered the spell again, but this time, it came back with human life.

Draco muttered a hearing spell so he could hear 360 degrees and walked off to the left.

‘’Lucius, I know you can hear me. Come out wherever you are. Let’s sort this out.’’

Draco heard a shuffle from the corridor behind him and quickly turned around.  All the hotel doors were a faded brown, some brass door numbers were still clinging on, but most of them now on the floor.

‘’Lumos maxima’’ He whispered, and the hall in front of him was flooded with light.

Draco was walking quietly up the corridor, peering down the side hallways for any sign of Lucius when a flash of red went past his ear. He quickly turned around and flicked out the stupefy charm from his wand, but it didn’t hit whoever cast the other spell.

Draco frowned and walked towards the place the spell came from but he didn’t find anyone. He went with his gut and turned right,

‘’Oh Draco…come to find me?’’ a voice from all around him echoed.

‘’Where are you?’’ Draco shouted out.

‘’Come find me!’’

Draco looked around, someone could easily get lost in these corridors. He turned left then right and found himself by the stairs. He looked left and saw a fire exit door swing shut. He knew where to go. He thought of his memory with Hermione and sent his protronus to Harry and ran off after Lucius.

He ran forwards and pushed open the door, running up the steps after Lucius. He quickly reached the top and saw it was now dark, had he really been wondering for that long?

He turned around and saw a flash of blonde hair,


‘’Draco, how nice of you to find me.’’ He smirked.

‘’What is your problem, why do you need to keep doing this.’’ Draco shouted, wand at the ready.


‘’No! NO! no she didn’t!’’ Anger filling Draco.

‘’but you remember, so she must of!’’

Shit, does he really know or is he just saying that? ‘’NO, I DON’T REMEMBER. I NEVER HAVE.’’ Draco shouted, the wind starting to pick up.

‘’SHE STILL TAINTED YOU.’’ Lucius flicked out his wand.


‘’STUPIDY’’ Draco interrupted him.

There spells met in the middle, colliding, creating an explosion of light around them.

‘’GIVE UP DRACO, YOU WILL NEVER WIN!’’ Draco heard Lucius shout.

‘’NO!’’ Draco pushed his magic further, pushing and pushing.

He saw the red spilling from his wand pushing on the green. Closer and closer it got to Lucius until he was distracted by seeing Harry’s head appear from the entrance of the stairs.

An evil laugh came from Lucius and the two spells broke.  ‘’I told you Draco, I told you.’’

Draco knew what Lucius was going to do, but Lucius was slightly quicker. It all happened slowly, Draco said the stupefy charm, but as soon as the spell escaped, he was thrown backwards, and everything went black.



One message.


One message he needed to tell someone, before he could go.


Before he could let the blackness over take him.


One message.


She needs to know.


She needs to know he remembered.


Draco felt the air in his lungs, and some muttering coming from his left.

He managed to open his eyes fully and he saw Harry stand up.

‘’One…message’’ Draco wheezed. He didn’t care about anything else, just this one thing.

‘’Yes, Draco, what, what is it?’’

‘’Tell…’’ Draco coughed.

‘’Tell, tell what?’’

‘’Tell…Tell Hermione, tell Hermione…’’ his hearing was going muffly.

‘’Tell Hermione what?’’ Harry’s face was full of concern.

‘’Tell Hermione…I remember. I remembered. That I…’’ he wheezed again, ‘’I love her.’’

He heard a gasp, his vision was blurry now,  he looked forward and saw a mass of curly hair.

Draco smiled weakily, before letting the black swallow him whole.

His message was said.


Draco Lucius Malfoy died on the 11th of June, 2002.

Goodbye, my fallen angel. 



Oh, by the way, in this version, Lucius was never captured and killed

Did you like it? 

this was the other ending.

But im not that mean to make it the actual ending.


SlightObsession xx

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