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Bending the wind by silver_coloured_moon
Chapter 2 : The one with Scorpius, Rose, and a few rumours.
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 I woke up early the next morning. Well I say early, it was half- six; Rose’s waking time, so basically it was still yesterday. How that girl could automatically wake up at half past six every morning without fail was beyond me, but she had some sort of trick. She smiled as I toppled out of bed, untangling myself from the mess of covers and curtains and the sock that had detached itself from my foot in the night.

“Morning Vida” Rose said in amusement, running a brush through her messy red hair as I sprawled out on the floor, kicking my feet out of the sheets. Eventually I was free and I stood, grabbing the covers and flicking them up so they fell over the bed perfectly. Well I cheated a little with some air bending, but it saved me wasting five minutes muttering about it.

“Morning. What’s got you in a good mood?” I asked groggily, trying not to just fall back on my bed and wake up again at seven.

“I’m always in a good mood on the first day back Vida, you should know that”

No kidding. Whilst I woke up chipper on birthdays and Christmas, this girl celebrated Monday morning like it was a holiday. Rose always has been the more nerdier one of all of us, be she made it out to be cute and funny. She’d get 100% in her test and then laugh cheerfully in our faces as we received much less than that. She really did one time, although I think she was laughing for the same reason I was; Al was proudly showing off his result of 69% like it was a major achievement, actually seeking out Hugo, who had been hoping for that score since first year, to gloat at him. Still, she was a cool, more popular nerd, and it annoyed me because I was pretty sure that you could only choose one.

“Well, I hope your good mood rubs off on me, because Monday mornings are my Kryptonite” I grumbled, heading into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I could almost see Rose’s questioning eyes on the back of my head as I shut the door, wondering what the bloody hell Kryptonite was. Even though she and I took muggle studies, someone seemed to think that teaching us about superman wasn’t very high up on the list of need to know things. Half the kids didn’t even know who batman was! And then you try and talk about the avengers and its like you’ve dropped in from space! I wasn’t a huge fan, but I at least knew who they all were, and thought they were cool. The hulk was my favourite.

“Wow Vida, that’s a nice look for you” I muttered to myself as I caught my reflection in the mirror. All my hair was pushed up on one side where I was lying, a big red line down my face from whatever I was leaning on. My skin was pale and I had the overall ‘woke up way too early’ look about me. I tied my messy hair back and splashed water on my face in an attempt to wake myself up, before applying my usual skin cleaner. I used to have terrible skin, and I hated it. But mum decided to take matters into her own hand and give me something that air benders had used for years, that just cleared your face right up. Safe to say I love old traditions. My eyes looked brighter now, and I felt much better after brushing my teeth, so I happily left the bathroom and grabbed my hairbrush, mirroring Rose. She was having trouble with her hair as usual. It had tangled around the brush, whilst mine just obeyed and unknotted pretty easily. I rolled my eyes and tutted, before crossing the room to help the poor damsel in distress, as she looked like she was about to just pull all her hair out.

“Oh Rose, maybe you should try a rake” I suggested, tugging at the brush. It was well stuck. I began untangling her hair from around the brush and when it was free I grabbed my wand. It was a lot thinner than most people’s wands, more like a long branch off a tree that I had picked up, but it did the job. After a few choice words, Rose’s hair was as tame as I could make it. Now her dark blue eyes could be seen, and those crazy freckles she had stood out massively. It seemed that the Weasley/Potter family didn’t have a single unattractive gene in them, and I was a little envious of the whole lot of them. But then again, after six years and countless stalkers, I learned that its good not to be attractive all the time; you become a total creeper magnet. Just ask Emma, she’s had a few stalkers.

“Thanks Vida” Rose said, and I smiled, before skipping back over to my bed and pulling on my uniform. Jinjin woke as I pulled on my cloak, meowing drowsily.

“Did I wake you Jinjin? Don’t you worry; you won’t be the only one” I reassured, and then grinned at Rose.

“You get Emma I get Molly?” She asked, and I nodded. I opened the curtains around Emma’s bed to find her sleeping peacefully. Haha, not for long. I began to poke her in the arm, using my other hand to twirl up miniature tornadoes that I made attack her sides. She squirmed so much that she fell off the other side of the bed, making me laugh.

“Vida you bloody idiot, what was that for?!” She demanded, sitting up and glaring at me as I laughed. She looked comical; hair messy and all in her eyes, fringe askew, sat on the floor with a sour expression.

“Maybe that was the wrong side of the bed to wake up on. Cheer up Em, it was only a bit of fun” I chimed. She literally growled.

“Fun my arse. I swear if I wasn’t so sleepy I would’ve sent you through the ceiling” She said darkly, and I rolled my eyes. What a drama queen.

“You know I’d just make sure I landed on you when gravity decided to pull me back down. Now, wipe that scowl off your face and get up, we’ve got a big day ahead!” I told her, feeling much more awake and happier after a good laugh at my cousin’s expense. She’ll probably get me back later, and it probably won’t be funny to me, but I’m sure she’ll find it hilarious.

“I swear to Korra if I’m in all of your classes again this year I will cry” She said. I just giggled. She always just gave in and became a total loon along with Al and I, being giddy and silly. I learned very quickly that I grasped things through having fun, which is why air bending came much easier to me than others because I could make it into a game and it was the same with classes. Emma was almost the same but she needed a little more concentration and Al was just like a sponge of information; one lesson he didn’t even pay attention at all and got full marks on the essay we were assigned for homework. Clever little git. At least he let me copy, something that Emma was a little more reluctant about.

Emma disappeared into the bathroom and Molly signalled that she was awake by sending a stream of colourful swear words in Rose’s general direction, who had woken her by beating her up with a pillow and then stealing her covers. I covered Jinjin’s ears protectively and frowned at her.

“There are young ears in this room lady Jane, I don’t want Jinjin learning things from you” I said. She rolled her eyes.

“He’s a cat you loon” Was her reply. I let out a little chuckle at that and in my head the song ‘I know something you don’t know’ began playing, with a little imaginary me dancing around a campfire looking smug. Molly pulled herself up into a sitting position, realised that it wasn’t even seven o’clock yet and swore again before pulling her covers over her head and going back to sleep. Rose decided it was wise not to wake her again. I agreed.

We began to finish preparing ourselves for the day in our own ways; Rose was making sure she had all her equipment in her bag, Emma was screwing the lid of her ink bottle on tightly and Jo had risen, putting on that professional layer of make-up that I honestly could never manage to do. I was pinning back the front of my hair, so it didn’t fall in my face, and putting my quill case in my shoulder bag. I had multi-coloured ink, which I was pretty sure everyone was jealous about, and I made sure that was in there too.

“Alright wake Molly again, breakfast will be ready by now” Emma said. Her hair was up in a bun, full fringe just above her eyes. She reminded me a little of tinker bell, which used to be her nickname until several gallons of water from the black lake mysteriously jumped from its banks and over my head. Safe to say I didn’t mention this to her anymore and just said ‘you’re hair looks nice today Em’. She’d smile and that was the end of it.

Down in the common room, Rose smiled and hopped away to breakfast saying she’d see us later. We waited two minutes for Al before deciding to take matters into our own hands and having Emma make the sink in his dorm explode. He came down a minute later muttering about how a magic school shouldn’t have such ‘bloody faulty plumbing’. He brightened up when he saw us laughing though. Shame he didn’t realise it was at him.

“Vida! Emma! Good morning to you!” He cried, pretending to be all pompous. I was pretty sure he was imitating his uncle Percy (I hope Molly wasn’t here, as Percy was her dad), but that thought was cut short when he’d grabbed both of us and bear hugged us.

“Really? Now I feel all crumpled like parchment” I said, smoothing down my skirt. He rolled his eyes.

“Alright I’m starving, lets get some food eh?” He suggested, and we nodded.

“So, what do you think? Good timetable or bad timetable?” Emma asked as we left the common room, wandering down the hall. There were a few students snailing it up with us, taking their sweet time to get breakfast.

“Hm, well nothing could be worse than fourth year” Al said, and I nodded.

“That was awful. I think, it will be good but very busy. I’ve still got that Saturday job in Hogsmead and I’m sure Al will take up my Sunday with Quidditch” I mused. He laughed and ruffled my hair.

“You bet, now you’ve gotten all strong I want you to help me train every weekend” He said.

“Ugh, you’re gonna kill me this year, d’you know that?” I asked.

“I know Vida, I know” Was his reply.

I always loved breakfast. I could pick up a pre-cut, already buttered toast triangle and eat it and that would be it, no messing or buttering. Do you know how amazing that is? We have TOAST. TRIANGLES. WITH. BUTTER. Ah, the advantages of studying in a magic school. Can’t get buttered toast triangles in muggle school. I feel bad for muggles sometimes. Missing out on the best things in life.

“Oh, guys get ready, here come the time tables!” I squeaked, dropping my (fourth) toast slice and watching as one of the teachers I never had wandered up and down the tables, handing out everyone’s timetable. I slapped Al’s hand excitedly as he came closer, and Al winced; I slapped hard as of late.

“Lets see; Emma, Vida, and Albus” He said, placing down our timetables and moving on. I grabbed for mine and read through it, and grinned; a pretty all right turn out.

“Hey, swap” I said to Emma, and we exchanged timetables, looking to see which classes we’re in.

“Three lessons together on Monday, none on Tuesday, three on Wednesday, three on Thursday and one on Friday. Vida we’re not being split up!” Emma cried and I laughed, hitting her in excitement too. I did that a lot. Just so they knew I was excited.

“Hey Al, lets see your timetable” I said, leaning over his shoulder, and examining it.

“Hey, why do you get free lessons?” I demanded. He chuckled and stuck his tongue out.

“Because I took astronomy” He teased “My lessons are at night instead. Jealous Vida?” He asked.

“No” I lied. I was totally jealous of his three free lessons a week; lucky bitch.

“But, we are together for the majority of our lessons, so that’s good” He said, and I grinned and bounced in my seat.


Al and Emma laughed at me.


First lesson of the day was defence against the dark arts, or DADA, if you’re lazy like me. Al, Emma and I very happily made our way together to our first class of the year, praying that our teacher would sit us close together. On the way we were joined by Rose and a few Slytherins. In our first year Al wasn’t sure about the Slytherins; there had been some hate between them for years, but now we were all just fine with each other, I had a few acquaintances in the snake house who sometimes sold me quills. And chocolate. And fireworks. I’m pretty sure its illegal but they do have good prices. Emma’s right; I will end up in prison.

“Oh God, look at him Vida, isn’t he perfect?” Rose whispered to me, as Scorpius Malfoy joined us on the corridor with his friends. I guess he was really good looking; blonde and blue eyed, perfect skin and he was tall. I could see why Rose was flustered. He was also kind of a ladies man and he liked to flaunt the fact that he was rich around, which I didn’t like. I mean, I was well off money wise, as were most bending families, but I didn’t show it off. I smirked.

“Control your whore-mones Rose, they’re everywhere” I joked and she punched my shoulder.

“Shut up before Al hears you, or even worse, if Scorpius hears you!” She squeaked, and I rubbed my shoulder.

“I think you bruised me”

“Vida shut up”

“Oh spirits I’m bleeding!”

“Vida I swear to Merlin-


It was at that moment, as I was kicking Rose in the shins, Al egging me on that our new teacher decided to make an appearance. Our new teacher, Harry Potter. He cleared his throat just as my foot made contact with Rose’s shin so I didn’t hear him over her wail, and I laughed.

“Take that! Ha, that’ll teach you for punching me, you peasant! Fight through the pain!” I cried, ignoring Al, who was laughing whilst he tapped me on the shoulder, trying to get my attention.

“I’d rather you stop hurting my Niece there Vida, she is my favourite” A voice said and I whipped around, to come face to face with a pair of familiar green eyes, framed by round glasses. I squeaked a little.

“Oops. Sorry! Rose is fine sir, I was snapping her out of drooling at- OW, Rose, really?” I cursed, stopped mid-sentence by a blow to the back of the head. Rude. I thought she had more manners than that. Al was laughing openly, as was many of the other people around us, those who weren’t in awe because the saviour of the wizarding world was right there. Some of the girls were hyperventilating, and it wasn’t surprising; Al was a looker, and his dad was where he got it from. Mr Potter laughed.

“All right, calm down. Come inside and sit down” He said, opening the classroom door for us. Emma, Al and I exchanged glances. We were thinking the same thing.

“No seating plan?” Emma asked. Al and I were wearing matching grins.

“No seating plan. Em, we’re in business” I replied, and grabbed both of their arms, dragging them inside and putting us on the back row (the rest of the class had migrated to the front suddenly, to be closer to mr Potter), Al and I on one table, Rose and Emma on the other. To Rose’s joy, Scorpius was on the table in front of her, and I snickered as she hyperventilated behind him.

“Talk to him” I mouthed “Before class starts”

“I can’t! What do I say?” She replied.

“Improvise!” Was my answer, and I threw a balled up piece of parchment at him. Rose blanched.

“Vida!” She hissed, as it hit him sharply and he turned to find the culprit. I looked away innocently, whistling loudly, and began to cheer Al up.

“Come on Al, its not that bad!” I chirped. He wasn’t convinced.

“My dad is the teacher, Vida. Its been better” He replied, as Mr Potter began the class easily, having everyone’s full attention (well, except ours- rebels).

“But your dad is cool! Hey, at least its not your uncle Ron, right?” I asked, and he smiled a little. Al seemed reassured by this and cheered up immensely, not even getting embarrassed when Mr Potter deliberately called him out for random things and smirking at him.


After a lesson of giggling at Rose, and Al, and actually learning something for a change, Rose and I headed off to muggle studies. Emma had gone for Herbology since she already knew how to live as a muggle, and Al of course had a free lesson because he chose astronomy. I already knew about the stars; my mum and dad taught me all about them when I was younger, and grandpa often still talks about them now. I chose muggle studies because History of magic certainly was not an option to choose and the plants in the greenhouse kept trying to kill me so Herbology was out; this was all that was left.

“I actually quite like muggle technology; its so clever” Rose said as we walked, and I nodded.

“Oh yeah, the TV is the best. You can watch weirdoes getting in the back of shots when the reporters are live somewhere on the news. Its great” I replied, smiling slightly. Rose had no idea what I was talking about as she was more familiar with all the magic side of life, so I dropped it there. I aced this class at OWL level; that meant that I would not really have to concentrate much, which was always good news. We lined up outside of the classroom and Rose hyperventilated again, because Scorpius was in our class again.

“Rose breathe! I don’t wanna do mouth to mouth on you!” I cried, slapping her in an attempt to snap her out of it.

“Whoa, who said mouth to mouth, I’m up for that; who’s not breathing?” A smooth voice asked, and Scorpius Malfoy appeared next to us. Rose almost fainted. I made sure to bend some air into her lungs since she certainly wasn’t doing it herself. I am a life saving, air bending ninja and don’t you forget it.

“Oh I’m- fine, really I just- haven’t eaten breakfast- its n-nothing” Rose stammered, red faced and getting redder by the second. I giggled; she was like a traffic light.

“Here, I was going to eat these in class, but you need them more” Scorpius said, pulling out some sugar laces from his pocket and handing them to her.

“T-thanks” Rose squeaked.

“Hey, I want one!” I complained, and Scorpius laughed.

“You can have some too Vida, I’m sure Weasley will share with you” He told me, and I gave Rose an expectant look. Damn right she better give me some, and how did Scorpius know my name? How could he not know Rose, but know me? I must be famous in the Slytherin house for buying all their quills. Guess its not ‘under the radar’ like I expected. Scorpius wandered away and began chatting up a few girls in the line ahead of us and Rose squealed.

“Vida he gave me sugar laces!” She said, and I laughed.

“I know right, I was here too! Can I have one?”

“Yeah sure!”

Ah, I should thank Scorpius. He distracted Rose enough for her to give me sugar, and I know that after we sat down, she regretted it. At least she wasn’t in my charms, otherwise she would’ve been ashamed of what she did. Al was laughing, but also swearing to hunt Rose down at lunch and make her promise never to feed me sugar laces again. That was fine; I knew that since she was in none of my classes and wouldn’t suffer the consequences, Nikita would be happy to supply me with some. And Al was too afraid to yell at her, so she could keep feeding me them. I was still the winner here.

It seemed that as soon as it started, the day was over, and that was it; I was settled back into school life, getting into a regular and very nice pattern. The first week was easy; Al, Emma and I- the dream team of all dream teams- still together, spending as much time as we could together. Outside lessons we were often joined by Hugo, Nikita, James and Fred, who were a riot of fun and often brightened my day. My new timetable meant that Rose and I also spent more time together, and again to Rose’s delight, Scorpius was with us a lot too. He was my partner in muggle studies and Rose’s partner in Potions and I began to love sixth year instead of just being excited about it. It was home.

On Saturday morning I headed out to Hogsmead, to the best shop ever; Hattie’s hat shop, to see if my job was still open. Hattie was a small, elderly woman who, like me, liked hats, and she employed me to help her organise them and man the till. I was very good at organising hats. My favourites were winter hats with animals on them; Hattie often gave me them to keep my ears warm when it got cold, and I entertained her every Saturday morning with my sparkling personality. I entered the shop happily, looking around at all the bonnets and beanies that decorated every shelf and smiled because it still smelled like lavender and Hattie’s best cookies. The bell on the door tinkled throughout the shop and within minutes Hattie appeared, beaming as she rounded the till to hug me.

“Vida! Oh my dear look at you, such a beauty! You’ve grown dearie, your making me feel old and small” She said, and I hugged her tight, smiling widely.

“I’ve missed you Hattie, and all the hats of course! You’re not old; you’re immortal Hattie, you’ve not aged one bit since I saw you last” I said, and she waved the compliments away the way a woman conscious of her age does.

“So my dear, can you start next week?” She asked. I laughed.

“Of course, I came down here to ask you that!”

“Well I was going to owl you if you didn’t show today, I can’t lose my favourite employee ever, can I?”

“Oh Hattie you’re making me blush”

I left the shop two hours later with two new hats and a plateful of cookies, which of course I was already tucking into. From my backpack Jinjin squeaked, sticking his head out for his share of the food. I fed him a cookie and patted his head, wandering back into the school grounds and wondering what I should do today.

“hey Jinjin, do you fancy seeing Fluffy today? I’m in the mood for flying” I said, and Jinjin squeaked. I nodded and hurried toward Hagrid’s cabin, my excitement causing the wind to lift me up a little, so I was almost walking on nothing. I knocked on Hagrid’s door.

“Hagrid, I’m going to see Fluffy!” I called, when he opened his window to see who was there. He beamed and nodded.

“Alrigh’, I’ll come with yeh, he’s quite far in, let me get my crossbow!” Hagrid boomed in reply, and I nodded.

“Yay! We’re off to see Fluffy! We can go for a fly!” I sung, doing a little jig as I waited for Hagrid to get his crossbow. There were all sorts of weird things in the forest; its best to have a half giant with a crossbow who knows the place inside out with you when you go in unless you want to be eaten or get lost forever.

“How’s he been doing Hagrid? I’ve missed him terribly” I said, and Hagrid smiled.

“He’s bin great Vida, he protects all me unicorns from the predators. The forest has bin a lot quieter with him in there. He ‘as missed yeh though Vida, I can tell” Hagrid explained. I nodded. Bison tended to get attached to an air bender; a bison is a friend for life, and being apart is hard on both of us. He’s slowly gotten used to me going away for the summer, but I know he still hates it; I do too.

Hagrid lead the way through the forest, occasionally helping me over particularly big fallen trees or thorny bushes. He knew I was a little on the unbalanced side, and his massive hands supporting me was a complete godsend.

“Alrigh’, ‘ere we are. Let’s call him” Hagrid announced, stopping in a large clearing. I nodded and cupped my hands, blowing into them and producing a high-pitched whistle. Almost immediately, I heard the roar of a bison. It sounded scary unless you knew them, loud and rumbling like a storm, but I wasn’t worried. I heard heavy footsteps and I grinned as a massive shape loomed into view.

“Fluffy!” I cried, as the big white fluffy bison approached. Six legged, with a platypus tail and blunt teeth for eating grass, the size of a double decker bus; a giant bison was an air bender’s pet. He roared in greeting and I air bended myself onto his forehead, which had a dark fluffy arrow on it like master air benders do, and hugged him.

“Oh buddy I missed you! Do you wanna fly?” I asked, and he growled. Jinjin climbed out of my backpack and onto Fluffy’s head, and I joined him, taking the rope that Hagrid had tied to his horns like reins.

“Yip yip!” I called, and Fluffy jumped into the air, his huge flat tail moving up and down, propelling us upward. We rose past the trees and kept going, up so far that I could barely see the ground; and people on the ground couldn’t see me either. I’m pretty sure there would be full scale panic if the students saw fluffy; giant bisons were strictly part of the bending world, although how no one else has seen them I don’t know. non-benders are worse than muggles.

“WOOOHOOO!” I yelled as we coasted on the wind, doing barrel rolls through the sky as we had done since first year. This was where I felt at my very best; hundreds of feet in the air with no safety net, on top of a fluffy grass eating bison. I’ve had more logical hobbies in my years let me tell you.

It was getting dark when we landed, all windswept and exhilarated. Fluffy nuzzled my whole body with his head, and headed back into the forest whilst I headed for dinner, my stomach growling more than Jinjin was when I tried to put him back in my bag.

“You want food? Do you know how weird I look bringing a cat into dinner?” I asked. I was ignored of course, Jinjin knew I was weird anyway, and the little monster was stubborn when food was involved; just like his mamma air bender.

“Vida, do you know how weird you look bringing a cat to dinner?” Al asked the moment I sat down, plopping Jinjin on the table.

“You know I just asked Jinjin that question Al; he didn’t reply” I told him. Across from me, Nikita smirked.

“Of course he didn’t you loon, he’s a cat” She said, and I stuck my tongue out.

“Very mature Vida” Emma grinned from next to Nikita, tucking into a Sheppard’s pie.

“Where were you today Vida? I couldn’t find you anywhere” Al asked, and I smiled. I liked it when he looked for me; it made me know that I was wanted, and always made my fingers feel all warm.

“Well first I went to Hattie’s, and she made me cookies, and then I went into the forest with Hagrid. It was very fun. Hey, do you want a cookie?” I asked, pulling the plate from my bag and offering him some. He laughed.

“Maybe later. Why were you in the forest?”

“Oh, we were just exploring” I said dismissively, piling sausages onto my plate. Jinjin nibbled at a few, able to chew them easier as a cat.

“Vida, why?” Emma asked, gesturing to Jinjin. I sighed and grabbed an extra plate, putting it on the floor and sending Jinjin with it, giving him some of his own food to eat.

“Thank you” She added, and I scowled. Al snickered.

Dinner ended and we got up to go to the common room, reaching the marble staircase before we stopped again.

“Vida!” A voice called, and I turned. Scorpius was hurrying over, paper in his hands, and I thought I should give him a round of applause for still looking like some Adonis whilst trying to weave his way through some little Hufflepuffs who were blocking everyone’s paths. I grinned at him when he finally reached us.

“Hey Scorp! What’s kicking? And before you miss your golden opportunity I’ll say it; I’ll be kicking some Hufflepuffs if they don’t move out of the way” I greeted, and the Hufflepuffs glared and walked away. Scorp laughed.

“Thanks for saving me from the embarrassment of missing that. Anyway, you forgot your notes from Muggle studies, I sorta may have copied from them about that cellular phone thing-

“Ah don’t worry about it, everyone needs help with the cellular phone. But please, call it a mobile. Much quicker” I told him, and he grinned. He had very white teeth, I wondered if it was genetic.

“Will do. See you in class Vida!”

“Bye Scorp!”

My companions rounded on me when he left.

“Since when were you and Scorpius Malfoy best buddies?” Al asked. I shrugged.

“He’s my muggle studies partner and he’s in a lot of my classes. Plus I saw him in Hattie’s shop once, which meant I was definitely not going to pass up an opportunity to have a hat friend” I answered easily, and Al sighed. He was probably over-tired.

“So, this is why I’ve been hearing the rumours. Didn’t believe them at first” Nikita said with a smirk, and I reddened. Oh I hated rumours, and whispering people, they were worse than splinters or cookies that were too big to dunk in your milk!

“What rumours?” Both Al and I demanded, Al a little more forceful, whilst I made a more timid squeaking noise. We began walking up toward the common room once again, me now carrying my notes, all carefully folded up and neat. Psh, you can tell I haven’t folded these; its all even and stuff, so beyond my level of origami.

“Well, I heard one about a chair-

“Oh I know that one!” Emma cried suddenly, laughing.

“Chair one? What chair one?” Al snapped, scowling. Wow, bee in his bonnet or what?

“Yes, please enlighten me also. I would like to know what this chair has done to put me in the limelight. Knew there was a reason I didn’t like chairs” I said, and Emma rolled her eyes.

“Well, someone told me that a girl had overheard you and Scorpius flirting, and then a chair was mentioned-“ Nikita began.

“Flirting?!” Al exclaimed.

“CHAIR?!” I shouted over him dramatically.

“I told you it wasn’t true ‘Kita, Vida doesn’t know flirting even if it hit her in the face with a beater’s bat” Emma chuckled.

“What exactly were you talking about then?” Al demanded.

“Wow, pushy Al is pushy today. Well, he was swinging on his chair in this perfect way; he wasn’t touching the desk or anything, and he didn’t fall over! I know, wicked right? Hold your applause, I ain’t finished. So I was staring at him, and then he was all like ‘like what you see?’ and I was like ‘yeah you’re balancing like a mountain goat’ and then I had to explain that yeah, even though he is aesthetically pleasing I was actually admiring his chair technique and he offered to teach me but I think that was a con because seriously, how can you teach someone to swing on a chair? Slytherins are so sneaky! And then I tried and I fell and-

“Alright Vida, we get the picture. One of the rumours has been quashed” Nikita said, looking at me in amusement. We arrived at the fat lady and Emma gave the password and let us in, and we fell onto he couches in front of the fire where Rose and Hugo were doing homework.

“Hang on, aesthetically pleasing? What do you mean by that?” Al demanded. He was looking annoyed, as if my story simply wasn’t entertaining enough for him, still wanting more! So greedy.

“Ooh who?” Rose asked, and Nikita began quietly telling her what’s going on. I laughed.

“Come on Al, I’m not really a ‘ogle at boys all day’ type, but even I can see that Scorpius Malfoy has struck gold in the gene pool. Admit it, if you weren’t straight, you would hit that!” I said, and he looked at me in shock.

“Vida you- I just- I’m not even going to lower myself into answering that. He’s not that attractive, he looks like a badger” Al replied, and I thought Rose had suddenly had a stroke.

“Al you blind tosser! He does not, he is a god among men” She argued, and then bit her lip. Emma and I giggled.

“Al, you’re just jealous” Nikita added, only encouraging Al’s temper. He looked like he does when Lily gets a boyfriend only worse; as if me and Scorpius being friends was worse than finding his little sister snogging a lad in a broom cupboard. Mental git.

“Of what?!” Al asked. Hugo smirked.

“The fact that Vida seems to find him ‘aesthetically pleasing’ and the fact that you must have heard that rumour about them in the Slytherin’s quidditch changing room”

“Okay that one was because we were talking about how one time I snuck in there to steal all their shin pads and he came out of the shower and almost had a heart attack” I explained hurriedly, holding my hands up in surrender. Hugo, Nikita and Emma all exploded into giggles, whilst Al looked fit for murder and Rose looked jealous.

“Was he in a towel?” She demanded. Poor girl, she must by dying to see what I saw. I wish she did; never mind him it was me that squealed like a girl and ran away.

“Luckily! I got out with the shin pads though, he seemed too focused on keeping his towel rather than chasing me. Ha, that means I win!” I laughed in triumph, punching the air. Emma rolled her eyes, but her giggles told me it was a good kind of eye-roll. The ‘oh spirits why do I love this girl so much?’ roll. I liked that one.

“Does he have abs? Just curious Rosie, I’m not interested; I’ve got someone else on my mind” Nikita said, and I nodded.

“Yeah, you could probably grate cheese on his stomach but that’s not the point! Who would spread these rumours around?” I asked. Hugo grinned.

“I may have to edit that one, make it less steamy, because obviously, considering its Vida, it really isn’t. Oh don’t give me that look Al, I’ll be helping helping Vida out” He said, stretching his legs out to rest on the table in front of us.

“How on earth were you helping her by spreading that, no matter how truthful it is? I don’t want people talking about her like that!” He growled, and I chuckled. As sweet as it was, Al was too protective over his girls. We were as overly protected as his relatives, and that was both flattering and sometimes quite restricting. Like now for instance, I could see that Al was thinking up ways to make sure that I never saw Scorp again. He’d probably find a way; I still haven’t seen any of Emma’s old stalkers around.

“Look, no offence to you Vida, but you were not an overly good-looking girl” Hugo began.

“You’re sugar coating that my friend. But carry on” I said.

“Right. So, no one really paid her any attention except for her being really weird and doing quite entertaining things. But now of course, that’s different” He continued, running a hand through his curly hair. Emma and Nikita nodded.

“How is it different?” Al asked. Rose rolled her eyes.

“Al, you have eyes. Haven’t you noticed how much Vida’s changed over the summer? She went from- sorry Vida- awkwardly unattractive to damn pretty in six weeks. Please tell me you haven’t missed that” She said. I blushed.

“Aw you guys, you’re making me go red” I joked.

“Of course I noticed, how could I not? But why does that-

“Oh for Merlin’s sake! You two are both completely oblivious to the attention Vida has been getting lately aren’t you?” Nikita asked us, and I nodded. I didn’t really think anything was any different. Apparently it was.

“Um, what are you talking about?” I asked.

“Vida shut up, you oblivious fool. The lads have been looking her up and down since she came back, they’re kind of like vultures. They asked around, heck they asked me if I knew her- and I’m her cousin! People were suddenly interested in a pretty girl, and then the moment she began talking to Scorpius they began talking rubbish so that they had some knowledge of her” Emma explained, and I scowled at her. Rude. Why didn’t I know about this? Give a girl some warning, Emma knew how nervous I got when people talked about me!

“Well they better not be looking at her when I’m near her, or I’ll hex the lot of them” Al said darkly.

“No, they don’t look at her when you’re around; they just spread rumours about you too” Nikita shrugged “I heard a load of them off a very amused James”

“Like what?” Al asked.

“Well there have been loads since second year that you two are dating. Even when you were dating all those other girls they never really stopped” She told him. Al had dated plenty of girls over the years. Like Scorpius, girls just fell at Al’s feet and he could take his pick out of anyone and probably bag himself a date.

“Well, we are best friends, all best friends are victims of that rumour” I said dismissively. Al nodded.

“Definitely, and this is the last of this rumour crap; I’m not having any more of it, you guys got that?” He said, in a bossy voice. Emma did a mock salute, Rose and Hugo shrugged and nodded.

“There was one about Vida and Al hooking up in the potions cupboard, just a friendly reminder. You ain’t the boss of me kiddo” Nikita told him, before getting up and smiling.

“Night guys, have fun with your new found popularity Vida!” She called, and disappeared up the girl’s staircase. Al gaped after her and I giggled. I loved my older cousin and her authority over him. She won’t take any crap from the Potter or Weasley boys, you can be sure of that.

“Ooh, popularity; what should I do first? I’m thinking taking down the government would be a good first step” I said, and Hugo snickered.

“As long as it doesn’t involve Malfoy you can be the government if you want” Al muttered. I put my hands on my hips, huffing. The air blew my hair around and I tried to look intimidating. I doubt I was very successful.

“What do you have against Scorp? He’s really nice!” I said.

“He’s a shallow little git who only likes you because you’re pretty. He’s a player”

“And you’re not? Please Al, you’ve had as many girls on your arm as he has, you just space ‘em out a little more. He only wants to be my friend”

“Oh please, friendship is the last thing on his mind, the little-

“How do you know, you’ve not even spoken to him! Trust me Al, this is nothing more than friendship, so stop being a big old grump and deal with the fact that you aren’t the only boy in my year that I talk to” I snapped at him. I knew it was never going anywhere, no matter how much of a player Scorp was. I was an air bender, and even though many settle down and have families, we are nomads at heart. We are free spirits who aren’t tied down by the need for relationships, never crave such things unless it’s the right person; my nature is being single, and that is fine with me. I’ve never had a boyfriend and I’ve never really cared. I loved being a nomad. Grandpa told me when I was very young that I shouldn’t worry about such things. He was like me when he was younger too, before he met gran gran, and he realised that they were made for each other. Gran gran is gone now, I miss her so, but grandpa and I talk to her spirit sometimes. She never really left my grandpa’s side. Al sulked terribly as the rest of us began chatting, and I sighed.

“Right, I’m going to bed. If this git doesn’t cheer up within the next five minutes you have my permission to hit him until he does” I announced, standing and vaulting over the couch, cheating and using air bending so that I didn’t hit the floor like an ungraceful soul like I would normally. Dammit Al Potter, stopping me from making friends. I’ll be nice to whoever I want, and you can’t stop me, so take that! Ha ha ha!


Hello! So, I've started this story again because I didn't like the first version, as it was all vague and stuff :) So this is my re-attempt at not being a faliure at posting! Yay! Rate and Review, those keep me going (its like food for the a non-weird sorta way) and I love reading what you think, okay? That little box down there is just for you!


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