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Love of a Dragon by angelgirlwithheart2
Chapter 2 : Being Lucky
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At platforms 9 ¾

She ran on the platform she was early. She saw Narcissa and she went over to say hello. “ Hello Ma’am how are you today?” She greeted Narcissa warmly. “ Wonderful, im so proud to see my son off to Hogwarts.” Hermione grinned. “ So where is your husband I was hoping to meet him at long last.” Narcissa inwardly cringed, the poor girl was going to meet her husband soon enough and she will wish she had never did.

You see Narcissa didn’t share her husbands views about Pure Bloods being dominate to others and she didn’t believe that just because someone was muggle born didn’t make them any less in worth as a Pure blood. She believed that all were equal. And while her husband was off on business she saw to it that Draco was taught that all people are equal whether they are Wizard or Muggle.

And when Draco had brought young Miss Granger to the Manor the first time a few weeks ago she was glad that he had believed what she had taught, cause Miss Granger was muggle born.

“ He had business that called him away unfortunately but he will make a visit to Hogwarts, I’m sure you will meet him then dear.” Narcissa said hoping against hope that the two will never meet. Though she knew that with her son and the girl being friends, her husband was sure to meet the girl.

And when they did and when he knew of her blood there would be tears. Narcissa’s heart ached for the girl. “ Hey Hermione.” Hermione turned to see a flash of gray. “ Hello Draco, how are you?” “ Good now. Want to get a seat before they fill up?” “ Of course. Goodbye Mrs. Malfoy I will send you an owl from time to time.” She smiled at Draco then at his mother. “ I look forward to it dear. And Draco I expect an owl from you as well.” “ Yes mum.” Draco said as he took Hermione’s hand and ran on the train.

Since it was still early many compartments were still empty. They choose one and put all their stuff in a spot and sat. “ Oh Draco I’m so excited and I’m nervous.” “ I am excited too, but why are you nervous?” “ Because I have no idea what house I will be sorted into.” She said swinging her legs from her seat restlessly. “ Well, I guess since you’re the first of your family to be accepted I guess it would be normal to be nervous.” “Aren’t you nervous?” “ Nope. Because my family has always been in Slytherin. And especially with my father involved I will be in Slytherin.” “ Wow, you sure are sure of yourself.” “ Malfoy’s are all sure of themselves I think its in our blood or something.” You mean hereditary, it’s a dominate trait that it passed down, though I think personality traits are mostly nurtured into a person I suppose its possible to be an inherited by genes since many traits we have we inherited in genes from our chromosomes we get from both the paternal side and the maternal side..”

“ Whoa! It sounds like your reading from a textbook.” He said interrupting Hermione’s flow of information. “ I did read it out of a book if that’s what you mean, but you are probably lost.” “ At Hereditary.” He said smiling slightly embarrassed. “ It’s ok in school its probably not learned til Middle school or in some case high school.” Draco looks confused. “ In the muggle world the school system is different. We have preschool which you go to from the time you’re an infant til around the age of five. From there you start Kindergarten which is in Elementary school. Which in most cases goes til 8th grade which 6th – 8th grade is considered middle school. But sometimes middle school is separate. Then in 9th grade a person can be 13 or 14 you would start high school which is just four years. And those grades are called Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior. Then after a graduation a person either gets a job, or goes to a college or an University which is either another four years or depending on what career the person wants it could be up to 12 + years.” She stopped explaining,

“ Whoa holy cow you muggles could have at least three schools??!! Or at the most five schools.?! Wow! But what’s the point?” “ In the muggle world its a lot harder to make a living and the best way for someone to ensure it and be sure of their future is to have as much education as they can.” “ Wow, I had mum and a nanny to teach me until I got my Hogwarts letter.” “I guess your lucky cause you only have to attend one school and your done.” “ Well, Mione this is your second and a half school and then your done that makes you lucky too.”


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Love of a Dragon : Being Lucky


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