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Bedlam and Broomsticks by tiberiusirius
Chapter 6 : Locker Room Therapy
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When Kenzie woke up and realized she was in bed next to Oliver Wood and still clothed, she had to smile. She tried to get up as gingerly as possible in order not to wake him, but she didn’t have one foot planted on the carpet before he looped an arm around her waist pulling her back in bed and causing her to yelp ungracefully.


He chuckled through a yawn and stretched out languidly while pulling her close to him. “Where do you think you’re going?” He asked tiredly.


She laughed softly and pushed him away a bit. He looked adorable having just woken up. “Some of us have to work Oliver.” She told him with a grin, once again getting back up.


“Fine…” He sighed begrudgingly, also making his way out of bed. “Let me walk you out.”


Kenzie shook her head and pushed him back down in bed. “I’m perfectly capable of showing myself out, Thank you.” She smiled. He lifted an eyebrow as if to ask if she was sure. “You look much too comfortable to be disturbed.” She insisted before pausing momentarily. “I had fun last night.” She said with a small smile.


When he grinned and pulled her back down for another embrace, he was happy to see her return his cheerful sentiments. “Does that mean if I get tickets to another game you’ll come this time?” He asked before adding,  “Just so you know, I’m not letting you leave here until you agree.”


She rolled her eyes but couldn’t help but feel a bit giddy. “Yes…” She said. He let her go beaming contently, and she scampered away from him before smirking from the safety of the doorway and adding, “But only because it’s against the Cannons.” As she hurried away, snatching her dress up as she went, she couldn’t get the picture of his chagrinned little frown out of her head. She made her way out of his apartment and to the lift with a smile on her face. Her ride down to the lobby was full of euphoria and thoughts of Oliver.


It was because she was drunk with happiness that she didn’t notice the hubbub in the lobby at first. It took her a few steps to look up, but when she did she was confused to see Sylas the doorman trying to herd a group of what looked to be journalists out the door. When they saw her however, all his efforts went to waste and they charged forward.


“Look it’s her! She’s carrying the dress!” someone yelled ushering in the chaos.


Kenzie had to look down at her arm to see the gown she was carrying to realize what was going on. The sodding media had camped out at Oliver’s apartment hoping to catch his arm candy from last nights WQL ball doing the walk of shame. They were going to get a good picture too considering she was wearing his boxers and a Puddlemere United top with his face on it. Never mind nothing had happened between them other than good conversation.


Horrified and not a little bit humiliated, Kenzie bolted into the Apparating foyer, camera flashes tailing her all the way. Sylas, bless him, did his best to keep them from following but they did anyways. When she paused to Apparate they swarmed, it took her a minute to concentrate due to the anxiety but eventually she escaped. She couldn’t relax, not until she was back in her buliding, had run up the stairs, and slammed the door of her apartment shut. Even then, relaxation was only experienced for a fleeting moment. She had pressed her back up against the wood of the door and was sliding down, crumpling in a heap, when everything that had just happened hit her. Humiliation and panic worked its way in.


The only respite she could give herself was in the hope that maybe they wouldn’t print the pictures and that perhaps they didn’t know her name. She knew it was a small chance, but it was the only thing that allowed her to muster up enough courage to get moving and make her way into work, although hours late and still shaken up.


She tried to calm herself down, but the minute she Apparated into the atrium at Lazarus she knew something was off. Joan the receptionist gave her much too coy of a greeting, and as she walked past everyone she was acutely aware of the fact that they began whispering.


When she saw Daphne coming towards her in the hallway near the Keeper Department she was somewhat relieved. That is, until the girl grimaced and ushered her off to the side.  “Kenz, we need to find you a copy of the prophet and fast.” She informed her gravely.


Kenzie gulped, shame washing over her. She knew exactly what she would find in the Prophet. “It’s in the paper already?” she said a bit shocked at the speed of the reporters. She thought she’d at least have a day to prepare herself. “They accosted me a couple hours ago! How bad is it?” She was counting on Daphne to be as honest as she usually was. She didn’t fail.


“It’s not very flattering.” She confided. “They have a picture of you on the red carpet side by side with one of you running away from them in boxers.” Kenzie fell back against the wall feeling devastated. “They have you pinned as Oliver’s mystery girl, but I haven’t told you all of it yet.” Daphne’s apologetic look was enough to tell her the worst was yet to come, so she braced herself. “Decimus is waiting in you’re office and he looks thunderous.” She laid a hand on Kenzie’s shoulder trying to offer her comfort but there was really nothing for it.


She knew she was going to get lectured and she certainly wasn’t looking forward to it.  Still, she wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. She thanked her friend and dragged her feet into the Keeper department to go have a chat with her boss.

Kane and Fergusson were kind enough to send her heartening looks when she walked in, hoping to add to her courage, but the sight of Decimus washed it all away.


He was holding what looked to be the Prophet in his hand, and when he saw her walk in, his dangerous look turned dark. “Fergusson, Kane, will you please excuse us. I need to have a word with Kenzie.” He asked overly calm.


Fergusson looked a bit sketchy, “You sure you don't need to talk to all of us?” He asked trying to make it group discussion and save Kenzie the reaming out that was sure to come.


Decimus shot him a glare. “Get out. I don’t give a damn where you go just get out!” he snapped losing his composure momentarily.


Kenzie flinched at his volume and watched her colleagues hurry out of the room looking at her apologetically. She felt strangely cold facing Decimus alone.


When everyone was out of the room, he held up the paper in his hand.  “Would you like to tell me what the fuck this is?” When she didn’t say anything but just looked at the ground, he approached her, grabbing her roughly by the arm forcing her to get a good look at the paper. It was exactly how Daphne had described it but worse. The whole layout made her seem like some sort of whore or escort. She wanted to curl up into a ball and die.


“Are you aware of how this makes the company look? Are you aware of how this makes you look?” he seethed. Just in case she didn’t, he clarified it for her. “Merlin’s beard Kenz, you look like a damn slag! Getting yourself caught doing fucking the walk of shame isn’t a good look. I can’t believe you slept with that Quidditch playing scum bag.” She didn’t point out that she hadn’t slept with him last night, considering she actually had prior to yesterday. To her horror Decimus turned scarlet. “You don’t even deny it?” he questioned incredulously.


Kenzie shuffled her feet slightly. “It’s not like they’ve figured out who I am yet.”


Decimus threw his hands in the air. “I think yet is the key word there.” He practically screamed. His expression turned confused. “What happened to you?” She opened her mouth to answer but he held up a hand. “No, never mind. I really don’t want to know how the girl I loved, morphed into someone who could end up in the gossip column.” He informed her harshly. “If you make one more headline because you actually think Wood is going to give you the time of day, I will fire you. I’m not going to let the credibility of this project be mocked because of your questionable actions.” He looked at her, his breathing hard and looking infuriated. “Do I need to clarify anything for you?” He asked scornfully. When she shook her head no he just stared at her for a moment. He looked disappointed but there was a hint of something else. He almost looked wounded. “Just grab your belongings and take the rest of the week off.” He stated flatly. When she tried to object he held up a hand and made for the door. “Stay out of the damn papers Kenzie. As a matter of fact stay away from Oliver Wood!”


Kenzie felt like her knees were going to give out. She couldn’t get fired! That really would ruin her. Oliver though was another matter entirely. She was extremely furious at him, regardless of whether or not he had any part to play, in her eyes he did hold some responsibility. He could have at least warned her something like this might happen! She kind of felt like it was redundant for Decimus to tell her to stay away from him considering the embarrassment she had just endured at his expense. How could she ever face him again? She wanted out of public eye, and she had no desire to go through that again no matter how hard it was for her to keep her mind off of him.  


It was hard to think of her exit from Lazarus as anything but a secondary walk of shame. That in and of itself was probably the reason she didn’t go straight home, but rather stopped by the local bodega to grab a handle of Firewhiskey.


She was already a quarter of the way through the bottle when she heard a knocking on the door. It took her a second to find her balance, but she eventually did. Carefully, she stumbled over to find Daphne outside looking concerned.


“Mother of Merlin Kenzie you are smashed!” she said sounding worried.


Kenzie turned around and made her way back to the couch where she flopped back down with a pout. “What’d ya ‘spect” she slurred. “S’what ‘appens when ya almos' get canned.”


Daphne looked shocked. “He threatened to fire you?” she asked flabbergasted.


Kenzie harrumphed. “Said I embarrassed the comp’ny. Said I’s actin’ like a slag.”


Daphne took a seat next to her and pried the bottle out of her hands. “Kenz he’s jealous you’re still not besotted with him. If you think Mr. Lazarus would ever let Decimus fire you, you’re mistaken. You’re the best thing that happened to the company since it’s inception!” she insisted adamantly. 


Kenzie shook her head, but almost threw up in the process. “I’s not ‘llowed to see Wood.”


Daphne just scoffed. “He can’t control what you do or who you see outside of work! Hell Oliver is a trial participant, you’re going to have to see him eventually.”


Just then there was a loud banging on the door to her flat. “Kenz are you alright?” Shouted someone on the other side with an appealing Scottish Drawl.


Daphne was getting up to answer the door while Kenzie yelled back. “Go ‘way Wood. I don’ wanna talk ta ya.” She hiccupped ungracefully just as Daphne answered the door. Daphne looked to Oliver sadly, but his eyes only searched for Kenzie. He found her on the couch.


“Damn you’re pissed.” He said after taking one look at her.  He hurried over to her side to sit next to her and tried to grab her hand.


She pulled away forcefully, causing herself to fall back into the couch with the momentum of the movement. “S’all your fault.” She said referring to both her current state of mind and her predicament. 


Oliver looked extremely remorseful. “I’m sorry Kenz. I wanted to walk you out!” He tried. “I had no idea they would be waiting for you. I never even thought about it as a possibility! They've never followed me before!”


She looked at him sideways, although it was really more or less a cross-eyed glare. “Pfft, you prolly ‘joyed seein' it! You’re the one wo’made me go on tha’ carpet and get me blasted picture phtotoed.” She garbled.


He grimaced. “Kenz I’m sorry.”


“Now bloody Decimus wants’ta bloody fire me arse.” She glowered.


Oliver looked to Daphne for confirmation, and when she nodded he became incensed. “That bloody wanker threatened you for this bollocks?” he asked dangerously.


Kenzie frowned. “S’not like is good for the comp’ny ta ‘ave a slag in charge o’research.” She hiccupped again.


Oliver gritted his teeth, “Wait, you mean to tell me the bastard implied you were a slag too?” he questioned looking murderous.


“No, he bloody well ‘aid I's a slag. S’not wrong either. I shagged ya ‘fore I knew yas name for Merlins ‘ake!”  She slurred.


From the sidelines Daphne snorted. “If that’s what classifies you as a whore, I might as well go work in the red light district.” She offered to lighten the mood. It didn’t work.


Oliver looked thunderous. His whole body was tense and he stood up, glaring at nothing in particular. “I think I’m going to go have a talk with Decimus.”


Both Daphne and Kanzie lunged at him making it plain they didn’t think that was a good idea.


“That’s a really bad idea mate.” Daphne told him levelly.


Kenzie agreed. “You ‘ave done quite ‘nough! I don’ need ya ta go n’ get me fired too!”


Oliver looked to Kenzie appearing a bit hurt. “I’ve done enough? I haven’t done anything except try to get to know you!” He said brow furrowed and looking incredulous.


Kenzie scoffed. “Am I s’posed ta take tha blame? No one followed me round 'fore! Does getting ta kno ya ‘volve getting called a whore? Where’s me blasted alcohol” she grimaced.


Oliver frowned. “Kenz you shouldn’t drink anymore.”


She harrumphed at him. “I shouldn’ see yous anymore s’what I shouln’ do!” She kept looking around for the Firewhiskey so she didn’t see Oliver go completely still.


He looked like he got the wind knocked out of him. “I see.” He said slowly. If she really didn’t want him around he would give her what she desired. He moved over to the kitchen counter and set something down. He kept his back to her the entire time. “You probably won’t want these since you don’t want to see me anymore, but I’ll leave them anyways. I’ll be going then.” His voice was solemn and monotonous, his body stiff. His eyes never turned back to Kenzie before he left, slamming the door behind him.


Three days and two bottles of Firewhiskey later, Kenzie was trying to fight off a particularly bad hangover when she once again heard banging on the door. Answering it, she scowled unhappily at Daphne for making her head pound more than necessary.


“Merlin you look terrible.” Daphne said pushing her way into the apartment. “We’ve missed you at work. Decimus has been acting like a huge tosser.”


“Lovely to see you too.” She glowered. “Wait why are you decked out in Puddlemere gear?” she asked suspiciously, her head still hurting.


Daphne smirked much too evilly. “Because you’re taking me to the Quidditch match. I’m not letting you stay in here forever. I’ve got you some Pepper-up potion in here somewhere.” She said digging through her bag. “Go get dressed Kenz.” She ordered before adding. “And put some effort in, yeah?”


Kenzie looked at her as if she had horns. “What the bloody hell are you on? You know damn well I’m not going to that match and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change my mind!” she asserted fervently.


Daphne just smirked. “I really didn’t want to resort to blackmail but I will if you force me. I’ve been dying to see Darren and I will go to extremes.”


Kenzie shook her head giving her a look, “What do you have that you could possibly use to blackmail me into going to Puddletown?” she asked incredulously.


Her smirk got wider and Kenzie began to frown worried. “Well let’s just say I could go to the Prophet and tell them the name of Oliver Wood’s mystery girl. They might even give me money for it. Obviously they want to talk to her. Hell I could even tell them where said girl lives!” she finished with an all too pleased grin


Kenzie looked at her shocked. “You wouldn’t!” she said scowling.


“Are you really prepared to find out?” Daphne asked grinning. When Kenzie turned around and marched into her bedroom to shower and change, Daphne called after her. “Do hurry up love, the game starts in half an hour.”


Regardless of Daphne’s request to hurry, Kenzie took a nice leisurely shower and went through a couple different outfits before she was ready. Sure she had chased Oliver off and had effectively ruined their pseudo-friendship with her drunken insensitivity, but she still couldn’t help the desire to look semi decent if there was even a chance to see him. He always had a tendency to stare at her legs so she found the tiniest jean shorts she owned and coupled it with an old worn out Puddlemere tank top that was a bit small and would bare a portion of her mid-drift.


When she walked out prepared to leave, Daphne ‘s eyes lit up knowingly upon seeing her outfit. “Do you really think that’s fair?” She asked Kenzie of her clothing. Kenzie just gave her a confused look like she didn’t know what she was talking about. Daphne rolled her eyes. “Don’t play stupid Kenz. Trying to make him drool right after you chased him off because his fame got you in the paper...kind of cruel don’t you think? It’s not like he wanted them to print those pictures. He seemed pretty cross they invaded your privacy, he didn’t really care about his own.”


Kenzie shrugged pulling on some flip-flops. “You were the one who said put some effort in.”


Daphne just sighed. “You really want to torture the poor bloke don’t you?”


She frowned, “Don’t you think I’ve endure enough at his expense?” She asked before trying to explain. “If I have to go and watch him get all sweaty and look delicious in his stupid kit playing my favorite sport in the world, he’s going to do some salivating of his own!” She knew she sounded stroppy, but the hell with that!


Before Daphne had a chance to object, Kenzie flung the door open and ushered her out. Daphne's only response was to roll her eyes and chuckle at the way her friend was all worked up. She was just happy to be on their way.


The pitch was as crowded as one would expect for a Puddlemere versus Cannons match, and it was difficult navigating the crowd. It didn’t help that their tickets were in the team’s own box, and that finding the entrance to it was nearly impossible. She realized once they got situated that the other few people seated were family members of the players and that the left half of the space was marked for the coaches and the reserve team. Daphne was happy because that meant she’d definitely get to see Darren, but Kenzie was a little concerned at the idea of seeing Oliver before the game. She knew it was inevitable though. The door to the locker room was right behind her, and the team would fly onto the pitch from this very box.


Her nerves were growing as the countdown to the start of the game dwindled down and the idea of seeing Oliver became more real. About five minutes before the captains were due out on the pitch to shake hands, the team filed out of the locker room. She was hoping to go unnoticed, and shrunk down in her seat when she heard the unmistakable voice of Phillbert Deverill calling her name.


He was approaching, a large smile barely concealed by his walrus looking moustache. “Kenzie D’masi!” He greeted fondly. She cringed at hearing her name and was displeased to see the majority of the team whip their heads in her direction. Apparently the lot of them were familiar with the girl who the papers alleged was dating their Keeper. “Well if it isn’t the mystery woman herself! I was led to believe you weren’t going to be caught anywhere near our Quidditch side due to that unfortunate mess in the Prophet.” He beamed at her while confirming the team had discussed the situation between her and Oliver.


She was just going to greet him when Daphne had to open her fat mouth. “You were led to believe correctly. I only got her here by threatening to tell the Prophet her name and where to find her if she didn’t bring me.” She stuck out her hand to introduce herself. “The names Daphne Plummer.”


Phillbert looked between Kenzie’s glowering expression and Daphne’s smirk, and couldn’t help the laughter that came out. It took him a minute to collect himself but he eventually took her hand and embraced Kenzie. “It’s very nice to meet you Daphne.” He said happily. “I’m sure we will have words later but right now I need to give my team some last minute reminders. I was just a bit surprised that you actually came!” he laughed to Kenzie before turning about to go talk to his team.


Kenzie and Daphne both watched him turn back to his team, and glimpsed Oliver and Darren in the background sharing some words. Oliver had an indiscernible expression on his face but Kenzie was happy to trace his gaze back to her legs. He wasn’t the only one slightly distracted though. She almost missed the wave Darren sent her way because she was much too busy relishing the manner in which Oliver’s shirt stretched across his burly muscles. She bit her lip trying to soak it all in and found a heat rising through her body. Why had she decided she shouldn’t see him anymore? Whatever the reasons, they lost same validity while she stared. Quidditch always did get her blood boiling, especially the blokes.


When they finally made eye contact it was intense. He gazed at her powerfully, hurt still somewhat evident but now overwhelmed by something akin to amorous ire. She was slightly taken aback by the gravity of it at first, it caused her heartbeat to quicken and her breathing to become labored, but after a moment she savored it for what is was—attention from him. She could only imagine the trepidation in her own gaze, but she knew there was a lustful longing there as well.


She actually had to place a hand onto the chair in front of her in order to steady herself when he ripped his gaze away from her. He was being reprimanded for not paying attention to what the coaching staff was saying.


She tried to tell her knees to resist the urge to fail her, and barely succeeded. How did he have such an irrefutable power over her? She was contemplating the question when she looked over to Daphne. The girl had such a shit-eating grin plastered on her face that she scowled. “Oh sod off will you!” she snapped.


Daphne sniggered, “You two are hopeless! What are you going to do with each other?” she asked rhetorically.


Kenzie couldn’t help but think that what they did to each other was much too graphic to describe aloud. She experienced a moment of confusion that was immediately followed by humiliation when Daphne’s uproarious laughter tipped her off to the fact that she had said the sentiment rather than thought it.


Her scarlet coloration only deepened when a man who couldn’t be mistaken for anything but the brother of Seeker Benjy Williams, turned around and smirked saying, “I think you’re going to need to elaborate on what you mean by ‘too graphic’.”


It goes unsaid that Daphne had a hard time recovering, and kept on insisting that she couldn’t breath she was laughing so hard. Kenzie was just thankful that the attention was redirected from her as the players began taking off into the air.


It wasn’t long after that the game began, and boy did it become serious fast. The officials were clearly letting some penalties go by the way side in hopes of creating a more competitive match. In Kenzie’s opinion however, some of the Cobbing was a bit much. The Cannon’s Dragomir Gorgovitch actually managed to bloody the nose of Jocelind Wadcock with a well-placed elbow at one point and there was no foul given. Kenzie had objected ferociously with a string of curses that would make a Dragon Trainer blush and got a few looks for it. Tensions were high and everyone was playing with every bit of skill they had.


An hour and a half into the game, Puddlemere was pulling ahead with a significant lead thanks to the efforts of Oliver. Kenzie had truly never seen a Keeper with his talent. The Cannons tried everything to throw him off but his intuition was amazing and his saves astounding.


She thought for sure that Dragomir would get one past Oliver after he had to avoid a well aimed Bludger sent by the Cannons Beater Jenkins, but he manage to evade the attack while simultaneously doing a back flip on his broom that sent the Quaffle flying upwards into the air. The Cannons did recover the Quaffle, but their attempt to accurately preform a Reverse Pass ended in a turn over that led to a score for Puddlemere.


Puddlemere was leading with a score of two ninety to one forty when she saw Benjy Williams dive having seen the snitch. The Cannon’s Galvin Gudgeons was right on his tail in an instant however, and their Chasers seemed to redouble their efforts seeing the end of the game in sight.


Kenzie didn’t know what to watch, the Chaser or the Seekers, and as a result was moving her attention back and forth between the two as best she could.


The Cannons had possession of the Quaffle and were in the Hawkshead Attacking Formation zooming down the pitch. The Puddlemere Chasers weren’t able to break them apart or get in the way of any of their passes, so they had three people in good scoring position as they approached the hoops. Oliver’s initial save was spectacular but the dive hadn’t enabled him to catch the Quaffle. The rebound was caught by one of the nearby Cannons Chasers who put it through the left hoop before Oliver could get back into position. It was questionable whether or not there should’ve been a Stooging penalty, and if the Cannons caught the snitch now the game would be tied.


The Seekers were still neck and neck racing upward and just above the crowd as they sprinted after the snitch towards the Cannons Hoops. They had to improvise however, when the snitch decided to unexpectedly fly straight vertically. The attempt to slow and pull up to go after it put Gudgeons in the lead with Williams now chasing his tail. It all seemed to happen simultaneously with Jocelind Wadcock losing possession of the Quaffle for Puddlemere due to a tricky Transylvanian Tackle executed by Dragomir who now had the Quaffle tucked under his arm. 


The three Cannons Chasers headed back towards the hoops Oliver was guarding, two of them flying side by side while another one flew underneath. Every time one of the Puddlemere Chasers attempted to take the Quaffle they would pass it down to the person below and rotate positions so the Quaffle was always in possession on top. As they approached the Hoops, the top two Chaser rose into the air and Oliver was obliged to rise a bit with them. The Chaser on the right wound his arm back, looking to shoot at the right hoop, and Oliver followed his motion.


 At the last second, the Cannon's Chaser passed the ball to his teammate below him executing a Porskoff ploy that made it seemingly impossible for Oliver to block his shot at the left hoop, it didn’t stop him from trying though. He lunged towards the shot Quaffle, taking his broom out from underneath of him to reach out and try and block the shot. For a moment it looked like he might be successful as his broom redirected the Quaffle slightly. However it wasn’t enough, the ball hit the edge and bounced back through the hoop.


Eyes wide and worried, Kenzie looked back towards the Seekers and wasn’t happy to see Gudgeons still maintaining a small lead. Her breath hitched in her throat as he reached his hand out. Williams desperately tried to edge him out but it was too late. Gudgeons hand wrapped around the snitch and he slowed up holding the ball in the air as the Announcer yelled out The Cannons victory, three hundred to two ninety.


Kenzie fell back into her seat shocked. How did they manage to lose that lead? The team seemed just as surprised although more distraught. They flew in heads held down and went straight to the locker room. Kenzie stood up hoping to catch Oliver’s eyes as he went by but he just stormed past looking livid.


The stadium began draining of people slowly, but Daphne and Kenzie waited hoping to catch sight of Darren or Oliver. It seemed like all of the team members had filed out, and most of the coaching staff, while they still waited. They even bid goodbye to Phillbert before they caught a glimpse of Darren of Oliver.


When Darren finally did come out, he was surprised to see them still waiting. He gave a small smile, but his words weren’t very comforting. “I’m surprised you waited. I would’ve just left. Oliver’s taking the loss quite hard. He’s blaming himself for letting those last two scores past.” He informed them.


“Is he the last one in there?” Kenzie asked motioning towards the locker room.


Darren nodded. “Yeah but he’s in a right sorry state. He’ll bite your head off if you’re not careful.”


Kenzie shrugged “I was already expecting he would regardless.” She told them as she pushed her way into the locker room amidst warnings not to. She knew how bad it felt to lose like that, especially as a Keeper. Kenzie had played Beater more often than not because there was a distinct lack of girls at Beauxbutons who played the position, however she played Keeper as well. She knew it was hard not to take sole responsibility for points scored against your team considering you were guarding the hoops. However, the truth of the matter was every time the Quaffle got passed the goalposts, it went past three Chasers and two Beaters before it got past the Keeper. She didn’t want him to be drowning in his own misery because he hadn’t played well. He had played magnificently.


On the far side of the room Oliver stood leaning against a bank of lockers, his head and forearms pressed against metal. He was wearing only a towel and his whole body looked tensed. His face was well suited to smiling, but seeing him there brooding gave her an all new appreciation for how attractive he was.


She walked towards him knowing he was aware of her presence, but he ignored her until she was about a meter away hoping she'd back off reading his body language. She didn't. When he turned to face her it was startling. He sprung away from the locker suddenly and spun on her looking livid. “If you don’t want to see me why the hell are you fucking here?” He roared punching the metal in front of him.


Kenzie stepped back slightly, breathing hard having been surpsied. Seeing him in a rage was definitely something new. She was suddenly aware of how powerful he was. Apparently he was upset about more than just the match. “Oliver I was drunk when I said I shouldn’t see you.” She offered as explanation. It didn’t seem to calm him any.


He laughed bitterly and came around to face her, aggressively putting himself in front of her. “But you meant it.” He seethed still a fire in his eyes. He placed a hand on either side of her body effectively trapping her against the lockers.


She was almost frightened of his intensity. “Oliver do you realize how humiliated I was? Do you understand that they made me out to be some sort of Quidditch groupie?”


He harrumphed resentfully, “But you’re here now! Their words didn’t seem to keep you away today! Did you say it just to hurt me?” He questioned. His tone was menacing.


She shook her head but told the truth, “No, I said it because getting you out of my life meant getting the attention off of me.”


That clearly wasn’t an answer he wanted to hear. He bowed his head and slammed a hand against the locker causing her to flinch. “What the hell are you standing here for then?” He looked genuinely puzzled. The question seemed to be tormenting him.


She really didn’t plan what she was doing, she had meant to say she was there to tell him he played a bloody good game and that he shouldn’t blame himself. Instead, all her rational thought deserted her as she stared into the fury of his eyes. She grabbed the back of his neck roughly and pulled him into her hard, seeking his lips. He hastily responded and crashed into her, using his strong arms to propel her off the ground and into him before pushing her back ferociously into the lockers. It hurt a bit but his instant and furious enthusiasm really only aroused her further.


The sound of the crash did draw their friends into the room to check everything was okay, however they ran scared when Oliver bellowed at them to get out. Together they were almost frenzied in their urgency, and it was unlike any of the times before. His hands were practically savage in their craving to feel all of her. He was fumbling with the button of her shorts frustrated, and when he got them off he didn’t hesitate.


It was intense and feverish, but amazing. Afterwards they stood there entangled in each others embrace breathing hard not wanting to pull apart. When he tried, she protested and drew him back into her, he only chuckled.


“Are you going to be here to absorb my anger every time I lose a match for the team?” he jested resting his forehead against hers.


She shook her head breathless. “That wasn’t your fault. I’ve never seen anyone play better. You can’t blame yourself.” She said seriously, before smirking “Although I really wouldn’t mind if you threw all the matches if we could do this again.” She smiled and was happy to see him smile as well. She ran a hand down his neck and made him meet her eyes. “Oliver I’m sorry.” She said seriously. “I don’t care what the Prophet writes about me, I had no right to be such a prat.”


Oliver shook his head. “I’m sorry you had to go through that. Nothing like that has ever happened before, and it’s not fair that it happened to you and not to me. I think what got me so angry was that I knew I couldn’t blame you for wanting me out of your life for something I couldn’t control.”


Kenzie smiled. “Oliver I never wanted you out of my life. I wanted the media gone from your lobby.” They both shared a laugh as they disentangled themselves.




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