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Mindset by SwiftPotterhead
Chapter 2 : Invitation
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I took my regular seat in the middle of the classroom, next to Albus. Slughorn has made us potions partners four years in a row now, not that I’m complaining. Albus is a nice guy, always does his half of the work and is fairly easy on the eyes in my (and practically every girl in our year's) opinion. Albus was talking to Rose and Scorpius, who sit behind us, when I sat down. Albus turned and smiled at me before continuing his conversation with his two friends.

I looked up from my textbook and saw written on the board that we were making a Calming Draught, so I got up to get the ingredients out of the cupboard. When I returned, Albus had the cauldron set up and immediately started preparing his half of the ingredients once I put them down on our desk. I smiled at him and started on my own half, grateful that he had taken the more unpleasant ingredients (whose idea was it to have a frogs eye in the potion? Can you say disgusting?) for himself.

“So, are you going to James' party?” he asked after a while as he weighed the powdered moonstone and mixed it into our potion.

“What party?” I asked as I watched the colour turn to amber, it was a few shades off but that didn't bother me, so I went ahead and added the chopped ginger roots.

“His Halloween party” I busied myself with cleaning up our excess ingredients while he stirred the potion clockwise.

“I wasn't invited” I admitted, blushing slightly although the fact doesn't really bother me. I'd never even spoken to James before, though I definitely knew of him. He was absolutely gorgeous and had a ridiculously fit body as a result of playing chaser on the quidditch team since second year. He looks just like Albus, only taller and instead of the trademark Potter green eyes, he received bright brown ones from his mother. Though he did inherit his fathers unruly, black hair, somehow making it work to his advantage. Something told me James Potter could make a potato sack and crocs work. It would seem that his only flaw is being unable to hold down a girlfriend. People say he never seems that into the girls he dates, dumping them after a couple weeks. At least, that's what Alaska says. I don't tend to pay that much attention to other peoples love lives.

“Everyone above 5th year is invited, it's next Saturday” Albus retorted while he finished off the potion and helped brush away the ginger roots that fell on the desk.

“Oh, well in that case I don't know if I am attending” I replied as I bottled our now finished potion and handed it to Professor Slughorn. I returned to see Albus smirking at me.

“What?” I questioned defensively.

“Come to the party, and bring those two friends of yours” He commanded as he swung his bag over his shoulder and walked out of the classroom.

“Hey, hang on a sec!” I called as I followed him out, he turned and raised an eyebrow at me. I smirked and walked past him, leaving him bemused behind me. I walked a couple metres in front of him, before turning back to look at him, noting that he was still standing in the same spot I had left him in.

“How do you feel about Albie poo?” I offered with a cocked hip. His immediate laugh was all the answer I needed, so I turned back around and began my walk to Transfiguration. It would seem that Albus Potter and I were now officially friends. And that I would need a costume for a Halloween Party.


“We have to look hot.” stated Alaska. I had just returned to the dorm with her, and after a frustrating hour of my refusing to tell her my news until we saw Coco, sitting them both down and telling Alaska and Caroline about James' upcoming party, this was her immediate response.

“If we even go” I responded, helping myself to the stack of sugar quills we kept in the dorm at all times. We stock up on Honeydukes every time we go to Hogsmeade, so we always have a huge stash of chocolate and lollies to choose from should we get peckish.

“What do you mean if we go?” Alaska questioned, shooting me a look. I swear if that woman gives me one more of those looks I'll stab her in the eye with a licorice wand. Okay, so I probably won't... I would never waste a perfectly good licorice wand.

“Yeah Ninanator, what are you on about? Of course we're going!” added Caroline as she swiped another piece of chocolate from the pile.

“Okay firstly, some people just don't have a nack for nicknaming...” I started while chewing on my licorice wand.

“Yeah, people like you” dug Alaska, earning herself a high-five from Caroline and a half eaten licorice wand in her face from me.

“Now now Lasky bear, let's not go around saying thing we don't mean, okay?” I warned, “Anyways, we don't even know James and it's his party- isn't that weird?”. Alaska and Caroline seemed to contemplate this for a minute before a smirk formed across Alaska's lips.

“We could get to know him at the party if you know what I mean” she joked as she winked and nudged Caroline and I.

“Mmmmm, I would not mind getting to know his abs” Caroline agreed. I rolled my eyes at the two of them, so easily distracted by a pretty face with nice abs and great arms. And hair that does that flicky thing and looks so soft, I just want to run my hands through his gorgeous, black hair and run my lips ov-. Whoa where did that come from. I've never even spoken to the guy for heaven's sakes. I quickly shook the worrying thoughts of James out of my mind and realised that Caroline and Alaska had moved on and were discussing something else.

“I don't know, I would, but I don't think red is really my colour...” muttered Caroline, fiddling with the ends of her long, blonde hair.

“Hmmm, I think you're right. Red dress with your green eyes, it would give off a way too Christmassy vibe for Halloween” Ah, they were discussing costumes. It's true too, Caroline has amazing green eyes that could rival Albus Potters. That matched with her long, straight blonde hair and thin figure made her absolutely beautiful and fairly popular with the boys.

“You should go for something more elegant, Coco” I contributed, Alaska nodded in agreement and we turned to look at Caroline.

“Yeah, I think that would be better.” responded Caroline, “Anyways, we don't have to make any decisions yet, we have until next Saturday to pick something”

“You know what that means” I exclaimed playfully, waggling my eyebrows as I bit into my third (or was it sixth?) licorice wand. I chewed carefully, adding emphasis to my next sentence and causing my friends to roll their eyes at my dramatics. I finished off the wand and stood up, wiping my hands together, as though I was thoroughly contemplating my next sentence. I smiled slyly as I spoke, “We get to go shopping”. My words were met with wide grins from my friends, as the prospect of shopping overtook their senses. I laughed at the dreamy look on Alaska's face as she was no doubt thinking of all the pairs of shoes she would get to buy.

Alaska soon realised that I was laughing at her and in response she frowned at me and grabbed a pillow from her bed, throwing it at me. My quidditch skills kicked in and I quickly grabbed it from the air and threw it back at her, hitting her in the face. This started an all out war of epic proportions, no one was safe and almost everything in our dorm was used as a weapon. I won't bore you with the details but let's just say that Caroline ended up helping us clean all of the magically melted chocolate out of the carpet and our hair.

“I love you guys” I announced a few hours later, after we had finished cleaning up and had gotten into bed.

“And we love you Nina.” was someones sleepy response, I think it was Caroline.

“Yeah lots and lots” the yawn and tone that accompanied that sentence meant that it was undeniably Alaska.

“Lots and lots” I repeated quietly, smiling to myself before turning over and falling into a deep, much needed sleep.


“Shit, shit, shit, shit” I had been chanting this for the past fifteen minutes while Alaska, Caroline and I ran around our dorm. Why Imogen Learey (our fourth roommate) hadn't woken us up was a mystery to me. Though I guess the fact that she rarely stays in our dorm (I think she has friends in 5th or 7th year that she stays with) means that when she does stay in the dorm with us, she doesn't know when we get up. But still, it's called girl code. Someone might just find their hand in warm water tonight.


“Crap, crap, crap, crap” Alaska had woken Caroline and I up with a strew of swears that I won't mention before settling on this one for her chant. She was sitting on her bed pulling on her socks with one hand while she viciously yanked a brush through her dark brown hair thats shade is almost identical to my own with the other. Caroline burst out of the bathroom, foaming at her mouth which currently has a toothbrush cautiously placed in it as her hands are busy tying her blonde strands into a messy bun on top of her head.


“Where the fuck is my-” I started to yell, before Caroline wordlessly tossed my robes at my head, I smiled gratefully at her as I pulled them on. I ran into the bathroom, almost tripping over Caroline's shoes in the process, to apply my make-up. I grabbed some foundation off the counter and quickly rubbed it onto my face and neck. I applied some mascara and a small amount of golden eyeshadow and assessed myself quickly in the mirror. My dark hair was down with a small front section plaited and pinned back. My gold eyeshadow brought out my turquoise eyes, making them appear brighter.


“C'mon Nina let's go we're so late!” called out Caroline. I nodded at my reflection and ran out of the bathroom, grabbing my bag in the process and hurrying out the door with Caroline and Alaska. We were half way to our History of Magic classroom when I realised I had left my textbook in our dorm.

“Dammit!” I yelled, Caroline and Alaska gave me matching looks of concern and confusion as I searched through my bag, “I have to go back, I left my textbook”.

“Go. We'll cover for you with Binns, not that he'd notice you were missing anyway, that ghosts getting old” Caroline smiled at me as she and Alaska continued speed walking to class. I turned and began jogging back to our dorm. I can’t believe I left my textbook, I mean I know I was in a rush but co-


“Whoa, careful” James Potter cautioned, reaching his arms around my waist to steady me.

“Sorry, that was totally my fault. I was running 'cause I'm super late to class and I forgot my book so I wasn't looking where I was going” I rushed, before looking down and realising I had dropped my bag in the collision and the contents were currently strewn across the corridor, “Crap” I stated as I bent to pick it up. James bent down to help me pick my things up, and I smiled at him gratefully. We both reached for my quill at the same time and I accidentally grabbed his hand. I felt a jolt of electricity pass through my body and quickly dropped his hand as a light blush coloured my cheeks. He smiled at me as he stood and handed me my repacked bag.


“Thank you” I stuttered slightly as I slung my bag back onto my shoulder. I was getting ready to walk away when he spoke again.

“It's Nina right? Your in Al's year aren't you?” he asked, running his fingers through his hair. I get the feeling that he does that a lot. Although to be fair, if I had hair as soft as his I'd spend all of my time touching it too.

“Yeah, it's Nina. And you mean Albie poo? I'm partnered with him in potions.” I responded, fiddling with the strap on my bag.

“Albie poo?” he laughed, he has an amazing laugh. It was contagious, I couldn't help but laugh with him.

“That's kind of a long story” I explained, still laughing lightly. I flipped my hair over my shoulder and for a moment he seemed distracted by something I assume was behind me before he refocused on my face.

“Well, maybe you can tell me about it sometime” he suggested, his hand reaching out to brush a loose hair behind my ear before dropping back to his side. My breathe caught at the feeling of his skin against mine, but I managed to compose myself before he noticed. I hope.

“Yeah, maybe. Thanks again.” I agreed before I turned around and began walking back to my dorm. There's no point rushing anymore, I was too late for there to be any point in returning to class. I can just get the notes off Caroline later.

“It's James by the way” he yelled out at my retreating figure. I continue walking and don't turn back or break stride as I respond.

“I know” I smirked to myself as I turn a corner, feeling James' eyes on me with every step.


A/N- Hey guys, I hope you liked the second chapter! I may come back and edit this chapter later because I'm not 100% happy with it, but I've had it written for a while and figured I may as well just put it up. So tell me:

What do you think of Albus?

How about James?

What should Nina, Alaska and Caroline go as for Halloween?

Leave your thoughts in the review box below, and hopefully I'll be back with a new chapter soon x x

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