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Our Ridiculous Lives: Daisy Potter by Fonzzx
Chapter 12 : Found Out
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Chapter 12: Found Out




I had to visit the Hospital Wing at least once a week so the matron could keep an eye on me. My appetite had increased and I had to hunt in every free period I had, which led to me dropping a couple of subjects. Hermione looked absolutely scandalised when I told her that.


Usually Hagrid helped me hunt, making sure I didn't eat anything I wasn't supposed to. I usually settled for bears, or wolves. Maybe a few deer every now and then.


After one particularly fruitful hunt, I returned to the castle for Transfiguration. I nipped up to our dormitory to collect my bag (it just got in the way when I hunted), and Draco was sat scribbling out an essay.


“You have blood on your face,” he said, looking up. I looked in the mirror and tried to wipe it off. I didn't do a very good job.


Draco laughed from his seat. “You'll scare the first years if you walk around looking like that.”


I siphoned the blood off with my wand, and looked at myself properly. After hunting, I had a faint flush in my cheeks. My eyes were back to their usual pale green. I let my hair out of its ponytail and it swished around my face. I was starting to show a little bit, but I made up for it by stealing Draco's jumpers, which were bigger than mine. I wasn't sure what to do about my skirt though. I'd have to get some new ones soon. Mine was already held in place with several pins. I hated when it was warm, because I couldn't take my jumper off, everyone would find out. But it was bloody boiling. I'd already fainted a couple of times when I'd been too hot, which had led to a fifteen minute lecture from Madam Pomfrey and Draco fussing over me for a few days. He usually left me alone after I threatened to suck his blood.


I realised that I was going to be late, and ran down the corridor. Super speed was definitely a perk. By the time I was in my seat, I was no longer late.


After half an hour, I began to wish I had been late. We were studying the theory behind human transfiguration. Bloody boring. I liked doing the practical side of things.


I was almost asleep by the time the double lesson was over. Instead of going to dinner, I decided to have a nap in front of the fire in our dormitory.


I was woken up by Draco stroking my hair and kneeling on the rug next to the sofa.


“Hogsmeade tomorrow,” he said softly. “Do you want to go?”


“Merlin, yes,” I said. “None of my clothes fit and I'm running out of blood lollies.”


I skipped breakfast in the morning, sucking on my last lollipop and raiding my trunk for something that still fit me. I found a pair of baggy jeans and stole one of Draco's t shirts, but I had nothing to wear over it. Even Harry's old Quidditch jumper was too small for me now.


“Stupid massive boobs,” I muttered under my breath. I literally exploded out of my bra now. I never thought I'd be complaining about having big boobs, but here I was, complaining.


I spotted Draco's current Quidditch jumper on the back of his desk chair. I pulled it over my head. Perfect. Sort of. I was ready to go.


Hermione, Ginny and Alexis were taking me clothes shopping and we'd meet the boys in the Three Broomsticks afterwards. My first stop was Honeydukes though. I had to put a repeat order in, the rate I was going through these bloody lollies (no pun intended).


We got to the clothes shop.


“Right,” I said. “I need normal clothes, uniform, probably some new dress robes for some occasion or other, and for the love of Merlin,” I glared at them. “Absolutely no pink unless you have a death wish.”


Alexis went off to look at dress robes. Ginny was in charge of normal clothes. Hermione helped me with school uniform.


“Merlin, Daisy, how much weight have you put on?” she said, as the woman in the shop measured me, after I'd pulled off my jumper.


“Thanks,” I said sourly. “I'd like to see how fat you get when a person is growing inside of you.” She was definitely spending FAR too much time with Ron. I swear she used to be tactful.


“Potter, are you pregnant?!” I looked up and saw Pansy Parkinson, a Slytherin from Hermione's year, eyeing my stomach.


“Sod off Parkinson,” I hissed. “Just because you never got anywhere with Draco.”


She ran off looking gleeful. The entire school would know by dinner. Great.


Alexis shoved a silk red dress at me and I disappeared into the changing rooms to try it. It was actually really nice, and it fit so I was tempted to buy it. And it was on sale. Excellent.


I stepped out to show the girls.


“Wow.” Draco had come into the shop, and he just stood in the doorway staring at me.


“What are you doing here? This is a girls shop,” Alexis demanded.


“I was going to get new Quidditch robes next door, and I saw... wow,” he could barely form a coherent sentence. I giggled.


Hermione shoved him out the door while I got changed into some normal clothes that actually fit me. I shoved my purse at Ginny so she could pay while I attempted to pull a top over my head. It was a bit floatier than I would've liked, but it hid the bump well. It was sunny outside so I carried Draco's jumper on my arm.


We found Harry, Ron, Draco and Neville in the garden. Draco had a bag full of Quidditch clothes at his feet. Hermione waved her wand so that my bags and his disappeared and went to the castle. Draco pushed a drink towards me.


“What is it?” I asked. It looked vile.


“It's that new synthetic blood stuff,” he said. I lifted up the glass. The liquid was red, and transparent. It didn't look like blood. I took a sip.


“Merlin, that's disgusting,” I gagged, and the others laughed at me. There was a nudge in my stomach, telling me the baby agreed with me.


Hang on. The baby was kicking.


I grabbed Draco's hand and put it under my shirt. His grey eyes widened in shock.


I was taken back to last October, when it had been Sirius and Fiona expecting a baby, and she'd felt the kick for the first time. Almost a year ago.


“Oi,” Harry's voice broke into our moment. “You knocked my sister up, you don't get to touch her.”


“He did a lot more than touch me yesterday,” I smirked, winding him up. It worked. Harry's face drained of all colour.


“You're joking right? Daisy, tell me you're joking!”


“Oh Harry, Daisy never tells jokes,” George's voice cut in.


“I'll have you know that I'm hilarious,” I scowled at him. “Where's Fred?”


“Training our new assistant,” George answered, drinking his butterbeer. “How's Geraldine?”


“Mating with Arnold,” I grumbled. “She won't get out of Gryffindor tower.”


“Ah, don't worry, Pygmy Puffs are infertile,” George said.


“Try telling them that,” Ginny said. “I can't sleep with all the squeaking going on under my bed.”


“I never said it stopped them,” George smirked. “Anyway, I heard an interesting piece of gossip on my way over. Are you really pregnant?”


“I'm going to kill her,” I growled.


“Who?” Draco asked, confused.


“Parkinson,” Hermione said, filling them in.


The devil herself stepped outside, making her way towards the table full of Slytherins. I watched her closely, deciding to take my revenge.


I pulled my wand out of my pocket under the table, and muttered under my breath. The others were silent and followed my gaze.


The Slytherins at her table started laughing at her. She looked confused, wondering why. We all looked away as she looked over to us. She had horns coming out of her hair and I'd turned her skin red. She screamed as she caught sight of her reflection in a window. Everyone in the garden started laughing at her then. She ran towards the gate, but I sent a trip jinx at her, and she fell over. She got up and ran off towards the castle. Getting my revenge on her had made me excessively cheerful.


Draco and I said goodbye and walked back up towards the castle for our weekly appointment with Madam Pomfrey.


She was seeing to someone else when we walked in, presumably Parkinson. We sat down and waited.


Eventually Parkinson emerged, hiding her face. She was orange.


“Merlin Parkinson, haven't you ever taken a shower?” I said loudly.


“At least I'm not a knocked up bloodsucker like you,” she hissed in response.


“Careful,” I said. “I bite. And I'd still rather be undead than orange.”


She grimaced and ran off.


Madam Pomfrey pointed to my usual bed and I sat down, tapping the bedside table impatiently. This was getting really dull really quickly. She bustled around, getting my file and stuff.


“Right,” she said. “Twenty weeks in. Halfway there. How have you been feeling?”


“A bit fat, but apart from that, fine,” I answered.


“Do you want to know the gender?”


“Yes,” we both said at the same time. Draco grabbed my hand that kept tapping. It must've been starting to annoy him.


She waved her wand over my stomach and muttered various incantations.


“It's a boy!” she announced suddenly.

I hadn't really cared much either way. Draco looked thrilled with himself though. 

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