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Harry Potter and a Daughter of Druid by StarFeather
Chapter 26 : Ancient Druidic Curses
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Hermione looked down from the window of the first floor of the Leaky Cauldron, she saw Harry emerge from hiding and enter the pub downstairs, and wondered why his jet-black hair was so ruffled: it was like he had flown through the late autumn sky at full speed by his Firebolt.

“Why are you frowning at the window?” Ron asked and stood beside her by the window.

“Harry. He’s coming. Why didn’t he use Floo-Powder to come here? He looked like he had used the broom. He should have apparated,” and she turned around to Ron.

Ron also looked through the window and said in a sharp tone,

“Oi, the witch!” he urged Hermione to look outside.

“Who?” Hermione went back to the spot where Ron was watching.

They saw the golden-haired witch hide behind the buildings, and lost sight of her.

“Is she..?”

“Yeah, Dara Cadwagan. What was she up to? ”

“I don’t know. She might have watched Harry.”

“She must have followed Harry about. She has unrequited love for him.”

“Does she?”

“Yeah, we witnessed she acted like that during our mission.”

Hermione pondered for a while and tried to say something then they heard the knock sound. Hermione crossed the room to the door and she tried to open but Ron halted her.
She gave him a questioning look.

“You mustn’t open the door before you ask the password,” and Ron talked to Harry who was off side of the door,

“How did you help me in the office of Slughorn in our sixth year?”

Harry answered,
“I thrust the bezoar into your mouth, Ron.”

The door was flung open. Harry entered the room. Hermione took a step closer to him and hugged him. Harry felt relieved, she didn’t look she minded her behavior Love Potion had induced lately at all. Harry glanced at Ron, who smiled back like he understood all his feeling.

“Where is Bill?” asked Harry.

“He was summoned by Professor Scrimgeour. They might have been questioning Lucius Malfoy about the Druidic Curse by now,” said Ron.

“I don’t think Malfoy will tell the secret to them. How’s your work progress?” Harry asked Hermione.

“We almost finished but we might get nowhere in the end if Cadwagan prevents us.”

“What’s your plan, Harry?” asked Ron.

“Dawlish found the book in which they describe how to remove the curse a daughter of Cadwagan casted.”

“She has watched you all the time, Harry,” Ron warned him.

“Why can you say that?”

“We saw her stalk you when you arrived here,” Hermione answered worriedly.

“Was she really Dara Cadwagan?”

“Yes, she was. Didn’t you feel it at all? You should have used Floo Powder or apparating. Why did you fly by broom?” Hermione pressed Harry for his answer.

“Well, I , eh actually did Animagi.”

“What? You mean you transformed to Prongs and you ran through forbidden forest all the way to England from Scotland?” Ron asked aghast at Harry’s words.

“No, please promise not to tell anyone about what I will tell you,” Harry begged them.

“Okay, tell us,” said Ron and he urged Harry and Hermione to sit down.

Hermione sat down on the chintzy chair in the room first. Harry did the same.

“Well?” asked Ron.

“I can do two Animagis.”

Ron and Hermione were dumfounded and lost their words for a while and Hermione opened her mouth,

“Harry, I know you were a talented wizard but how can I say?”

“Blimey, I reckon the magic land of Druid enchanted you, mate,” said Ron.

“You may be right, Ron,” said Harry from the bottom of his heart.

“So what’s your another Animagus form?”

“A chough.”

“A chough? What is it?” asked Ron.

“Choughs look like crows but they are unlike any other member of the crow family, they have red bills and legs,” answered Hermione instead of Harry.

“Yeah, you’re right, Hermione,” said Harry.

Ron startled at their conversation like he hit the clue,

“Oi, the witch, her Animagus form was a crow. Me, Seamus and Dean watched her fly in the sky on our duty. This means …”

“Ron, it’s not a crow, it’s a chough,” Hermione corrected and turned her face to Harry,

“According to Dumbledore’s theory, she’s deeply falling love with you, Harry,” Hermione concluded again.

Harry sighed and said,

“Yeah, I know.”

“Be careful, Harry. You know witches are so scary when they are in desperation,” said Ron.

“Yeah, I know.”

Ron threw him a skeptical look and said,

“You sound like you’ve already experienced.”

“Yes, I have,” Harry confessed. He remembered Dara found out where he lived and intruded his room of Grimmauld Place.

“What do you mean? Did she attack you? Did she hex you?” asked Hermione, who expressed her worry.

“She has disguised Kingsley’s secretary and she has spied us and she found out where I live.”

“What? Did she use Polyjuice Potion?” Hermione asked.

“I don’t know how she disguised herself.”

“You must be cursed under Druidic magic. I witnessed the sign on the door of your vault,” said Ron.

“Yes, I know. I and Andromeda saw them.”

Hermione looked confused and said,

“Ron, Harry, please explain what you saw underground Gringotts. I can’t remember any of them and I don’t think I saw the sign two of you are talking about. I also was cursed and my magic was sealed by the unidentified curse.”

“Sorry, Hermione. You have been sleeping for a long time, and I had other things I had to be engaged in. They, I mean, Cadwagan and his daughter seemed to seal your magic by using their magic underground Gringotts,” said Harry.

“What did you see?”

“Two wands on the door like a cross, vine and ash.”

“Have you read about them?” Ron asked Hermione.

“No, I haven’t,” said Hermione, her forehead slightly wrinkled.

“Well, Bill will tell us about them later,” Ron said in an optimistic mood,

“Harry, what is the title of the key book?”

“Oral Epics That Tell the Ancient Druidic Curses,” Harry answered.

“Epics? Poems?” Ron looked stupefied.

“It was professor Snape who told me the title. I don’t know other wizards or witches who know well about druidic magic and curses,” said Harry.

“Phineaus Black. Did you visit him? I mean the portrait of Phineaus,” said Hermione.

“Yeah, I did. Bill and professor Scrimgeour may have visited them by now,” answered Harry.

Then they heard the voice from the hearth of the room,

“Mr. Potter, we found out how to break the curse set up on the door of your vault underground Gringotts. So support our curse breakers and don’t forget to bring your two wands with you. Miss Granger, bring the Antidotes with you to prepare for being cursed,” the face of a son of deceased Rufus Scrimgeour was sitting in the fire.

“How did you find out? Did Professor Black tell Bill how to break the curse?” asked Harry.

But Scrimgeour didn’t answer to his question and he talked to Ron,

“Your brother went back to Gringotts. Escort Miss Granger to Gringotts with Mr.Potter. Your brother will explain all about the way to break the curse,” and the face had gone with a tiny pop sound.

After rattling rough ride by the cart underground Gringotts, they stood beside Bill Weasley in front of the Potter’s Vault. Hermione’s face was pale. Dank, gloomy haze was veiling around them. She might be under the curse. Ron became anxious and asked,

“Hermione, are you okay?”

“I hope it won’t take much time to break the curses,” she answered.

Harry thought they had to hurry. If it took much longer, Hermione would faint sooner.
Bill took out the book, “Oral Epics That Tell the Ancient Druidic Curses”, opened one page and said,

“We need your wands. According to this book, the curse Dara Cadwagan casted would be broken only when they are replaced by the wands which are the birth wands of the owner of the vault, which means you must put your holly wand and cypress wand on the door of your vault to resemble a cross.”

Bill showed the page, where there was a hand drawing picture of the same cross of two wands with a short epic in runes, to them.

“Okay,” said Harry and he pulled out his two wands of his pocket.

Bill chanted the words they hadn’t heard of before and swished his ash wand in the air then the vine and the ash wand on the door of Potter’s vault were removed from there and hurtled into Bill’s hands. Bill nodded towards the spot where the two wands had been put in the shape of a cross. Harry put his two wands to resemble a cross on the door of his vault and hold them up not to fall down with his both hands and asked,


“Stay still,” said Bill and he began to chant the words Harry couldn’t understand at all, and he drew the letters like kinds of runic letters in the air. The letters emitted blue light and they felt the vibration through the air.

“I think we can break the curse now. Hermione, do you remember the new combinations of druidic runic letters we constructed in the room of the Leaky Cauldron?”

“Yes, I do,” said Hermione and she held up her vine wand in the air.

“Ready?” Bill, who also held his ash wand high up in the air, asked.

Hermione nodded and they began to draw the artistic druidic runic letters in the air. Slowly the haze went out like a tide from there, Hermione looked liven up. Harry asked,

“How do you feel now, Hermione?”

Hermione smiled back and said,

“I feel fine. I think the curse was broken.”

“We haven’t finished yet. Stay still,” warned Bill and he began to chant the long words and kept swishing his wand. Harry and Ron waited patiently. Hermione stared at Bill, who kept casting his magic as a professional curse breaker, with great interest. After a long time Bill seemed to finish his magic and said,

“I set up the protective magic I’ve learned from professor Snape of the portrait and Phineaus Black. From this time Cadwagan and his daughter won’t be able to curse here.”

“I’m proud that Hogwarts has such brains to cope with a powerful druidic warlock,” said Hermione in excitement.

They shook hands to express their appreciation for the past working each other, and Harry said,

“Well, nobody can claim that Kingsley should resign now. Gringotts is safe now for all wizards and witches.”

Then they heard the female voice,

“Well done, all of you. Now my father will allow you to arrest Dolores Umbridge and her allies. Come with me, Harry Potter,” Dara Cadwagan showed herself in front of them.

It was now too late for Harry to take back his two wands from the door of his vault, Dara casted her magic faster than Harry, who tried to cast his wandless magic, he felt his body was forced to transform to a chough, and she grabbed him in her both hands soon she shoved him in the cage, she left there before Bill and Harry's mates tried to launch counterattacks, saying,

“Tell Minister to return our magic land of Cornwall if you want to take back Harry Potter. No more cheating like Umbridge schemed,” said Dara and she vanished with Harry.

“How many hours did it pass? Where am I?” Harry wondered when he woke up in the bed. Then he heard the song like this,

“My love, my love I will hide your cloak on the roof
While my dad cared his stallion’s injured hoof
My mother Mary I found your cloak
My father’s wand was made of oak
Say good bye at the mouth of River Shiel”

Dara Cadwagan, who sang the song, was sitting by the bed with her blond hair lying upon her shoulders, Harry thought simply she was beautiful, like a mermaid in the picture book of Muggles, not like merpeople of Black Lake of Hogwarts.

“My mother was the descendant of mermaid,” Dara told him.

Harry sat up on the bed and stared at her.

Dara blushed and stared back at Harry in her dreamy look and opened her mouth again,

“I know you have a girlfriend and you love her but I can’t stop loving you, Harry Potter.”

“Sorry, I , eh..” Harry felt her hand touch his face, he thought she would kiss him.

But she didn’t, she said,

“I tried to let you drink Love Potion but my father stopped me to do that. Please visit his room. Come with me,” she urged him to get out of the bed.

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