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Harry Potter and a Daughter of Druid by StarFeather
Chapter 26 : Dumbledore's Style and Frosty Christmas
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Harry took out the old journal Ron found in Snape's bookshelf.

Phineas Nigellus told Harry, "Dumbledore is visiting Druidess Cliodna of the portrait. He will come back soon."

"Can he visit Druidess Cliodna?" Harry was amazed. And his gaze turned back onto the pages of the journal. He began to read some sample family trees. It said there was possibility that their ancestors could be Druids. He searched the name 'Evans', but he couldn't find it.

"I admit you are different from your grandfather," Phineas Nigellus of the portrait talked to him behind.

"What do you mean?" Harry closed the journal and turned around to Phineas Niegellus of the portrait.

Phineas Nigellus had a scowl on his face and said, "He stole my grandchild, Dorea Black. Dorea nearly eloped with Charlus Potter. She had the same jet-black hair like you, and in my younger days, my hair color was like yo, but your untidy hair was obviously from Charlus Potter."

Harry touched his untamed hair, he couldn't remember the last day he used George's WWW's wizard hair tonic.

"You are so thick to notice you also have inherited Black bloodline," said Phineas Nigellus ironically.

Harry startled by the words. Phineas was right, why didn't he notice the fact?

"Did Sirius notice that?"

"I reckon he noticed. But, you know, he was so stubborn. He never wanted to admit he was a descendant of Black. His mother was so Pure-Bloods worshiper."

"How about you?"

Phineas Nigellus seemed to throw his chest out, Harry thought, he said, "I have never thought Muggles are clever than us but it was I that supported Muggle rights."

"But you call Muggle-Borns..," Harry hesitated to say the disgusting word Hermione disliked so much.

"Mudblood," said Phineas Nigellus.

"DON'T say the word!" Snape of the portrait woke up and bellowed.

"Severus, I can't understand why some of you hate the word. I just say the truth. Our blood has been attenuated. I have never looked down Muggles and Muggle-borns. I just regret the fate of Pure-Bloods comes to an end."

Harry couldn't understand and retorted, "It means the same. You also worship Pure-Bloods."

Phineas Nigellus shrugged and said, "You're too Gryffindor. You seem to be brave, but you're not brave enough to show your understanding profound meaning of Pure-Bloods. Severus, you're in the same category that means you should've belonged to the Gryffindor House. You sometimes confuse me. I can't stop wondering there was a possibility that Sorting Hat suggested you other Houses when you were sorted."

"Sorting Hat suggested I could choose Slytherin or Gryffindor, but I chose Slytherin. I was so stupid I thought I could prove my talent to Lily by being chosen as a Slytherin," Snape of the portrait spat out.

That was new to Harry. Sorting Hat suggested Snape he could choose Gryffindor.

"The girl you had a crush on," Phineas Nigellus glanced at Snape and continued,

"She was one of tribes Druidic warlocks had set after Merlin's death."

Harry was startled and asked, "What do you know about my mother's ancestors?"

"Severus, haven't you told him about her yet?" Phineas Nigellus inquired to Snape.

Snape stared at Harry and said, "Your mother had green eyes, which means there is a possibility her ancestors were from Ancient Druidic warlocks and witches. All her relatives were not wizards and witches, some were Muggles like her parents and her sister, Petunia."

"How did the ancestors enchant my mother's blood line?"

"How do I know? It goes back to Post-Merlin," said Snape.

When Harry wondered if Dumbledore or Cadwagan knew about the mystery, Phineas Nigellius announced, "Dumbledore came back."

Harry tuned his eyes on the blank space of the portrait where the figure was coming down from the far side. Harry grinned at Dumbledore of the portrait. There was a mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes.

"Harry, from Cadwagan, he sent regards to you," said Dumbledore.

"Did you meet him?"

"Yes, I did. He told me his daughter, Dara Cadwagan wanted to learn here at Hogwarts and I told him any time she could study."

"So everything is going okay?"

"Yes, it is. Most of wizards and witches can visit the sacred place of Kernow except the Lake Loe which only the wizards and witches Cadwagan allows can visit. I reckon you could be allowed to swim in the Lake Loe," Dumbledore's mischievous blue eyes twinkled again, "And he told me you can do wandless magic."

There was a vocal applause from other professors of the portrait. Harry felt his face blush and changed the subject in haste, "Professor Dumbledore, I have questions. My mother saved me using Old Druidic Blood Magic when Voldemort tried to kill me. How could she cast it? Did she learn about Druidic Magic or could she cast it because she was a descendant of Druid?"

Dumbledore's twinkling eyes turned to shade and he said, "Harry, you're still swayed by the fact that your mother sacrificed her life for you."

"Professor, please don't blame yourself. I'm okay. I just want to know the answer to the mystery."

"Severus, please answer to his question." Dumbledore urged Snape to explain.

Snape had grumbled, "They are too kind to Potter," and other words were so unclear that Harry couldn't hear. Finally, he began speaking, "Lily and I found a journal about Druidic family tree. She had interest and started searching the kind of books. She told me she got an old epic book and she would try some Druidic magic, but I didn't believe her theory at that time. After that we …" then Snape grimaced.

Harry guessed Snape couldn't find what she learned after they broke off. Snape continued,

"I don't think James Potter knew what Druidic magic she could master."

McGonagall entered the office. She made a cup of tea for Harry and she urged him to take Scottish shortbread, she sat on her chintzy arm chair. Harry sipped at the tea and said,

"Well, I have another problem. Theodore Nott has threatened Hermione, Astoria Greengrass and other prefects since he came back to Hogwarts. I thought we had better arrest him, but now I can't be sure whether it is the best way. He seems now to try to work hard to graduate school after we sent Malfoy to Auror Headquarters," Harry felt other professors including Phineas Nigellus and Snape, listen to him.

"This is why he is so different from Charlus Potter! I'm proud of him, I'm sure he inherits generosity from Dorea's side," said Phineas Nigellus.

"I think he rather inherits Lily's generosity. And I don't forget you have hated Potter's rudeness, youthful impatience and his immaturity as a juvenile. You are now praising Potter abruptly like he is a representative of House of Black," Snape countered.

Harry reckoned Snape hated admitting one of Blacks, including Sirius, deserved to be admired, as he disliked his father, James Potter

"So what do you think is the best?" asked Dumbledore with his piercing blue eyes.

"I'm wondering we could let him apologize to students he threatened," said Harry.

"So you won't arrest him," said Dumbledore.

"No, I won't. I think there's another way to clear out the next generation of the remaining Death Eaters."

"How do you think, Minerva?" asked Dumbledore.

"Well," McGonagall stood up from her chintzy arm chair and said, "I'm proud of him. He inherited your style, Dumbledore," she beamed at Harry.


When Harry announced to other trainees to let Nott stay at Hogwarts, Ron protested,

"Harry, Nott is a son of Death Eater. He attacked Hermione, can you forget?"

Dean seconded, "I don't think Nott will apologize to prefects and Head Girl."

Seamus joined them, too, "Nott is pretending a model seventh year, you know, he is a Slytherin. He will change soon after he graduates Hogwarts. Harry, do you really think he will hang his head for shame in front of us?"

"I'll ask Ernie to take on the job," Harry said determinedly.

To their surprise, it didn't take much time to let Nott apologize to the other students he attacked after Harry showed a bag of Concealing Powder Potion Malfoy made to him in Head Boy's room where Ernie Macmillan was with trainees. Ron was nearly grabbing at Nott when he apologized to Hermione and swore he wouldn't insult her. Hermione calmed Ron and said,

"I accept his apology even if he didn't regret his bad behavior from his heart."


Ginny was standing by the window of her room. Mrs Weasley was full of spirit. She was so absorbed in her cooking. She had flooed to Andromeda and invited her and Teddy to the Burrow. At first Andromeda insisted she would invite them to Grimmauld Place but it was Molly's words that made Andromeda yield to her:

"We can't leave Fred alone at the corner of the garden of the Burrow during Christmas holidays."

Ginny was waiting for her jet-black headed boyfriend apparate in the garden. It had not snowed yet, but judging from the look of the sky, she reckoned it was about to snow. Then she was called from downstairs,

"Ginny, help Percy to decorate the sitting room," Molly shouted.

She stood in front of her dressing table to check how she looked. It took much time for her to choose her dress from her wardrobe, in which she didn't have them so much at all though. She couldn't decide at once, but finally she chose the same golden color dress she wore at Slughorn's party. It got much shorter so she enchanted it to make it a little bit longer as Hermione taught her.

"Ginny, are you listening? They're coming. Help Percy!" Molly Weasley told Ginny to hurry once again.

"I'm coming!" Leaning far out over the railing of the stairs, Ginny shouted back from upstairs and she descended the stairs.

When she asked Percy what she could help, Percy whispered handing her a big red and green garland,

"Have you read the book Rita Skeeter has published last week?"

"Which one?"

"She published this from the jail," he handed the book which he took from the table in the sitting room.

Ginny lost her words to see the title of the book, on which there was a picture of Harry clad in his Auror robes with a woman. The woman was Dara Cadwagan.


Harry apparated at the corner of the garden of the Burrow. He had intended to wait for Teddy and Andromeda first but changed his mind. He noticed the tomb, where Fred Weasley was sleeping, he regretted he should've brought a flower wreath for Fred, and he thought he should've learned the charm from Hermione, she was so good at conjuring a flower wreath out of nowhere. He went down on his knees by the tomb and he prayed for Fred. When he opened his eyes, he felt a warm hand touch his shoulder and he looked up, there stood Andromeda holding Teddy in her arms. She let Harry hold Teddy in his arms, she pulled out her wand out of her pocket of her robes and she conjured a rose wreath. She put it down by the tomb gently and she prayed for Fred, too. The snowflakes began to flutter down, and one of them melted on their shoulders. Andromeda held Teddy in her arms again and said,

"Let's go inside the house."

The sitting room looked pleasantly festive which made a good contrast with the view outside where it was now snowing heavily. A big shining Christmas tree, which was too big for the sitting room of the Burrow, was covered with silver icicles and golden snitches, and on the top it had a big gleaming gold star. A waft of the smell of the dish Molly Weasley prepared for the night, came from the dining room and Harry felt extremely happy and remembered how he missed the dish made by Mrs. Weasley. And he startled to see his girlfriend, Ginny was standing like a goddess clad in her golden dress, her blazing intense look talked to Harry something like she was expecting him to say special words or he wondered, his kissing in front of the audience? He took a step closer awkwardly to her and said,

"Happy Christmas, Ginny," and he pulled her into his arms and he kissed her, hearing George's whistle, Ron's grumble and Hermione's chuckle.


"She must bee Veela," Fleur said and she rubbed her five months pregnant belly lovingly.

"No, she is not. It is just her Animagus form , a sea bird," said Ginny staring at Harry who was now ripping a parcel open to find a new jumper with a Golden Snitch and a broom on to the front, hand-knitted by her mother saying,

"Thank you, Mrs Weasley. This is always my favorite Christmas present."

Hermione joined their conversation. She grabbed the book "Harry Potter and His Love Affair". Frowning, she said, "Ginny, did you buy this book?"

"No. Percy bought it. It's really disgusting. There is a stack of bloody fiction books Rita Skeeter made up in the Flourish and Blotts decorated with Christmas ornaments. It is so vulgar. I prefer Peeves's words to her Hippogriff's muck,"Ginny spat out.

Hermione flipped through the pages and read out, "Ginevra Weasley tends to love athletes. She had been going out with some Quidditch players of Ravenclaw, Dean Thomas and the Boy Who Saved the Wizarding World, but now she's going out with a Gryffindor Quidditch team rookie, Andrew Deverill, a son of Phil Deverill who was a famous Seeker of Puddlemere United…" Hermione stopped reading and asked, "How old is Andrew?"

"He's twelve."

Hermione rolled her eyes and said, "Do you think Harry will feel jealous about this rubbish story?"

"I don't care that part but," Ginny took the book from Hermione and turned to another page and handed it back saying, "Skeeter had an interview with Dara Cadwagan," she folded her arms.

Hermione read out again, "We had a good time at the castle of Giant's Causeway, where I slept with Harry Potter," then she stopped reading. A shock came over her face and she stared at Ginny. She said, "Oh, Ginny, did Harry sleep with Druidic daughter to stop her father's cursing underground Gringotts?"

"Oh, I didn't think that way," Ginny's furious face turned to puzzled look.

"Merlin's pants! When did Harry have his memorable first experience?" George was standing behind Hermione and snatched the book from her.

"We should've betted when Harry.." his words were cut in, Ron and Harry, each of them clad in Mrs Weasley's new jumper, were now standing beside George, Harry grabbed away the book from George's hand.

"Bloody hell, she published the book from the jail. We should've warned Robards to watch whether she would try to write the rubbish book using her green quill," said Ron.

"No, she didn't write this book from the jail. She must have already finished most of them before she was arrested," Harry said skimming through the pages of the book and added, "She insists she got 1500 galleons in reward for this manuscript from a publisher."

"She must be telling a lie. You found the evidence that told Skeeter took the bribe from Parkinson. Why didn't Robards allow us to use Veritaserum? We also should've used the potion for the healer who blended the Love Potion with the antidote Hermione would drink," said Ron.

"Recently Potions analysts proved that excessive use of Veritaserum had caused the culprits allergy, so Robards got cautious," Harry explained.

"You, Aurors captured so many culprits? Are they Death Eaters?" asked George.

"No, they're just lightweights. No one has located where Rabastern Lestrange is hiding yet," said Harry biting his lip. He tried Veritaserum for Runcorn to find Lestrange's hiding place, but he didn't tell him. He did his Legilimens on Runcorn, but he couldn't find any, too. He suspected that Runcorn was obliviated by Lestrange.

Ron took the book after Harry put it on the table and began to read sitting on the sofa. Hermione sat down next to Ron and whispered something to him. Ron soon flipped one page and started to read again then held his face up and called Harry who was shoving his hand into his pocket of his Auror robes hung on the wall, his right hand fumbled around inside the pocket for a small package which he bought for Ginny at the jewelry shop in the Diagon Alley. It was easier for him to buy it than he had thought, since there were lots of wizards and witches were waiting irritated in a queue, a shop assistant was also very busy, so nobody noticed famous Harry Potter was there. Harry frowned. Ron always let him upset the timing to talk to Ginny, who had already left the sitting room with Fleur to help her mother to clean up the dishes. Harry gave up talking to Ginny and came back to the spot where Ron and Hermione were sitting, and threw an inquiring look to them.

"Have you read this page?" Ron showed the page he opened to Harry.

Harry felt the blood drain from his face after he had read the part Skeeter had an interview with Dara who confessed she slept with him at the castle, she didn't mention about the fact she had let him drink a Love Potion when she and her father captured him. The photo in the book showed Harry and Dara were with Seamus and Dean in the village of Godric's Hollow. Skeeter must have been there as her animagus form, a green Beetle.

Ron's face turned pink with embarrassment asking, "Have you really slept with her?"

"She let me drink a Love Potion."

"Did you drink the Love Potion? So you…"

"No! I mean I woke up to find I was on the bed with her after they captured me."

"Don't you remember in detail, then?" Ron continued to ask.

"What do you mean?"

Hermione opened her mouth, "Ginny was so nervous, she seems to worry whether Lady Dara told Skeeter the truth or not."

"I did nothing that worries her. Hermione, of all people, you don't trust the story Rita Skeeter made up, do you?"

"Well, I've thought you slept with her to stop her father's cursing underground Gringotts, but you didn't," Hermione sighed with relief.

Harry flew into a rage. He thought that he should've let Rita Skeeter drink Veritaserum from the start and regretted why he didn't tell Robards all about her unregistered Animagus form. When Harry turned around to leave there, he heard Ron say behind him,

"Where are you going to?"

"Auror Headquarters. I can't forgive her," Harry stormed out of the house to the apparition point of the garden.

"Hey, it's Christmas Eve," George was standing in the snow, where the snowflakes were dancing around them.

"I remembered the work I must finish," Harry said without hiding his emotion.

"You're joking. Most of the Ministry officials enjoy a Christmas holiday at home," said George, Harry could see the breath exhaled in the dark cold air.

Ron and Hermione caught up with him. Ron said to Harry,

"Calm down, Harry. We will accuse Rita Skeeter after holidays," and he noticed George was there, "What are you doing George?"

"I was talking with Fred," George said gazing at Ron without blinking.

Harry thought George was out of his mind, so did Hermione, they looked at each other.

"Hey, I'm not insane. I was deep in meditation. I need to be alone to think about this isolation," and he left there, he walked to the tomb.

They followed George. George sat down by the tomb and stared at the tomb. Hermione conjured another rose wreath and put it by the wreath Andromeda had put. Ron scraped up together the snow on the top of the tomb and tried to drop the lump of the snow from his hands but he stopped. He put the lump on the ground and gathered around another snow then made a small snowman. George joined. They kept picking up the snow. Harry and Hermione followed. They made the snowman bigger. Then Harry heard Ginny's voice behind.

"You need eyes," she handed one of apples to Harry.

They put the apples in the snow face.

"We need a nose, but Mum used the last carrot for Christmas dinner," said Ginny.

George dug out some pebbles from the ground and made a mouth on the face of the snow man saying, "Hey, Fred, I'll ask Angelina out," and he put one more pebble in the middle of the face.

Then they noticed Mr Weasley approach them.

"You are there, kids. Who wants homemade egg-nog?" asked Mr Weasley, exhaling in the cold air.

While Mr Weasley made homemade egg-nog, Mrs Weasley was chatting away with Andromeda about Teddy saying, "How adorable he is! Look at his hair, oh it changed into my color, ginger red!" and she urged Andromeda to let her hold Teddy in her arms.

Fleur and Bill were beaming at them. Percy was completely absorbed in talking with a witch via Floo Network by the hearth, according to Ginny, her name was Audrey.


Hot homemade egg-nog brought Harry a deep sleep though Ron was snoring loudly as usual. Before daybreak, he felt someone was sleeping by his right side on his camp bed. Ginny seemed to get into his bed after he got to sleep. He could easily imagine what disaster would wait for them when Ron found they were in the same bed. However, he hesitated to wake her up, for he had already felt very comfy with her in the same warm bed. Ginny clad in long emerald green night robes was snuggling to him, and he could hear her peaceful breathing. Then he smoothed her hair down gently and kissed her cheek. Ginny stirred and she woke up.

"Merry Christmas, Ginny," whispered Harry.

"Merry Christmas, Harry," she whispered back and kissed him.

Harry wanted to snog more, but he knew it would be too reckless to do in the same room where his best mate was sleeping. He urged Ginny to get out of the camp bed saying, "Downstairs?" he picked his glasses from the side table.

"Oh, okay," she said and climbed down the bed, when the two sides of a collar of her night robes was opened, the sight of the upper half of the two bare breasts came into his view. He had butterflies in his stomach and cleared throat, "It's chilly out there." He grabbed his Auror robes from the back of the chair by his bed and put it over her and said in a fluster, "Nicenightrobes."

Ginny noticed around her breast and she pulled the hem of the collar in a flurry, and said, "I swiped this robes from mum's wardrobe. It's a little large for me."

They were now descending down the staircase to the sitting room. Ginny talked to Harry from behind, "Did you bring Auror robes with you?"

"Yeah, we must be ready for an emergency order at any time."

"It's warm, thank you."

They entered the sitting room and sat together on the sofa. The room was deserted for it was too early in the morning. However wood of the hearth was still burning, so it was warm there.

"Your T-shirts is very cool. Where did you buy it?" Ginny asked glancing at a logotype, the Weird Sisters on his chest.

"Ms. McCormack gave me when we went patrolling around the Quidditch pitch of Pride of Portree. She was a…" his words was cut in, Ginny gasped and said,

"Meaghan McCormack?"


And he thought how exciting it would be if he could take Ginny to the Weird Sisters concert during holidays, and he remembered his present for her was still in the pocket of his Auror robes and said, "Ginny, I have something in the pocket, excuse me," and he shoved his hand in the pocket of his Auror robes Ginny was now wearing. She chuckled feeling tickles by his hand inside the pocket on her knee. He took out the small box and handed it to her, "Open it."

"For me?" she ripped the wrapping and opened the box with a small cry of joy and said, "Please put it on."

Harry took the necklace and put it around her neck, "When I saw this necklace, it reminded me of the color of Holyhead Harpies."

Ginny said, "This emerald green is very beautiful. Thank you very much," and she kissed him.

Her hands moved from his back to downwards to the hem of his T-shirts and Harry felt goose bumps when her hands touched his bare skin. When he removed his Auror robes from Ginny, she pulled him and they lay down on the sofa together. When he tried to touch her skin, Ginny whispered,

"Did you sleep with Dara Cadwagan at the castle?"

Harry became stiff at her words and let her sit up on the sofa. He stared at her eyes and said, "Ginny, believe me. I didn't do anything that you worry. You know, Rita Skeeter always warps the fact."

Ginny stared at his clear green eyes and said, "I want to believe you. But I heard from Hermione that you drank a Love Potion. The wizard who drank a Love Potion can't remember what he really did. So please show me your memory. I know about Pensieve."


Author's Note: Please keep sending your encouragement on this story. Please leave your thoughts below. Thank you! :)

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