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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 31 : Chapter Thirty-One
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A/N Okay so in this chapter there are changes in the point of view, both Hattie and Al's POV's are marked, Flick's is not.

For Dahlia Bailey because your review on chapter twenty-six was pretty much spot on and I give you full permission to take away Albus' man hood :p

I was sat by one of the large book cases finishing off my Muggle Studies homework as it was easy and I had nearly completed it. Ignoring Al had seemed to work right up until my birthday which was five days ago. It's official I'm eighteen! Anyway he did this surprise picnic thing by the beech tree near the lake. It was pretty sweet of him, even if it was cold out since he did it late at night so we wouldn't get caught by Hattie and I was supposed to be ignoring him.

As well as finishing my homework, there was another reason I was sat here. Al had specifically told me that he was going to break up with Hattie tonight. Dom was lying at one of the sofa in front of the fire along with Rose who was occupying the other end. They may only just be back to speaking to one another, but Scorpius was sat on the floor in front of Rose and he was letting her wind her fingers through his blonde hair. I had no idea where Al or Hattie were and at this moment in time I didn't want to know if truth be told.

I yawned just as I finished writing the last sentence on my homework. "Come join us, Flick," Rose called over without looking up from reading Hogwarts A History.

Nothing changes, I thought as I smiled to myself. Even though she's probably read it at least a hundred times since first year she still insists on reading it and telling us things about the castle that she's told us before.

"In a minute," I replied as I pulled out my Defence notes because Professor Edgecombe was giving us a quiz in tomorrow's lesson.

There was a fair bit of noise coming from the direction of the entrance to the common room and I thought nothing of it until Hattie came bursting through looking pissed off and that she'd rather be somewhere else. Al wasn't far behind her and he looked tired since he was trying to catch his breath.

I tried to ignore whatever was going on between them and focused on my notes.


Hattie's Point of view

I was sure of it; he was going to break up with me. Now that my stupid brother and the blonde bimbo had broken up it was certain. Ever since Sunday I've felt odd, like I've been sick twice and I feel really tired all of a sudden. I actually went to bed at eight o'clock on Monday because I felt so ill. And if you know me, I do not go to bed before ten and that is a fact.

I might have to go and see Madame Pomfrey if it keeps up because it's worrying me and there is one big reason it's worrying me and that's because I'm late. Well at least I think I am, I can't remember whether I had a period last month and I certainly can't remember whether me and Albus used protection on New Years because we were both so drunk.

It scares the crap out of me knowing it's a possibility, I can't be a parent. I'm not cut out for it and I hate kids. Although this might be the thing that makes dad finally notice you, a small voice in my head said.

I was walking down the grand staircase and was about to head down them to the fourth floor as I was on my way back from Gryffindor tower, having spent time with Mel as well as hiding from Albus in case he decides to break up with me.

"Hattie," a voice called as he came jogging up behind me.

I turned to see Albus and I started to walk a bit quicker, "Go away," I mumbled as he caught my hand and span me around to look at him.

He was breathing deeply and I couldn't help but gaze into those green eyes which were hypnotizing. "We need to talk, I've got something I need to tell you."

I knew it, I thought as his grip loosened and I pulled my hand away. I blinked to stop myself from staring into those perfect green eyes and did what was the only think I could think of and that was to run.

I didn't care that he was able to catch up to me easily but what I did care was that if I couldn't either find a girls bathroom or a secret passage way that would take me down to the dungeons I'd be spending my night running around the castle.

I spotted one of the passage ways concealed behind a wall and tapped it with my wand after hastily pulling it out of the pocket of my robes. I didn't stop I just carried on running down the steps as the passage went down two floors. I skidded to a halt as I pushed the tapestry open to escape the passage and headed for the grand staircase again.

Just two more floors, I thought.

"Hattie, wait!" Albus called as I lost my left shoe, I cursed myself for having to stop briefly to pick it up and I took my right one off as well and carried on running.

"Go away," I retorted hoping that a prefect or the head boy or girl would come and tell him off for running inside the castle.

I wasn't paying attention as to where I went as long as I went down, my thoughts were of the stupid thing that I had concluded to and that I might have to visit Madame Pomfrey because of it. Roughly nine weeks, if my calculations were correct. Nine fucking weeks!

I was starting to slow down now as the wall to the common room was insight. I couldn't believe how much I had just run and that I was probably going to pay for it tomorrow. I bumped into some scrawny kid with greasy hair and pushed him out of my way.

I turned to look back and I saw Albus come running down the corridor towards me just as I said the password and the wall slid open and I went inside quickly.

"Piss off, Potter." I yelled back at him as I heard his footsteps behind me.

When I entered the common room people were looking at me and I started back at them as I tried to catch my breath, I was bent over just as Al came in behind me which got us a few more looks.

"Like I said before you ran off," he hissed at me as he grabbed my hand and held it tight which made even more people stop what they were doing and stare at us. "We need to talk, I'd have preferred to do this privately but you brought it on yourself. We're over, we're finished. I never loved yo-"

Before Albus could finish his sentence I blurted out rather loudly the words that had been on my mind for the past few days.

"I'm pregnant."


The whole common room seemed to freeze and stare at Al and Hattie. Not a single person was looking away; every eye was on them especially after he said they were over and then her not so quiet confession. It felt like someone had hit me with a sack of bricks, the words stung and I couldn't quite process them.

She was pregnant by Albus. The father of my children. This couldn't be happening, this wasn't real. I'm not having her take Al away from Bentley and Aubri even if he has no idea about them. I won't let it happen.

Scorpius glanced over at me and mouthed something; I couldn't register what it was as I blinked away the tears that had started to form. Rose and Dom both turned to look to look at me as well because they knew about the whole me and Albus secretly sneaking around thing.

I felt like time had been frozen as I slammed my book shut and stuffed it and my Defence notes back into my bag. I could feel Al's gaze looking at me and when I looked up at him, all I could think was why?


Albus' Point of view

"You liar," I hissed at her as I dropped her hand so fast it was like I had been given an electric shock. "You're lying."

"I'm not," she replied and the whole room seemed to let out a breath, the whole room including Flick.


My eyes scanned the room and I saw her over by the bookcase looking over at me with sadness in her eyes and a hurt expression on her face.

Hattie put her hands on her hips, something she always did when she didn't get her own way. "Well aren't you going to say something, Potter," she spat as though my name was venom.

Flick looked back down at the table, not looking at me directly but over to my cousins and Scorpius. I didn't say anything as I turned around and headed straight back out of the common room.

"COWARD!" Hattie yelled after me but I ignored it, this couldn't possibly be happening.

I was supposed to tell her we were over, there wasn't meant to be a problem. She wasn't meant to drop a bombshell like that on me. I didn't care that it was getting late or that I should be in the common room, if anyone tried stopping me I was going to hex them if they didn't get out of my way.

The castle doors were unlocked which wasn't a big surprise, I swear in his old age Flich keeps forgetting to lock them. I slipped out into the cool night air, glad to be outside rather than cooped up in that common room with everyone looking at me. The pain in Flick's expression, the looks the others had given me.

Stupid Albus Potter, messed up big time haven't I? I thought.

Fuck, mum and dad. Mum was bound to kill me and dad? Well I have no idea what he'd be like although he might just let mum do all the yelling at me and just nod at me sympathetically as it's likely mum would yell at him as well for not giving me a proper sex ed talk when I was younger.

My thoughts turned to Flick, my beautiful blonde haired girl. I love Flick and I know I do, it's always been Flick.

But now?

If Hattie was telling the truth that she is carrying my future son or daughter, a part of me.


If truth be told I honestly have no idea as what the hell I should do. I collapsed in front of the beech tree, where not so long ago me and Flick were celebrating her birthday. I picked up a rock that was in the ground and threw it towards the lake. It made a satisfying 'splash' as I put my head in my hands wondering what the hell I was going to do.


Hattie had yelled after him, "COWARD!"

I was fuming to say the least, I couldn't believe it. Whilst he was meeting me in passage ways or outside she was bloody pregnant all this time. It wasn't the fact it was her that was pregnant, it was the way he had reacted.

Sure I wouldn't have told him in front of the whole common room, but-

But, a voice chimed in, you never did tell him and now he's knocked Hattie up leaving you behind.

No, I thought, I can't do it any more especially not now. Not after his reaction. I can't tell him, what if he was to react the same way? What if he was to choose Hattie and their sprog instead of me and the twins? Was that all bullshit about him loving me?

I picked my bag up and a few people watched me, including Lily-Ann who didn't seem to know what to do. Scorpius came over to me as I headed up to the dorms; I had to get out of here. He guided me to the boys rather than the girls since Hattie had stormed off up there not long after Al had left.

"You okay?" he whispered as I sat down on his Al's bed but moved suddenly to Scorp's because the thoughts that came to me freaked me out.

What if he shagged her on that bed, the bed he tried kissing you on back in November. I guess he took my silence as a no as he pulled me into a hug.

"It'll be okay, Flick."

"Will it?" I asked as my voice quivered. "He's knocked up the person who hates me the most. I happen to have two kids at home who don't know their father and now they probably won't because of her and because of me."

"Don't say that, Flick," he murmured as he stroked my hair soothingly. "I'll go find him, make him see sense. I promise things will work out eventually."

I didn't say anything and just nodded as Dom and Rose came in. "Come on," Dom said as I pushed myself out of Scorp's hug. "Lets get you to bed."

They both came up to the dorm with me, Rose took my bag from me and when we entered it was all dark and the only sounds were coming from Hattie who sounded like she was crying. We couldn't see her thank god, as she had shut the hangings around her bed. I was glad because I might have done a Dom and stuck a fork in her hand, that is if I had one. Neither of them said anything as I went to take a shower and put my pyjamas on.

When I came out Hattie was still snuffling away so I took the liberty of yelling, "Shut up!" to her.

She didn't reply except for a hiccup and I sighed as I climbed into my bed. Dom chucked Rose a pair of pyjamas out of her trunk and the pair of them got changed and then climbed into bed either side of me, putting their arms around me.

"It'll be okay, Fliss," Dom muttered. "She's lying just like she always is."

"Oh Piss off!" Hattie managed to screech at us.

"Piss off yourself," Dom retorted, "You've never been welcome in this dorm from day one. You've made our lives a nightmare having to put up with your ways and you bullied Flick which in my book is so not good. And if you are up the duff then you better start looking up homes for unwanted mothers because that'll be where you're going because trust me none of our family is going to help you," Dom sneered and I touched her on the arm.

"Don't you mean un-married mothers?" Rose pointed out.

My grip tightened on her arm. "Don't, Dommie, just don't please," I said softly as my head hit my pillow. "Please."

She stopped and the three of us settled down after Rose had extended my bed so we could all fit. It didn't matter that Dom had her own bed or that Rose should have been in Gryffindor tower, it just mattered to me that my two girls were there for me.


Albus' Point of view.

A voice above me said, "Rough night huh?"

I looked up to see Scorpius looking down at me; he took a seat next to me as I went back to staring across the lake.

"I don't see how she could be. One stupid time. God how could I have been so stupid not to use protection," I complained to him as all the anger that was bubbling up started coming out. I was mad at her and mad at myself. Why the fuck couldn't I have remembered to use sodding protection?

"Al, answer me this, do you love her?" he paused and when I didn't answer he carried on. "I mean you've been together for just over a year and you've slept together like five times and you've never told her you love her. She always say it to you and even then you just say I know or you ignore it," Scorp told me.

I shrugged as I looked at him. "So?"

He raised his eyebrows. "So. Would you have reacted that way if that was Flick?" Scorp asked me cautiously.

I looked at him blankly. "What's your point, Scor?"

I swear he rolled his grey eyes as he said, "My point is, that if Flick told you she was pregnant would you have stormed off like you just did or would you stick around and stand by her.  My point is that Hattie is not Flick. You don't love her like you love Flick and you never have."

I sighed as my best friend stated the truth about my so called love life. "I know."

"Al, I've seen the way you look at Flick, the way you act together. You got together with Hattie because you had dated her before and you wanted to make Flick jealous. Face it, Al, you need to stop lying to Hattie about your so called 'relationship'," he said using air quotes. "You nearly did it tonight, you nearly ended it. Just because she said she's pregnant doesn't mean she is? And sort out whatever is going on with you and Flick."

"But I can't dump her now, can I?" I shot at him as I squirmed because of the questions he was asking me.

"Albus, you need to make a decision," he pointed out,."And soon by the seems of things. I know you, Al, I know that you and Flick are sneaking around and I'm not the only one who's noticed, sooner or later Hattie will as well. You know what the problem is, Al?" Scorp told me.

I nodded as I let out a sigh and threw another stone into the lake. "She's not Flick."

A/N *Hides*

Up next - Not speaking to one another and an article.

Edited - 16.07.2014


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