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Our Ridiculous Lives: Daisy Potter by Fonzzx
Chapter 11 : Adjusting
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Chapter 11: Adjusting




I got my OWL results; I passed everything, which was better than Harry had done last year. Suddenly I had to think about what subjects I wanted to take for NEWT. I had no idea what my future held; obviously now that I was part vampire I'd struggle to get a job.




My bad mood continued until we arrived at Platform 9 and ¾ to go back to school. I threw myself into a seat darkly. Draco, Ginny and Ron joined me as the train started moving. Harry and Hermione had been made Head Boy and Girl and were in the Prefects compartment. Ron and Ginny watched me warily, Draco was the only person who hadn't behaved any differently towards me.


He looked straight into my eyes and pulled out those blood flavoured lollipops. Since my diet had changed drastically I'd lost a lot of weight very quickly. I also no longer had to use the bathroom. A couple of perks. And I'd stopped having periods. Another bonus.


The biggest drawback was that I had to wear a ridiculous amount of make up to appear normal. At least I was already pale anyway, so I didn't have to bother with fake tan.


I didn't say much all day, and stabbed my steak at dinner (which was so rare it was practically blue) with intense dislike. I mean, I liked the taste. I liked the blood. I hated what it meant.


I discovered that evening that I absolutely hated the smell of garlic. Ron was putting so much garlic pasta on his plate that I hissed across the table at him. Completely involuntarily. An actual hiss, like a cat. This made people up and down the table start whispering and giggling. I knew it would get out eventually.


“Don't cross her, I heard she bites,” Lavender Brown said to Parvati Patil next to her.


“I can hear you, you know,” I said loudly, giving her my best death stare. Draco squeezed my hand under the table.


“Ignore them,” he whispered into my ear before kissing me on the cheek, and Lavender and Parvati giggled in response. I faced him and kissed him full on the mouth, and catcalls erupted up and down the table.


“Potter, my office, now,” McGonagall barked from the staff table. I followed her out of the Great Hall and up to her office on the first floor.


“As difficult as this adjustment is for you, Miss Potter, I still expect appropriate behaviour in public,” McGonagall said. “Is that understood?”


I nodded.


“The headmaster has given you, and only you, permission to hunt animals in the Forbidden Forest during your free periods, not after curfew.”


“Wonderful,” I said. “Just what I always thought I'd be doing at the age of sixteen.”


“He requests that you keep away from the centaurs and unicorns, although I doubt you'd be fast enough to catch one anyway,” McGonagall continued. “That will be all.”


Draco was waiting for me outside. Evidently Dumbledore had dismissed everyone. He took my hand and led me up to the Common Room.


“Er, what's the password?” I asked Draco when we got to the Fat Lady.


“Bibere sanguinem,” he said.


“Very funny,” I replied, but the Fat Lady swung open. “Was that Hermione's idea?”


“Yeah, I think so,” he smiled.


I sat in the same seat that I'd sat in a year previously, and Draco had come to sit next to me for the first time. So much had changed in a year.


“I hate this,” I said bitterly.


“I know,” he said quietly, stroking my hair. “I love you.”


“I love you too,” I answered, reaching up to kiss him. I didn't care if anyone was watching.


We hadn't had a chance to try being intimate since my transformation. My parents had been watching me like hawks. However, they weren't here now.


Draco's arms tightened around my waist, pulling me closer to him. He let out a low moan into my mouth, I'd never been quite so brave with him. I'd honestly never wanted him more. He'd really shown me just how much he loved me over the past few weeks.


He let out a gasp of pain. I opened my eyes and I realised I was biting his lip. Hard.


“Shit.” I covered my mouth with my hands. “I'm sorry.”


“It's ok,” he said, feeling his swollen lip. His fingers had blood on them as they moved away.


I stopped breathing. It would just be so typical of me to kill my boyfriend. I ran up to the girls dormitories.


“What's wrong?” Ginny asked, looking at the panicked look on my face.


“I bit him!” I was crying. “I bit Draco! I nearly killed him!”


“That's a bit overdramatic, it's just a bit of blood,” Hermione said as she poked her head around the door to say goodnight.


Just a bit of blood?” I yelled at her. “Have you forgotten that I'm a vampire?”


“Merlin, Daisy, calm down,” she replied. She'd been spending too much time with Ron. She sounded too much like him. “He's fine, I checked him myself.”


I threw myself onto my bed. “He shouldn't be with me.”


“He loves you, you idiot,” Ginny said, pulling on her pyjamas. “Do you think he cares that you're a vampire? He was going mad when you went missing! He's so glad that you're alive!”


“We all are,” Hermione chipped in.


I calmed down some.


I had a restless night. I kept dreaming about biting Draco.


I looked terrible when I woke up. My hair looked like something had nested in it, and the dark circles were back around my eyes, although they were still green. I never ate breakfast anymore, I just had a lollipop instead. At least it gave me more time to sort myself out. Although I did have to go and get my timetable this morning.


Draco was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. I already had a lollipop in my mouth so I wouldn't be tempted to bite him again. His arm was around my waist and we walked down to the Great Hall together.


Hermione passed my timetable to me. Excellent. I had a free first period every day. I assumed McGonagall had arranged it so that I could at least have something for breakfast and find my way out of the Forest.


“I have a free first period now too,” Draco said, looking over my shoulder. His eyes were sparkling mischievously. I knew what he was thinking.


“Are you sure?” I asked, panicking slightly. What if I hurt him again?


He leaned in, so close that he sent shivers down my spine. “I don't mind if you bite me. I quite liked it last night before you ran off.”


Oh God. I grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the Great Hall. We didn't have time to get up to the dormitories. I pushed him into a broom cupboard, locked the door and soundproofed the room.


At least we had no need for protection anymore. He pushed me roughly against the door. I'm sure my heart would have been hammering if it was still beating.


Before my thoughts could distract me, Draco kissed me. He ran his fingers up my legs, and it tingled where he touched. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him.




The first day back was a bit boring, after the exciting start. We just went over stuff we'd learned in OWLs. I'd just got back up to the dormitory when I noticed Ginny curled up in a ball on her bed.


“What's up?” I asked her.


“Period,” she made a face. “Has yours arrived yet?”


I snorted. “As if vampires get periods. I haven't had one for months.”


She sat up then. “Daisy, you only got changed about two weeks ago.”


Really? It felt like forever. I counted in my head. She was right. And I'd missed four periods. I hadn't noticed at the time because of Draco being kidnapped. I'd just put it down to stress.


What did it mean?


“I'm sure it's fine,” Ginny said quickly, noticing the look on my face. “It's probably your body adjusting to the change.”


“But I missed loads before that,” I said, horrified.


“We're going to the Hospital Wing,” Ginny said. “I need painkillers anyway.”


My head was in a spin all the way there. Could I be pregnant? If I was, shouldn't I be showing by now?


Madam Pomfrey took one look at me and ordered me to sit down. Ginny had to tell her what was going on. I couldn't even speak.


How could they even tell if I was pregnant anyway? I couldn't pee on a test potion or stick.


The next thing I knew, Harry was bursting in, Draco behind him.


“What's going on?” Harry demanded.


“How did you know I was here?” I asked.


“I borrowed the map to check that the prefects were doing their patrols and I saw you in here,” he said. “Now tell me what's going on!”


“I think... I think I'm pregnant,” I blurted out. Just saying it made it more real. Or more ridiculous.


Madam Pomfrey took me over to a bed and pulled the curtains around it. Draco came through.


“Patients only, Black,” she said.


“If she is pregnant then I'm the father,” he said, folding his arms.


She rolled her eyes. “Fine.”


I lay back onto the pillows. I had to pull up my clothes so that she could examine my stomach with some sort of spell.


Draco grabbed my hand as I chewed my lip. At least I couldn't make myself bleed.


Suddenly, a thumping sound could be heard. A tiny heartbeat.


That heartbeat changed everything. I had a baby growing inside of me.


I didn't dare look at Draco. He changed that. He grabbed my chin and made me look at him.


“We're having a baby,” he said.


“You're about four and a half months along,” Madam Pomfrey said. “You'll start showing soon, actually I'm amazed that you haven't already.”


“Is it human?” I asked the blunt question.


“Given that you were already pregnant when you were changed... I don't know.”


She left and gave us a few minutes.


I was pregnant.


I was pregnant. We were having a baby.


I was sixteen years old, part vampire and pregnant.


I never ever thought my life would end up like this. If you'd told me this a year ago I would've laughed. If you'd told me a year ago that I'd be the girlfriend of Draco Malfoy, I'd have laughed even harder.


Draco checked his watch.


“We should probably go to dinner,” he said.


“Imagine telling your parents,” I said, as we walked out into the corridor.


“I think it's a literal twist on the term 'blood traitor',” he smiled wryly.


We sat down at the table. Everyone stared at us.


“Well?” Hermione asked. I gave Ginny a dark look. I had no secrets in this place.


“Did you knock my sister up or not?!” Harry demanded.


I sighed. “Yes, I'm pregnant, and Harry, you're not allowed to kill Draco.”


“Is it...” Hermione trailed off.


“Dunno,” I said, before loading three rare steaks onto my plate and attacking them.


“I bet there's a way we can find out,” Hermione said, before dashing off. Probably to the library.


Once we'd finished dinner, McGonagall came over and asked us to go up to her office.


Twice in less than twenty four hours. This was some sort of record for me.


She asked us to sit down and then turned to face us.


“Madam Pomfrey has informed me of your situation,” she said.


“Oh,” I said.


“The headmaster has given you permission to share a room for the rest of the school year,” she continued, giving us a look that plainly said she didn't agree. “And he has written to your parents and guardian.”


“What?” I yelled. I hadn't even thought about telling Mum and Dad.


Dad burst through the office doors, right on cue.


“What have you done to my daughter?” he shouted, his wand pointed at Draco.


“James!” Mum arrived after him, panting slightly. “Let them explain themselves.”


Dad looked at me. I've never seen him so mad.


“Oops?” I offered jokingly.


“Daisy, this is no joke,” he shouted at me.


“You don't think I don't know that?” I retorted. “I never wanted kids, ever!”


“Then how did it happen? Weren't you careful?” Mum asked.


“Yes!” I shouted. “It was an accident, they happen! It's not like we went 'hmm, I wonder what we could do to piss everyone off, I know, let's have a baby, oh yeah, and then I'll get bitten by a sodding vampire just for a laugh'.”


It was quiet for a minute.


“I don't like the idea of you sharing a room,” Dad said.


“It's a bit late for that,” I snapped.


McGonagall showed us to our new dormitory, on the first floor, hidden behind a tapestry. No one else knew it was there. We had to say our names and then a fact about ourselves. Our friends were allowed in. I'm not sure how the room could tell the difference between friends and strangers.


“Draco Black, er, I've been in love with Daisy since second year.”


“Really?” I asked.


“Your turn,” he said.


“Daisy Potter, my Dad is an arsehole.”


The tapestry melted away and we entered. There was a living area, similar to the Gryffindor Common Room, with a sofa and a fire, a few desks and stuff like that. Through a door was obviously the bedroom, and a bathroom.


A four poster bed with the Gryffindor colours stood in the bedroom, with a baby's basket to one side. Our trunks stood at the end of the bed.


Draco was in the living area doing his homework later on and I'd given up on the reading that I was supposed to do. I stood in front of the floor length mirror and looked at myself after I'd changed for bed.


To a normal person, who didn't know I was a vampire, I just looked ill. I lifted up my top and looked at my stomach. There was a slight bulge, nothing noticeable when I was wearing clothes.


Hermione burst through the door, a massive book in her hands.


“I found out why you're only part vampire,” she panted. She slammed the book down on the bed and flicked through the pages, until she found the one she'd marked.


“Here,” she said. “There's supposed to be a ritual involved in turning a human into a vampire. The bite is only usually to incapacitate someone, but a vampire's saliva has some powers involved in the transformation process. My guess is that you were supposed to be a meal and it got distracted before it could drain all your blood.”


“Wonderful,” I said sarcastically. “That's one out of two mysteries solved.”


“I think we'll just have to wait and see what happens with the baby,” she said absently, flicking through the rest of the book. “I can't find anything in the library.”


I threw myself onto the bed, and she excused herself, saying she needed to patrol. Yeah, right. I probably just scared her because I was thirsty. I grabbed a lollipop from the stash in my bedside table.


Draco came in. “Hermione said we're excused from lessons tomorrow.”


“Good,” I said. “I wasn't going to go anyway.”


The lollipop melted in my mouth and I threw the stick in the bin. It missed, and I glared at it crossly. My Quidditch skills had taken a serious hit lately.

Draco sat next to me, and pulled me into a cuddle. I rested my head on his shoulder, and my hormones went into overdrive. I kissed his neck hungrily. I shifted and threw my leg over him, so that I was sitting on top of him. He responded enthusiastically, and pulled me down until we were laying on the bed.  

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