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In The Night by SweetSerendipity
Chapter 1 : Avalynn Maze
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Avalynn Maze was thirteen the first time she crawled into his window to escape the night.  Hugo wasn't quite sure just what it was that she'd been trying to escape, but he knew enough not to scream.  He lay in his bed, trying not to make a sound.  Looking back, he thinks he might've even stopped breathing in that first fragile moment.




She was beautiful.




His first thought as a thirteen year old boy who'd just discovered girls was naturally that she was his dream girl.  He'd heard his older cousins toss around words like 'lady of the night' and he was still innocent enough to think that surely this is what they meant...self explanatory: a girl appearing to him in the middle of the night.  




He sat up. entranced in her honey blonde hair, porcelain skin, and slight (but definitely there) curves.  His mouth went dry, he couldn't blink, and he thought that he might have just fallen in love with this girl.  This girl who just tumbled into the middle of his room unannounced, and remained staring out his window intently.  She seemed to Hugo to be in a world of her own.  He doubted she even knew he was there.




After a beat or two (or was it a million?) of his heart, she finally turned.  He caught a glimpse of full rosebud lips, and the moonlight from his window shone in such a way that he could just make out aqua eyes.




He knew her.  He was sure of it.  He'd seen her plenty of times at school, eating in the Great Hall, in passing in the corridors, in class, and he even shared a Common Room with her.  But something about that night was different.




Hugo had always had an artistic eye; perhaps it was just that the light from the moon cast a romantic glow across everything.  Or it could have been that he hadn't seen his friends in weeks, and he was starving for the company of someone his own age and not related to him.  Or maybe all the planets had aligned in just the right fashion so that gravity was pulling them together. 




Or possibly it was all just a figment of his imagination; after all, surely he was too young to be thinking such things?  But the more he thought about it, he knew he wasn't too young.  No, he was sure in the second her eyes met his that his heart was belonged to the strange girl gazing at him with wide doe-eyes, lips parted in a gasp.




From that moment, he was hers. Hers forever, and hers alone.




That night, like many to follow, he wiped her tears.  He tended to her cuts and bruises without asking where they came from or why she chose his bedroom to escape to of all places.  He hummed quietly in her ear as she sat tentatively next to him.  He didn't try talking to her, and she didn't offer to explain.  Not that night, or any of the others that summer until the very last one before school began.




And the next morning, like many to follow, she was gone.






-Not JKR, sad to say!




This is just a prologue to set up the story and see what you guys think.  Should I continue?  Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear it!  <3 Jess



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