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Object of Their Affections by ReignLee
Chapter 40 : A Mother's Screams
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Two days later, Rosevine stood in front of the full length mirror in Draco’s bedroom. 


“You look beautiful, love,” he sighed pulling her loose, wavy hair over her shoulder to place a kiss at the base of her neck.  Giving him a small smile in return, she glanced at her reflection.  She had kept her hair and makeup simple, because her dress was anything but.  It was a bright emerald green with a low sweetheart neckline.  The bottom nearly touched the floor despite the silver heels adorning her feet, but the left side was split to her upper thigh.  Despite the rouching, the torso was skin tight on her.


“I look like a Slytherin,” Rose mumbled. 

“You’re about to be introduced to the Dark Lord and all his followers.  It can’t hurt,” he said with a humorless laugh as he drew Rose out of the room.  Taking his arm in hers, she allowed Draco Malfoy to lead her through the halls of the manor.


“Draco,” Rosevine pleaded.


“You’ll be fine Rosevine.  Just look to the floor unless he tells you otherwise.”


“Please don’t make me do this, Draco.”  She was good at her Occlumency, but she had no pretenses about being able to keep Voldemort out of her head.  There were so many things he could find that would not end well for her.


“I don’t have a choice in this.  Just let me do as much of the talking as possible.”  Rose nodded silently, unable to help the panic flooding her senses.  As Draco looked down at her, she found herself wondering if she would ever look into his grey eyes again.


“He’s ready for the two of you,” Lucius called from outside his study door.  Draco released Rose’s hand and walked through the door.  Only a moment later, Lucius and a man with shaggy brown hair each grabbed ahold of one of her elbows roughly.  They pulled her into the room and pushed her to her knees beside Draco.  She stared at the floor in front of her, remembering Draco’s advice from moments ago.


“So this is the daughter of a traitor you had to conquer, young Malfoy,” a familiar, hissing voice said in front of Rose.  “Ah yes,  I thought you might recognize my voice, child.  Do you remember hearing your mother’s screams from the closet I locked you in?  Or is my voice promising to spare you the more vivid memory?” Lord Voldemort asked, placing a taloned finger under her chin and tilting her face up to look into his haunting eyes.


Draco turned to look at Rosevine in shock, but Rose’s eyes remained fixed on Voldemort.  Biting back the anger throbbing in her heart, Rose held onto her control.


“You look just like her,” Voldemort sighed.  “I knew her fairly well when she was young, you see.  Just as I did your aunt.  Your mother possessed a gift that made her especially interesting to my cause.  Did you inherit that gift, I wonder?”


“I know what my mother was,” Rose snapped.  “If she was so interesting to you why did you hunt her down and kill her?” Rosevine asked in a small show of defiance.


“She would never have served me.  I could not risk her aiding the Order.”


“Her power died with her.  I never inherited her abilities,” Rosevine said honestly.  Her mother’s magic had been like a card trick compared to what Rose had been born with. 


“You understand I’ll have to test that,” Voldemort said, hissing a “crucio” under his breath afterwards.

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Object of Their Affections: A Mother's Screams


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