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Bedlam and Broomsticks by tiberiusirius
Chapter 3 : Twice in Less Than Twenty Four Hours
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Finding herself once again in the Apparating Foyer of her old building, Kenize quickly stepped behind Oliver trying to hide herself while peeking over his broad shoulders. She needed to see who was in the lobby, well more specifically she need to see if Decimus was in the lobby. He tried to move but she poked him in the ribs and snapped at him. “Hold still will you? I need to make sure the coast is clear!”


He paid her no heed and turned around, grabbing her by the hands so she couldn’t assault him again. He was chortling at her ridiculous behavior, but managed to look perplexed, “What are you doing?” he asked. He really had no idea what she was on about.


She ignored him. Her concentration was focused on watching Mr. Franklin enter into the lift, and Sylas, the doorman, go back to his post outside. When the lobby was clear she grabbed Oliver’s hand and pulled on him roughly, making a go for the stairs and walking conspicuously fast while shielding her face with one hand.  Once there, she made to head up the twelve flights but Oliver stopped her.


“Really, twelve flights of stairs?” He asked wondering why she didn’t want to take the lift.  


She tried to play it off as nothing, “C’mon Quidditch boy, don’t tell me you mind a bit of exercise?” She said trying to spurn him into doing what she wanted with teasing.


He lifted an eyebrow at her, “I don’t mind the stairs.” He said flatly, “You in those heels on the other hand…” He trailed of with a grin and a lifted eyebrow.


Kenzie looked down at her shoes and frowned. Twelve flights in stilettos was not going to be fun. Still, it was a sight better than being seen by anyone she knew. She didn’t want Decimus to think she was spying on him, especially today of all days. After her moment of hesitation she started back up the stairs. “I’ll manage.”


She heard him chuckle before starting up behind her.


By the time they made it to the twelfth floor landing, Kenzie was flushed, breathing a bit hard, and her feet were killing her. Oliver on the other hand, didn’t seemed to have broken a sweat. In fact he was grinning quite contently. “Why are you smiling like that?” she asked suspiciously.


He smirked, “No reason really, just been enjoying the sight of your backside since the seventh floor.” Kenzie froze scowling. She had removed her lab coat on the seventh floor because she was getting warm and clearly hadn’t realized what kind of view she was giving him. When he saw her go ghost white in embarrassment he laughed a bit, “Don’t be such a prat, it was a compliment. Besides I’ve seen much more of you than that.” Her skin tone changed from white to an embarrassed red in an instant, and she went stiff. Oliver took the opportunity to open the door to the twelfth floor and motion towards his apartment door, “Coming?” he called smugly holding the door for her.


She shook herself out of her stupor and peeked both ways before entering the hallway and scurrying towards the door she knew was his. He on the other hand, had no urgency at all. He just meandered slowly.


“C’mon,” she whined practically begging him to pick up the pace.


He smirked and took his good ol’ time, looking bemused and enjoying her discomfort. When he finally got to the door, he still had to fish around in his pocket for the keys.


Kenzie sighed exasperated, “Bloody hell, hurry up! Do you enjoy making me squirm?” she asked anxious.


He just grinned and drew the keys out of his pocket looking at her. “Now that you mention it, I actually do enjoy making you squirm.” Turning away from her he finished by mumbling “Among…other things...” while inserting the keys in the knob.


Kenzie rolled her eyes. It was clear by the pause he wanted her to ask what ‘other thing’ he enjoyed doing before he was going to open the door.  She obliged.


“What ‘other things’ are you speaking of?” she asked him begrudgingly, hoping he’d unlock his damn flat so she could get inside and out of view.  


The lock clicked open and he looked at her, “I don’t know, many things really” he started off innocently, “your frustration for instance.” Her scowl and healthy blush made him grin and chuckle as he pulled open the door.


Seeing the entry as an escape from being seen by anyone, Kenzie’s anger was forgotten and she tried to charge past Oliver. Instead she only exceeded in getting limbs tangled. She bowled him over and landed on top of him in his entrance hallway.


He smirked at her “Well doesn’t this brings back memories. You really like to cover all your bases don’t you? Kitchen, dining-room table, balcony, bedroom…now hallway. You didn’t have to tackle me though. All you needed to do was ask.”


Kenzie glowered at him, and was satisfied to hear that the hand she placed on his chest to assist her in standing, caused him to groan a bit from the pressure as she got up. Dusting herself off, she watched him come his feet after her, “Where are my knickers?” she asked wanting to get out of the building as soon as possible


His eyes were twinkling as he looked at her, “Right where we left them last night. The kitchen island.” When she scowled at him again he laughed mirthfully, “Merlin D’masi, if you didn’t look so damn cute when you pouted maybe I wouldn’t be trying to make you feel so uncomfortable!”


Kenzie turned away red-faced and headed for the kitchen to grab her knickers. She found her undergarments and turned around, only to discover Oliver watching her curiously from where he was leaning against the far wall. She couldn’t meet his eyes for fear of her face going scarlet.


“Right” she said ineptly, “I guess, I’ll be going then.” She headed to the door and he followed her wordlessly. When she stepped out into the hallway she turned around quickly, looking a bit sheepish as she faced Oliver, “Umm, listen…. about last night…thanks, ya know, for being so nice… and then again this morning for not blwoing my cover.” She paused looking to the floor, “You’re a good guy. I’m sorry I’m such a git, it’s just been awhile.” She shrugged trying to explain.


“You’re not a git Kenzie.” He said. She lifted her head up to meet his gaze when she heard his words and had to gulp seeing the heat there. “Regardless, your welcome anytime.” He finished chuckling softly and smiling warmly.


She returned the smiled and opened her mouth to say a final goodbye when she heard the ding of the lift and turned to see someone entering the floor. To her complete horror, it was Decimus. He was carrying Mrs. Ziggarovich’s hopelessly old owl on his arm. Damn bird never could find his way home.


Her eyes went wide and she dove back into Oliver’s apartment. He looked startled that she really didn’t want to be seen that bad, but managed to catch her in his embrace as the door to the hallway closed shut behind them. Kenzie looked up at him miserably embarrassed, only to find him laughing happily. The intensity of his gaze was still there and all thoughts of Decimus disappeared as she felt herself get lost.


He grinned at her, “You really are something else.” Before she had the chance to look offended, or frown, his lips were on hers.


The kiss was soft at first, and full of fire. His hands were on either side of her face, cupping her gently and endearingly, but as it continued they both became more frenzied. One of his hands snaked around her back and pulled her into him roughly. The movement caused her to gasp slightly and tangle her own hands around his neck, pushing her body into his. 


She felt him smirk into her lips at the sound of her pleasure, and was again taken by surprise when he twirled her around to push her up against the wall, pressing the length of his body against hers. He felt entirely too good, and before she knew what she was doing, her hands were untucking the shirt from his pants, her fingers trailing themselves up his stomach.


Oliver let out a happy growl at the sensation of her hands on his body, then bent his knees slightly and lifted her easily off the ground so he was now angling his neck up to kiss her.


She wrapped her legs around him, completely aroused by his strength and desire. He was about to carry her into the kitchen when she protested through their kiss. In between breaths she simply mumbled, “Shower”. He smirked getting the picture, and headed towards his bathroom.


Once there, he set her on the counter and broke away, pulling his shirt over his head hurriedly before kneeling to work on taking off her strappy shoes. He struggled with the small buckles and she chortled at his troubles, but he only grinned and kept at it.


When he stood back up in success, she hopped off the counter and pulled him by the waistband towards her. There she began removing his belt. He watched her, feeling his breath quicken and his pulse beginning to rise. Wanting to expedite the process of getting undressed he wound an arm around her back to the zipper of her dress, pulling it down. Slowly, he pushed the straps off of her shoulders and, although it looked snug, the dress fell right to the floor.


He paused momentarily to get an eyeful before crashing his lips back down on hers hungrily, pulling her back into him. He blindly used one hand to turn on the shower, hoping it would be at a good temperature as she helped him kick off his pants. He broke away to look into her eyes, but hers were focused on his body and she used both her hands to run up his abdomen and his shoulders until finally her grey eyes met his amber ones. He grinned at the admiration evident in her smile due to his fitness. It was sultry and bright, and in her gaze he could see a thirst for him, its intensity causing his breath to catch in his throat momentarily.


Oliver could honestly say it was the most enjoyable, and longest, shower he ever had. They had both stepped out reluctantly only to renew their passion upon gazing at each others glistening wet bodies. He carried her to the bedroom and laid her down while keeping his lips latched to hers. Unfortunately, once there he chanced a glance at the time from the wristwatch siting on his nightstand.


“Shit.” He said pulling away from Kenzie a bit, and grabbing the watch to make sure he had read it right. He had. He looked down into gleaming nebulous grey eyes hating that he had to stop, “I have practice in ten minutes.”


She chuckled, “Well then go,” she said although she didn’t remove her hands from his neck. “I can show myself out.”


Oliver shook his head, “You can stay here as long as you like. I’ll be back in six hours.”


Kenzie looked at him confused, “If you don’t want me to go and aren’t worried about me scrambling my way out of here before you, what’s the hold up? Go get dressed!” she said as if it should be easy.


Oliver didn’t move, instead he took a longing sweep of her still shimmering wet figure before meeting her eyes, “The hold up is I don’t want you to go.” Kenzie blushed bright red, and he couldn’t help his words. “Merlin you’re too adorable when you blush.” He said burying his head in the crook of her neck and laying kisses along her collarbone.


She chuckled and did him the favor of pushing away, grabbing the sheet to cover herself up. He groaned now that his view of her was blocked, unenthusiastically getting up to walk into his closest. Kenzie’s eyes following his every movement.


When he was no longer in sight, she sighed happily and fell back onto his bed, arms out to either side reveling in the feel of his recent touch. She felt satiated for the moment, but still incredibly thirsty for more of him. It was a tad scary if she was being honest with herself. She was so lost in her reverie that she didn’t see him come walking out of his closet until he was already ripping the sheet from off of her, exposing her bare body to his eyes.


Before she could figure out what he meant to do, he pounced onto the bed on top of her, nuzzling his head between her breasts and then kissing her deeply one last time. He broke away to smile at her, “Stay if you feel like it. If not that’s okay too. If you need clothes to walk around in, or to wear home, help yourself to my closet.” He offered nicely before an impish grin took over his face. He brushed a strand of damp hair away from her face, “Hell, maybe if you wear my clothes home, I’ll get to come to your building, act absurd while hiding from everyone, and then we can try to relive this afternoon in your shower.”


She scowled and pushed him away slightly. “I think you’re probably late.”


He just grinned and got up to head out, “Don’t worry! If I tell them what we’ve been up to they will be too absorbed with it to care about tardiness.”


Kenzie’s eyes went wide thinking he was actually going to go to practice and discuss in detail the afternoon they had spent in the shower. She was horrified by the prospect and was about to beg him not to when he chuckled slightly, “Kenzie, I’m only joking.” He said grinning. When he saw the relief flood onto her face he had to jibe her one more time, “Although I’m sure they’d love to hear about it.” She pouted sullenly and he just chuckled. “I’m off to practice, lock up if you leave.”


When she heard the door shut she laid back on the bed, once more happy to bask in the moment. It was short lived however, and she began to feel horrible about herself when she realized that she had come to retrieve clothing, only to take it all off once again. Twice in less than twenty-four hours. What was her deal with bloody Oliver Wood? She didn’t know what circuit was loose that could be causing her to act like such a prat, but she was happy to blame it on Daphne. Regardless, she needed to get out of his apartment as fast as she could, and that’s what she did.


It had been three days since she last snuck out of Oliver’s building after retrieving her knickers. She hadn’t seen or heard from him, and was mildly grateful really. Sure, since that day every time she closed her eyes she was haunted by how his sizable, calloused hands felt grazing her skin. It wasn’t a conscious thing though, she couldn’t help it, but she was determined not to let it persist. She certainly wasn’t going to let anything further happen between them and give him the wrong idea.


Kenzie felt kind of ridiculous having to resolve herself against behaving badly in the future with a guy she wasn’t sure had any interest in her. He was a Professional Quidditch player for Merlin’s sake. Although she could honestly say she hadn’t picked up the Prophet in a long time, (not only due to the state of her apartment, but because of the horrors of the war not long past) and didn’t know any gossip or rumors about Oliver, she still did read Quidditch Weekly. If stats were anything to go by, and they usually were considering their influence on wages, he was most definitely getting enough attention to be considered a womanizer. She needed to stay away from him.


With the Keeper broom project at a standstill while they waited for feedback from the test trial participants, there wasn’t really much work to be done so she gave Daphne, Fergusson, and Kane the week off and went to visit her mom in Wales at her hometown of Caerphilly. She actually even managed to convince the woman to go to the upcoming Catapults match. It had been ages since she had seen a game rather than listened to it, and her mother had agreed because she had pleaded with her. Her mother was never a Quidditch fan.


Kenzie picked up her love of the game from her first step-dad. Yes she had multiple. Her biological father had been out of the picture by the time she was five, and her mother had married and divorced three times after that. Kenzie only ever really came to love Frederick, her first step dad.


He was the man that she considered to have raised her, and she made a point to see him anytime she could. All the other replacements had come around while she was at school, and were partly responsible for why she had to spend most holidays, and in one especially bad instance, summer holidays, at Beauxbutons Palace. She of course spent the extra alone time on the pitch working herself ragged.


As much as she sometimes wanted to hate her mother for the neglect she had felt as a child, she really only felt sorry for her. She was a silly woman, with silly ideas of what was really important. She had gotten pregnant with Kenzie when she was only sixteen and by a much older married man. She had always been concerned with leading extravagant lifestyles, generally apart from responsibility for her only daughter, and she had the looks to coerce powerful men to provide it for her. It goes unsaid she had absolutely adored Decimus for Kenzie.


Lola D’masi was thirty-eight years old and didn’t look a day over thirty-one. Most people really thought Kenzie was lying when she introduced her as her mother. They looked quite similar, aside from eyes and height. Where Lola had alluring green eyes and was of average height, Kenzie possessed an unguarded grey gaze and was quite tall. Kenzie could however thank her mother for her curves, her smile, and her bone structure. Still, in the realm of personality, they were nothing at all alike. They managed to love each other in their own way.


It was the day of the Quidditch match and they were running late because her mother was insisting for just five more minutes to get her hair right. Never mind she had charmed it a gazillion different times already. Kenzie was getting irritated. “Lola, will you hurry up already?” she asked for the sixteenth time. It was only acceptable to call her by her first name, she hated to be called ‘mom’. In case of emergency though, it was a good way to make her cringe.


“I’ll be right there hun.” She yelled from her bedroom.


Kenzie had to listen to quite a bit more shuffling around from upstairs before she heard her mother coming down the stairs. She was speaking while she did. “Casual dress is appropriate right? You aren’t going to the match for business are you?” The cream silk button up that covered up lacy camisole, paired with grey tweed pants and stiletto pumps certainly wasn’t a casual get up. It looked more appropriate for a dinner date at a fancy restaurant than a Quitdditch match, especially considering the amount of cleavage she was sporting, but it would be useless to tell her that. The outfit was casual as it got for her.


Kenzie nodded, “No, I assure you there will be no one to impress.” If she told her there was the possibility of seeing some rich businessmen it’d take three times as long and she’d be wearing a figure hugging cocktail dress. “I did manage to get us seats in the a box though, which should be nice.” Lola looked like she was about to open her mouth again but Kenzie beat her to the punch. “And yes, I’m sure they will have champagne there.” 


Lola smiled happily, “Well then love, let’s get a move on. Wouldn’t want to be late!”


Kenzie shook her head irritated, but didn’t mention that the game had most likely already started. Instead she just ushered her mother along in an effort to keep her moving.


When they finally did arrived at the stadium, the roar of the crowd could be heard loudly with the game in full swing. Kenzie was just happy that no one had caught the snitch yet. They made their way up to the club level and into a box that was filled with people milling about. Kenzie recognized a few WQL representatives alongside people from the Department of Magical Games and Sports. She also saw a whole slue of blokes in suits and dress robes. Since when did Quidditch get so formal? She didn’t bother saying hello to anyone, but she did feel kind of bad for telling her mother to dress casual given the other wizards garb. Even so, Lola fit in. Kenzie dropped her off near the bar knowing she’d feel at ease there, and told her she’d be near the front of the box. She intended to get the best seat possible.


By the time she pushed past the crowd in the box and into the open atmosphere where she could see the full stadium, as well as the crafty flying of the players, she had an enormous smile plastered on her face. She was immersed into the thick of things immediately, and she relished it. It didn’t hurt that besides Puddlemere, she favored the Catapults; they were her hometown choice.


She had her binoculars out and searching the field. She traced the moves of the Chasers as they battled over the Quaffle and dodged hazardous well-aimed Bludgers hit by the beaters. It was an artful, dangerous dance they choreographed out there, and she couldn’t help but admire the skill. Her excitement grew when she thought about them flying on Lazarus’s new and improved brooms in the future.


Now with work on her mind, she curiously took a look to see which of the prototypes each teams Keepers preferred. She was quite surprised to see both of them chose the ebony. She herself preferred the teak.


Her thoughts about work were interrupted however, as the Catapults Chasers entered into the sight of her lenses nearing the Wingtown Wanderers hoops. She easily recognized them trying out the Woollongong Shimmy in attempts to confuse the Wanderer’s Chasers, but it wasn’t working the way it was supposed to. The Chaser who had the Quaffle had to quickly pass the ball to another teammate as he flew right into a perfectly performed Parkin’s Pincer. A nasty move that, and the hit he took as a result was almost enough to unseat him. The Blatching penalty wasn’t seen by the officials and went uncalled.


Luckily the second Chaser was able to catch the Quaffle, yet he too was in trouble. The Wanderers Beaters in tandem employed a well-aimed Dopplebeater Defence, and the Chaser narrowly avoided coming to blows with the powerfully hit Bludger by deking with a Sloth Grip Roll and holding tight onto his broom with his feet and one hand from underneath it. From there he tossed the Quaffle to the last Chaser who was nearer the goal. It was caught and he lobbed it up in front of himself, jumping off of his Firebolt up into the air where he wielded his broom like a bat to hit the ball through the hoop doing a Finbourgh Flick that the Keepers Starfish Stick just couldn’t hope to block.


The stadium roared in delight at the amazing exchange and Kenzie joined the excitement. It was quite the spectacle, and she was thoroughly impressed. She jumped up and down in pleasure ripping the binoculars away from her eyes to celebrate with other fans around her. Instead the words turned to ash on her tongue mid celebration, “That was bloody brilliant! Did you see that Finbourgh Fli—ahahhh” She trailed off mouth agape, sounding like the left side of her face had gone numb.


Standing there in front of her were the smirking faces of none other than Darren and Oliver. She looked over their appearance and immediately noticed they were both looking quite debonair dressed in suits. Suddenly, she was feeling very self-conscious of her jean shorts and white tank top.


No one really said anything. Oliver and Darren just stood watching her, looking on the verge of laughter as she garbled words out unattractively. At first she had appeared shocked, but she quickly went through a wide range of emotions, all displaying clearly on her face. Her surprise had morphed into dread and then anxiety as she fidgeted, noticeably at a loss at what to do and say and looking quite uncomfortable. How long had they been standing there? How long had she been unaware of their presence? Oliver broke the silence.


“Glad to see you’ve decided to take in a match rather than just listening to it.” He wore a bemused expression and there was a twinkle in his warm brown eye. “Cheering for Caerphilly I see. I thought Puddlemere was your favorite.” He finished lifting an eyebrow questioningly.


She frowned at him feeling a bit nervous in his presence for some reason. “Puddlemere is my favorite, but I’m from Chaerphilly. I generally cheer for them when they play.”


Oliver didn’t seem at all put off by her less than excited reaction to seeing him, he just continued to smirk at her in his completely infuriating way. He nodded at the field, “They’re quite good this year. We play them next week so it’s nice to hear you haven’t changed your allegiance.” He quipped.


“You on holiday visiting your sister or something?” Darren asked. “I saw you come in with her. She looks just like you” He stated, a smile on his face.


Kenzie glowered at him peeved. “That’s my mother.” She said flatly.


She wasn’t surprised to see both their mouths drop open in astonishment as their heads whipped in the direction of the bar where her mother could be seen laughing at something a well dress-bloke was saying to her. She was used to the reaction.


“Bloody hell!” said Darren. “That’s your mother?” He asked clearly gob smacked.


Oliver looked similarly flabbergasted. “Merlin D’masi, you got some spectacular genes.”


Darren on the other hand wasn’t quite convinced she was telling the truth. He looked at her disbelievingly. “You’re having a go at us.” He said looking at Kenzie before turning back to watch Lola. She had spotted them looking at her and was getting up to approach. “She can’t be older than thirty one or thirty two!”


Kenzie sighed and turned back to the game, putting the binoculars back to her eyes. The Wanderers had just scored again lessening the points gap. “She’s thirty eight actually.” She snapped at him sourly.


Darren and Oliver shared a look and a chuckle observing the tetchiness regarding the subject of her mother. They didn’t say anything though as Lola arrived at their group.


“Kenzie, love, why don’t you introduce me to your handsome friends.” She purred smiling at them beautifully. She had always been quite the charmer. It was pretty funny really, considering Kenzie tended to be slightly awkward. “Please tell me you are shacking up with one of them.” She finished with a light hearted tease.


Kenzie really should have expected it. It was definitely something her mother would say, she just wasn’t prepared. She choked on nothing in complete shock, and began coughing furiously. She hunched herself over trying to recover from embarrassment.


Oliver and Darren had both been taken aback by Lola’s unexpected joke as well. It wasn’t like it was typical parent behavior. Seeing Kenzie’s reaction however caused them to close their open mouths in an attempt to hide the laughter they were experiencing due to her humiliation.


Lola looked at her hacking daughter as if she was over reacting. “Oh Kenzie don’t go and have aneurism darling, I was only teasing.” She breathed before turning back to the boys to explain. “I like to encourage her to put herself out there. I keep telling her she needs to hop back into the dating game. It’s been almost nine months since Dec—.”


Kenize knew what she was about to say and panicked. “Mother!” She squeaked stridently cutting her off with a look of mortification. Three sets of eyes turned to her curiously, wondering why she was acting strange and interrupting.


“What?” Lola asked acting innocent and as if she hadn’t been about to embarrass her again. “Just because he called off the en—.”


Kenzie’s eye went wide again and she looked at her mother imploringly. She interrupted her once more, practically whining this time. “Mother!” She really didn’t want to talk about being dumped by guy who had proposed to marry her, and she especially didn’t want them to know it was Decimus.


“Really Kenzie you shouldn’t whine like that dear, its unattractive. Besides, you need to come to terms with it. There’s no harm in talking about it now that it’s past.” She paused before adding “And you know I abhor being called mom, Kenz.” She chided giving her a look.


Kenzie rolled her eyes, but humored her hoping she would stop talking about her bad luck with men. “Okay Lola,” She emphasized her mothers name before finally getting to introductions, “This is Darren Guadinino and Oliver Wood, reserve Keeper and Keeper for Puddlemere united.”


Lola shook each of their hands and they smile brightly at her. “Quidditch players!” She exclaimed happily, “Isn’t Puddlemere that team you like dear?” She glanced at Kenzie momentarily until she received a nod for answer. “So you’re the Keeper, eh?” She gave Oliver a once over with her eyes smiling. He just smirked, and raised his eyebrows at her boldness in checking him out. “That’s the one by the hoops right? I know next to nothing about Quidditch. I don’t know where Kenz gets her passion from.”


“You have it right. The Keeper guards the hoops.” Oliver said slightly confused as to how she didn’t know about a position her daughter had played. “Kenzie never spoke about any of her matches?” He questioned Lola. “I heard she was quite good.”


Lola shook her head still smiling. “Oh no I just can’t be bothered with it really. I’m afraid I never thought she should play. It's a mans game and violent at that.” She asserted. “When she was young I tried to take her broom away because I didn’t want to encourage her.” She began tittering, telling the story animatedly, “She would have none of it. Climbed up on the roof and told me the only way she was going to come down was to fly, and that to do that she needed her broom.” Lola laughed at the memory. “I eventually did give it back to her of course, but after that she started carrying it with her everywhere. She was determined not to let me take it away becuase she knew I'd try it again. Still as willful as ever I’m afraid.” She finished grinning at Kenzie who didn’t look too thrilled.


Kenzie just glowered at her. She told it like and anecdote when it had seemed traumatic to her as a child. “Yes you were always so supportive.” She drawled sarcastically. Her mother was unaffected by the dig, as expected. “Anyways, what are you guys doing here?” She asked of Oliver and Darren glad to change the subject.


Oliver was looking at her, an indiscernible look in his eyes after her mom shared the story. It made her want to squirm, and she had to look away from him. Luckily she had a reason to when Darren spoke up to answer. “Like woods said, we play the Catapults next week. The whole team is here to scope ‘em out. It's business, hence why we're in suits. Generally we’re encouraged to go to all the matches we can.”


Kenzie could definitely see the benefits in having a team become familiar with the moves of their opponent. Her thoughts were interrupted by the realization that he said the whole team was there. “Wait a tick,” She said suddenly eyes bright. “All of the team is here? Is Philbert Deverill with you?” She could hardly hold back her excitement at the thought of meeting the legendary manager. She looked back and forth between Oliver and Darren expectantly, she could care less that she was acting like a giddy fan and that they were clearly tickled by it.


Oliver smiled at her amused, a sparkle dancing in his eyes “He’s not with us today unfortunately. I think he’s on business in the states looking over some prospects.” Her face fell and she looked as if someone had just stole her wand. He was compelled to remedy her disappointment and added, “Oh don’t pout. I'll introduce you some other time.” just to erase the sadness from her features.


She smiled slightly but didn’t manage to meet his eyes. She was staring at the ground bashfully when she heard the whole stadium go up a roar. The Seekers had spotted the Snitch. Her attention snapped back to the game at hand.


The Wanderers Seeker was laid out flat on his broom, heading into the mess of Chasers who were battling over the Quaffle. There in the middle of the field, Kenzie could see a small flash of gold. The Catapult’s Seeker was closer but he was still trying to find it with his eyes. Kenzie willed him to see the glimmering Snitch and let out an excited exclamation when she saw him accelerating towards it.


 Her hands were gripping the edge of the box in anticipation. She watched as the Snitch quickly shot off into the sky with both Seekers hot on its tail, neck and neck as they worked around teammates and competitors. As quick as it went up, it came right back down and they followed, speeding along next to each other trying to edge each other out of the way and using their elbows to assist. The Catapult’s Seeker pulled ahead slightly, hand extended towards the Snitch as it dove towards the ground. Kenzie cursed as she saw the Wanderer’s Seeker do similarly, looking like he was reaching for the Snitch when in reality he grabbed the tail of his competitors broom slowing him down ever so slightly. “The tosser is Blagging!” she yelled outraged that the officials hadn’t caught onto the penalty. There was nothing she could do about it.


The Catapult’s Seeker took it all in stride knowing he had to win the game then, if ever. They pulled out of the dive as the Snitch began flying horizontal to the ground less than three feet from the turf. With his speed momentarily slowed due to the less than honorable play of the opposition player, the Catapults Seeker took matters into his own hands. He leapt off his broom into the air at top speed.


His hand reached out and curled around the golden ball as he tensed himself up bracing for impact with the ground. He skidded and rolled with the speed of his collision until he came to a stop. It took him a moment but he slowly got to his feet. The entire stadium waited with baited breath as he stood up and lifted his hand into the air, showing he had caught the Snitch. It wasn’t until then that crowd erupted into celebration, and Kezie wasn’t exempt form the revelry.


Momentarily stunned as she had watched the Seeker jump from his broom, when she saw him present the golden ball she went ballistic. She had forgotten how much more thrilling it was to feel the excitement of the crowd and be apart of the emotional aspect of the game. She whooped and yelled eyes wide and grinning like mad. She turned and hugged her mother, wrapped up in the moment and not caring that Lola looked slightly frightened at the level of her enthusiasm as she was pulled into a brief embrace.


She was drawing away from the spur of the moment hug when she glanced at Oliver over her mothers shoulder. He was watching her celebrate, his lips slightly turned up into a smile, and his gaze penetrating. When he saw her looking his small smile expanded into a grin.


“Congratulations. Your team did well.” He told her when she pulled away from her mother.


A bit of a blush rose in Kenzie’s cheeks and she disliked the way her stomach flipped slightly while gazing at him. She looked to the ground shyly.


Next to Oliver, Darren was grimacing. “Yeah, except they did well enough to give us trouble next week.”


Oliver didn’t pay attention to his teammates worry, he was looking at Kenzie curiously. “Why don’t you come to Puddletown next week for the game. We can get you tickets.”


Kenzie was happy for the invitation but had already resolved herself to avoid interactions with him as best he could. “I go back to work on Monday, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get away.”


Oliver shrugged, “I’m sure you can make time if you really want to.” His smirk told her that he had seen right through her attempt to bow out gracefully. She frowned at him and it turned into more of a scowl when her mother spoke up.


“Oh come now Kenz, this is your favorite team! You can’t say no to your Keeper!” She said taking Oliver’s side.


He looked so smarmy now that he thought he had her. “Yeah D’masi you can’t say no to your Keeper.” He teased, only to sigh seeing her glare at him sullenly. He needed a different approach.  “At the very least give me your address and I’ll send you tickets. If you come that’ll be nice, if not no big deal.”


Darren saw the frown she was directing at Oliver and decided he needed to help his friend out. “You could bring Daphne with you if it’d make you feel more comfortable.”


Kenzie scoffed, “That’s no incentive. She’s more trouble than she’s worth! Daphne's the whole reason I drunkenly went home with this surlyyyy—Oooh boy.” Midway through the end of the sentence she realized just what she was saying and glanced towards her mother who had a very shocked look on her face.


“Kenzie!” Lola looked somewhat disapproving. “Is there someone I need to meet or am I to believe you have been giving it away for free?” The look of dread and embarrassment on Kenzie’s face was enough of an admission for her mother to reprimand her. “What kind of image have you painted of yourself! You certainly aren’t going to get a man and keep them if they can’t respect you.”


The absolute mortification of having her mother lecture her about being a slut in front of Darren and Oliver was almost too much for her to handle. She lost it, once again not really paying attention to her words as they flew out of her mouth. “Yes mother, my first and only one night stand definitely qualifies me as the worlds biggest slag!” She seethed sarcastically.  “Even if the bloke clearly doesn’t respect me, and is determined to embarrass me at every chance he gets, you don’t have to worry. I have no intention of literally throwing myself at him again so just cut me some slack, will you? This year has been hard enough, and I really shouldn’t be feeling apologetic for participating in the best sex of my life.” She regret the diatribe instantly--espcially the last sentence. She had the sense to look mortified and slapped a hand over her mouth, eyes going wide and wanting to take the words back.


Never mind the fact that Darren was gaping at her and Oliver was sporting an indiscernible expression, Lola looked quite put out at having been yelled at and humiliated pubically. Rather than blowing up like her daughter, she stormed out of the box embarrassed, neglecting to say goodbye to anyone. Kenzie instantly felt terrible.


“Merlin I’m such a prat.” She groaned watching her mother leave.


Feeling the atmosphere turn awkward Darren took the brief silence as his chance to make an exit as well. “Well, this has been interesting. It always is with you isn’t it?” he asked rhetorically as he chuckled. Kenzie glowered at him but still allowed him to pull her into an embrace. “Anyways, it was good seeing you, and please consider coming to our match. Bring Daph, will you? I’ve been meaning to get her address so I can owl her.”


Kenzie made no promises. “I’ll think about it okay.” She said pulling away and sighing, “I had better go apologize to my mom. I’ll see you guys later.”


Oliver grabbed her by the arm and turned her back around as Darren made his exit. The smirk he usually wore was noticeably absent. “I need your address to send you the tickets.” She frowned at the fact that he hadn’t taken the opportunity to make some type of comment to her about her ’best sex of my life’ slip up. She didn’t question her luck though, just summoned paper and a quill and handed him the address and turned to go. He stopped her again, looking slightly pained, “Listen Kenzie, I don’t know what I did to make you think I don’t respect you but I’m sorry. Your dedication to your work and the passion you have….just suffice it to say I respect you quite a bit.” Looking like he had said what he needed to, he bowed his head and turned to leave.


Kenzie watched him go feeling her throat dry up and a sense of guilt take over. She really buggered up.


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