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Just Go With It by True Author
Chapter 5 : Planning
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CI by legendson@TDA!

CI by

CI by


Amy wondered what she was going to do now. She had a disastrous habit of making last minute plans from childhood. Her plans never worked, but turned every situation to an impossible mess. She hadn’t succeeded to plan a birthday party properly and now she had made a totally ridiculous plan which had a capacity to ruin her life. She had lied that she was going to marry Viktor Krum.


And the worst thing was the fact that she hadn’t told her plan to Viktor Krum himself.


Marriage was  a very serious and important part of Amy’s life. May she be naughty and careless, she never considered marriage as a joke. In fact she often dreamt of it, more seriously than any other thing. She was determined to marry Charlie, who was her only one. How could she utter that she was marrying a man other than him? But the words were said and things were done.

All she could do was to keep lying.

Sighing heavily, she rested her head against the back seat of the muggle car they were in, trying to sooth herself. Viktor was sitting beside her, staring out of the window  with totally confused expressions on his face, often glancing at Amy. She felt bad for him. He was stuck into the situation for nothing. But the weird thing was that he wasn’t even complaining. Amy found it really strange. He was so unpredictable. She looked at him.

When Viktor realized that she was looking at him too, he gave her a questioning look. Amy replied with an assuring wink. He shrugged uncomfortably and turned his head towards the window again.

“Oh, I want to get out of this damn thing!” complained Matthew, who was driving. “These muggle things creep me out. Look how I have to wait for other trashcans to move on. Those filthy mud-“

“Hold your tongue, Mat!” warned Amy furiously. Matthew gave a curt nod, murmuring his remaining sentence under his breath.

“I don’t know why you love those muggle so much, Amy.” Said Richard. “I was afraid you were going to marry one. Thank god, you didn’t do that.” He turned and winked at Viktor. He gave a plastic smile. 

“Viktor doesn’t believe in pure-blood hierarchy too,” snapped Amy, glancing warningly at her brothers. They exchanged surprised looks and turned back to look at Viktor with wide eyes.

“Really?” asked Matthew, genuinely astonished. Viktor looked blank for a moment and glanced at Amy, but she didn’t say anything neither did she pass any sign. So he turned back to her brothers and told them that he didn’t think muggle-borns are any different from pure bloods. They laughed.

“Is that really it or are you doing this just because our bossy sister’s around?” smirked Richard. “I know she’s a bit-“he trailed off. Amy rolled her eyes. She knew her brothers well. They were afraid of her, but grabbed every opportunity to tease her for her bossing. She bent forward from the back seat to grab Richard’s hair and pull it. “I’m a bit what?” she demanded. Richard gave a little help and pushed her back. He smoothed his neatly gelled hair again and sat straight. Amy sank back to her seat with self satisfaction.

Amy had a dislike for both of her brothers from childhood. She had always read about smart, handsome and overprotective big brothers in her favorite novels and story books. But the obeying, good and gloomy Matthew and Richard didn’t match her romantic fantasies. Instead, she bossed both of them as well as all of her good and mature pure blood cousins all the time. Her family was too boring for a naughty girl like her.

But now I am having some thrill. She thought with a sly smile playing on her face. But Viktor, sitting by the window, seemed to be repenting his decision to play along with her childish plans.

Amy sighed as she got out of the car. It was awful to come back to the building she had decided to leave forever. She was determined not to return and was hoping to find a new, wonderful life in a new world with Charlie. A life without anything to spoil her happiness. But destiny had brought her back to the point where she began her journey. Why? She wondered. But she had no choice. Now she had to manage to talk to Viktor privately and let him know about her plans. 

Viktor was already standing in front of the stone house with his hands in his pocket. His face seemed to be washed with certain unexplainable pain. The way he looked at the house made her shiver. The look had a touch of sadness, pain and- she might be mistaken- hunger. Behind her, Matthew and Richard struggled over the dickey of the muggle car. They hadn’t figured out that the dickey had a keyhole and were pushing the backside of the car with tremendous force. Amy rolled her eyes, irritated. Her brothers were always like that. Why was she so different from all of her family? Was she adopted? But she could not be. Her parents would not adopt any kid whose blood status was unknown and now it was illegal to ask the orphanage for the kid’s blood status.

“Hey, Amy, we could do a little help,” panted Matthew, wiping her forehead with a white handkerchief. Richard was resting against the back of the car, breathing fast and heavily. Amy folded her hands and gave them a sharp look. They didn’t need any other answer. They shrugged her off and got back to work. Disgusted, Amy turned back to Viktor, who was still staring at the house intently. Amy walked to him slowly and rested her palm against his broad shoulders. 

“What’s going on? Everything okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He replied hoarsely.

But Amy wasn’t to be fooled. 

“It’s okay, you can tell me,” she continued with a smile, “I won’t tell anyone. I’m not that type of girl. I mean I’m not like the girls who gossip. I just like to help people out of their emotional problems. I’m an expert. Each and every friend of mine says that I’m even better than the Mental Healers in St Mungo’s. They are too sympathetic. I don’t give sympathy, I give motivation. You know moral support?”

 “Please don’t talk,” he said icily, “because I don’t tell my problems to anyone. But for now, you are my problem. Do you have a solution?”

“Oh, don’t be so sulky now,” she pleaded, “I know I’ve dragged you in a huge mess, but trust me. We’ll sort everything out. I’d tell my family that I want to marry you and we met during my trekking trip with friends. They’d accept you, because you happen to be a pure-blood luckily. Then we can flee in the night!”

“Wow! Ne moga da povyarvam. Tova e vashiyat plan. Tova nyama da go bude.” Viktor said in a sarcastic tone and sighed. Amy seized his hand and made him face her.

“Hello, why are you overreacting mister? Don’t curse me in Bulgarian, okay? You’re really the rudest person I’ve even known!”

“Do you speak my language?” he asked.


“Then how could you tell that I cursed? All that I said was- I cannot believe this. This is your plan. It won’t work.”

Amy felt flattered, but didn’t show anything on her face. Instead, she decided to let him have some time. She was sure he was going to tell her what was wrong with him eventually. Everyone did.

“Well, if you don’t want to say anything, then don’t. I think it’s time to enter the house.” She winked, walked back towards the car and thrust the key into the keyhole. Matthew and Richard watched with amazement as the dickey opened swiftly. 

“Take my bags out, you muttonheads,” she snapped, “Vik, where is your stuff? I mean clothes and everything.”

“It’s back in Bulgaria,” he replied. “I was going to owl my maid and tell her to send my bag here. Do you have an owl?”

“Yes, we have one.” She said, but she wasn’t sure if their old owl Wispy could fly to Bulgaria. But maybe they could escape to Hogsmeade and then get one of the international owls on rent. Until then, Viktor could use her father’s clothes. Matthew and Richard were too thin for him. He was much broader and taller than they were. No doubt he was hotter than her brothers. All of her female friends worshipped every leaked shirtless picture of him in gossip magazines. 

“Are you coming or what?” Richard asked, pulling her back in reality. She looked around, startled to realize that the three of them were already inside the front gates.

“Yeah, of course.” She murmured, following Richard inside.

The dinner that night turned out to be extra delicious. Wiggly was apparently in a good mood that night. He hardly showed his cooking skills off, but this time; even Viktor had to admit that he had never eaten anything like that. The table was beautifully decorated with the family’s old decorating material, the expensive dinner set was taken out and the food was served with care. Amy knew that he was happy because she was getting married. Amy was the only one of all the family who was kind with Wiggly and the poor thing liked her more than anyone. She felt guilty while drinking Butterbeer Wiggly had bought in haste and the taste was gone. She couldn’t utter a word throughout the dinner. She didn’t know what was happening to her. Everyone looked so happy! Though she hated Matthew and Richard, it wasn’t easy to lie so much to them. They had owled their parents, who were away and her parents had instantly replied that they will be there tomorrow. She had never lied to anyone so much. She sighed and sipped some more Butterbeer. It looked like she had to keep on lying until they get a chance to flee.

Amy glanced at Viktor, who was sipping from his glass silently. Viktor was weirdly silent from the moment they entered the house. Amy knew that he was never talkative, but this silence wasn’t the usual one. He was sad. She could tell something had happened to him. She was a stranger girl and she had dragged him into a huge mess, still he wasn’t a bit angry at her. He was playing along. This was very weird. Amy thought that they needed to talk. As Viktor put his glass down, she said hastily,

“Are you done, Viktor? I think it’s time to sleep.”

Matthew coughed loudly and Richard tried unsuccessfully to stifle a laugh. Amy turned towards them and raised an eyebrow.

“What?” she demanded.

“It looks like both of you are really sleepy.” Snorted Richard.

“Shut up,” said Amy, a bit flattered. She was used to their jokes and teasing, but this was very embarrassing. Especially when you are not in relationship with the guy they are talking about. 

“I’m done.” Muttered Viktor without any reaction. Amy silently got up and lead him to her bedroom, trying to ignore Matthew’s coughs.

“I am sick of you!” Viktor said in an angry whisper. He was pacing the room fiercely with quick steps. He didn’t know how else to express his irritation and anger. “Are you mentally challenged or what? You told them we are a couple? As in I’m your godenik? I mean future husband?”

“I’m sorry, please calm down,” Amy pleaded, who was sitting on the bed, hugging her knees.

“Don’t tell me to calm down, Miss Weinberg,” Viktor snapped, “You’re the most hopeless woman I’ve ever seen! Don’t you think of consequences of what you do? You can run away, you can go anywhere on earth and marry anyone you like. But I can’t. I’m well-known and I have some public reputation though I don’t really care about it.”

“I know,” she said, “but it’s just a matter of few days. We can tell we broke up. I hate Quidditch, if that helps. I broke your broomstick and you got mad at me. We fought and we broke up! That’s all.”

“It’s not that easy!” he said fiercely. “I don’t want to be linked to anyone.”

Amy shrugged and gave him an apologizing look. He ran his hand through his hair and settled down on a chair beside the bed. He held his head in his hands. He looked so hurt and helpless that Amy felt bad for him. He had helped her so much throughout the day and she was bossing him around. She had also ruined his social reputation now. She slowly moved herself across the bed so that she could come closer to him chair and placed her hand on his lightly. 

“Hey,” she said, “I’m sorry and you don’t need to worry yourself. We’d work something out.”

“No, I am sorry,” he murmured in broken voice. He raised his head slowly and looked directly into her eyes. He sighed and sunk into the chair deeper. 

“What are you sorry for?” she asked, confused.

He looked at her and gave a faint smile. 

“I-I wasn’t angry at you. Actually I’m glad you’ve brought me here. You’re distracting me and that’s what I wanted. You know what; I don’t even care about my social reputation.”  He spoke in rush. Amy raised her eyebrows with surprise.


“Yes. I’m just sick of myself and my life. I’m mad at me. I’m my biggest problem and I just hate myself!” He said intently. “I feel that I should die, I must die.”

Amy was taken aback with his unexpected behavior. This emotional side of Viktor Krum was totally unknown to her. But she thought that he was really worried about something and his mind was filled with negative thoughts about himself. She felt he needed to talk about whatever was worrying him.

“Why?” she asked softly, “I don’t get you, Viktor. Are you serious? You have been given a wonderful life. You’re so famous, you’re so- you know- hot, you’re rich… any girl on the planet will rush here to marry you.”

He gave a shallow laugh.

“But the girl I love would never do that.”

“Who?” she asked curiously. Viktor was often linked with many girls by reporters, but none was confirmed as his girlfriend. His statement made her extremely curious.

“She was different; different than any other girl on the planet. You know what; the female fans who claim to be in love with me never know me. But she did. She and only she had access to this emotional side of Viktor Krum. I had never opened up before anyone until I met her. She didn’t love me, but she had something; something which others don’t have.”

Amy listened with a sad, knowing smile on her face. She had guessed that some bad experiences had made Viktor so stern and detached. She was eager to know more about his love and it looked like Viktor was finally opening up before her.



Another chapter! I know nothing much happened in this one and I should’ve included Viktor’s confessions right here, but I don’t like too big chapters. So enjoy this right now and I promise you’d get more to read soon. =] I’m trying to keep this novel updated in spite of my busy non-HPFF life, so please be patient if I take too long to update! =]

Thanks for your endless support to my favorite story!


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Just Go With It: Planning


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