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The Snake by free elf 25
Chapter 2 : A First Morning
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In the end, we had collected eleven more ‘minions’ (as Dom put it) to our Ravenclaw 'empire' (as I put it). We then ate as much food as possible, disregarding all the disgusted looks we received and concentrating on how amazing the food at Hogwarts was. I swear those elves spike it with something, and you know what? I really couldn’t care less. When we had devoured the majority of the food our end of the table, I led the first years to our dormitory, singing ‘Whore-crux’ as loud as I could with as many flat notes as possible, Dom doing the harmonies and sound effects. Yeah, I am a prefect. Sixth Year prefect. Dom…not so much.

When we arrived at the portrait, she asked ‘Give me food and I shall live. Give me water and I shall die. Tell me what I am’

The riddles had gotten incredibly easier after the war; I’m guessing a stunning spell.

“You are fire.” I answered, barely bothering to see if she congratulated me as I pushed the door open. She also repeated the passwords every few months, so you eventually learnt to keep record of the answers.

“Rules for the password- just think carefully and it’ll come to you. Anyway, McGonagall said we’re getting proper passwords next year like the other houses.” Dom shouted out to the impatient cluster of first years. The pair at the front stared at me in horror, obviously having not understood the question. I guess you can’t really give a fire food, but still.

At the end of the day I and Dom finally got to our dorms, collapsing on the parallel beds. These had been our ‘stations’, as Liz called them, since first year. The other girls in our dorm were Liz Crook, Petunia Larke and Hermione Brown. She was the only girl in our entire year named after Hermione, which Dom still found extremely awkward. Hermione was her Aunt, after all. Well, her Dad’s brother’s wife, which I think is counted as Aunt, even though there’s no blood between them.

“God. I can’t believe we have two more years of this pit.” Dom sighed, picking at the duvet cover with her manicured nails.

“Admit it Dom. You might think you’ll go running for the hills, but you’re going to miss it like hell.”

“Maybe. But mostly the food. I’m gonna miss the food like hell.”

We sat in silence for a few moments, imagining the endless options of mouth-watering delights, despite the fact our stomachs were already bloated past painful.

“Idea. We go our separate ways, getting jobs and shit, and then meet up five years after graduation, rich as fuck. We collaborate, live in a gigantic mansion in the country, armed with spells so the weather’s never manky, and we get an army of house elves to cook for us.”

Dom considered it.

“If the mansion is, like, made out of the food, then hell yeah.”

“Like that witch from Hansel and Gretel?” I wondered, remembering the tale. It’s not much of a happy ending- the children end up as murderers and their father is a fool who craves love and affection, and would probably dump them all over again at the prospect of marriage.

“Yeah. We’ll live in a muggle community, and scare the fuck out of everyone around us. We’ll be, like, the witches of…whatever-the-place-is-called.”




“We’re rich bachelorettes. I think we’ll come up with something.”

I smiled faintly, feeling the chocolaty desserts take their toll, and my eyes flutter.

“Do you…do you think Scorpius likes me…like I like him?”

Dom was silent for a few seconds.

“Yes. But he’s a guy, so you need to give him time. But I’ll be right beside you to keep Rose’s manky claws out of his reserved skin.”

Barely bothering to remove my uniform and slip on an oversized t-shirt on top of my underwear, I slipped into a void of darkness and blood-curdling snarls.

"Wake up, Claw Girl 2.0!"

"We agreed to a) never use those names ever again, and that b) I am Claw Girl 1."

Dom sighed heavily, dropping the pillow she held ready for ambush.

"How much sleep did you get last night, Tam?"

"Enough." I replied simply, tossing away my covers and walking to the bathroom. The two other girls, who were brushing their teeth or shaving their pits, looked me up and down and quickly moved over.

My hair looked like a bird's nest. Except bird nests can actually be impeccably neat, so it looked like someone had stuck a small bomb in it overnight, and my hair had acted as a cover, sacrificing all chances of glossiness and basic beauty. It was dry, frantic, and vaguely looked like Dom's Aunts (Weasley side- Veela's don't have this problem) had been shoved in an extremely hot sauna with no hair protection.


"You sound like a cat when you do that." Dom said helpfully from the door, watching as I cast charm after charm, gritting my teeth as the magic tugged my hair this way and that.

"Thanks Dommikins. I'll keep that remark in mind next time you squeal at a bloody spider."

She shivered at the word, finishing my hair in a simple swish.

"Move your ass. We don't have all day. It's our first day, and we have to look presentable!" She smiled, tossing a shirt at me.

"Urrgh." Was all I replied, sticking my toothbrush in my mouth while trying to wriggle on my uniform.

"I still can't believe you dropped Potions." I sighed, hopping down the stairs to keep up with her pace.

"I hate Potions Tam. It's...stupid. Absolutely ridiculous. Where in Tante Gabrielle's clothing empire am I going to have to brew up some Amortentia or the Draught of Death?"

"Well, if some of your costumers were super prissy and just messing around, you could slip some in their coffee and-"

"Get sent to Azkaban because of my psychopathic best friend. Let's just eat."

I smiled and skipped ahead while she rolled her eyes, cringing at the sight of some of her cousins who were laughing by the Entrance.

"Albus. Fred." She said curtly, trying to escape them as quickly as possible. She and her family...they really didn't get along. They had way too many differences, and ever since Dom beat Rose like the Tornadoes do the Cannons at Quidditch, things just became awkward. This wasn't helped when Victoire ditched Teddy after three years to travel the world with a French (and male) friend of hers, or when Louis sent a hex at Hugo for scratching one of his toys.

Veela + magic + Weasley genes = your worst nightmare.

"Hey Dommikins. We hear Miller beat you for the captain position." Fred smirked, his red tinged locks bouncing carelessly. With his large brown eyes, caramel skin and scruffy brown hair, he could have easily beaten even James Potter in a beauty contest, making him the King of the Seventh Years.

"Miller's a seventh. I'm a sixth. And anyway, it's not like he won't come running to me for help the second trials start." Dom bit back, rolling her eyes at him.

"Hey sexy. Don't think Dommy here's properly introduced us." His gaze switched over to me, eyes glancing up and down my body.

"Hi. I'm Tamara, and I'm not interested." I replied, placing one hand on my hip. Another Wotter, with messy black hair, laughed from beside Fred. He scowled at us before turning to smack the other one over the head.

"Tammy!" I jumped, turning to find Scorpius at my right shoulder.

"Hey Scorp." I smiled back, sliding my hand from my waist and into my other hand, twisting them carelessly in front of me.

"These guys bothering you?" He asked, glaring at Fred, who was now being laughed at by a small cluster of red and messy haired Gryffindors.

"Totally. Sometimes I wish I'd just gone to Beauxbatons like mama suggested." Dom said loudly, catching the attention of the Wotters.

"But then you wouldn't have met me, and I would have been abandoned to the total dorks of the tower."

Dom grinned at me, remembering our name for the other girls back in first year. While we'd been exploring the castle, throwing elaborate parties in the Room of Requirement for just the two of us, and bitching loudly in the common room, the other three had been studying. And playing chess. And studying some more. It was a rare sight to even see them eat without a book.

"Damn right sista. Food?" I nodded, ignoring the annoyed whispers from the Wotters as they reminded each other of all Dom's wrongdoings. Scorpius stayed beside us, talking about something that had happened in the quidditch area over summer.

"Mr Malfoy. To the Slytherin table please; how do you expect us to hand you your timetable if we can't even find you?" Our Potions Master snarled, giving me and Dom an extra glare.

"I think I'd be okay with not receiving it." Scorpius grinned, but when the Professor just looked back unamused, he hurried over to the Slytherin table with a hasty goodbye.

"Did you see his face when he saw Fred? He totally got jealous!" Dom giggled while we sat down at the Claw table.

"I know, right? This is definitely the year. It has to be."

I looked over to the Slytherin table, hoping to catch another glimpse of him. Instead my eyes met a pair of sparkling green, nearly hidden behind a mop of black hair. He grinned at me slyly before disappearing into the sea of red-heads and Gryffindors.

Author's Note

I have been being to update this for, like, nearly a month. But unfortunately not even procrastination could save me from the mound of homework I have been receiving since I got back to school. Two words for you- total urgh. But on the bright side, I eventually got here, and we got a banner! Isn't it pretty? That's Scorp, Tam and Rose on it. Anyway, until next time!

P.S. Mind writing a teeny tiny review for me to squeal over? Just if you wanna.

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