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Mindset by SwiftPotterhead
Chapter 1 : Beginnings
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“Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...” Alaska had been muttering this for most of Arithmancy, why did we choose to take such a tedious class? Ah, Alaska's voice is so soothing. When did she get a soothing voice? And since when were desks this comfortable! It's like my desk was made for me to rest my head on. It's so comfortable and I'm so tired, that midnight trip to the kitchens wasn't a good idea, but the house elves' hot chocolate is just so... so...


"Excuse me, Miss Summers” Professor Vector announced, my eyes snapped open and I shot up immediately at the sound of her voice, knocking over Caroline's bottle of ink in the process.


“Nina!” she protested, frowning at me whilst I pulled out my wand to fix the mess.


“Sorry, sorry” I proclaimed as I quickly muttered the cleaning incantation under my breath, offering Caroline a small smile as the spilled ink disappears from her parchment. I turned when I heard the muffled laughter of my other best friend Alaska, to see her smirking at me. I restrained the impulse to flip her off as I turn back to Professor Vector.




“Am I interrupting something Nina?” she queried, giving me that look she always gives people. You know the one: she has one eyebrow raised and a hand on her hip. She always makes one of her eyes kinda squinty, but not in a funny way, in a scary wow-I-don’t-want-to-get-on-your-bad-side way. Actually it is kinda funny. Okay, it's really funny. Wait why is she looking at me like that. Oh, shit I was smiling. Stop, Nina. Control yourself. You can do it I believe in you just stop smiling. Yes that's it and... did her eye just twitch? Dammit.




“Um, no Professor. Sorry Professor” I stutter, attempting not to look at her eye for too long. How does she even make it that shape? “It won't happen again”.


“I'm sure it won't” she replies as she walks back to her place at the front of the classroom and continues her lecture on the number 12. I blush lightly and turn back to my notes, stopping to elbow Alaska sharply in the ribs when I'm sure Vector isn't looking. She groans and flips me off, before turning back to doodling something small in the corner of her parchment as I watched and tried to figure out if she was drawing a penguin or a pelican. My internal dilemma was rudely interrupted by the sounds of people packing up and leaving class. I quickly gathered my things in my bag and ran after Alaska and Caroline.




“Hey, wait up!” I yell, but they just keep walking. Damn first years, get out of my way! Ugh they're so small how are they so irritating? I can practically see Alaska's smirk and hear Caroline chuckling from here as they listen to me shoving through the first years. Remind me why I'm friends with these people? Suddenly they both stopped walking and turn around, wands in hand.


“She said move it” Caroline shrieked. The first years immediately froze and moved to the sides of the hall, successfully clearing a path for me to walk through. Ah yes, that's why I love those girls. I quickly strut through the petrified first years and hook arms with Alaska and Caroline.


“Ah Coco, Allie, my lovelies! My favourite girls! The two most dynamite ladies in Hogwarts! My simply smash-”


“Okay, we get it- you love us” stated Caroline, effectively cutting me off.


“That I do Coco, that I do” I agreed, grinning widely.


“Stop with the nicknames please” whined Alaska. I have no idea why. I am quite possibly the best nicknamer in the history of ever. Everyone loves my nicknames.


“No they don't” retorted Caroline. Dammit, did I say that out loud? I gotta stop doing that.


“You really do” Alaska smirked. I frowned and smacked them both on the arm before storming off in what I thought was the direction of the Great Hall.


“Oh Nina!” called Coco. I turned dramatically and raised one eyebrow at her, with what I hoped was a fierce look on my face. I probably just looked confused. Ah, well.


“Great Halls this way” she pointed in the opposite direction that I was heading. I huffed and began walking in the direction she pointed.




Ahhhhh!” I yelled. Of course. Of course this happens to me. I have failed in my efforts to be elegant and dramatic. More specifically, I fell.

On my butt.

It hurt.

Just to add to my humiliation, my supposed 'best' friends start hysterically laughing as they walked over to me.


“Shut up you two! Just help me up would you?” I asked as I held up my arms. As Caroline grabbed my left wrist and Alaska my right I smirked and quickly pulled them down with me.






“Why the fu-”


“Language, ladies”


“Piss off Nina!”


There was a moment of silence before we all shared a look and immediately burst out laughing.


“You... should... have seen... your faces” I gasped between fits of laughter. Eventually we managed to control ourselves and stop laughing when we realised how hungry we were. We started running like maniacs through the corridors in an effort to get to the Great Hall before lunch ended.




We walked into the hall laughing, and quickly took our seats at our regular spot on the Ravenclaw table. I know what you're thinking. These nutters, Ravenclaws? Well, I resent your tone. We're actually quite intelligent thank you very much. And sporty too. Alaska and I are both on the quidditch team, as beater as chaser respectively. This year, I actually got promoted to captain. Horrible decision on Flitwicks part, really (I know what you're thinking, hows he still alive? And teaching? Well Hogwarts teachers have a habit of living ridiculously long, just ask Slughorn) but hey, who am I to complain? I get to boss these losers around and lead our team to victory!




“Is she monologuing in her head again?” asked Alaska as she poked me with her spork. Whoa, when did we get sporks?


“I think so” replied Caroline, nodding thoughtfully.


“She does this a lot”


“She does”


“Should we get her help?”


“We probably should, it can't be healthy”


“But we're not going to”


“We're not?”






“Cause it's funny as hell”


At this I turned and threw a piece of chicken at Alaska.


“Hey, not nice.” I stated, pointing an accusing finger at her.


“You're one to talk! You threw chicken at me!” she retorted.


“Whatever. Anyways, for your information, I was not monologuing- I thinking about how badly were gonna crush everyone in quidditch this season!” I yelled that last bit, and it was met with various cheers from the Ravenclaw table, and a boo from a fifth year Hufflepuff.


“Shove off you Puffer! You lot couldn't win the Quidditch Cup if the rest of us played blindfolded” proclaimed Alaska. Several people throughout the hall laughed at her comment as she stood up, took a bow and sat back down, returning to the Caesar salad on her plate. Caroline and I shared a look and shook our heads before we too returned to our meals.





“Hey Nina” a voice from behind me started. I turned to see who had interrupted me from making a smiley face out of my food and was met with the face of Albus Potter and his best friends Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy. Alaska liked to say they were our rivals for the sixth year dynamic trio, but Coco and I payed her no attention. There was no competition, we would smoke those bitches any day.



I quickly realised it had been Albus who spoke and was momentarily caught off guard by the fact that he was talking to me and tried to string together a response. It's not that I was starstruck that the son of the wizarding saviour Harry Potter was speaking to me, I was shocked because Albus and I never usually had conversations outside of potions, where we have been partners since second year.



Oh god how long has it been since he spoke? Uh, quick Nina say something back. Anything. Literally any remotely human sound would be fine at this point.


“Hello Albus, what's up”


Nailed it.


“Not much, we have potions next right?” he asked. Why was he asking me? Rose and Scorpius are both in our potions class and are right next to him. They could easily tell him.


“Yeah we do” I replied, my confusion seeping easily into my tone.


“So, you wanna...?” he gestured to the door. I replied with a look of absolute confusion. What the hell did he want me to do with the door?

“Uh, never mind” he hesitated as he waved and walked out of the Great Hall with Rose and Scorpius beside him. I shook my head and turned back to my friends, who were looking at me with matching looks of sympathy and shock.


“What?” I asked defensively, frowning at the pair. They shared a look before replying,


“Nothing” they chirped in unison, still smiling and shaking their heads at each other as they stood up and got ready to leave.

I don't feel up to decoding my friends at the moment, so I just shrug my shoulders and head out of the Great Hall with them to our next classes. We separated eventually (Alaska and Caroline were taking divination in favour of potions. Totally ridiculous and unravenclaw of them but they don't listen to me and continue to insist that it's a real subject), and I spent the walk to the dungeons by myself, wondering how I ended up with two weirdos who share way too many significant looks as my best friends.


A/N- Hey guys, my namie is Adi and this is the very first chapter of my very first fan fic! I would very much appreciate it if you left your thoughts about this chapter in the review box below x

I hope you guys liked it and want to hear more because I had so much fun writing this and would love to write more for you, if you'll have me.

Stay golden and I'll see you in a bit with a new chapter x x

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