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The Only Test Hermione Granger Ever Failed by Slygrifflepuffclaw
Chapter 7 : The House of Snakes
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A/N: I’d just like to address the issue with the names changing in the last couple of chapters.

 Most of it is me being stupid and not checking back on my own work. The letters however is because Bellatrix wasn't captured for nearly a year after she gave Hermione up. So I assumed she would know what the Grangers' intended to call her I had intended making the Grangers' name her Hermione and that her name while Bellatrix still had here was Sophia, but again I forgot to read through the entire chapter beforehand; so I didn't put it in and the story continued on as if I had. But just to clarify

1. The Grangers' named her Hermione Jean.
2. Bellatrix named her Sophia Andromeda.
3. I have no Idea where I got Hermione Sophia from.
4. I will try to make it less confusing in future chapters.
5. Hermione Sophia may have been a name I originally thought of but later scraped and failed to change.


Hope you enjoy the rest of the story :)




The only test Hermione Granger ever failed.

Chapter 6:

The rest of the summer was fairly mundane. Sirius was giving me lessons on the Black family tree and pureblood culture, so that I don’t make a fool out of myself and blow my cover within the first twelve hours of being in Slytherin. Although on the plus side the chamber of secrets would be a great place to study when Malfoy and his goons got too annoying.


Flitwick was training me in duelling and Snape and Moody were training me in the dark arts for when Bellatrix was finally broken out and I could be a full time spy and I partly wished that my father would hurry up so that I could finally talk to my mother in person. Progress was slow on both fronts, as they wanted me to be able to stand against most of the inner circle if not my father himself.


Finally it was September the first. Between the lessons, and trying to get Harry to trust me again, which was nearly back to what it was. Ginny and the Twins had warmed back up to me almost instantly after the figured out that all that had changed was the fact that I knew who my real parents were and my appearance. Ron was…well he was being Ron. He stopped talking when I entered the room and then went off to sulk after about five minutes of waiting for me to leave again.


I wrote a letter to my muggle parents, explaining that I knew that I was adopted and would be home at some point over the Christmas holidays and we could talk about it then.


Balthazar was less than impressed when he was told that we’d be leaving for Hogwarts. The house was so old and the Black house elf was lazy and just went round cursing Sirius all day the place was infested with rats and all manner of nice things snakes like to eat. But he went into his tattoo form on my arm anyway, with some nondescript hissing.


Unlike usual, with Moody running the protection detail for Harry and me on the way to the train; so the Weasley’s were actually at the station with more than a few minutes to spare. Sirius followed us even though he wasn’t supposed to and gave Harry a photo of the original Order. I just hugged him tight. I didn’t think anything needed to be said. When I pulled away I could see his eyes watering.


“Just promise me one thing Sirius…” He nodded trying to hold back the tears. “…At least try to stay out of trouble!”


He let out his barking laugh and wrapped me up in another hug “I’m so proud of you Sophia and I’m sure your mother is too” I nodded and he turned back into a dog and trotted on beside Tonks. I hung back with Harry and Ginny.


“When we get to the platform I’m going to have to hang around with all the Slytherins.” I said as we approached the barrier. “Please fill Neville in on what’s going on. I don’t want him to hate me because of what happened to his parents.” They both nodded. Ron just let out an affirmative grunt behind me.


I gave a small wave once we were on the other side and went into the ladies with Tonks to change my appearance, with Sirius standing guard outside. I left the toilets and walked up towards the section of the train where all the Slytherins tended to sit. It seemed different to the rest of the train all of the seats were Slytherin green. I nearly all the compartments were full. I ducked into the only empty one I could find. Everything was quiet until just after we pulled out of the station, when I was visited by Malfoy and the goon squad.


“Hey! New girl this section of the train is for Slytherins ONLY so get down to the Mudbloods and Muggle lovers in Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.” Draco sneered as he came in and sat down on the seat opposite me and looked at me expectantly as Crabbe and Goyle sat down next to him.


“Well Draco if that’s how you treat family I’d hate to be your enemy.” I said coolly. He was stunned, gobsmacked, mouth hanging open.


“What do you mean family? I’m not related to you…I’d know.” He shot back in a tone that reminded me of Ron.


Suddenly there was a sound from the door of the compartment. “Draco you wouldn’t know who your family was if your tapestry came and slapped you in the face.” Taunted Daphne Greengrass as she came into the compartment and plopped herself down beside me, and held out her hand “Daphne Greengrass; and you are?”


“Sophia Black. Pleased to meet you.” I said shaking her hand.

She was about to speak again, but Draco interrupted. “So you’re…?”


“Auntie Bella’s little girl, yes. Now hush so the girls can chat.” I said. He looked at me stunned. It was probably the first time someone other than Lucius or Snape had stood up. He mumbled something about ‘going to torment Potter’ and left with Crabbe and Goyle.



“That was bloody brilliant.” Said Daphne, who nearly fell out of her seat with giggles. “It’s about time someone stood up to Draco. I really hope that you’re in Slytherin with me and Tracey. This is going to be a great year!”


The rest of the journey was rather uneventful. We were joined by Tracey Davis and Pansy Parkinson, who both burst out laughing at the story about Draco. Who later came to apologize for his behaviour and skulked off again without another word.


“So Sophia, where did you go to school before Hogwarts?” asked Tracey as she finished off a chocolate frog from the sweet trolley.


“Well I went to the Salem institute of Magic in America for a couple of years, but the whole transatlantic travel thing was weighing down on me so I decided that I wanted to go to Hogwarts. Also it makes it easier to visit Mum if I’m in Britain.” There was silence after I said the last bit.


“So she really is you’re your mum then?” Pansy half whispered across the compartment. I nodded we fell into silence again. We stayed virtually silent for the next half hour, until we got to the station. “I have to go with thee first years to get sorted but I’ll see you in the common room later. “ I called out as I left the compartment. I heard Daphne shout a ‘We’ll see’ as I left the train and made my way towards Hagrid.


“Ah Ms Black that’s the last of the new students. Right First years! And transfer student! He said in his usual booming voice. “Follow me to the boats. Four to a boat and no pushing, I ‘ave not lost a student to the Giant squid yet and I’m not planning to.” We all got into the boats. “Right, off we go then.” I heard Hagrid say as the boats started off.


About twenty minutes later, all dried and surrounded by excited first years, I stood in front other massive door into the Great Hall. McGonagall stood in front of the throng of new students. “They are ready for you now. Ms Black you will be sorted last.” She said before leading us through the large doors into the familiar hall. The sorting of the first years didn’t take too long and soon we were at ‘Zambini, Clover.” who went to Slytherin.


Then I was left alone standing in the centre aisle. Then Dumbledore stood. “And this year we have a transfer student from the Salem Institute of Magic in New England America, I trust that you will treat her as if she has been here all along.” Then he nodded to McGonagall who read out the last name on the long list “Black, Sophia Andromeda.” She called out and the general din died down. The entire hall was so silent you could hear a pin drop. There hadn’t been a transfer student to Hogwarts in nearly a century. My Shoes clicked of the stone floor as I walked up to the stool and sat down waiting for McGonagall to put the damned hat on my head.


“Hello again Ms Black. Do you wish to make them wait or get it over with?”


“Let them wait.”  I thought as I sat on the stool.


Nearly ten minutes later the hat was still sitting there humming and then…”SLYTHERIN!!!” McGonagall took the hat off my head and I went to sit next to Daphne at the Slytherin table.


After the feast Dumbledore stood again and approached his Lectern. “Many of you may be wondering why the black banners from Cedric Diggory’s Memorial Service are still hanging over the house tables instead of the traditional house colours. I will now tell you. The hearts of Gryffindor House will be heave tonight as over the summer we lost not only Cedric Diggory but another of our brightest lights, Hermione Granger and her parents died in a car crash on the twenty third of August last. Our only consolation is that she died instantly and felt no pain. As a result of this classes will begin a day late as we will hold a memorial service for her tomorrow, an act Ms Granger will surely comeback and haunt me for.” He let out a small sad laugh and turned his head away from the Gryffindor table. “In slightly happier news, I would like to announce some staffing changes. Professor Hagrid is to remain at his post as it was uncovered that the numerous accusations against him made by several member of Slytherin house were found to be completely false, when they were investigated under Veritaserum.” He turned to glare at the Slytherin table. “In other news I would like to introduce our new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher Professor Umbridge. Now Mister Filtch would like me to remi…”


Hem, hem” we all looked at the woman dressed in all pink, no one ever interrupted the headmaster during his speeches, and even the Slytherins who loved to see Dumbledore suffer were looking around confused. “Thank you headmaster for your warm words of welcome…” Ten minutes later her message was clear. The Ministry was interfering at Hogwarts.


After Umbridge’s rather obvious ‘we’re seizing control of the school’ speech, Dumbledore finished off his usual announcements (forbidden forest is still forbidden, no magic in the corridors, prefects lead the first years to the dormitories) and we all went off to bed. Because of the incident with the cat hair I hadn’t seen the Slytherin Common room. SO naturally it was the only part of the castle that could take me by surprise. As I stepped through the opening in the wall, which the password was Salazar, but I wondered if it was like the Chamber where I could speak to it in Parseltounge.


We weren’t even in the common room two minutes before Professor Snape came through the opening, his long black cloak billowing out behind him. Everyone stood in lines firsties at the front Seventh years at the back. “Welcome back to another year” he drawled out. “And welcome to the new editions to this house…… I feel the need to remind certain individuals in the upper years and enlighten the new first years to the fact that Slytherin House is ONE unit. If you have an issue with one of your fellow housemates, it is dealt with inside these four walls……I expect everyone to remember that, and that I do not have to bring it up again until this time next year when telling those first years……You are all dismissed, except for you Ms Black, I wish to speak with you.” I nodded and followed him out of the room down towards his office. Once inside he sat down at his desk and looked across the table. “Your Dark-Arts tutoring will continue and you are also going to be learning occlumency to prepare you for when you meet your father. Also there has been news from the Dark Lord… The breakout your mother referenced when she told Dumbledore that she was ready to start spying is due to happen just after Christmas, with any luck we should be ready for you to start by then, if not Easter and have the dark mark by the time school starts again after Easter. Goodnight Ms Granger.”  I hurried back to the common room, rushing straight up to the fifth year girls’ dormitory. Pansy and Tracey were already in bed and Daphne was up sitting on her bed reading the new charms textbook.


“Hey Daphne, do you know what’s going on tomorrow with the memorial service?” I asked casually as I plopped down on what I assumed was my bed.


“Yeah… It’ll start at eleven. The whole school will sit in sections,with their head of houses. Slytherins and Gryffindors at the front Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw with the rest of the staff apart from Dumbledore will be at the back of the hall.” She said her voice full of sadness. “Sorry, I’m getting emotional. This is the second one of these we’ve had this year. I know a lot of my house didn’t like Granger all that much, but I looked up to her… apart from being a Gryffindor she was everything I aspired to be… and now she’s gone, just like that.” She was nearly crying, I went over and hugged her. If this was what my ‘death’ was doing to the Slytherins what was it going to do to the Gryffindors (who didn’t know what was going on obviously).


“It’s ok Daphne. Everything is going to be okay. You just need to keep your head held high tomorrow, okay... Daphne?” I looked down at the blond haired girl on my shoulder. She was asleep.

I lay her down on her bed and sat down on my own.


Balthazar slithered out from beneath my sleeve and coiled himself into a ball at the end of my bed. “Whatssss wrong sssspeaker” He asked as I got into the bed. “I’m starting to doubt my choices, to appear as dead to the rest of the world and I’m still right her.” I hissed out in the parseltounge equivalent of a sigh.


“Yessss but it is our choicessss that make ussss who we are. You mussst assssk yourself do you truly belong in the housssse of ssssnakes and more importantly can we ssssurvive here?” he hissed. I looked over at Daphne, tearstains plastered all over face. Then I remembered how Draco had gotten once he found out who I was…


“Yesss, I think we will do quite well here, I just misssss my old friendssss.” I replied before turning out the light and falling asleep.


A/N: And that’s chapter 6! Please review and tell me what you thought, or if you though I could do something different.


The people who have been asking if this is going to be a femslash fic’ the decision has been made, but I’m gonna be mean and not tell you.


Also ALL of my chapters are posted nearly immediately after they are finished (+5min proof read). I’m writing two other stories as well so the update process is slow. However I’m doing State exams this year so I’ll be studying a lot with all the other stuff I do it’s going to leave a lot less time for writing so less chapters :(



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