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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 30 : Chapter Thirty
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A/N For all of you who have stuck with me and Flick this far, and for those who have joined the journey. Thank you so much!!

These days I honestly feel like crying. What with the stress and worry of my NEWT's, the shit that Hattie keeps causing and the constant worry about Al finding out, I just want to scream from the rooftops. Oh and add it the fact that the gang is falling apart and you've got a giant ball of worry and stress that is currently bugging me.

I wish I could just leave and go home to be with Bentley and Aubri, but I can't do that. I have to stay to sit my exams and to be there for my friends. As I was walking to Muggle Studies I could hear Albus calling my name. I didn't stop because for the past two weeks I haven't been speaking to him. Mainly because of  Hattie causing shit between Rose and Scorp and of course the fact he still hasn't broken up with her, despite our little kissing sessions that seem to keep happening.

"Flick, I know you can hear me so just stop please?" Al pleaded as I walked a bit faster.

"Haven't you got a lesson to go to?" I shot back as I turned the corner.

"No free period," he replied with a smirk as he caught up with me and was by my side, his hand reaching out for mine. Before I could stop him or pull away, he pushed me into a tapestry on what I thought was a wall, but as it turned out it was a secret passage way.

Al had me up against the wall and his lips crashed down on mine and everything in my body seemed to explode at his touch. "I told you to wait up," he eventually whispered in my ear which made me tingle because his breathe was hot and sounded heavy.

My bag fell off my shoulder and dropped to the floor and I allowed my hands to find the bottom of his jumper and un-tucked shirt before tracing the hard muscles of his chest and stomach which were tense until I brushed over them. He kissed me again and this time I responded.

When we broke apart, we were both breathing heavy and our hearts were racing. "We have got to stop this, Al. I'm still mad at you."

"Why?" he questioned as he trailed little kisses up the side of my neck and collarbone which made me shiver.

"You know why." I managed to say.

"Y'know, I'm starting to think we should get a little plaque that reads Al and Flick's secret kissing spot," Al joked. "Since we seem to spend a fair bit of time in these secret passageways."

I pushed him away. "Al, I am not being your bit on the side forever. I'm not with anyone, I have nothing to lose, but you're with Hattie and either you dump her or whatever we've got is gone."

Before I could say anything else we were kissing again and my brain seemed to go to mush. Somewhere above us the bell rang signalling the end of lunch but neither us of stopped and neither of us broke away.

When we eventually broke apart, I had to re-arrange my shirt and tie and pull my cardigan back around my shoulders as Al re-buttoned his shirt and pulled his jumper back on, smirking as he did so.

"Stop that," I hissed at him as I picked my bag up from where it had fallen.

"Stop what?" he asked smugly as he picked his own bag back up.

"Smirking," I replied as I looked at my watch. "Shit! I'm late for class," I told him as I span around. He caught me and he kissed me one last time. "Al stop it!" I murmured as I hit his chest.

Al called after me as I walked away from him. "See you later, Fliss, here after Defence?"

"Piss off!" I yelled back to him as I broke out into a run. I stumbled into Muggle Studies twenty minutes late and did the walk of shame to my seat in between Dom and Scorp who both looked at me with curiosity. I shrugged at them as I got my stuff out.

"I'd like you to stay at the end of the lesson, Miss Saunders, to copy up the notes. I'm sure Miss Weasley or Mr Malfoy will lend them to you," Professor Weasley informed me.

I nodded in response. "Yes, Professor."

She smiled at me and then turned back to the black board on which she was writing. "As I was saying we are going to be going on a trip in the Easter Holidays." There was a small groan from those near the front but Hermione just ignored them. "We will be going away for five days and each day I will be setting you a different tasks to do with the muggle world and how they live."

She came around giving us each a letter, some of them were addressed to parents as some of them were still seventeen and others like Scorpius' were addressed to him. Both mine and Dom's were to our parents because we're not yet eighteen although in three days time I will be and Dom will be next month.

"Enclosed in the envelope is a list of items you will need to take as well as information about the trip. You will be going home for Easter as normal and then we will meet in the Leaky Cauldron on the Tuesday of the second week. We will be coming back to Hogwarts on the Sunday. As the time gets closer we will be discussing what muggles like to do when they go on holiday."

I let out a small sigh and carried on taking down the notes that were on the board.

"Today we will be recapping why muggles need electricity. I myself live in a a house that is fitted with muggle electricity and I own muggle electronics, do any of you?"

I put my hand up as did five others and then Professor Weasley went around asking what sort of electrical items we used. I knew the rest of the lesson was going to drag, especially as I had to stay an extra twenty minutes.


Once I finished copying up and had started part of my homework I showed Professor Weasley and she nodded. "Next time Miss Saunders, I expect you to be on time."

"Sorry, Professor, I lost track of time," I explained which was true in a way.

She nodded and excused me, I left and as soon as I was out the door I was ambushed by Dom and Rose. They linked arms with me, so I was in the middle and they both smiled at me.

"We're having some girly time before dinner," Dom informed me as they steered me down the corridor. It was only when we reach the end and turned the corner did I remember what Al had said about being behind the tapestry.

I stopped. "I'll be back now," I told them as I wriggled free. "I left one of my books in the classroom."

I started to go back down the corridor and from behind me Dom shouted, "Yeah we'll just wait here. It's fine."

I just waved my hand and ran down the corridor before turning down the side passage, I spotted the tapestry and went over to it. I pulled my wand out and tapped it, which made it rise.

Al was sat on the floor slumped against the wall, a book on his lap. He was doing a spell as I walked over to him. "See I knew you'd come," he said smugly and I playfully hit him.

"That's not the reason; I'm off with Rose and Dom for girl time. But I needed to tell you something." Al put his book away and stood up, putting his hands on my shoulders after stowing his wand in his pocket. As I was finding words to say it, I started to fiddle with the charms on my bracelet, trying not to look Al in the eye. "Al we can't keep doing this. Like I said earlier I'm not being your bit on the side forever. I'm not doing this again until you're a single guy. No more kisses, no more flirting."

I looked up into his green eyes which reminded me so much of Aubri to see sadness in them. I lent up and kissed him on the cheek. "Let me know when you've decided who you want," I left without another word, or a backwards glance. I headed back to Rose and Dom pretending to stuff one of my books into my bag. "Let's go," I said with a smile.


I was lying on my bed with a face pack on as well as two cucumber slices on my eyes, Dom was on her bed doing exactly the same thing and Rose was sat on a bean bag between our two beds painting her nails when there was a loud knock on our door. None of us moved or attempted to get it because somehow we all knew who it was.

"Rose, I know you're in there, please can we talk about this?" Scorpius called through the wood.

None of us said anything although I did glance at Dom who pulled a face at me and I laughed quietly.  Rose didn't seem fazed by the fact that he was doing everything but blowing the door of its hinges to try and speak to her.

There was another thump on the wood. "Please come out, Ro, we need to talk."

I think I must have fallen asleep as when I opened my eyes, one of the cucumber slices had fallen off and Dom was lying with her head hanging off the end of her bed as Rose painted her toes for her.

"Ignoring him is not going to solve anything, Rosie,"  I told her since it was obvious she hadn't been to see Scorp, and then realised I should probably take my own advice as ignoring Albus isn't going to make him break up with Hattie any sooner. Although, a little voice at the back of brain chimed in, he may get kissing withdrawal. I laughed silently, is that even a thing? I wondered.

Rose simply shrugged. "I haven't decided yet if I'll forgive him or not. He cheated, it's simple either I trust him to believe it's over or I let him lie to me and crush my heart. Now if you two are ready, I'd quite like some dinner."

I laughed as I went to wash the stuff off of my face. We had to wait for Dom who put on a pair of flips flops as she didn't want to ruin her freshly painted toes and together we headed to the great hall for dinner.

A/N Okay so I'm really excited for the next chapter because there is drama, but I have a feeling some of you may hate me. It's also going to be a bit different as instead of just having Al's POV at the end it changes between Flick, Al's and Hattie's POV throughout.

Up next - A revelation that could change everything and lots of drama.

Edited - 16.07.2014

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