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Like Rain by LillyRoseanne
Chapter 5 : Unrelenting
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As predicted, the Quidditch match so far had been brutal. What was supposed to be a fairly bright Saturday dawned overcast, and within half an hour of the match starting had deteriorated into steady rain.

The Slytherin Beaters seemed to have decided that the best defence was to attack the Gryffindor Beaters, they clearly hoped that once injured they could monopolise the field and start picking off the other players one by one. Unfortunately for them the Gryffindor beaters were far too good for this tactic to even be conceivable.

Against Hufflepuff it might work.

Just then Roxanne hit a Bludger at one of the Slytherin Chasers, he miss-dodged and it hit the handle of his broom. The broom smashed and he was sent careering towards the ground where he landed with a thud. But that didn’t distract Roxanne, what did was a streak of red and gold that streaked past her face, swiftly followed by another, of green and sliver.

I could hear the roar of the crowd building as the seekers got closer and closer to the snitch. Roxanne didn’t let that affect her, as another Slytherin Chaser headed towards the goalposts.

“Higgs, Chaser!” she shouted, passing a Bludger to her counterpart, which he promptly hit at the Chaser who dropped the Quaffle before he could score. She then went after the other Bludger which she hit at the Slytherin Seeker.

As he swerved to avoid it, the snitch moved the other way, into Gryffindor’s favour.

“GRYFFINDOR WINS!” Came the amplified voice of the commentator. “230 to 70! Looks like the Party is in Gryffindor tower tonight!”

That it was. Somehow Roxanne managed to smuggle me into it, not that anyone complained, they knew who I was with, but the fat Lady wouldn’t have been happy about it. Although I think there was some kind of bribery involved as she was extremely merry by the time I got there let alone by the time I left (also extremely merry) at ridiculous o’clock in the morning.

It didn’t take long for the party to be in full swing, and I had to admit, Gryffindor knew how to throw a party. Someone had managed to get hold of crates upon crates of Butterbeer and even some Firewhiskey, which of course the team guarded like it was gold until a third year got hold of it. Whereupon he drank most of the bottle, promptly fell asleep and was taken to bed by the ever responsible Head Boy, Fred.

The rest of the bottle was shared out between those who wanted any, myself and Roxanne among them, much to her brother’s disapproval.

I must admit that I mixed ours with pumpkin juice, firstly to make it last longer, secondly to make it taste better. I didn’t think I’d become a regular drinker of it any time soon, Roxanne, however, complained as clearly she liked it straight.

At 3am we were told to go to bed, and I was escorted out of Gryffindor tower by their head of house along with a few other Ravenclaws I didn’t even realise were there and some Hufflepuffs. From the angry muttering I heard at the head of the group the Fat Lady would be in a lot of trouble when she awoke from her merriment induced slumber.

The group of Ravenclaws that arrived back in the common room with me didn’t feel like going to bed either.

“You could have got a few more of us into that Party you know.” Said a sultry voice from the shadows behind me. The owner of the voice slunk over to the sofa where I was sprawled and handed me a glass before adding an amber liquid that I knew to be Firewhiskey.

“Look I don’t really like…” some pumpkin juice joined it in the glass. “Thanks I guess.” I drank some, it wasn’t as bad as it had been earlier but it still burned my throat.

“Best thing for it is to keep going once you’ve started.” She said and sat down. Through heavy eyes and too much drink I couldn’t really see who it was. “Shall we play a game?” she asked the few of us who were still awake.

“What kind of game?” someone asked.

“Well with a bottle or two of Firewhiskey a drinking game might be fun.” She said sweetly. I don’t remember what happened really but it involved a lot of rules that I couldn’t seem to get the hang of.

Within half an hour I was at least 4 times more drunk than I had been when I left Gryffindor tower and was drinking the Firewhiskey straight.

“I need some food.” Said a sixth year as he lay on his back on the rug in front of me.

“That sounds like a plan.” said the girl sitting on the sofa next to me. “I’ll go, come on you.” She said pushing my leg off the sofa. “Let’s go.”

For some reason I did as I was told and stumbled after her.

“You two are definitely going to get caught.” Came a voice from behind us just before the entrance to the common room cut off all sound.

She took my hand and led me down the corridor; suddenly she stopped and backed up a little. She looked around and saw a tapestry to our right. She pushed me behind it first and then followed.

“What?” I mumbled, she put a finger to my lips.

“Peeves.” She whispered in my ear.

I remember thinking that she was standing awfully close and that the tapestry was probably not the best place to hide unless we were going to stand side by side which we weren’t, and she seemed to be hugging me rather tightly.

But I didn’t say anything.

We stood there for ages, until I realised that she was stroking my back, her hand had slid underneath my jumper and was slowly pulling my t-shirt away from my jeans.

I couldn’t hear a sound, so I tried to move away but she pulled me closer. Her other hand found the hairline on my neck and she started stroking my hair gently. Despite myself, I began to relax and she kissed me. She pulled my shirt and jumper over my head and deposited it on the floor.

In my drunken stupor my mind was suddenly filled with thoughts of Roxanne and how her smiling face had beamed at me across the common room earlier.

“Rox…” I breathed and she smiled into the kiss, for some unknown reason my brain decided that this was a sign that I should keep going. We found our way out from behind the tapestry and into a store cupboard where our clothes proceeded to fall by the wayside as we kissed and caressed each other’s skin.

It didn’t register in my brain that her hair was the wrong colour or that her skin was too pale. Her hands were too small and her lips the wrong shape. I kept going, kissing, caressing until she spoke. The wrongness of the voice registered, and then I looked properly.

Chalsee was lying on the floor beneath me; my hand was entangled in blonde hair, I was looking into blue eyes.

I pushed myself off her.

“What’s wrong?” she asked innocently.

“What the hell Chalsee?” I hissed across the small space.

“We were going to, you know…” she sat up and tossed her hair over her shoulder trying to look at me seductively. “I knew you couldn’t resist me forever.”

“You got me drunker than I’ve ever been in my life and then tried to take advantage of me!” I was disgusted, with her but even more so, with myself.

“Oh come on.” She said, moving over to me and running a finger down my naked torso. “If you didn’t want it you wouldn’t have let it get this far.”

“I said Roxanne’s name!”

“I don’t mind what you call me, as long as I get what I want out of it.”

“That is sick.” She smirked and tossed her hair about again before leaning in to try and kiss me.

“Maybe it turns me on.” I tried to move away without touching her but it was impossible. “You’re not actually that much younger than me you know. Being one of the oldest in your year, me one of the youngest in mine, it wouldn’t be weird.”

“Except for the fact that I already have a girlfriend, who I will not be exchanging for you.”

“Be serious, what can that little bitch of a prude give you that I’m not willing to let you have right now.”

“A meaningful relationship between two people who care about each other. Get off me.” I spat and pushed her away. “This meant nothing, you are disgusting. Don’t ever come near me again.” Standing up I swayed, still drunk and stood in my Appleby Arrows boxers as she seemed to realise that I did not find this in the least bit amusing.

I picked up my trousers and opened the door without stopping to check that there was no one around before I exited and carried on up the corridor while trying to pull my trousers on.

My shirt and jumper were poking out from under the tapestry we had abandoned earlier and I grabbed those too, pulling them on.

I just about managed to get back into the Ravenclaw common room my subconscious logic taking over from my drunken brain. I told the others that we had got separated by Peeves and that she may have been caught by the Caretaker, so we all went to bed, moaning that we were hungry.

I didn’t sleep. I could feel a headache building as the hours wore on, but that didn’t bother me nearly as much as the guilt that was slowly growing in my stomach. I didn’t go down to breakfast as I was by that point feeling sick, by lunchtime I was only retching but my head still felt like it was being pounded by the Whomping Willow.

Derek came back up after lunch and handed me a potion.

“Here, it’s from Roxanne, she said she took some this morning and you’ll feel fine in an hour or so.” I smiled at him.

“Thanks.” I croaked. He handed me a glass of water too.

“So, you didn’t get back up here until about 4am. I thought the Gryffindors got shut down at 3…” I’d downed the potion during this and after a quick shake of my head I found I could reply.

“We drank more in the common room when we got back.”

“Who is ‘we’.” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Just people, whoever was still up and those of us that ended up being escorted back here. I drank a lot of Firewhiskey.”

“Ahh.” Was the reply. “Well I’ll leave you to it. We’d better get our Charms Essay done once you’re feeling better.” And he left me to my misery.

How on Earth was I going to face Roxanne in Transfiguration on Tuesday?

Was I going to tell her? Would she hate me for it? Dump me on the spot?

Or would she do something worse? Find some way to make sure I never forgot what I did to her.

No, I wasn’t going to say anything. Nobody saw what happened. Nobody knew apart from Chalsee and me.

Oh god, what if she went and said something. What was I going to do?

I couldn’t lose Roxanne, I just couldn’t.

Her brother was going to kill me.

Her whole family would hunt me down like a dog and make me pay for this.

I was going to pretend like it never happened. I would walk out of here (once I felt a little better) with my head held high. No one would notice the difference, and maybe one day I could forgive myself.

Well there’s no use pretending that went well…

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