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Crossing the Borderline by navyfail
Chapter 3 : Aaliyah: The Reaction
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Annie Dumont is on the right & Ellie Clarke is on the left


Sleep doesn't find me behind my closed eyes; it wavers on the top of my consciousness but doesn't come in, as if it is an unwelcome visitor. Instead, I am abandoned with only my thoughts to keep me company.

Over the years, I have realised that there are two types of nights: one when your head touches the pillow, you immediately fall asleep; and another when your brain can't seem to shut off. Tonight, it seems, is the second type.

But it isn't no sleep the that bothers me the most; no, that spot is already taken by something else, by someone else. The real problem is that Albus's last words keep echoing in my mind. I can hear them repeating over and over again, like a broken tape recorder, like it's there to mock me till I go insane. That's how bad it is.

However, just because something is said constantly, doesn't mean it's easier to make up your mind about it. Because even though I've thought over the situation I've landed myself in again and again, I'm still not sure if I am one hundred percent terrified or plain unconcerned.

How is he so sure of himself, I find myself asking to no one in particular. He didn't even have to do anything for me to fall into his trap. I did it on my own by letting the guilt get to me just like he said it would.

And that guilt… it rooted from one person: Gabby.

Why is it that my sister thinks it necessary to look out for me? I don't ask for it, do I? She had no obligation to distract Ronan by being half of the golden couple. She signed on for that herself, right? Leaving Ronan to write shite about me wouldn't have been that bad. All it would have cost me is some self-esteem, and an ounce or two of dignity, I'm sure. When I confronted Gabby about it ten months ago, all she said was 'that's what sisters do.' And she was right... sisters did do these thing for each other, but I can't help but think she did so much that I could never find a way to repay her.

These thoughts, however, don't distract me from the words though, the words repeating in my mind: "Be ready for tomorrow!"

‘This is actually happening,’ I keep telling myself, trying to make myself believe in it no matter how much I detest it. I am getting into a (fake) relationship with someone I barely talked to over the years. Either my decision making skills have gone straight down the toilet or I'm going loony in the head.

After an hour of contemplating, I have come down to this: I'm not scared of the relationship stuff and all. That part isn’t too bad. The thing that is bugging me is the fact that change is going to happen tomorrow. People will get curious, questions will arise, gossip will be at its peak, and judgments will be made. And I have no control over it whatsoever. Absolutely no control.

And this bothers me to no end. I’ll be truthful, there are times where I am a thorough control freak, don’t get me wrong, but there are also times when I don’t care and/or get too lazy to handle the situation. Right now, I am none of them; not a control freak nor am I a ‘don’t care’ freak, just trying to grasp the corrupt truth.

For the next few hours, I lay on my mattress and stare at my alarm clock since I have nothing better to do. But around two, I get bored and sweaty. Figuring that this isn’t going to get me anywhere, I throw my sheets off to the side and climb out of bed. My feet touch the cold floor and I feel soothed by the contact. For some reason, I have taken a liking to cold floors. There is something comforting about the cool, smooth surface. It doesn’t feel creepy; it feels right. And sometimes you need something to feel right to balance out all the things that go wrong.

Quietly, I trudge my way to the grand window in our dorm. I sit on the edge and look out to see the stars. Tonight there are only a few of them out. Those few give me hope though, and that is all that matters.


The next morning starts out… pretty normal. There is no me freaking out or anyone looking at me suspiciously. Just normal. Well as normal as it can be…

“Ellie, have you seen my hairbrush?”

“No, I haven’t but-”


“What are you talking about?” My eyelids are still stuck together from my tangled lashes, but I can bet ten galleons that question is from Gemma.

“YOU! YOU STOLE HIM AWAY FROM ME!” This is going to be interesting. I order my eyes to open and gingerly sit up in bed. The back of my t-shirt sticks to my body and I can feel the sweat on the back of my neck. Little tiny drops run down my skin and I finally give in and rub it off. Time for my morning shower, I guess.

Ellie and Annie stand near the bathroom door and watch Gemma and what looks like Naomi argue, rather loudly might I add. Their shrill voices bounce off the walls and like Ellie and Annie, I sit on my comfy bed and watch the whole thing unfold.

“I DIDN’T STEAL ANYONE!” cries a shocked Gemma. Her perfectly straight, blonde hair is coming out of her ponytail.

“DON’T THINK THAT I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN UP TO!” Naomi’s usually light brown eyes have this mad look to them, not one you have when you are mad but when you are raging and ready-to-kill mad.

“Oh, and what have I been up to?” Gemma folds her arms over her chest. You can tell by her posture that she is already fed up with Naomi’s outburst.

“YOU WENT AFTER MY LUKE!” Naomi yells, hands waving in the air as if it is bizarre that Gemma doesn’t know that.



They are now face-to-face, almost nose-to-nose. Naomi looks so small next to Gemma, almost comical. Gemma is tall at 5’9” and with her lean and willowy figure, guys took an interest to her. Naomi is the exact opposite with her dark hair and curvy, short structure. She still gets a fair amount of attention with her dramatics and outgoing nature, though.

I’ve never been close to either of them, but deep down I preferred Naomi over Gemma. This is probably because Gemma may seem kind and sweet, but she still has this untrustworthy vibe. I don’t like it. Not that I would ever tell her that though.

And sadly, I think we all (meaning everyone in our dorm) know that she is a classic boyfriend stealer; but due to her being a Ravenclaw, she manages to not get caught in the act. Don’t ask me how she does it because honestly I have no clue and neither does anyone of the other sixth year Claws or else we would have exposed her.

Anyway, back to the very friendly argument. When I say ‘friendly,’ I mean intense bitch fight that is soon going to involve wands.


I snort. Wrong move Gemma. In five, four, three, two…

Right at that moment Naomi attacks, throwing her full body at Gemma. Gemma being the weak, flailing girl that she is falls from the impact. Naomi then scratches at her opponent’s face. Gemma somehow bends her knees and presses her feet against Naomi’s stomach, lifts her and pushes her to the side.


That has got to hurt.

Ellie and Annie simultaneously roll their eyes. Coming to my senses, I climb out of bed and grab my wand. “Flippendo!” They both flip back, away from each other from the force of the spell. Gemma ends up hitting her head on her nightstand while Naomi bangs into a wall. While they both recover, I shuffle over to my other dorm mates.

“What exactly happened here?” I whisper. Ellie smirks at me as if she knows something we don’t and Annie shrugs.

Annie and Ellie are my best friends next to James. I met Annie after we both got sorted into Ravenclaw. She had been quiet; however, she hadn’t looked afraid at the time. Immediately, I took a liking toward her and before you knew it, we were friends. We were comfortable around each other and shared the same opinion a lot of the times. Not to mention that she is secretly a Chudley Cannons fan even though she tends to not follow the leagues.

Ellie is a different story entirely. I hadn’t officially met her until she dumped a glass of pumpkin juice on me in the middle of first year. At first I had been annoyed, but when Annie took out the mirror she hid in her bag to show me how I looked, I laughed. Turns out it had been a dare. From then on, Ellie grew on me. And right now I am pretty sure I can’t get rid of her even if I tried.

When it comes to looks, though, Ellie is the one who got the whole deal. She has dirty blonde hair that falls into layers. On top of that she has these mint eyes that has this sparkle to them. She is what you call the ‘cute and sassy chick.’ Well, that’s what I hear guys call her. In my opinion, she is the best friend who won’t hesitate to tell you when to get your head out of the gutter.

Ellie’s voice is the one that brings me out of my thoughts. “You see Naomi has been hooking up with this Gryffindor named Luke. And I have a feeling Gemma knew that they were a ‘thing’,” she explains, using air quotations around the last word. “You know how Gemma is. Not the loyal type and likes playing with boy toys that aren’t hers. So she ended up charming Luke under Naomi’s nose. And now, they have started a bitch fight in our dorm.”

“That does explain Naomi’s late night wanderings. I always hear the door creak,” Annie adds.

I nod, agreeing. I had heard the creaks of the door too. I had dismissed them as Gemma’s doing. I hadn’t known it was Naomi sneaking out. Gosh, I don’t even want to think about the things she has been doing with the Luke bloke.

“Hopefully, they will both get over the guy or one of them wins him over,” I say sighing. If this Luke scandal doesn’t blow over soon, my sleep is going to start deteriorating and war will break loose within our dorms.

I remember the time in third year when Ellie and Gemma had this tussle over who this Slytherin named Blaine had a crush on. It lasted for two weeks. In the end, we found out that he had a crush on neither of them. Instead, he had a crush on Annie. That was two weeks of torturous screaming and throwing things around the dorm for nothing. It was cute though, since now every time we bring it up Annie blushes in embarrassment.

“Yeah, we don’t want what happened in third year,” Ellie muses, reading my thoughts aloud.

Annie starts to look uncomfortable at the comment and twirls her dark, straight hair with her finger. Her violet eyes gaze into mine as if giving me a signal to switch the topic.

“I’m just hoping that we won’t have to see much of this Luke you’re talking about. If those two are fighting over him, I doubt he’ll be someone worthwhile.” Maneuvering past them, I enter the bathroom and shut the door behind me, leaving only my mind and I alone.

“Aaliyah, you coming?” Annie shouts from the end of the staircase.

“Yeah, just give me a second.” My tattered schoolbag is currently lying on my bed while I search for my Ancient Runes textbook. Now where is the damn thing? I had already looked through my trunk, my nightstand, even the wardrobe I shared with Ellie. Giving up, I sit on the edge of my mattress.

First, there is a fight between Gemma and Naomi. Then my textbook goes missing and on top of that Albus is probably in the Great Hall thinking, ‘which way do I tell the whole school that Aaliyah and I are dating while equally making it the most miserable way possible for her?’

What if he ambushes me on my way to the Great Hall? Then what will I tell Ellie and Annie? No, he wouldn’t do that. He can’t be that evil. Well, I hope he isn’t.

Sighing, I press my shoes to the floor as hard as I can, hoping that the pressure will make those thoughts go away. Strangely, my left shoe ends up hitting a hard surface against the back of it. Dropping to the ground on my knees, I peer under. Underneath, I see the faint outline of what looks like a book, specifically the textbook I have been looking for the past fifteen minutes.

Reaching out, I grab a hold of it and bring it out. Quickly, I stuff it in my bag and make my way out of the room.



A couple minutes later, we enter the Great Hall. The Great Hall is this bright, huge dining hall that all the students eat their meals at. And at the front of the room is where the staff sits, looking over all of us making sure that we don’t cause any trouble.

Funny thing is that most people don’t sit with their own house members anymore. A lot of people just mix. On occasion, the professors do something about it to set an example, but usually no one gets caught. Gryffindors are sometimes seen at the Ravenclaw table and Hufflepuffs are usually at the Gryffindor tables. Even some Slytherins are seen at the Gryffindor table. It is just the way things are done these days.

I glance at the Slytherin table and note that Albus isn’t there yet. And surprisingly, Albus hasn’t been coming up anywhere else either. Not in the hallways or at the entrance of the hall. Maybe he slept in? Things are going good… for now.

“Turns out it was underneath the bed,” I finish telling Annie about my textbook, looking away from the Slytherin table.

“How did it get under there?” Ellie hints with a devious grin.

“Can you make it any more obvious that you put it there?” says Seth from behind me. Seth is another fellow Ravenclaw sixth year and friend and he happens to be on the Quidditch team with Ellie. I turn around to smile at him. His eyes are a light shade of blue today. You see Seth's eyes tend change colour depending on the season or the shirt he is wearing. He isn’t a metamorphmagus or anything, but telling his eye colour is hard. Sometimes it is a jade green or a very dark grey and other times an aqua blue.

“Shut up.” Ellie only manages an annoyed look before all of us sit down and start piling our plates with food.

“Did you finish the Transfiguration essay we have due today?” asks Seth while I munch on some toast.

“Yeah, why?”

“No reason.” He shrugs and goes back to eating his breakfast. The conversation between us seems a little short and forced, making me wonder if something is wrong. Seth normally talks a lot when we aren’t in class.

“Are you sure that is the only reason you asked?”

Before he can give me an answer, Ellie throws in, “Seth just wants you to give him some attention. I mean it’s not like he has the guts to make a move on you. If he did, he would have been a Gryffindor.”

Seth scowls at her while I quirk an eyebrow. Ellie has been making these comments ever since fourth year. She has this obsession with friends turned lovers. I don’t know why she bothers Seth and me with it, though. If she liked the idea of it that much, her and Isaac can turn into lovers. On que, Isaac enters the Great Hall and takes a seat next to Ellie, who is sitting across from me.

“Watcha talkin’ about?” he says stuffing his mouth with scrambled eggs. Isaac is the last one in our group. He is one of the two Ravenclaw Beaters along with Ellie and best friends with Seth.

“Ellie is teasing Aaliyah and Seth again.” Annie doesn’t look up as she butters her toast.

“What? Did you just call it teasing, Annie? I am speaking the truth, damn it.” Ellie pouts and Isaac laughs. Annie throws some scrambled eggs at Ellie.

“Dear, it’s teasing till one of them admit it.” Annie smirks, which generally doesn’t happen too foten.

“True, true.” Isaac nods, causing me to roll my eyes. He looks like a professor that’s praising his star student.

“It’s not my fault that Ellie has a thing with love stories,” I tease back at Ellie.

“I do not have a thing with love stories.” Flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder, she grabs her goblet and drinks from it. She doesn’t look me in the eyes because she knows that I am right. Who would have thought that a sassy beater would have a soft love-story-obsessed side?

“Sure you don’t.” Isaac doesn’t even try to hide his sarcasm.

“Isaac Lewis, are you implying that I like love stories?” Ellie’s tone is both pundit and playful.

“Love, I wasn’t implying. I was stating.” Note, how he calls her ‘love’ and she doesn’t point it out. Also note how they are both being witty and flirtatious. This kind of stuff was cute in fourth year, a little annoying in fifth year and now in sixth year Annie, Seth, and I want to push them into a broom closet and lock them in.

All three of us simultaneously roll our eyes. See, we can even read each other’s minds.

“I swear if they don’t get over these ‘friendly’ chats and looks, I am going to grab each of their faces and make them press their mouths together,” whispers Seth.

Annie hears and remarks, “Knowing Ellie, I am pretty sure they have already snogged by now. She isn’t really the waiting type.”

“Nor will she ever be. How long has this been going on again?” I watch the two in front of me cautiously. They are currently bumping elbows and brushing fingers against each other ‘accidently.’ This can’t have been going on since fourth year. That is way too long.

“Since fifth year,” mutters Seth, following my line of vision.

“Nope, it was since fourth year.” Annie glimpses up at the lovebirds and makes a gagging motion.

Casting a look at our whispering figures, Ellie clears her throat. “Ahem… I still think they would be a cute couple.” She winks at me suggestively and in return I fix her with a glare that clearly reads, ‘ never going to happen.’

Seth and I are only good friends, nothing more, and nothing less. I get that is what everybody says but if I did like him in a way that is more than friendship, I would have told him already. And honestly, I think he would have too. But no matter how many times you tell Ellie, she isn’t going to change her notion.

“Who would be a cute couple?” The voice is still one that I have to get familiar with but the condescending tone sticks out like a sore thumb.

I guess the madness is about to begin. Great.

He falls onto the empty seat to my left. His shoulder briefly touches mine and I can feel my eyes widen from the simple movement. They all stare at him and I can literally feel the hundreds of others burn holes into the back of my head. The students quiet down slightly and the professors all wear quizzical faces.

This is going better than I thought.


From my right side, Seth breaks the silence with a simple “um.”

“Aaliyah hasn’t told you yet then. I’m Albus Potter, Aaliyah’s new boyfriend.” Without turning to see him, I can tell he has some kind of smile or smirk on his face. An arm snakes around my waist and all I can do is give a tiny smile, although it probably comes out more like a grimace.

They all whip their heads at me. Mixed expressions of shock, hurt, and surprise are drawn on their faces. I have to force myself to not cringe in regret. Way to drop the bomb, Potter.

“Boyfriend?” Seth’s question comes out in a timid whisper.

“Since when?” snaps Ellie. Crossing her arms, she turns to Albus. After narrowing her eyes at him, she turns to me. “He is kidding, right?”

Albus finally takes his eyes off my friends and glances at me sideways. His expression reads ‘your move.’

“Yeah….um…” I don’t look her in the eye to make it easier for myself. “No, he… isn’t. He’s telling the truth.”

Right after the last few words come out of my mouth, it feels like the world stops. For one moment, everything feels on hold. No one meets each other’s eyes, and no one says anything.

This lasts for precisely eight minutes. That is until the Slytherin next to me decides to grace us with his voice.

“I don’t think any of you have introduced yourself.” Of course he says that. I mean it isn’t like I was and still am secretly hoping that he would say something like, ‘It wasn’t Aaliyah’s fault. I’m the one who told her to keep it a secret… you all should be grateful to have such a trustworthy friend.’ No, instead, he outright states that none of my friends have introduced themselves.

Isaac gives a fake cough. “Isaac.” His face is relaxed, doesn’t show any suspicion or anything in general.

Annie goes next. “Annie.” She seems so small with her voice sounding so tiny. A wave of guilt hits.

“Ellie.” With her eyes still narrowed, she gives Al an ‘even-though-you-are-dating-my-best-friend-don’t-think-for-a-second-I-like-you’ look.

Everyone’s attention then goes to Seth. Looking into my eyes, he frowns. I meet him with a look of my own. His eyes resemble the ocean at this moment, blue with tinges of grassy green. Glancing past me, he nods at Albus. “Seth.”

After that, the rest of the Hall starts getting its usual noisiness back while the six of us scrutinize our plates, not daring to look at each other.

The awkwardness is already bubbling toward the surface. It’s like an air bubble that is getting bigger and bigger and surrounding all six of us. I swear if I try, I can just pop it.

Suddenly, I feel someone’s breath hot on my neck. “Why is nobody talking?” Albus whispers, lips brushing my left ear.

“Oh I don’t know.. maybe it is ‘cause you’re here,” I hiss back.

He rolls his eyes and averts his attention elsewhere. Nodding at Seth he asks, “Is he your friend?”

“Who else would he be?” I mean, why else do people sit next to each other during mealtime if they aren’t friends, other than being in a relationship, of course?

“I don’t know. He could have been an ex I don’t know about.” He shrugs, snatching a roll off my plate.

“Exactly who do you know that sits with their ex?”

“No one. I just thought you would be the first,” He replies, sounding oh-so smug.

I scowl and in return, Albus completely invades my personal space by placing a kiss on my check and mutters into my ear, “I recommend you stop it with the scowling unless you want your precious friends to think you for some reason hate me. I don’t know about you, but the couples I know of normally don’t hate each other.” He squeezes my tiny waist for a good measure. Ugh.

The gesture doesn’t go unnoticed by Seth though who shoots us a mildly disgusted look.

Well, that’s odd.

And for some reason Albus smirks at him. It takes me a moment to realise what is going on and when I do, I smack Albus. He doesn’t react in pain as I hoped. Instead, he raises an eyebrow at me.


“Stop it,” I demand.

“Stop what?” He questions innocently.

“Stop that thing you are doing.” I know I am very specific, aren’t I?

“What thing?” He pinches his eyebrows together in fake confusion.

“That thing guys do to mark their girl or whatever.” Irritation trickles into my voice. I never get why guys do these stupid things in the first place. Why do they always think they have some claim on a specific girl and that no other guy can glance at them? A girl is her own person and can take care of herself. Yeah, the protectiveness is cute and all, but it can get very aggravating at times.

“Mark their girl?” He sounds thoroughly amused.

“You know what I am talking about.” He shakes his head at me patronisingly.

“Well… if you wanted to know, it is actually called marking my property.”

“Marking your what?!” My voice may have been a bit too loud because Isaac and Ellie stare at us both curiously. While we were having our conversation, I hadn’t noticed that the group had started conversing amongst themselves again.

Albus just gives them a smile and pulls me closer to him. Great, not only is he already marking his property- currently yours truly – but he is also pulling me around like a rag doll. Humph, I feel used.

“I would lower your voice,” He hisses threateningly, still beaming at my two friends.

Not turning to him, I hiss back, “I will lower my voice when you stop insisting on writing your freaking name all over my face.”

“Technically I am not doing anything. You just think I am doing that.”

“If you aren’t doing anything, take your arm off my waist and let me have some personal space,” I argue. I swear we are close enough for his leg to touch mine and that in my books is too near to be comfortable.

He swivels around to face me and I dare him to follow my orders. He sighs and lifts his hand – the one that is squeezing my abdomen - off somewhat to only put it back on and pinches me for good measure. Hard. “Not going to happen.”

“See, you are doing the marking your property thing,” I flaunt, aware that I had been correct.

“And what if I am?” he challenges.

“Then I want you to stop.”

“Fine,” he states, twitching his shoulder upwards. Taking his hand off my midriff after what feels like a millennium, he waves a goodbye to everyone.

“See you in class, Aaliyah.” Standing up, he starts to leave but not before he pecks my cheek another time.

Relieved, I return to finishing my breakfast.


Did he say that he would see me in class?

I have to stop myself from groaning in frustration.

I can already tell that this day is going to be miserable.


You know how I said that this day was going to be miserable?

Yeah, well it turns out I was right since currently I am staring dreadfully at the stairs that lead to the girls’ dormitories.

And I have realised one simple fact: you shouldn’t keep a secret from your best friend(s).

I mean you can keep a secret from your friend. That is totally understandable. But your best friends… no, that is breaking an unsaid rule. You just don’t do it because if you do, one of your best friends are going to give you the stink eye all day while the other doesn’t act mad at all, which is worse. Instead, she looks hurt, plain out hurt.

If I had known that ‘this’ (yes, I’m going to address the relationship I’m in by ‘this’) was going to happen a few weeks ago, I would have dropped a hint that I was seeing someone or acted like I was fond of Albus in that way. But sadly, I am not a seer and nor do I know one that could have told me this shite was going to happen.

Nope, instead I am now burning holes into a staircase that I am going to have to climb up at some point. It may take some time, but I will make my way up it, mark my words. I step onto the first one. I lift my leg to go up the second step but… I falter. I can’t do it.

I hate when crap like this is thrown at you with no particular warning. My mom always said that the way you respond to unexpected events is what truly shows who you really are. That, in my opinion, is complete bullshit. I'm not ready for unexpected events (no, I am not talking about teenage pregnancy, I am talking about fake dating Albus) at sixteen.

So now you must be thinking what is Aaliyah, the girl who can’t handle unexpected events and climbing up a staircase, going to do?

For one, I am going to make it up to the sixth year girl’s dormitory. And secondly, I am not going to lie to my best friends, if that’s what you are thinking. Nope, I am going to tell the truth. I know, shocker isn’t it? I’ll probably withhold some information but pshh… who needs to know the details?

Collecting all the confidence I can muster, I eventually climb my way up. One by one, up the stairs until I reach the door with a six decorated on it. Reaching forward, I grab the knob and am about to twist it when I stop.

On the other side of the door are my friends. Annie and Ellie. Ellie and Annie.

And when it comes down to it, I think it would be the hardest to not tell the complete truth to Annie. Not only is she perceptive, but wise beyond her days. She gives good advice and always seems to know the right thing to say. Sometimes I get this feeling like she looks right through me, yet she never really judges me. That is probably why we ended up being such good friends. She doesn’t push you nor does she force or judge you. Sometimes I wonder if she is human because not many people have those qualities.

Ellie, on the other hand, is different story. She is the opposite of Annie. Ellie is much louder and assertive, you know? Telling her things is harder since you never know how she is going to react. But… Ellie is someone you can admire. She doesn’t take crap from anyone. No, she is a leader, someone who wants her voice to be heard. I think the reason why she was placed in Ravenclaw was because of her wit. If it weren’t for that, she would have made a good Gryffindor.

After all this deliberating, I still have to do one thing: tell them and while doing that‘ll have to decide what parts to leave out. This is going to be hands down a difficult task.

Sighing, I push open the door. Ellie and Annie are both on Annie’s bed while Gemma is lounging on hers.

“Gemma, can you go out of the room for a while?” I ask sincerely. Glancing between the three of us, she seems to notice the seriousness of the situation. Giving me a blank look, she exits the dorm.

Haltingly, I make my way to where they are sitting. I sit down near the edge. None of them look up.

Clearing my throat, I begin, “Look guys..I have something to-”

Before I can even finish my sentence, Ellie cuts me off. “We don’t want to hear.”

Exhaling, I start again, “I don’t really know what to say except that I am sorry. I know it sounds lame and all but I really am. Albus…. well it sort of just happened and….” I lose my train of thought and trail off.

No one speaks. We sit there, each of us in our own little spot. Three separate peas that used to be in a pod. We stay like that until Annie shifts to face me. “Aaliyah, I know you are sorry, okay? Even though I know that you are, doesn’t make it hurt any less. I thought all three of us were friends… best friends. Not only that but I thought we could share everything with each other. I thought we were going to be honest with each other. I am not saying that I want to know every single little detail about your life…I just th-thought that you would have told us about something this big.”

Her violet eyes appear to be more of a dull, dark shade rather than their familiar bright, light shade. It makes me feel even worse.

Ellie then speaks up, no trace of forgiveness in her voice. “I am still mad. You know what? I am not mad at all! I am furious!!” Her jaw juts out and her fists are clenched. Thank Merlin she doesn’t have a beater’s bat right now or else I would be screwed.

“What can I do to make you feel better?” I ask softly, a frown tugging at my lips.

“Nothing,” Ellie chirps.

“You can start by telling us why you didn’t tell us in the first place,” Annie starts, tying her hair up into a ponytail.

I stumble a little over my words. Nervousness scratches at my voice and body.“I don’t know… I was scared… I think.”

“You’re going to have to give a better explanation than that.” Ellie plays with her hair, acting like she couldn’t care less about what I have to say.

“Fine! You want to know the truth? Al wasn’t ready to tell anyone and honestly neither was I. Even if I told you beforehand, you would judge me or make a nasty comment. And I’m not talking about Annie here. I’m talking about you.” Lies flow out of my mouth. Screw this. Telling the truth isn’t going to get me anywhere.

“How do you know how I was going to act if you had told me in the first place?” she emphasises the last part of her question and crosses her arms over her chest.

“Because that is always how you act!” I don’t know where my anger is coming from. I’m generally not this cross with her about anything.

“Guys, calm down. Let’s just talk it out,” Annie says, trying to play peacemaker.

I open and close my mouth a few times and that’s when I realise something: I feel exhausted. Today has been kind of like this huge mountain with snow covering all those jagged, rocky parts and no matter how hard I try to climb up to the top, I keep slipping down to the bottom.

Standing up, I crawl onto the bed that is right next to hers which happens to be mine. Limbs splayed across every which way, I stare up at the bare ceiling. “I’m sorry,” I whisper.

Before I know it, Ellie jumps in next to me and hugs me around the waist or well, tries to. “I’m sorry too.”

Annie pushes my feet to make some room for herself.

“Now spill,” Ellie and Annie both say simultaneously with matching grins.

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry for taking so long with this chapter. It is quite longer than the last one so I hope that makes up for the five week wait. First off, I'm going to give a big thank you to LilyAndScorpius4eva for being my fantastic beta so far. And second off thanks to every reader who has read this and is continuing to read this. 

So how do you guys like your sixth year Ravenclaws? Ellie or Annie? Isaac and Ellie: to couple or not to couple? What's up with Seth?

I would love to hear from you guys whether it is a line or two or a couple words. The review box is at the bottom of the page. ;)

p.s. Albus wasn't in this chapter much but he'll be in the next chapter so look out for that. 

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