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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 19 : Just Friends
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 Just Friends


credit to findasecretgarden@TDA for this beautiful CI of Albus & Brielle!

I was – for once in my sodding life – right.




I had managed to lose the Twin Twats (too offensive?) after I had hid in the abandoned charms room on the third floor for a good twenty minutes. This, however, sadly meant that I missed most of breakfast but considering we had no classes today meant that the dinning hall stayed open all day basically.




“Heyo, where you going my homie?” I clung onto Oliver as if my life depended on it, latching on to his arm as I saw him passing through the dirty class window of the charms door.




He jumped slightly, looking at me with a deranged expression before letting out a slow chuckle. “Merlin, Bri, you scared the living lights out of me.”




“Sorry ‘boubt that, dawg.”




“Why are you speaking like that?” Olly arched an eyebrow as he gave me a once over, probably looking to make sure I wasn’t bleeding out or had any obvious bruises on my body. “You’re not on drugs, are you?”




“Excuse me!?” I dug my nails sharply into his arm and he yelped in response, “You of all people should know I’m totally again drugs, you wanker. Now shut up before I make you run extra laps at practice.”




“There’s my feisty Brielle. I was getting worried that you got lost or something.” He joked before snaking his arm out of my death like grip and instead hung it over my shoulders in a casual manner. “What can I do for you this fine morning?”




“Well now that you ask,” I made a sad attempt at a casual laugh before looking around as we crossed a different corridor to make sure TT wasn’t hiding in the shadows to attack me before continuing, “It’s funny but I seem to be in desperate need of a body guard.”




“A body guard, eh?”




“Yes, correct!” I nodded my head enthusiastically as he just looked at me with one of his pompous smirks. “You seem to be a perfect candidate because you’re – erm – good looking but um scary looking too, and you’re tall , yes really tall, and not to mention you have got some muscles, and I – uh – I bet you could totally beat up people for me if I needed you too. You can do that for me, right?”




He just cracked a smile and laughed.




“C’mon, dawg, help a homie out.”




He laughed again, cringing slightly, “I’ll help you out if you stop talking like that.”




I kindly shut my gob even though I was slightly offended. There was nothing wrong with the way I spoke. Only Freddy Boy understood my hood language. I love him for that.




“So, who am I protecting my lovely quidditch captain from?” He asked as we neared close to the dinning hall.




“Twin Twats!”




He snorted, choking over the own air he was trying to breath, his face turning bright red. “Merlin, Bri!”




“Oh, get your mind out of the gutter.” I growled, smacking him on the chest before pulling me around the last corner. “I’m hiding from Dominique and Leslie – they’re out to get me!”




He rolled his eyes as he held the door open for me, “Oh, yes, and we should really be scared by two girls who weight barely 45 kilos.”




“I’ll have you know Leslie weighs 50 kilos however I cannot vouch for Dominique considering she’s the skinniest bitch I’ve ever seen.” I shrugged before catching a glimpse of blonde hair and a blue hat.




The blonde hair belonged to said skinny bitch and the blue hat was Leslie’s. It was a beanie and she wore it whenever she didn’t feel well. It was a universally sign to stay away from her or she’d bite your head off for pissing her off.




“You’ve got to hide me,” I whined.




“Brielle, we’re in a bloody great hall. There are no hiding spots here.”




Well bollocks to whoever created Hogwarts. They should know by now that we need good hiding spots for protection. I mean c’mon!




“Ah, Olly, you found Brielle for us.” Leslie had popped out of nowhere wearing a sickly fake grin and having a drizzle of maple syrup stick to her cheek. “You’re such a doll now if you don’t mind I need to speak to Brielle.”




Oliver was about to respond – hopefully saying no – but something caught his eye. The blue hat. Oliver physically flinched when he saw the little beanie on top of the petite girl’s head and took a retreating step back.




Oliver would know better than anyone to not mess with the blue hat. In fourth year, he made fun of Leslie when she was wearing THE HAT and she kicked him so hard in the manhood that he could barely walk the next week let alone play quidditch.




“Oh, erm, yeah I’ve found her for you. Well here you go; have a nice day with Leslie, Brielle. See you guys at practice!”




And in a blink of an eye Oliver Longbottom was making a run for it.








“Wha – How – This is – “




I have no idea how to form a complete sentence. My knowledge of the English language has evaded me. I am a pathetic excuse of a Ravenclaw. Cue crying.




“It’s the power of The Hat.” She tapped the beanie quiet proudly before grabbing onto my arm and began to drag me Mum Mode style towards the table. “Don’t think you’re off the hook – we’re talking about what happened later.”




I feel like Leslie Chang is getting more and more dangerous by the day. Maybe I can convince one of the house elves to spike her drink with some Calming Draught. Then she can finally chill herself and be zen like the rest of us.




Ya feel me? I feel me.




“Took you long enough, thought you’d gotten lost or something. The girls have been looking for you.” Fred mumbled through a mouth full of a family portion of eggs, spitting some of it onto James who made a revolting sound in the back of his throat.




“I was playing hide and go seek.”




Everyone stared at me before shrugging and going back to eating. It was sad that I was so weird that the prospect of me running around the castle playing hide and go seek wasn’t weird at all. I have lost all hope of ever being normal.




“I bet you lost,” Scorpius said coyly and I shot him the finger.








“I bet I won,” I responded childishly before taking a seat and beginning to fill my plate to the brim with food. I skillfully shoved three pieces of bacon down the lodge of my throat at once while chugging down some orange juice.




James and Fred applauded my inhumane eating skills. I also, kindly, showed them my middle finger.


My middle finger is getting so much action today. Must be its birthday or something. Happy Birthday Middle Finger.




You’re the best MF a girl could ever ask for.




“Are you talking to yourself again, Brielle?”




“Yep,” I popped the ‘p’ and Louis just shook his head disapprovingly from the spot across from me. Speaking of Louis, he was practically falling asleep in his cereal. The boy should go back to sleep.




“What were you talking about?” Albus asked and I choked on the Wiz-O’s I was currently trying to jam in my mouth.




After much coughing, a few pats on the pack courteous of Dom (Did I really just call her by a nickname?), and a glass of water later I could finally respond.




“My middle finger,”




And with that everyone laughed. I’m glad to know that I still provide at least some comedic relief to our little group of lunatics. It makes me smile to know I accomplish at least something in my sad little life.




“Charming,” Albus murmured as he sipped his goblet. The laughter died down and people began to stuff themselves with food and get distracted in conversation. Albus cleared his throat slightly from next to me before bringing his voice down slightly, “We need to talk later, yeah?”




I don’t want to talk. I’m not good with confronting problems. I’m a mess, Albus. A MESS. I have issues. I have serious, intense issues that cannot be mended by a talk.




“Yeah, sure.”




I will be the death of myself. I can guarantee it.




The rest of breakfast went be seemingly fast and I was filled in with other people’s drama that happened last night. Apparently James got a little bit too drunk and his girlfriend of two weeks wasn’t so fond of him dancing on top of chairs half naked screaming for girls to ‘come and get it’.




You would be surprised how many girls wanted to get it with James. There was a line out the door man.




So, short story made even shorter – they broke up. They were only official for like a week but sucks to suck. She was annoying any ways. Speaking of annoying, Rose Weasley threw a drink at Scorpius’s face because he started hitting on her while piss drunk.




That boy has no game but I still love him. Merlin bless.




Amelia danced the night away until a drunk Louis got himself into a bar fight with none other than Marcus Parkinson. About her. Yes, Marcus Parkinson and Louis Weasley got in a fight over Amelia. Apparently drunk Parkinson likes to pick on poor ole’ Ravenclaws and drunk Weasley likes to save the day.




They actually didn’t fight. They tried to fight. This is where it gets embarrassing. They went to go swing at each other and they both missed and fell. Louis, upon hitting the floor, began crying hysterically which is why Dominique and Mel brought him back to our dorm like that.




Parkinson, however, fell asleep on contact with the floor. I’m not even joking. Apparently some fourth year has a video of it and he snores like an earthquake and all.




The talents of teenage boys just amaze me.




After watching everyone inhale food and feeling the joy of not having to go to class I got up from the table. Louis and Amelia had already left – five minutes within each other, suspicious much? Leslie was currently pestering Fred about the importance of using silverware when eating and James was putting food in Dom’s hair.




And according to Albus, it’s time to talk.




“S’cuse me,” I heard him mumble as he got up from the table and dusted crumbs of his tan slacks. He stepped over the bench with his long legs before placing a hand on my lower back, making me jump slightly. “You ready?”




“Ready as I’ll ever be,”




And with those last departing words I left into the depths of my fiery internal hell with Albus alongside me. Don’t we make such an adorable couple? Scratch that, we aren’t a couple. We’re friends.








I think I should give Albus a written definition of the word because friends surely do not snog other friends. I’m pretty sure it breaks a few friend codes here and there but what the bleeding hell. Why not?




Albus kept steering me down the corridor, which was thankfully pretty empty. After looking both ways Al took out his wand and magicked one of the abandoned classrooms unlocked, ushering me inside.




Look at the badarse we have over here – Albus Potter, breaking and entering into abandoned charms classrooms.




I stood awkwardly by the old teacher’s desk, leaning my weight against it casually. The door closed with a soft thud and Albus casted a silencing charm on the room since apparently he’s a paranoid mofo.




Albus began to pace back and forth while I waited for him to speak.




Three minutes later he began to run his piano fingers through his already ruffled hair.




Seven minutes later he was pulling at the roots and looking like a maniac.




Maybe I should talk to James and Lily about sending him to see a psychiatrist or something. He obviously has issues expressing what he’s trying to say. He looks like a mime with hair issues. Poor lad.




“I’m sorry,” He finally said quiet bluntly.




I didn’t really know how to respond so instead I said, “Okay,”




I’m really helpful in conversations. (Sarcasm, once again)




He sighed before continuing on, “I’m sorry, y’know, for kissing you at the party. I didn’t mean to make the whole situation awkward since we’re friends and all. Merlin, I can’t even use the excuse that it was the alcohol since I barely drank. I wanted to talk to you about it but you kind of ran off afterwards pretty quick. You’re really fast, Bri.”




“Oh, yeah, I run loads for quidditch.” I admitted sheepishly even though I knew that wasn’t really what Albus wanted to talk about. “It’s fine, you don’t need to apologize for kissing me. I was an – er – equal participant in the kissing event. You know…since you need my lips and all.”




“Yeah, right, we do need your lips!”




Albus was very enthusiastic with his comment. I felt my cheeks burn crimson because I’m a big loaf who gets embarrassed over nothing. My cheeks are traitors. They refuse to remain a normal color.




“The kiss won’t affect our relationship will it? You’ll still be my friend, right?” Albus asked me, his voice dropping slightly as he stopped pacing to take a feeble step towards me. He looked over my face with concern, his green eyes scanning for any crack in my mask of aloofness.




“I can’t believe you could ever think we could be friends – “I began to say.




Albus’s face dropped dramatically and his lips parted in surprise.




“ – when we’re already best friends!”




I got you there, Al. Heh. He thought I was going to dump our friendship away or something. Leave it to awkward Brielle to crack a joke in a situation like this. I’m such a noob.




Albus’s lips quirked upwards into a smile while he gave me a playful shove backwards. “You’re such a noob, Bri,” I’m glad to know Albus agrees with me. “Merlin you had me worried you were going to leave me.”




“Aw, no worries, you can’t get rid of me that easy.” I laughed and opened my arms for him. “Can I get a hug?”




Albus nodded his head and took a step closer however I’m afraid Albus must have hit his head pretty hard the night before or something because he forgot how to hug. Yes, he really did, I know. Instead of wrapping his arms around me like a normal person he decided to use his lips to smash them against my own.




Oh, Merlin, not again.




Albus’s lips were still smooth and soft despite how hard he had pressed them against my own. His body collided with mine because of our close proximity making my lower back hit the wood top of the desk. Immediately, as if it was the most natural motion in the world Albus’s hands found their way into my hair.




He weaved his fingers into the beautiful rat’s ness I call my hair while his left hand came to rest on the nape of my neck.




And what did little ole’ me do?




I kissed him back because y’know Albus is a really good kisser.




Who says friends can’t snog every once and a while? Psh, fudge the system. (Yes, I’m still on a cursing band. Fudge you, Professor Longbottom)




Twenty minutes and a snog later, I was sitting on the top of the teacher’s desk with my legs swinging underneath me. Albus had managed to gain some self control to depart from my lips and take three hundred steps back so he could properly hyperventilate and apologize to me.




He’s been apologizing for five minutes now.




“Oh my god, Brielle, I’m so sorry.”




Apology number fifteen.




“I have no self control. Merlin, I need help.”




Explanation number ten.




“Brielle, you’re still my friend, right?”




Question number thirteen.




“ALBUS!” I raised my voice slightly and he jumped, stopping his rambling to finally look at me. “Thank goodness, I thought you were never going to stop talking. Al – stop bloody apologizing. It’s not all your fault. I mean, I did kiss you.”




Albus nodded slowly before closing his eyes and rubbing his temples in frustration. He groaned, “Brielle, I – I’m just so confused.”




“I know, Al, I know.”




“What does this mean for us?” He opened his eyes to look at me and he gave me one of the most sincere looks I’ve ever seen. His eyes were that pure emerald color and he wouldn’t stop staring at me. His gaze was unwavering.




“What – What do you want this to mean for us?”




I’m praying I don’t regret this later.




I waited patiently for Albus to answer, swinging my legs back and forth. I was surprised with myself that I acting so nonchalant with this whole conversation. I would have expected myself to be having a hyperventilating attack and running around the room screaming bloody murder.




I mean that’s what I do on a regular basis, anyways.




Instead of using his words like a big boy Albus decided to kiss me. Again. Man does this guy like to kiss me and I’m not objecting. Who would have thought I’d make so many new friends this year and be snogging the living shiz balls of Albus Potter this year?




I’ll tell you what, I didn’t expect to. Nope. Nada. Not one stinking bit.




“I’m sorry,” His words were muffled against my lips but I could still hear him. I wanted to hit him for apologizing again. “But not sorry.” He added again, as his lips crushed my own. He had forced his way through so his body was positioned in between my legs and he had one hand resting on my right hip while the other was on my lower back.




Albus makes no sense at all and I can’t think since I’m snogging my said best bud.




“Friends can still snog,” He mumbled before deepening the kiss, parting my lips with his own and slipping his tongue in. Woah boy. Mama Bri was not expecting this. Merlin, I’ve never even properly snogged really before Al decided to have these sudden urges to kiss me. “Right?”




“Mmmmh right,” I mumbled between kissing him though it sounded like a bunch of jumbled words. That was all the confirmation Al need before silencing me once again with his lips.




It seems like Al and I have been doing this a lot more than usual.




“So, we’re still friends?” Al asked as he attempted – that’s the key word here – to smooth out his mess of a hair. The black pieces of hair were sticking up in odd angles and looking like a right mess.




My bad. Sorry.




I nodded as I tried to finger comb my hair, cringing as my piano fingers got caught in yet another knot. I’m going to curse Albus to the depths of hell for causing so many knots in my hair. Men just do not understand the sheer pain woman go through to comb their hair out.




You don’t even understand how many poor combs I’ve snapped in half. RIP Comb. You served my hair well.




“But we’re friends that kiss and – erm – snog when we want to?”




Aw, awkward Albus is cute Albus. I nodded once again as tears prickled my eyes after I nearly tore of a chunk of hair. Stupid bleeding knot. Making me cry and shit.




“So basically we’re friends with benefits.” He concluded.




I stopped finger combing my hair to look up at him, “Don’t put it like that. It makes me sound like some slag or something.”




Albus’s lips instantly turned downwards into a frown, shaking his head slightly, “You’re not a slag, Brielle, trust me. You’re probably the complete opposite.”




“Oh, just bloody great. So now I’m a prude?”




“No!” Albus said quickly, his eyes going back and forth desperately as he tried to back track and make the situation better. “No, of course not. Or I mean – I’m so confused. I don’t know what the right thing is to say.” He whined.




I took a good look at Albus’s scrunched up face and forgot about the whole predicament and just laughed. Albus eventually joined in on my laughter though I’m not sure if he was aware that I was laughing at him but oh well.




“We should probably get out of here, aye’?” Albus finally said after heaving a deep chuckle.




I nodded, “Sadly but true. The girls probably think I’m dead and buried underneath one of the floor boards in your dorm room at this point.”




“Aren’t you just so optimistic, Bri.” Al said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.




“Oh, can it, Potter.”






“And where have you been, young lady?”




I don’t understand why my friends insist on talking to me like my mum. It’s disturbing and actually annoying. I go to a rubbish boarding school so I can get away from her not to have her in the form of a sixteen year old girl.




Speaking of my mum; WAY TO WRITE ME. That’s sarcasm. The chick didn’t write me at all. Makes me feel reeeeaaaalll special.




“Out and about,” I said casually as I tried to side step Leslie who was waiting for me at the door frame. I got two steps away before Dominique appeared in front of me with vomit all over her face.




“Not so fast, Patil.”




I crinkled my nose up in disgust, “Jesus – what the hell is on your face? Did Leslie vom all over you or something?”




Dominique looked thoroughly put off before stubbing her nose in the air like she used to do all the time. “It’s an oatmeal face mask, you beauty eject. It’s supposed to make my face look brighter, tighter, and open up my pores.”




“Oh and lord knows you need that.” Leslie said sarcastically before pushing The Hat downwards on her head more. “Now no more funny business. Let’s talk Albus.”




Heh. Yeah, let’s talk Albus. No biggie that I was just snogging him for the last hour.




“Now sit your arse down so we can gossip about my weird cousin.” Dominique commanded with her hand on her hip and despite her looking like she chewed up her food and spit it all over her face she still looked intimidating.




Only Dominique Weasley could look intimidating with a bleeding face mask on. So, being the good girl I am, I sat my arse down on the nearest bed. Yay for sharing.




“Albus is not weird,”




“Oh, great, now she’s sticking up for him. Before we know it she’ll be shacked up to him and popping out his babies left and right.”




Thank you for that amazing image, Dominique. I’m glad to know you think so highly of me. I am only sixteen, you know. I don’t plan on getting married when I can barely keep my shoelaces tied.




I groaned, “Do you guys want to talk to me or not?”




“Yes!” Both girls snapped at a similar time.




Y’know what they say – great minds think alike. Or maybe in our case it’s crazy minds think alike. Heh. I’m so funny.




“How did it happen?” Leslie asked after releasing a breath and Dominique conjured up a bowl of warm water and towel to start patting off her vomit face mask.




I swung my legs back and forth two times before answering, “The kiss? I don’t know – really, I don’t!” I said quickly when Dominique sent me a death glare while half of her mask was sliding of her face. “We were talking about our families and he just decided to kiss me.”




“Maybe he was drunk?” Leslie supplied with a shrug.




“Not likely,” Dominique answered before I could, shaking her head slightly. “Like I mentioned before, Louis and Albus don’t even like to drink. Louis mainly can’t and Albus feels like he’d be too stupid drunk.”




“She’s right. He barely had two drinks.” I nodded as I began to pick the threads of the blanket on the bed. I think it was Jenna’s bed actually. I hadn’t seen her since the party when she was dressed up as whatever slutty animal she picked.




“Was he mad that you ran away?”




I shook my head at Leslie slowly, “Erm, I don’t think so. I believe he was more confused than anything.”




With the mask now fully washed off and her face really radiating with a glow, Dominique perked up, “So is this why you guys snuck off together after meal? To go talk about what happened?”




I nodded.








“And, well, I don’t know. We’re still friends if that is what you’re trying to ask but besides that I don’t know.” I shrugged my shoulders as I felt heat rise to my cheeks, thinking of what happened in that abandoned classroom.




No worries though, man, I’ve got skin of golden brown and it (thankfully) hides my embarrassment pretty good. One of great upsides of being half-Indian.




“So he didn’t ask you out?” Leslie furrowed her eyebrows and once again I nodded to answer her question.




Talking was too much work. I’m a lazy human being. Get over it.




“That’s just preposterous,” Dominique said quickly with her annoyingly high vocabulary and one again with her nose in the air. “I’ll have to go beat him up for being a noob later.”




I groaned, shaking my head quickly, “Merlin, please don’t. Just leave it be, yeah? I don’t want anyone else finding out about it.”




“But Brielle – “




“No buts, Leslie, please just do this for me. It’ll be our little secret.” I tried to put on my best puppy dog face as I stared at my two friends, one old and one new, hoping they would just do as I asked. I just needed life to go my way for once.




And with many puppy dog eyes and a few death threats later, they both agreed. Al’s and I little kiss is under the wraps or for now at least.




Bloody hell, my life has gotten so much more complicated this year. 

A/N: And I'm back once again, guys! I'm sorry it has taken me a while to post this new chapter - school just started up for me and I'm trying to make sure I put all my school work first over my writing hobbies. Not to mention I'm on a sports team that practices every single day and I dance at a professional studio so I have a busy life but don't worry because I'll always have time for you guys! 


I'm so thrilled to say that we have broke the 100 review mark. It make me smile and grin like a loser to know I have cyber friends that love me as much as you guys do. You guys are all amazing and this story would be nothing without you guys and your encouragment. 


So, what did you guys think? Are you guys a nay or yay on Brielle/Albus's 'friends with benefits' type of relationship? Was anyone expecting this or no? I'm just going to be prewarning you guys - there is going to be a new man in Brielle's life that will cause some unwanted - or wanted? - drama in the story. Any guesses? Any favorite quotes? What about the other characters - did you like them in this chapter? What do you guys think is up with Amelia and Louis? 


A lot of you guys weren't really digging the whole Louis scenario last chapter and I appreciate all of your honesty! I agree with you guys as well. It was more of a bonding scene between Amelia and Dominique - showing that they have a common interest which would be Louis. It also expands on Amelia and Louis's relationship and how it may be more then what we see already. 


As always, if you would like more let me know! Give me some feedback in reviews and I can't wait to hear from you guys soon! Much love and appreciation, Lexi! 




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The Invisible Thief : Just Friends


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