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You Sure? by eternalweasel
Chapter 1 : all good
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"Nat! Nat! Merlin Nat!"

"God calm your tits I'm right hear"

"Oh good found you"

Yes that's me and my best mate James Potter. I guess since I'm telling you a story you would like to find out who I am and where I am... I'll just give you a little bio 

My name is  Natasha Smith but call me Nat hate Natasha. I attend Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry (ooh look at me using words like attend). I'm in Grffyindor I play quidditch as the keeper. I know I know save your cheers.  My best mates are James Potter (son of Harry Potter) and Fred Weasley (son of George Weasley) why  i'm telling you that dont know...I ramble on don't judge .Why I'm best friends with two guys I hear you ask its all mushy so I will bore you with it now. Right so long story short my mum died when i was 3 yars old lived with my dad lets just say not the most girly girl in the world. find it easier to get along with guys and who happens to walk in my compartment on the first day of hogwarts none other than two of the most famous kids in the wizarding world.

Yep so just a bit about me now what was I talking bout?...

Oh yeah james had just finished shouting bloody murder for me on the hogwarts express. it was the first day of seventh year at hogwarts and he already got people to notice him. Poor first years were frightened.Where was I? None other than the exact same compartment as we had for the past seven years. 

James walked into the compartment with his dark brown hair all messed up. (His signature style) looking so hot...what what? I did not just say that...anyway. not long after fred walked in with his gryffindor robes already on. Wow Fred who are you trying to impress?


"Fred what are you doing in your robes so early we've barely left platform 9 3/4?" I asked already knowing the answer.


"Just met this blonde from the claws who has massive boobs and says she only dates smart men, so i thought wearing my robes so early would lighten her up a bit" fred said casually.


"Yeah good luck with that one mate" james said not sarcastic at all...I completely forgot james was there...oops..


Wait did fred just say he wanted to hook up with a blonde with massive boobs...ew...


I may not be the girliest girl but even so




"Fred can you please not make comments bout blondes with big boobs seen as I am blonde and have least  have a code name for boobs like dunno books or something?" asked Fred who just looked at me confused.


With a sigh i said "yes Fred.I'm a girl with boobs...james my eyes are up here"


"Fine fine we'll think of a code name you sensitive girl and I know was just seeing what you had on your shirt" replied James.


"Yeah I'll believe that when you do"  i said with a smirk. he opened his mouth t reply but shut again bit like fish. James pursed his lips and scowled at me something of which made Fred laugh. 



For the rest of the journey we discussed various other hings but it as mainly fred who was trying t come up woth different code names until e got to hogwarts and by the way the girl with big "books" didn't even give fred a chance. Poor Fred. I know i know rubbish code name...





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