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No Good by Loony lovegood
Chapter 7 : On the Ground
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Disclaimer: Anything that you recognise isn't mine!

Author's Note: Hello my Harry Potter lovers! I'm back with another chapter here. This is obviously a light-hearted chapter until it gets near to the end, then it's a rather sensitive subject so please be warned. Let me know what you think.

Mustang Sally, think you better slow your mustang down.
You been running all over the town now.
Oh! I guess I'll have to put your flat feet on the ground.

Mustang Sally - Wilson Pickett

Sydney awoke the next morning a vengeance in her heart, as the words of James still stung from yesterday, she was going to give the school what they wanted, she was going to show them what a real slut looked like.

As she walked down the girls’ staircase she could feel her heart pounding, she paused for a second and debated whether she should just go upstairs and change her outfit but her pride willed her on. Sydney held her breath as she came close to the door that led to the common room where she knew all of her peers were, she thought about the looks on their face if she walked in looking the way she did. She smirked, fluffed her hair and opened the door.

Her smirk grew as she literally strutted into the common room her arms swinging, her fingertips brushing against her thighs as put one foot in front of the other, swinging her hips. She noticed girls scowling and glaring at her as she winked at a gawking fifth year boy as she passed by. She exited through the portrait door and heard the fat lady gasp in disapproval, a surge of adrenaline and excitement hit Sydney, she couldn’t wait to get into the great hall. She made her way down the corridor and down the moving staircase. She’d only made a few alterations to her uniform, she’d put on her first year grey skirt and made it rather short and wore her long sleeved school blouse, she’d rolled up the sleeves half way up her forearm and had it unbuttoned far enough to see her heaving cleavage, she had also pulled out a pair of grey over-the-knee socks and she had decided to wear her black pump heels. Her makeup and hair was fairly natural, she had enchanted her lips to be tinted a light red and her hair was naturally curly, however she had just ruffled it up to make it look a little messy.

As she entered the Great hall she could feel everyone staring at her, she swaggered down the aisle towards the Gryffindor table, she glanced over at Ravenclaw table and could see her friend Ashley Phillips grinning at her and shaking her head in amazement. Sydney send a kiss her way, which made her friend laugh however the rest of the girls in the hall scoffed and looked disgusted at her. She looked back at the Gryffindor table and smirked as she saw all four marauders sitting there looking at her, all of their jaws hitting the floor. She walked over to the gang of boys, leant on the table right next to James and Sirius and simpered.

“I hope there’s no hard feelings Potter?” she asked alluringly as he just stared at her, his mouth wide open. “Great.” She said grinning.

She turned to Sirius who also had his mouth agape looking her up and down in astonishment, she crooked her head to the side and smirked, catching him staring. She raised an eyebrow at him and stole a piece of bacon off of his plate and seductively bit into it, making an ‘mmm’ noise while smiling at him coyly and giving him a wink, to which he opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish. She relished in the fact that she could have such an affect over the boys of Hogwarts just by showing a bit of flesh. As she walked away from the boys and took a seat on her own, she could see a lot of boys staring at her, one that tickled Sydney the most was a boy on the Hufflepuff table opposite her who was gawking at her in all of her splendour while his girlfriend, a girl who couldn’t have been older than fourteen, was heatedly yelling at him for staring at ‘the slut’. She’d never been one for breaking up or causing a riff in relationships, that was never her style, but desperate times called for desperate measures. She winked at the gawking onlooker, whose eyes at that moment glazed over and he adopted a dopey grin on his face, his girlfriend however, did not take to it so positively as she looked over to Sydney with a look of pure thunder on her face, however she did not dare confront the seventh year.

After breakfast Sydney had a free period to which she spent it outside by the Quidditch pitch where she knew the newly formed Gryffindor team were playing, she could see them flying from outside the stadium where she leaned against an old tree with auburn leaves. She narrowed her eyes as she saw James and Sirius flying through the air, happily practising their specific roles in the team. She noticed as Ashley came and stood beside her, who smiled yet again and shook her head at Sydney.

“So,” Ashley said flopping down onto the grass, leaning back onto the trunk of the tree “what’s all this about?” she asked

“It’s called Quidditch,” Sydney began, not fooling Ashley for a second as she was swiftly interrupted.

“I mean with the outfit.” Ashley stated, raising her eyebrows. She wrinkled her nose in disgust all of a sudden. “Can you please sit down?” she begged “I shouldn’t know that you’re wearing a thong.”

Sydney burst into laughed and flopped down beside her friend. Once she’d managed to regain composure she shrugged and sighed.

“I’m just mixing it up a little!” she exclaimed

Ashley rolled her eyes in a very ‘Sydney-ish’ manner “I can see that.” She said “Only why have you only just done this now?” looking at Sydney with concern.

Sydney heaved a heavy sigh “Yesterday Black and Potter just got to me a little,” she rolled her eyes while shaking her head, annoyed at herself “and don’t ask me why because I don’t know.”

Ashley nodded, thinking to herself for a moment, she turned to Sydney and smirked.

“Give ‘em hell.”

The day went by rather smoothly as Sydney wished, apart from the scolding from professor McGonagall, to which she was forced to promise that she would wear her normal uniform the next day, to her and the male population of Hogwarts’ great disappointment, however she was merely thankful that the teacher had decided not to ban her from Hogsmeade or give her a month’s worth of detentions. The majority of the school had somehow gotten used to Sydney’s provocative dress sense during the day, however that didn’t stop all of the glares and scowls from the girls and the ogling stares from the boys.

One glare she found that she couldn’t ignore was from the blonde brigade that was Samantha Lawrence, Janice Fowler and Farrah Bishop. She could see the girls surrounded by male ‘heartthrobs’ who were all desperate for their attention, but Sydney knew that these girls had eyes for only the marauder boys. Sydney strutted over to the girls and their followers and turned to the most good-looking of their admirers, she dipped her index finger in Farrah’s whip cream pudding and sucked on it smiling coyly at him as he stared dreamily at her. Sydney heard Farrah let out a gasp of disgust, to which she turned to the girl and sucked on her finger once more. All of the girls gave her a look of pure repugnance, stood up and walked out of the Great Hall, the followers not far behind. Sydney laughed at the annoyed girls and scooped up a bit more of the otherwise untouched pudding.

“Why are you doing this?” came a low, throaty voice from behind her, causing Sydney to jump and drop the pudding onto the table.

Sydney turned around to see Sirius Black standing there, looking at her with confusion etched cross his face. She grinned and opened her eyes wide. “Whatever do you mean?” she asked innocently.

“Don’t play coy with me,” he said rolling his eyes and huffing “now we both know that this isn’t you.” He gestured towards her attire “So I’ll ask the question again. Why are you doing this?”

She looked up at him through her lashes, watching his stormy grey eyes search her own, she didn’t know why he was curious or for that matter why he cared, but in that same moment neither did she. She smirked mischievously, an impish look glistening in her powder blue eyes. She immediately sized him up and bit her full, crimson coloured lips and closed the gap between the both of them and stood on her tip toes. Sirius looked just as shocked as she felt by her own actions, but of course, the niggling in her stomach was not enough to stop her, she took a deep breath in and teasingly allowed her chest to brush against his stone like abs, her lips mere inches away from his. She chuckled; she didn’t know what she found funnier, her bold actions or his complete lack of understanding and perception. Sirius was now breathing raggedly compared to Sydney’s collected breathing pattern, his eyes were wide and glued to Sydney’s plump lips. Sydney smiled seductively and licked her lips, watching his eyes follow her tongue. She inched closer to his lips and then traced his skin up to his ear.

“Why the hell not.” She whispered.

She left him standing in the middle of the Great Hall looking as if she had slapped him around the face. Sydney stalked off out of the room and rounded the corner unable to get the obnoxious grin off of her face, she laughed to herself once more as she pictured his gormless face, completely stunned and taken aback. As she climbed the stairs she realised that the stairs had moved while she was on them and had taken her to the third floor, she groaned inwardly and continued to walk as she needed to find a more certain way back down. She left the staircase and rounded another corner facing an unfamiliar hallway, she carried on down the hallway, curiously exploring this alien territory.

“Sydney!” she heard a recognizable voice.

Sydney whirled around, startled to hear the voice in the deserted corridor. She saw Miles Davies staggering towards her, his hair messed up and his eyes wild. As he got closer to her she began to smell a very distinctive, strong, toxic smell.

“Miles?” she said in uncertainty “What are you doing here?” she asked, he stumbled slightly and grinned at her “Are you drunk?” she asked, her eyes widening.

“You’re telling me,” he slurred “that a naughty girl, such as yourself,” he gestured drunkenly towards her “has never been drunk?” he laughed and ran a hand through his hair, messing up his blonde locks even more “Now that I cannot believe.”

Sydney laughed at him awkwardly, feeling his stare on her body. She uneasily fastened the undone buttons on her top, covering her chest. “Not in school.” She hesitated “Maybe you should go to bed?” she suggested in an attempt at being helpful.

Miles merely stared at Sydney for a few seconds before breaking out into a smug smirk, one that Sydney didn’t deem to be a good type of ‘friendly’. “I knew it,” he said, once again looking her up and down “I knew it.”

He forced her up against the stone wall of the castle and crushed his lips on top of hers. His breath was a toxic taste of Firewhiskey, a taste she was not ready to have again anytime soon, he however shoved his tongue into her mouth and tangled his hand into her hair, roughly pulling on it causing her to cry out in pain, which apparently Miles had chosen to ignore. Sydney managed to turn her head to the side, refusing him any access to kiss her.

“Miles get off me!” she yelled at him angrily, however the lustful boy was unresponsive to her cries.

He vigorously began to kiss and bite her neck, which, in his drunken state was actually causing her eyes to water. She attempted to fend him off however before she could hit him he pushed her to the floor, his powerful hand landing weightily on her inner thigh and she felt his hand travel up under her skirt. Sydney gasped in pain and she felt as though she had lost her voice, she wanted to cry out for help but nothing would come out, she felt as though she was underwater and the pressure was crushing her and her lungs. She was unable to get her flailing limbs to hit him hard as his enormous body was weighing her down. Miles slammed his hand against her chest in an attempt to feel under her blouse, realising his drunken mistake he felt for the fold of her school shirt and ripped it so the top half of the buttons flew off. Sydney had looked down at the empty corridor, realising that no one was coming to her rescue because this wasn’t a romance film, A beautiful fairytale actress was not playing the role of Sydney Maura in the story of her life and her prince charming was not coming to ‘save her in every meaning of the word’. This was real. This was happening.

After a while Miles suddenly faltered and sloppily moved in his intoxicated condition. This was Sydney’s window, her only window. She managed to free her arm from his hold and punched him in the face. She stood up quickly, clutching her blouse together with her now swollen fist and she ran, tears welling up in her eyes, threatening to spill over. She didn’t even look at the boy who was rolling on the floor clutching his face. Her was makeup smudged from the struggle and her heart felt like it was about to leap out of her throat, however she continued to run fast. Once she was certain that she was no longer being followed she kicked off her heels and carried them in one hand, while still covering herself up by holing her blouse together desperately. She managed to find her way back to the staircase, and began to make her way to the Gryffindor tower. Her breaths were still shallow and ragged and the tears filling her eyes were spilling now spilling over, however she wiped away the tears furiously.


Sydney was startled by the voice and spun around to face the last people she wanted to see. James Potter, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew stood there in the corridor next to their common room, all looking rather concerned.

“Remus, Hi!” she croaked with a smile, in an attempt to be cheery, however her voice betrayed her and broke.

She noticed that James had begun to look at her fist frantically clutching at her blouse in an attempt to keep it closed. He began to open his mouth to speak but that was all she needed to cause her to run again. These were the last people she wanted to confide in, much less cry in front of.

She now knew going to her dormitory was out of the question, she didn’t know where she was going, but her legs continued to move until she was at the tip top of the castle. She found herself in the Astronomy tower standing at the ledge looking down onto the grounds gripping her heels tightly in her hand as her tears stained her face with black streaks. She never was pretty when she cried and as she was near to sobbing, today was no different. She was angrily reliving the night, thinking about what she should have done differently, told Miles straightaway to go back to his dormitory, not dressed like a streetwalker, found her power and voice sooner when she was attacked. She angrily stood on the bottom bar of the railing that surrounded the edge of the astronomy tower and threw one of her heels off into the darkness of the grounds and flung the other one after it, hearing them each clatter on the floor separately. She propelled herself backwards from the rail and allowed herself to fall backwards onto the floor, sobbing silently as she pulled the sleeves down on her shirt, elongated her skirt as much as possible and took off the teasing socks. She raised her hand to cover her face, while the other clutched at her still-beating – to Sydney’s disappointment – heart while also covering up her heaving bosom with her shirt. Her breathing was erratic and shallow as her heartbeat began to race, being in the current situation she became extremely aware of its presence.

She felt someone standing behind her. Immediately she found her feet and wiped her eyes, smudging her eye makeup even more, causing her to groan in frustration. She shuffled her feet on the stone floor, she had forgotten how cold the castle became at night, she looked down at her feet which were frozen and half curled. She heard footsteps coming closer to her, however she remained facing the grounds, not wishing to face the astronomy tower’s guest. She bent down and picked up her socks and wringed them in her hands. She saw someone stand beside her and look up into the sky.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” the person said looking up into the stars. Sydney continued to refuse to look at the intruder, but she could tell it was a girl’s voice and in the corner of her eye she could see the girl shaking her red hair.

“I suppose,” Sydney mused as she looked into the night sky with glassy eyes “I hadn’t really noticed.”

She noticed the girl look down to Sydney’s feet, which Sydney took as a chance to glance at the girl. Her stomach felt at ease. Lily Evans, a nice enough girl, if not a bit of a know-it-all and goody-two-shoes. Sydney looked back to the grounds once more, her face filled with anguish and worry.

“Aren’t your feet cold?” asked Lily, concerned. “You know you could probably get pneumonia that way.” She stated a-matter-of-factly.

“I guess they are a little.” She said looking down at her feet and wiggling her toes, restraining herself from making a smart-arse response to Lily’s last comment.

She sat back down onto the cold floor and put her socks back on, but only rolled them up so they were covering her ankles. She looked like a right idiot. She felt Lily sit down beside her and shuffle around slightly. Sydney reckoned it was to do with the freezing stone floor.

“Don’t you have any shoes?” Lily questioned an incredulous tone in her voice.

Sydney blushed and cleared her throat. “No.” she said bluntly.

“Why not?”

Sydney furrowed her brow in embarrassment and she pursed her lips. “I threw them,” she said cringing “over the railings.”

“Oh,” said Lily, raising her eyebrows. She nodded and rubbed her arms. “I guess we’d better get you back to the dorms then,” she said, taking off her cloak “It’s past curfew.” She explained handing it to Sydney.

Sydney looked at Lily fully for the first time catching her eye. She embarrassedly turned away, realising she must have seen her red eyes and mascara covered face, but she took the cloak and wrapped it around herself happily. Without her heels now on she was much shorter than Lily and of course Lily seemed much more mature and older than her. Sydney followed the Head Girl back towards the Gryffindor tower, keeping in silence until they reached the portrait of the Fat Lady when Lily spun around, a torn look on her face.

“I don’t know exactly what’s happened, Sydney,” she said, pausing as if she didn’t know whether or not to continue, but she did anyway. “and I understand that this is none of my business,” she breathed deeply “But I think I have a good idea of what has happened tonight,” Sydney’s eyes fell to the floor “I found a drunk Hufflepuff boy roaming the halls sporting a rather bad bruise on his face,” Sydney’s breaths had become shallow once more “It took both me and Potter at least half an hour to get him back to his common room and for him to remember the password,” she reminisced. Her expression then turned stony again. “But if it is what I think,” she continued “Sydney I implore you to go to professor Dumbledore about this, if not professor McGongall!”

Sydney didn’t want to go to the teachers about it, all she wanted was to forget about the events that had occurred that night and go back to normal. Whatever normal was anyway. Sydney muttered the password and walked through the portrait door with Lily at her heels, but before she made her way up the staircase she turned to Lily and smiled kindly.

“Thank you Lily, I really do appreciate you helping me,” she said handing her back her cloak “but you’re right,” she added, her expression becoming full of anguish. “It really is none of your business.”

She walked up to her dormitory, feeling guilty for shoving Lily’s kindness back into her face, but she felt like she just couldn’t tell anyone, it was too humiliating, it would have made it too real. She shut her door quietly as to not wake the wolves in her room, she clambered into her four poster bed and shut her eyes fiercely to prevent even more tears from spilling from her watery eyes.

Author's Note: I realise this chapter was shorter than the last but I will make it my mission to make the rest of my chapters longer.

Well, what do we think, Lily's being nice after she so obviously disliked Sydney? The attack, what does everyone think? Did Sydney bring it on herself through provocative attire and attitude or do you think Sydney is completely innocent?? Let me know!

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