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Another Life, Another Time by Ravenpen
Chapter 13 : Chapter 13: Room Of Requirement
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“Erm, hello?” I was standing in the room of requirement, a familiar feeling after what happened two years ago. It was a perfect mix of two common rooms, Gryffindor and Slytherin. Deep bottle green carpets, brick walls. Lower port-hole windows showing the glowing green water of the black lake, and higher windows showing the stars that could be seen in the Gryffindor tower. I glanced over at the fire, burning a deep red-black. Two comfy armchairs, one red and one black. It was laid out like a common room, a table over the fair side. Even a bathroom.

Although thankfully no suggestion of stairs to any form of dorm.

I hadn’t known really what to expect, but something in me told me no one else was here. I sighed, going over to the table and setting down Potter’s jumper.

Debating whether or not to leave it there. Turning it slightly I spotted a bit of gold stitching, I unfolded it completely and saw a golden snitch stitched into the front. I smiled.

Bet Mrs Weasley did it.

“Hello Draco.” I jumped and turned, Hermione had slipped into the room behind me, quite quietly. She had her hands clasped together, her hair braided over one shoulder and a slight flush of nerves to her cheeks. “Sorry, didn’t mean to make you jump.” I brushed it away with my hand like it was nothing, she smiled slightly.

My stomach dropped into my legs, I just smirked, not really sure what to say. My eyes went to the jumper under my hand. “My guess is this is Potter’s?” She went even pinker, which was just cute.

“Yeah, that was Ginny’s idea. After what you did for Lavender this morning. We couldn’t pass off any of our stuff as yours.” It was my turn to blush, for once the blood didn’t drain from my face, but flooded.

It was embarrassing! I blushed harder because of it, having to turn my head away so she couldn’t see. I hadn’t blushed like that before, I desperately tried to hide it. I couldn’t think of anything to say, my mind having seen her had completely blanked. “You okay Draco?” The way she said my first name, was for once with warmth. Not like she was rolling it around her mouth, unsure.

“Yeah I’m…no, I’m not.” I sighed. “He got away, just like Rudolphus. I can’t do this, I can’t get them. They have both slipped out of my grasp.” I put my hand to my head, I was useless.

“You can’t blame yourself, he was desperate.” She bit her lower pink lip. “Why was he doing it anyway?”

“He wants to get rid of pure-bloods and werewolves. Apparently we’re destroyed the wizarding world.” She sighed.

“I don’t reckon he’s working alone. Merlin, why can’t people just ignore bloodlines?”

“Would make the world a much easier place to live in.” I paused, realising how ironic what I just said was. “So, any particular reason you want to talk with me? Hermione?” She smiled slightly.

“Well, about looking for Rudolphus. Have you made any progress?” I shook my head, it was shameful really. “Would you like some help? I’ve had a bit of experience at this.” I nodded, I hadn’t wanted to push it but I’d been nervous lately about not knowing where he has been hiding, organising his attack. Blaise and Cyrus just seemed happy that we hadn’t heard anything for a while.

Potter snuck in, I got Deatheaters in here, Rudolphus should be able to find a way to get into Hogwarts without the teachers being notified.

Hermione went over to the arm chairs, sitting nervously and on the edge. Taking heed from her, I sat on the black chair, leaning back and stretching out my legs, hoping this would work to comfort her. It did in a way, as she sat back looking a lot more comfortable and less nervous. There was a small coffee table with parchment and quill on it. I leant forward, grabbed it and look at Hermione.

She looked thoughtful for a moment, her expression was very cute.


I took a breath and refocused my eyes on Hermione. “Well, does he value himself highly?”

“Very.” She laughed at my lack of hesitation.

Her hair was in an efficient plait, a few loose strands fell down around her face, I watched her push them back behind her ear. “So, stands to reason he’ll be in a pure-blood household?” I nodded.

“Figured that out, just not sure which ones, there a quite a few out there and some are even being lived in by muggles.” I was speaking of course about the mansions, he would never make a home in a normal sized house. His family prided itself too much.

“Well, defiantly not your house. So on the ‘no’ list we have Malfoy Manor. What about his family home?” I laughed.

“Certainly not, when they went into Azkaban the ministry took the Lestrange house.”

“Who lives there now?” I smirked.

“No one, they knocked it to the ground and sold it to the muggle Ministry to sell on as farmland.” She stared at me. Her warm brown eyes burning into mine.

“What about Arabella?” I shrugged. “Surely she should have inherited it?”

“Guess they didn’t want her using it to rebuild the Lestrange legacy.” I scratched my head, thinking. “There is the Nightingale household?” She scratched her arm.

“Isn’t that your friend’s house?” I nodded.

“He’s an orphan. But his parents were pure-blood.” I frowned. “I have no idea what happened to them but part of me recognised the family name and I think they have a big house.” She scratched it down on the ‘yes’ list. “Then there’s the old Riddle home. Their line died out years ago though, I heard a few rumours that the Dark Lord was related to them. So there stands a chance that he’s gone there.” I expected her to write it down but her hand didn’t move.

I looked up at her face, her beautiful eyes were filled with fear and her hands were shaking slightly. Her pink lips set in a stubborn line. “You called him the Dark Lord.” I blinked before realising my mistake.

“Force of habit, I was brought up calling him that. My apologies.” She didn’t look convinced. “Look, I am like I am now, because I was always like this. But through fear, I acted the way I have over the years. Now I’m not pretending, but it takes more than a few weeks to break a habit of a lifetime.” She nodded, a look of understanding in her eyes. I smiled at them.

“So, I think next would be…”

“Are you really that prepared to think I’m a Deatheater at heart?” She blushed again but flicked her hair back and looked at me.

“Well, just that you changed so quickly.”

“I also found your mum in record time, if you hadn’t forgotten.” I winked, waggling my finger at her like I was scorning a child.

“Yes! I haven’t forgotten.” She smiled warmly. “Mum asked me how you were the other day, they’ve moved house for the moment, until this is cleared up.”

“Well, I’m glad their safe.” She smiled.

“How about you and your mum, where are you two living?” I pondered for a moment.

“I don’t know, but I’m going home for Christmas.” She was frowning, confused. “We moved into a flat in London but with the money from Lucius’s bank accounts we bought a little cottage to live in. I haven’t seen it yet but Mum’s moved us in.” She smiled.

“That’s good, I’m happy for you. Malfoy Manor never felt like it could be called a home.” Her statement was said with a slight hesitation, I smirked shaking my head.

“It was more a presentation of status instead of an actual home, this place has been my home over the years.” She smiled, understanding in her smile, my smirk grew bigger. “I would not like to meet the person that would call that place a genuine home.”

She giggled. “Think you did.” I laughed.

“Yeah well, Pettigrew would live in a sewer.” She laughed. “Crabbe and Goyle would live in a bin. But you’d need one of those industrial sized ones to fit them in.” She laughed, her cheeks flushing as she bent double giggling.

“Come on, we don’t have long we should get to work.” She lent over and tried to bat me on the head, annoyed at my raised eyebrow. My chest warmed as she bopped me lightly on the head. “Now, I’m going to have a yes list.” She pulled a piece of parchment and ink out from under the table, whilst she set up I leant and inspected a hidden shelf under the table I hadn’t spotted before. “Oh Draco will you be serious?”

I sat up. “What?” She rolled her eyes.

“We’re working?” I saluted.

“Yes boss.” She smirked this time, I raised an eyebrow but she ignored it.





“…whatever you say you can’t argue with my logic!” She was fuming, her cheeks flushed slightly from the exertion of the argument, leaning back satisfied.

“I CAN argue with your logic and I will continue to argue with your evidently floored logic.” She huffed.

“Floored? I’m not the one whose taking silver and pronouncing it as gold! Mine is better, anyone who is not an IDIOT would agree! Everyone except you seems able to accept that.” I laughed at the metaphor, making her smile.

“No, no, no! Hot Chocolates with a tiny marshmallows and whipped cream, beats hot chocolate made with melted chocolate hands down.” I slapped my hand on the arm chair. “Everyone knows that! Again! Your argument is floored.”

“How can you say that?” I grinned at Hermione, it had been two hours and we’d got a little side-tracked. “Hot chocolate made with melted chocolate cannot be beaten! It simply can’t and any hot chocolate that isn’t, is not a real hot chocolate.” I stuck out my tongue like a child, she copied.

We both giggled at our childish behaviour, it was nice to relax. “What about if we combined them?” She considered a moment.

“No.” Shaking her head. “We’d get diabetes if we did.” I laughed.

“So what? I’d consider it good enough to give a foot for.” She slapped my arm. We’d pulled our armchairs closer together over the course of an evening and now were only inches away from each other. “Speaking of death we should head back to bed.” I stood, cracking my creaking, groaning bones as I did. She stood as well. “Do you want to keep the list or will I?”

“I will.” We walked towards the door in a weird silence, not uncomfortable but expectant. I gave her the sheets of parchment, not sure how to leave.

A normal goodbye? A hug?

She seemed to be thinking the same thing but I was too nervous to act first. We were standing pretty close together.

Maybe it’s too soon for a hug.

Not like she could ever forgive me, she came here for Arabella, not because she would ever forgive me, who would?

I turned away and pushed open the door, removing the situation so Hermione wouldn’t feel awkward, although my stomach dropped disappointedly.

Hermione put her hand on mine on the door. What is she doing?

She wasn’t looking at me though she was looking at the crack in the door, then I heard it. Through the crack was two people, standing apart and both red in the face.

Blaise had his shoulders hunched, his face was drawn tight. Cho had her arms crossed, her face turned away like she couldn’t face him.

Hermione covered her mouth, I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her into me. Listening as Cho spoke.

“I’m sorry, Blaise.” Then she turned and ran. I watched as Blaise fell to his knees, tears streaking down his face as he gasped for air. I held Hermione close to me for a moment, her warm body against mine before I pushed open the door, letting her go.

I went to Blaise’s side.

Kneeling down I put my arm across his back. “Don’t touch me!” I shuddered as I heard the pain in his voice, he only half-heartedly fought against me as I lifted him up onto his feet. Taking him into the room of requirement. He collapsed on the armchair, I went to the jug of water we had Doolley bring up an hour ago, pouring him and myself a glass. I handed his to him as he broke down, tears streaking down his face.

“I don’t know why, I asked why but she couldn’t answer me. What’s wrong with me? Did I force her into this?” I found a tissue and brought it back to him, coaxing him to try and clean his face a bit. I couldn’t think of anything he might of done, remember anything she did that hinted she didn’t like him. I couldn’t think of anything to even console him, women were better at this sort of stuff than men.

I looked around but Hermione had gone.

I sighed, sitting in the red chair, keeping Blaise company till the tears ran dry.






I know this one took a long time to put up, I've had a lot going on. So Cho has dumped Blaise...please don't hate me!!! I would LOVE to hear what you guys think :)


x Ravenpen x

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