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All She Ever Wanted by TaylorAnnMitchell92
Chapter 6 : The Ball
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 Author’s Note: Okay so I know the Ball is a cliché. But it fit the demeanor of the story. Just to update, I have finished the sequel to “All She Ever Wanted”. I don’t think it is nearly as long but I’m thinking about adding more. It may be a trilogy. Not sure. But anyways enjoy this chapter!






Between Quidditch practice and homework, Ivy blinked and it was one day before the ball. Hermione and Ivy walked into Transfiguration only to find Professor McGonagall and Professor Sprout whispering intently. 


“I don’t understand. What do you mean they cancelled?” Professor Sprout asked.


“I mean that the band we had hired quit on us! How will we ever find someone to replace them?” Professor McGonagall rubbed her head with frustration and looked to see Hermione and Ivy standing there.


“Professor not to be butting in, but why don’t you owl the Weasley twins? I hear they are pretty good D.J.’s,” Ivy said.


Professor Sprout looked at Professor McGonagall, “It’s not a bad idea Minerva. It’s not like we have much of a choice.”


Professor McGonagall sighed, “Alright. I will send them an owl.” She started to walk out of the classroom until she turned to Ivy, “Great thinking Granger. Five points to Gryffindor. If any of your classmates walk in, tell them that I stepped out to do a quick errand.” She left the class and Professor Sprout followed. Ivy hear her say, “Good morning Mr. Malfoy.”


“Morning Professor.” Malfoy walked in and took a seat in the back. He propped his feet upon his desk, “So is it just us today?”


Hermione shook her head, “No. She had to owl the Weasley twins about doing the music for tomorrow night.”


“You mean the Weird Sister’s canceled? Man, I was looking forward to that again.” Malfoy said. Ivy could hint a little sarcasm from his voice. She smiled and took a seat. “No hello Ivy?” Malfoy asked innocently.


“Hello Draco,” Ivy said.


“Much better. So you two ready for this ball?”


The girls looked at each other. Hermione answered, “Yeah. We heard you were taking Pansy.” Ivy held back a laugh


Malfoy’s face fell, “As a matter of fact I am not. I pushed a seventh year to take her. She dances like a tin man. Not my type.” He looked at Ivy and winked just as Blaise and Crabbe were walking in. The rest of the class followed shortly, as did Professor McGonagall. Today they were going to learn how to change hair color. Most of the class changed brown hair to purple. A select few actually succeeded in the color. Ron changed Harry’s hair to a very slightly lighter black. Professor spent the last fifteen minute fixing everyone’s hair and then assigned them a paper about the history of that particular spell. 


Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ivy left class to head to lunch. About the time they entered the Great Hall, Lavender tackled Ron, “Oh my Won-Won! I missed you!”


Hermione rolled her eyes and kept on walking. Ginny walked up and grabbed Harry’s hand, “Hello you three,” she looked over at Ron and Lavender, “They need to go somewhere else with all of that.”


“Yeah, no kidding,” Hermione mumbled.


Ivy shook her head, “It’s like they just don’t care.”


The group took a seat and started eating lunch. “I am not looking forward to Defense Against the Dark Arts today,” Harry said.


“Oh Harry you don’t like it because Snape is now teaching it,” Ivy said.


“This may be true but it has now become my worst class,” Harry said.


“Well maybe if you actually studied and did the homework it would be your best,” Hermione intervened.


Twenty minutes later, they were sitting in class with the Slytherins again. “Ugh, you think they would pair us with Ravenclaw one year,” Ron whispered. The group dispersed in their groups. Ivy was paired with Harry, which was a good idea at the time; now she just finds it over awkward.


Professor Snape banged into the classroom. “I believe we are all a little to…comfortable with the seating arrangements. I believe we need to do a little mix up.” Everyone groaned. Snap flicked his wand and last names appeared above each pair of desk. Ivy saw Granger, I. above a desk in the back. She also noticed that the name Zabini was beside hers. With a sigh she walked over and sat down. Blaise was already there. 


When she sat down, he looked up and looked right back down. Ivy looked around and noticed that Hermione was paired with Malfoy. Both of them were in deep conversation. Harry and Ron were paired with Crabbe and Goyle. Goyle was poking Ron with his wand. Ivy quietly laughed and Blaise said, “What’s with you?”


“Crabbe is poking Ron with his wand. It just hit a giggle nerve.”


Blaise shook his head, “Those two aren’t even a half a brain put together. So you and Malfoy?”


Ivy turned her head quick to look at him, “What? Me and him? Oh no. Never.”


Blaise nodded, “That’s not what he said. But you know whatever.”


Snape began to teach. Four hours later he dismissed that class giving them two papers to work on. “Man, you think these teachers were trying to drown us in homework,” Ron complained.


The rest of day went by smoothly. Ivy was heading to the common room for bed when she heard McGonagall call her name as she was walking by the classroom.


“Ms. Granger, can you please come to my office?”


“Yes Professor?” Ivy said a little confused.


“The twins will be here tomorrow around noon to set up the Great Hall. Do you mind helping them? I know you were probably looking forward to sleeping in but they could use some help.”


“Of course. I will be there,” Ivy replied with a smile. “Anything else?”


McGonagall thought for moment, “Actually yes. I understand that you very much into muggle music. Is there any way you can get some together? I figured the more variety the better.”


She nodded her head, “Yeah, sure.”


McGonagall smiled, “Very good. Now go get some rest. Everyone has a big day tomorrow.”


Ivy left the office and went to the common room.


The following day Ivy got up about ten thirty to get ready to meet with Fred and George. She hasn’t seen them in a long while. She and Fred had a small thing back when she was a fourth year, but nothing blossomed so they called quits on good terms. She headed down to the common room to see if anybody was in there. Most of the girls were in there chatting about the upcoming ball that night. A lot of them waved and smiled at Ivy. She made her way down the stairs, when she ran into Harry who looked exhausted.


“Dang Harry were you out partying or something?” Ivy asked.


Harry smiled. “No. I’ve been meeting with Dumbledore during the night. We just got done. I was about to head up stairs to get some sleep.”


“I think that would be a good idea. No offense but you look like shit,” she responded.


“I know. Well I will see you around I guess,” Harry said as he was walking away.


Ivy continued down the stairs until she made to the Great Hall. Fred and George were already there talking with Dumbledore and McGonagall. Fred noticed Ivy first. He ran over to her, picked her up and spinned her around, “Look at you! Hey George look at this! I haven’t seen someone look this good since Angelina.”


Ivy blushed and gently hit him on the shoulder, “Yeah yeah, whatever.” George made his way over and gave her a hug. 


“How’s it going little Granger? Missed you earlier this year at Diagon Alley. Heard you ran into some particular trouble,” George asked.


Ivy nodded, “Nothing I couldn’t handle.”


Dumbledore clapped his hands together, “Right-o. So Ms. Granger, you got it from here?”


“Yes sir. I think I can handle these two,” she pointed over at the twins.


“Splendid! Now Minerva I think I need a strong cup of coffee. Please join me.” The two teachers left the room arm in arm.


Ivy and the twins spend the next five hours setting up. Ivy looked at her watch and realized the time. “Crap I got to go and get ready. The dance starts at six thirty and its five now!”


George waved his arm, “Go on; we are about done here. We will see you tonight.” Ivy waved and ran up the stairs. When she arrived at the common room she was sweaty and exhausted. Most of everyone was already in their dresses and Colin Creevey was snapping pictures of everyone. Avoiding most people, Ivy ran to the Girls Dormitory to shower. Hermione was up there trying to get her hair to cooperate. “Ugh, this is useless,” she said in frustration. 


“Here let me help you,” Ivy walked over to help her curl her hair. “I haven’t realized how long your hair has gotten.”


“I know. It’s annoying,” Hermione huffed, “I’m going to cut it all off over the summer. You just wait.” Finally Ivy fixed her sisters hair just like she wanted it. Hermione turned to her sister, “Ivy, you still need to get ready and its six now.”


“I know. I may be a little late. Don’t wait for me…wait did you ever find someone to go with?”


Hermione blushed, “Maybe but I can’t say. Did you?”


Smiling at her sister she shook her head, “No. But I don’t really mind I will probably help Fred and George with music anyways. I still need to drop off the muggle music to them. I need to go shower. I will see you soon!” Ivy turned and went shower.


After spending forty-five minutes doing her hair and makeup, she was ready. Ivy examined herself in the mirror. Her dress what a deep purple; there was no sequins, no designs just simple. It hugged her abdomen and got loose as it went down her thighs. There was a slit from the bottom to mid-thigh, the front was heart shaped and the back….well was almost non-existent until it reaches the lumbar part of her back. She slipped on her black heals and her black mask. She tucked her two fake galleons and her flash drive in the pocket on the left breast that she sewed in herself. Pleased with her appearance, she grabbed her cover up and left the Girl’s Dormitory. The common room was empty. Ivy slowly made her way to the Great Hall. She could hear the music from the seventh floor. She walked in just as the music stopped and Fred said, “Alright Hogwarts!! Are you ready to dance?” Everyone screamed and they started a new song. 


The decorations were beautiful, even if it was Halloween themed. The house elves really out did themselves. There were floating pumpkins and bats. The ceiling had silver and black drapes hanging from one side to another. All of the tables had a dancing skeleton center piece and there was a huge cake on the food table. Obviously the Three Broomsticks catered the drinks because there were a lot of butterbeer barrels lining the wall. 


Ivy snuck around the side of the dance floor to Fred and George’s booth in the corner. “How’s it going men?” Both of them were in huge glasses and top hats and suits. They reminded her of Willy Wonka or the Mad Hatter.


“Well look who decided to show up? Did you bring our music?” Fred asked.


“You know the best shows up late and yes I did,” Ivy pulled the flash drive out. Both of the boys eyes went wide.


“Fred have you ever seen something like that happen?” George whispered to Fred.


“Why no Georgie I have not.”


Ivy laughed, “Now how about you two put your eyeballs back into your head and get to”


“Yes Captain!” they both saluted Ivy and went about their business. Ivy turned to observe the room. She spotted Ron, Lavender, Harry and Ginny all laughing and having a good time. A couple of feet away was her sister dancing with someone she couldn’t recognize. Stupid mask Ivy thought. She made her way through the crowd. When she finally reached her sister, she tapped her on the shoulder. Hermione turned around and her mouth dropped.


“Ivy! Oh my goodness! You look hot!”


Ivy grinned, “You look wonderful Hermione.” Ivy looked at the person she was dancing with. He raised his mask only to see that it was Blaise Zabini. Ivy’s mouth dropped. “You Slytherins clean up kind of nice Zabini.”


He smirked, “Not too bad yourself Granger!” Ivy and Hermione laughed.


The music faded out again as George came over the mic, “This is for our muggleborns out there! Enjoy while the rest of us sway awkwardly!” One of Ivy’s favorite songs came on and shockingly most of everyone knew the song too and got just as excited. Ivy, her sister and Blaise all danced for a minute until Ivy was tapped on the shoulder. She turned to see Fred bowing with his hand out. Laughing Ivy took it and started to dance with him. 


“You my dear, look just fantastic,” Fred said with a smile.


“Thank you Fred,” Ivy responded, “You look lovely as well.”


When the song ended, Fred kissed her on the cheek and ran back to the booth. Ivy leaned over to Hermione, “I need some fresh air. I will be back soon.” Hermione nodded and mouthed be careful to her and turned back to Blaise. About the time Ivy made it to the door Ron yelled for her.


“Ivy! Is that you?” Lavender was hanging on his arm and Harry and Ginny were hand in hand. Ivy slowly turned.


She slipped off her mask, “Yeah, it’s me.” She put it back on and walked to them. “How is everything going?”


“Wonderful!” Ginny answered. 


“These muggle songs are kind of stupid. You think George can play something better?” Lavender asked.


Before Ivy could answer Harry said, “They are trying to keep everyone happy. You can deal with listening to a four minute song every once in a while.” Lavender stomped off unsatisfied and dragged Ron along with her.


Ivy held up arms, “Seriously? He has a pea sized brain to be with someone like her.”


Ginny looked at Ivy, “Who is your sister with Ivy?”


Without thinking she answered, “Oh that’s Blaise Zabini.”


Harry’s mouth dropped, “What? Why is she with him?”


Ivy eyed Harry, “Because he asked her. They’ve been locking eyes every chance they get. I say it’s about time. Now if you excuse me, I wanted to get some fresh air.” Ivy turned and walked out of the Great Hall because either could answer. She stepped on to the grounds, which was also decorated. Ivy could hear couples giggling in the bushes. She finally found a quiet spot and sat down on the bench. Suddenly her breast pocket started to get warm. It was Malfoys’ coin:


Dance Floor. 8PM – D.M.


  Ivy checked her watch. She had fifteen minutes. Sighing she got up and turned to leave just as Professor McGonagall was exiting the castle. “Hello Professor,” Ivy said as they were passing each other.


McGonagall has to do a second take, “Ms. Granger is that you?”


Ivy lifted her mask, “Well one of us. My sister is inside.”


“My my you look wonderful! If you please excuse me dear I need to round up all of these students that are hiding in the bushes.”


Ivy laughed and went inside. Ivy grabbed a drink from the table and sat down. Someone in a dark black suit walked up to Ivy and held out his hand. Smiling she put down her drink and took his hand. He led her to the center of the dance floor. It felt like every pair of eyes was on her and him. They started to dance.


“You should invest in a new suit. It’s not healthy to wear the same color all of the time,” Ivy said with a grin.


Malfoy answered, “But you have to admit, I look good in it.”


Laughing she responded, “No I cannot deny that.”


Malfoy leaned in to her ear, “Come with me.” Nodding he led her out to the Entrance Hall. Ivy thought they were going outside but he steered her to the stair case the led to the Dungeons.


“Um, where are we going?” Ivy asked a little concerned. He didn’t answer. After a couple of twist and turns they were going down a hallway that was a dead end except for a long tapestry. Before Ivy could ask a question he moved it and there was a door. He pulled out a set of keys to unlock it. He pushed the door open and moved aside and let Ivy enter first. 


As she entered the room lit up. It was mostly stone walls. Green drapes hung from the windows. As a matter of fact, almost everything was Slytherin green. Ivy turned to Malfoy, “What is this room?”


“This is just a room that I found while patrolling down here. No one really knows about it.” 


“Yet you have a key?” Ivy asked skeptically.


Malfoy smirked, “I installed it. It’s an enchanted lock so only the key can open it.” He grabbed her hand and led her to the couch. 







A/N: Bum Bum Bummmm! :) I hope you enjoyed it. Please R/R Thank you so so much!





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