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The Silver Queen by PhoenixFlame86
Chapter 1 : Black
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Black- Chapter One  


A cold wind cut through the night, slim fingers of invisible ice brushing through the many layers on Arabella Greengrass's skin. 



She sat on the roof of the large house, staring out across the land, a deep sigh escaping her lips. Her eyes, clouded and heavy with despair, took in the familiar sights while her thoughts whirled around faster than a speeding bullet. 




Questions, always the same questions driving like hot spikes into her mind. She pinched the bridge of her nose, feeling the headache coming on. 

What had I done this time?

Why was I never able to measure up?

When were things going to get better? Were they ever going to get better. 

She often wondered these things, and almost always could be found ruminating on these thoughts from her perch on the roof. The thoughts never left, but there were only two places in the world where she let them run away with her. 




Only two places private enough where she could let it all out, let the tension seep out of her weary body and let the tears fall in silent streams down her face. 




This perch, sitting in between the wings of a large marble angel on the roof and a quiet, abandoned classroom at her school. It was only when she was felt entirely removed from the people around her that the wall came down. 

Another cold burst of wind wrapped around her, tugging with all its might on her hair. With a quick pull, the band was pulled out and long, blonde hair danced around her face. Strands stuck to dried tears on her face, and Arabella did nothing. 




Bright emerald eyes stared up at the stars, vibrant in the black sky. She looked down, unafraid of the height. The lake, frozen solid, glinted dully, reflecting the light from the thin sliver of moon. 




Trees, bare of all leaves, barely visible. A white owl sat on a thick branch and hooted at her, the sound cutting the silence of the night. Arabella blew out a breath, ducking her head into her chest and pulling her knees up. 





It was Christmas Eve, and there was a fresh layer of snow on the grounds of Malfoy Manor. Christmas was always spent here, and for the past year it had been home. 




Arabella much prefered living here to her own home, there was actual warmth in this family. Her aunt was a much warmer person than her own mother, and her uncle, Draco was a quiet and intense man. Most of all, she loved her cousin Scorpious. 




They were more like brother and sister than cousins. Closer even than she was with her own twin sister. He and his mother were the only people she felt close to. 




The only people, really, that had an inkling of an idea about who she really was. They called her Bella, everyone else called her The Silver Queen. It wasn't meant to be a compliment. 

The evening had been a disaster, which was not a surprise. Anything that involved her parents was bound to end this way, with Belle finding solace in a quiet corner. She could never do anything right, she thought, feeling the tightness in her chest. 

A quiet creak sounded behind her, and despite her sadness, Belle allowed a small smile to form. The comforting weight of a blanket settled around her shoulders, and she gripped it tightly around her, grateful for the warmth. Scorpious settled behind her, molding his body to hers in the most platonic way possible. 

"Bella, Bella, Bella, why are you up here freezing? You've been gone for two hours and you're turning blue. It's not a good color on you." Bella didn't need to talk, her cousin knew why she came up here. 




All the same, she let him pull her back inside a few minutes later, numb and unable to move without help. Her cousin hooked her arm through the crook of his elbow and walked her back to her room.

A fire roared in the large marble fireplace, intense heat filling the room. Bella was placed in the chair next to the fire, and looked up as her cousin sat across from her, eyes filled with worry. 




They looked like siblings too, unlike Bella and Violet, her twin. Scorpious had the same pale blonde hair and bright green eyes. Tall, broad shouldered, and lean muscles made him the poster child for what an attractive Hogwarts Quidditch player should look like. 




He and the famous James Potter were the most attractive boys in school. She was envied for being friends with one, and for being related to the other. A quiet voice brought her back to the moment. 

"Bella, I know these evenings upset you, but can you promise me that you'll never again try to become a statue on the roof? I really would prefer for you to be alive." Bella looked up, green eyes finding identical green eyes. She only nodded, and looked away, into the fire. "My darling cousin, I am going to bring you some tea, and then you will talk to me. It doesn't do to keep all this inside." Another blank stare, another nod. 

Bella searched inside herself for the flicker of her soul that was still untouched by her haunted family; finding it and wrapping the light around herself. It was the only way she could still feel alive. 




Otherwise, her days were spent just existing, her world colored by shades of gray. A soft brush of fur, and a meow dragged her out of her reverie. Another small smile, and one of the few brights of color that existed in her world. Apollo, her long haired orange tabby, meowed again and jumped into her lap. 

The door opened and shut behind her, and before waiting for her cousin to sit, Bella began to talk. It wasn't anything he didn't know, but it was necessary to get it out of her head. 




Thoughts, like choking vines, threatened to consume her. Hope flared in her as she spoke; a hope that one day this wouldn't be necessary and she could find that elusive feeling of happiness that others found so easily.



A/N- So this is my second story. Which is being written at the same time, and in the same world as my first story- Risen: Out of the Ashes. The only thing in this story that belongs to me are the original characters. The wonderful world of Harry Potter and all the things in it belong to J.K. Rowling. I hope you enjoy this story! 


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The Silver Queen: Black


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