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Project H by Emmerke
Chapter 8 : The one where the party is about to begin
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I looked around the giant – and may I add very impressive room – and couldn’t help but smile. It was perfect, no actually perfect didn’t cut it, it was beyond perfect. By the look on Albus his face, who was standing next to me, he agreed with me.

This was it, the moment we have all been waiting for. The day of the party. Albus and I skipped our first class, which was divination, and went to the 7th floor. Only to walk by the same piece of wall three times with one thought in our minds – I really need to get the room from the book.

The Room of Requirement obeyed and gave us an exact replica of the room from the book. The bar, the ‘hook-up’ corner, the dance floor, the DJ set,  the tables and the really looking comfortable seats.

‘This is amazing.’ Albus began. ‘No, let me rephrase that. This is beyond amazing. This is spectacular.’

‘You know Albus, when you first started talking about this party I was suspicious. But I am so glad I agreed. I can’t believe I would have missed all of this.’ I stated with a bit of wonder in my voice.

‘I cannot believe that you, Rose Weasley, daughter of Hermoine Granger actually skipped a class.’ He mocked and stared at me with a look that can only be described as adoration.

‘I will make up an excuse. I never missed anything, he won’t mind. But don’t forget I am also the daughter of Ron Weasley, I can say that he and your dad skipped a few classes in their days.’ I answered.

‘No argument there.’ He smiled brightly.

If you are wondering why I was here with Albus and why Malfoy isn’t here well there is a simple explanation.

A few days after the peppermint talk and ignoring Malfoy completely, I quite literally ran into him. Actually he ran into me, technically he fell on me.

I was walking somewhere on the 5th floor, passing an, what I assumed was an empty cupboard, when something suddenly fell on top of me and knocked me to the ground.

Actually, I was someone. Malfoy.

‘Ow Weasley. Fancy meeting you here.’ He said, not moving an inch.

‘Get off of me or I will make sure that you will never be able to reproduce again.’ I threatened, not able to see the smug face on his face, since I was facing the floor.

‘Well that’s your lose, really.’ He said but he didn’t move, surprise surprise.

I rolled my eyes, even though he couldn’t see. ‘I will be doing every girl a favour.’ I stated, but he ignored me and simply said. ‘Well I thought you liked it traditional, Weasley. But this position works too.’

I tried to move, but that was kind of impossible. I just ended wriggling underneath him and felt something close to my thigh.

‘I can’t believe this is what gets you turned on.’ I mumbled, slightly embarrassed. Malfoy moved, surprisingly and I was able to get up.  Malfoy got up quite fast and was no starring at me.

He took something out of his pocket. ‘This is my want, Weasley. Don’t flatter yourself.’ He stated. ‘Besides the real thing is far more imp-‘

I put my hand on his mouth, before he could finish that sentence.

‘Don’t say another word, Malfoy. This has to stop.’ I said while removing my hand.

‘What has to stop?’ He teased with a sparkle in his eyes.

‘You know what. This. You. The teasing.’ I explained unnecessary.

His look suddenly turned all serious and very un-Malfoy like. I had only seen this side of him before when Albus was missing because Nymph caught him kissing someone else.

‘Don’t, just don’t pretend.’ He began, stepping a bit closer and looking at me with a look I couldn’t quite identify.  

‘Don’t pretend you didn’t feel anything.’

‘I ….’ I began, but was soon l was lost for words.

‘Rose …’ he began as he was raising his hand, about to stroke my cheek when someone interrupted us.

‘Malfoy. Rose. What are you doing here?’

I looked around and saw professor Flitwick staring at us.

‘Nothing, professor. Just ran into each other and started talking about how excited we are for your next lesson. ’ Malfoy said, stepping away from me.

‘Well since you like my lesson that much, you can be my assistant next lesson.’ Flitwick said, blushing.

‘But I –‘ he began.

‘I’ll see you 10 minutes before class on Friday.’ He said, before turning and walking away.

So he had no choice to skip the lesson and come with me and Albus, like intended. Dom and Nymph decided not to show up, since it would be too obvious if four of us ended up missing. They were also responsible for getting the message to the 7th years.

Thinking back about that day, I was wondering what the hell Malfoy was doing in that cupboard.

‘I ran into Malfoy the other day, you know when Flitwick caught us. He was in a cupboard, do you have any idea …. –‘I began, but Albus started laughing.

‘On the 5th floor?’ He asked. I nodded. He was still smiling when he continued.

‘We decided to hide the drinks there. It’s close to one of the secret passageways that lead to Hogsmeade.’ He explained. His gaze turned into something a bit more serious before he continued.

‘You happen to run into Malfoy on the strangest places don’t you?’

‘Yeah – well he ….’ I began before I realized something. ‘Wait. What did he tell you?’

‘What do you mean?’ Albus asked, genuinely confused. Smooth, Rose. Smooth.

‘Nothing … I just –‘ I began, but was lost for words.

‘Rose. Whatever is going on between you Malfoy – I’m not saying anything is –‘ he added upon seeing my disgusted face. ‘Just please. Be careful. I know him, he’s my best friend. But I have never ever seen him treat a girl nice.’

‘You don’t have to worry, Al. Nothing will ever happen between Malfoy and I.’ I said. That statement made me sadder than it should.

‘It couldn’t.’ he simply replied.

‘What do you mean? Couldn’t? Am I not attractive enough or something?’ I snapped.

‘No no Rose. You are very – yes – uhum – some would say you’re you know very …. You know.’ He muttered. I threw him a dirty look. ‘It’s just that me and Malfoy made a pact, he has to stay away from my female family.’

I hit him, harder than expected. ‘You made a pact? You don’t OWN me!’ I shouted.

‘Aw. Rose, that hurt. Besides some might think you actually want him to want you.’ He said pensively.

Before I could agree, the door of the room flew open and the other members of our group walked in.

‘The message is sent!’ Dom said enthusiastically. ‘When they look at their galleon now, they will see: PARTY TIME!’

‘And the place and time of course.’ Nymph added, being the sensible one. Everyone looked around, even Malfoy, feeling pleased with themselves.

Exactly 12 hours later we were standing on the same spot, looking around us and feeling extremely pleased with ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an easy trip getting here. Lots and lots of bumps and holes and wrong turns, but in the end we made it.

I looked to my right and saw Dom standing there, without any doubt the most beautiful girl in the room. Don’t get me wrong, she’s always gorgeous, but looking this good, well it wasn’t easy …

4 hours ago.

‘I don’t know Rose. Doesn’t my butt look fat in this dress?’ Dom complained about her dress for the tenth time that night.

‘Dom, first of all: your butt isn’t big and second of all that dress makes you look ever more beautiful than you already are.’ I tried to ease her mind, also for the tenth time that night.

‘I honestly don’t know Rose … Maybe I should stick with the red one.’ Dom said thoughtfully.

‘THAT’S IT! Dom you look drop dead gorgeous, even if you were wearing Dobby’s old pillowcase you would still be the most beautiful girl in the world.’ Nymph basically screamed as she threw Witch Weekly on the ground.

Me and Dom were basically to stunned to reply, because let’s face it: Nymph doesn’t yell. Like ever.

But I guess it helped, in the end Dom decided the dress indeed looked good.

But Dom wasn’t the only one freaking out.

3 hours ago.

‘That’s it. I’m not going.’

‘Cut it out, Potter. Stop being a baby and pull yourself together. For the love of Merlin!’ Malfoy yelled.

‘What the hell is going on here?’ I questioned as I took in the bizarre scene in front of me. Albus was sitting in front of the fireplace in our common room, with his hands in his hair. Malfoy was standing next to him, his hand of Albus’ back. He was surrounded by what seemed like millions of papers.

‘Potter here decided to do a little investigation.’ Malfoy began to explain. Albus made a weird sound but finally looked up.

‘This isn’t good enough!’ He exclaimed. I decided to go and sit next to him and gave him a questioning look.

‘Look at these papers. It’s what dad and your dad have done. And what my grandpa used to do. It’s just … I will never be good enough.’ He sighed.

‘Merlin, Albus. You can never be your father, he’s the chosen one. He saved everyone. Neither can you be James, who was a genius. But don’t think you can be Fred or George, they were the kings of pranks.’ I said calm.

‘Well thanks. That’s a big help.’ Albus snapped.

I laid my hand on his back as Malfoy removed his. (And no I didn’t feel a thing as his hand brushed mine for a few seconds.)

‘Albus. You can’t be them, nobody can. But you can be yourself, ‘cause everyone else is already taken.’ I whispered. Malfoy was starring intensely at me.

Albus seemed to have gained confidence. ‘You’re right. I can’t be them, but nobody can be me. ‘Cause I’m awesome!’

‘There’s the cousin I know and love!’ I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air.

Being a Weasley is hard. Because I know that I will never have a peaceful boring day. I still had high hopes two hours ago for catching up on some sleeps.

But it seems that the sandman had other plans.

2 hours ago.

I had just rested my head for 5 seconds when Nymph came rushing in, screaming.

‘ROSE ROSE! I can’t find the love potions. They’re gone!’

‘Calm your knickers, Numph. I’ll help you find them.’ I snapped, as I got out of my bed.

I ran (yes RAN, Nymph you bloody owe me.) to the cupboard on the 7th floor where everything was stored.

‘I put them there. In the corner, but now they’re gone.’ She said pointing at a now empty spot.

‘Well are you sure –‘I began.

‘YES I’M NOT STUPID!’ she shouted. Merlin, what got into her these days?!

‘What’s with the shouting?’ Albus said as he walked in. Nymph turned to him, furious. He looked a little scared.


Way to form sentences Nymph.

‘I knew this wasn’t …. We shouldn’t have …’ she said as she was pacing around, trying to calm herself.

‘They are in the Room of Requirement. Me and Malfoy moved them.’ Albus then said.

‘Ow well thanks for letting me know!’ she said as she stormed out.

After a few minutes she came back, looking very smug. I know she did something, still don’t know what. Something to piss Albus off.

Now after that I was staring to prepare myself for the dance, when Malfoy stormed into my room.

1 hour ago.

‘Ow Weasley. Is Dom here?’ he questioned, as he was obviously scanning my body, since I just came out of the shower and was only wearing a towel.

‘Sure. We showered together. She’ll be out in a sec.’ I answered sarcastically.

He gave me a smug look. ‘Well. Never thought Dom was your type. I know you were into blondes ….’

‘Don’t flatter yourself.’ I answered coolly.

‘Anyways where is she?’ he questioned again.

‘Probably talking her reflection somewhere.’ I answered. Honestly this time.

‘You’re no help.’ He commented.

‘What else did you expect?’ I asked him.

‘Yeah. You’re right. But since I’m here, you might be of some use. What do you think? Blue or red tie?’

‘Seriously. You came here to ask Dom that question?’ I asked a bit shocked really.

‘Well. We both do have an amazing taste in fashion.’ He answered, the smirk never leaving his face.

I gave him a hateful look. ‘Red.’ I answered simply.

‘Blue it is then!’ He said as he turned around and walked out of my door.

Finally some peace. Seems like everyone was freaking out but me …. 

AN - Sorry for the very late upload. But I went on holiday and had a very bad internet connection. So I couldn't upload!
Then I did upload it and it was rejected ... So sorry!
The next chapter will contain the party and I promise it will be uploaded within the next 10 days!

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