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Psychos and Psychologists by Holly_Mist
Chapter 7 : Problem Number Seven
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  “It’s Hogsmeade everybody!” Nell yelled, pulling the curtains open, letting the sunlight seep in through the tainted glass windows, and brightening the room up instantly.

“What the hell?” I mumbled, while Kenny just pulled the blanket over her head and shot Nell the middle finger.

“Don’t be rude, Kenny.” Nell reprimanded, shooting a disapproving glance towards her, although unnecessary because she couldn’t see it.

“Fuck off.” Was her lovely response.

“Why are you waking us up so early?” I groaned, covering the back of my head and my ears with my fluffy white pillow, stuffing my face into the mattress.

“It’s eight in the morning!” Nell said. She wrestled the pillow off my face and stripped the blankets off my body, exposing me to the cold chill of our dormitory.

“DUDE.” I cried, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Nothing!” She said, happily, twirling around the room, heading towards her cupboard since her job of waking me up had already been regretfully done. “I am the happiest person in the world!” She let out of trill of laughter.

I gave her a groggy smile. Her happiness was really quite infectious. Although Kenny didn’t think so, “Can you please be happy at some other time?”

Nell ignored Kenny and gave me a radiant smile, “You want to see what I’m wearing for my date?”

“Sure,” I yawned, sitting up, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. There was no going back to sleep now anyway since Nell had made it her personal agenda to make sure all of us were up.

Nell prodded towards her bed where her outfit and accessories has been laid out neatly on her pink flowery comforter.

“See,” Nell held up a chiffon white top with its sleeves puffed up and small pink flowers embroidering its neckline, “I’m going wear this with,” she placed the top gently down on her bed and then pointed towards the skin hugging, extremely tight black trousers that nearly cut off your blood circulation which, were lying below the top, “with that. How does that sound?”

“Great,” I said, “Which shoes are you going to wear?”

“That’s the thing!” Nell said, making a slight face, heading towards her wooden cupboard, which was covered with various tattered band stickers. They used to be covered with Louis’s pictures as well but she removed them when all of us started laughing at her. Her closet doors flew open and Nell stood in front of her cupboard with her hands on her hips. “I’m confused between my black heeled boots or my stilettos.” She whipped her head in my direction and asked, looking agitated, “What should I wear?”

I thought for a moment and then replied, “I think you should go for the boots.”

“No,” Kenny said, finally sitting up on her bed, rubbing her eyes and yawning, “I think stilettos will look better. Provided you have the right accessories. If you’re going for sexy, go for the heels with excessive jewelry. If you’re going for cute, then go for the boots with some hippie bracelets and necklaces and those weird feather earrings you have.”

Nell didn’t look a least bit offended when Kenny insulted her favourite peacock earrings; instead she looked at Kenny thoughtfully and said, ”You’re right.”

I looked at Kenny, impressed, “Since when are you such an expert in clothes?”

“I live with Merida during the holidays, remember?” Kenny said. Ah yes, Merida McKenzie. Merida was five years older than Kenny and a squib. Surprisingly, Merida wasn’t a least bit bitter about not having magic. In fact, she embraced the muggle world with open arms. Her interest leaned towards fashion and she now worked as an intern for Vogue, hoping to get a full time job there while working in a small wedding boutique in London. Merida and Kenny bickered most of the time but they loved each other dearly even if it meant that Kenny had to put up with Merida talking about fashion and Merida had to endure Kenny’s rants about Quidditch.

“Right,” I said, looking around, my eyes scanning for our missing friend, “Where’s Rose?”

Nell pointed her thumb backwards towards the bathroom, “In there.”

“Oh, right.” I said, wondering how Rose was feeling about the whole date thing. It was clear that she hadn’t wanted to go with Matt. She probably wanted to make Scorpius jealous but that was a ridiculous thought since she thought he was gay.

“Please don’t tell me you guys buy her ‘I like Matt Campbell because he’s a pretty fit bloke’ crap.” Kenny said, her voice low.

Nell, who was brushing her curly blonde hair, sighed, looking Kenny straight in the eyes through the mirror, “No, I don’t. But I don’t think you should pester her anymore Kenny.”

“But-“ Kenny began.

“No,” Nell said assertively, her normally gentle voice laced with determination to try and make Kenny understand, “She’ll tell us when she wants to.”

“I think she’s right,” I agreed, “Of course what she’s spewing out is utter bullshit but she’ll come around and tell us eventually.” Although I didn’t believe this was true. This was Scorpion’s secret and she’d never tell us no matter how much we pestered her. But something had to be said to placate Kenny.

“Why won’t you guys let me be a nosy bitch?” Kenny grumbled.

“Because we care for you bitch.” I said, simply, giving her a grin.

“I doubt that,” Kenny said, cheekily. I threw a pillow at her in response. Just then Rose stepped out of the bathroom wearing a white lace dress with a brown belt studded with a small diamond around her waist. Her normally curly red hair was now straight and looking extremely sleek and glossy, looking as though she has stepped out of a hair commercial.

“You look so wonderful!” Nell exclaimed, hopping towards Rose, giving her a tight hug.

“Thanks Nell,” Rose said, smiling shyly, “Glad you think so. Is it a little too much?” She asked, twirling around, her dress flying in a circle.

“No, it’s just fine,” I said, smiling.

“You look great,” Kenny said, giving her a thumbs up.

“Thanks guys,” Rose gave us a nervous smile, “I’m going to go now. I’ll see you guys for dinner, okay?”

“How come you’re leaving now?” I asked, my eyebrows furrowing, “It’s eight in the morning.”

“Eight fifteen actually.” Rose corrected, “We’re going for breakfast.”

“Who has breakfast dates?” Kenny asked, wrinkling up her nose.

“It’s the new thing, Kenny,” I said, shooting Kenny a warning look so as to not piss Rose off.

“Right.” Kenny said, catching on immediately.

“Anyway,” Nell said brightly after a moment of awkward silence, “Have fun!”

“Yeah,” Rose said, looking visibly uncomfortable, “I’ll see you guys.” She slipped on some modest white heels, picked up her leather handbag and left.

“Matt Campbell seems sketchy.” Kenny muttered.

“You’re just saying that because you want Rose to go out with Scorpius,” Nell said, looking slightly amused at Kenny’s disgruntled expression.

“Think about it!” Kenny said, “Campbell. That’s a sketchy name, right there.”

“Sketchy name?” I asked, making a face, “That’s sort of ridiculous.”

“Names starting with the letter ‘C’ are always sketchy.” Kenny said, looking grave.

“My name starts with a C.” I said, giving her a look.

“You’re okay.” Kenny amended.

I’m okay?

“Yeah. Nothing too great.”

Nothing too great?


Really, you’re best friends with someone for six years and this is the type of treatment you get. Revenge must be taken.

“AHHHHHH,” I lunged myself across my bed onto hers, pinning her down, “TAKE THAT BACK.”


“NO, I WILL – ARGHHH.” Kenny somehow rolled off and she sat on my stomach and started smacking my face with a pillow.

“STOP IT!” I screamed, whilst trying to wrestle the pillow off my face, although to no avail. I started tickling her in the stomach to try and get her off me. It worked.

“BOO YEAH BITCH.” I yelled, standing up on the bed throwing my hands in the air.

“YOU DIDN’T WIN YET.” Kenny pulled my ankle, pulling me down to the floor.


* * *
“Really,” Nell muttered, “I can’t believe you guys.”

We were heading down to breakfast, all bruised up thanks to our “fight”. Nell was telling us off for ‘animalistic behavior’.

“I mean really,” Nell chided, “Two sixteen year olds smacking each other with pillows? And then chasing each other around the room?”

Kenny and I, who were walking side-by-side, leaning on each other like drunkards, giggled hysterically in response.

“You have to admit,” Kenny said, trying to calm herself down by taking in deep breaths, “It was pretty damn funny.”

“Not when you throw pillows at me.” Nell said, pointedly.

“That was an accident.” I protested, with another laugh escaping my lips, remembering Nell’s staggered expression when the pillow hit her smack in the face, smudging her carefully done eye make up.

“Accident,” Nell muttered, sitting in our usual spot on the Gryffindor table.

“Hey, love,” Louis greeted, giving her a quick kiss, “How come you’re late?”

Nell glowered at us in response.

“Guys?” Louis turned his head towards Kenny and me.

“We may or may not have gotten into a pillow fight and then accidently thrown a pillow at Nell’s face,” Kenny said, her words garbled since her mouth already stuffed with toast.


“Anyway,” Nell said, getting up, “We’re going to get going.”

“Why did you sit down in the first place if you were going to get up so soon?” Jake asked.

He did have a point.

Nell looked momentarily stunned. “Err…”

“Because she felt like.” Louis answered for her, who had also gotten up, clasping his hand in hers.

Jake looked amused, “Okay then.”

“Well, see you guys.” And with that, they walked out of the great hall.

“Anyone wants to spy on them?” Jake asked.

“What?” I said, scrunching up my eyebrows.

Spying, Rocky,” Jake said, impatiently, “It means when you follow people around secretly to know what they’re doing.”

Wow, thanks Jake. I had no idea what it meant. “Yes, thank you.” I said, testily, “What I meant is, why do you want to spy on them?”

“Where’s Rose?” Scorpius asked, craning his head to either direction, his eyes searching for our red headed best friend.

“Because,” Jake said, “Louis was super nervous about his date this morning so I want to make sure that he doesn’t mess it up.”

“So you’re going to spy on him?” Kenny asked, skeptically.

“No, you guys are going to spy on him.” Jake pointed his index finger to Scorpius, Kenny and I.

“Cool.” Kenny looked gleeful. I grinned and shook my head. How very typical of Kenny. “Where are you going?”

“Date with Marissa.”

“Ew,” Kenny didn’t even try to hide her disgusted face here, “So, while you’re off with your girlfriend, we go spy on Louis and Nell?”

“Yes.” Jake shot Kenny a dirty look.

Where the fuck is Rose god dammit?” Scorpius asked, banging his fist on the table to get our attention, his grey eyes looking stormier than ever.

All three of us turned to him, looking slightly taken aback. “She’s on her date weirdo.” Kenny said, looking at him as if Scorpius had suddenly grown whiskers.

Scorpius looked relieved and said nothing but a very lame, “Oh.”

“Right,” Jake said, after a moment of silence in which all of us stared at Scorpius wondering what the fuck was going on until he started look extremely uncomfortable, “I’m going to go now, but you guys will spy on him, okay?”

“Yep,” Scorpius nodded his head vigorously, his voice strangely quirky, “We will spy on Louis!”

“Great!” Jake jumped, swinging his brown leather jacket over his shoulder and adjusting a few things on his ancient dingy looking camera which was swinging from his neck and said, “I’ll see you guys for dinner, okay?”


“See you.”

“Bye mate.”

As soon as Jake left, Scorpius turned to us, “We have to do this.”

“What, go spy on him?” Kenny looked very excited at such a prospect. “I think it’s a great idea!”

I looked at her, narrowing my eyes slightly, “Of course you do.”

Kenny groaned, “Come on, Rocky. I know you want to do this. Don’t act like a good girl and pretend you don’t want to.”

I bit my lip at the truth in her words, “Fine,” I said grudgingly, desperately wishing what she said wasn’t true, “Let’s go.”

Kenny beamed, “Great.”

* * *

“Where is she?” Scorpius asked, looking thoroughly agitated, jiggling his leg up and down.

“Will you relax?” I stopped playing with my hair and looked at him. Scorpius looked a right mess. There were bags under his eyes and his platinum blonde hair looking extremely disheveled, sticking up in five different directions. “Did you forget to comb your hair today?”

“What? No.” Scorpius looked absolutely disoriented, like he had no clue about what was going on or where he was.

“Okay,” I sat down next to him, linking my fingers together, resting them on my lap, “What’s up? You look like shit.”

“Well, excuse me for not winning Wizard Weekly’s beauty contest of the week at nine-thirty in the morning.” Scorpius grumbled.

“So fucking sassy,” I mumbled and Scorpius grunted. “Seriously though,” I continued, “What’s up?”

“It’s Rose, okay!” Scorpius burst out, his chest heaving up and down, “I just feel so bloody guilty! Her face just keeps swarming into my mind all the time!”

I stared at him. Never before had Scorpius loosed his cool before. He was the Zen of our group. It’s Louis who normally freaked out over the tiniest of things. I remember the day when OWL results were coming out, and Louis smashed three plates and a bowl because of how nervous the poor bloke was. Jake was chewing on his teeth while Scorpius just sat there watching Big Bang Theory on muggle television laughing his arse off.

“Well,” I said, “Why don’t you go talk to her?”

“Oh sure,” Scorpius said, sarcasm positively dripping in his voice, “That’d go so well. Hey, Rose? You know when I told you I was gay? Yeah? I lied. Just imagine how she’d react!”

“Not well.”

“Yeah.” Looking dejected, he got up and started pacing back and forth around the misty blue fountain, which stood between the greenery filled courtyard, “I guess I’ll just have to face the consequences.”

“Look,” I said, “We’ll talk to her? Okay? I’m sure everything will work out.”

“Thanks,” Scorpius mumbled, giving me a wry smile, “But I don’t think it’ll work.”

I was about protest when I heard Kenny yell, “I’m here! Let’s go!” And that was the end of our conversation.

* * *
As we walked through the cobbled streets of Hogsmeade, just passing the Shrieking Shack, Scorpius asked, “Where do you think they’ll be?”

Kenny scratched the side of her head,” Err…where does Nell usually like to go?”

“Madame Puddifoots?” I suggested. Nell, for some odd reason loved that place.

“You’re right. Let’s go.”

The three of us walking side by side quickly navigated through the streets of Hogsmeade and made our way to what I like to call ‘Pink Hell’. I mean forget the decorations, the food and drinks, which are served in the rusted china plates and cups there are also just downright terrible.

We pushed the door slightly, which was also pink and white (really? How many pink things can one possible have?!), being careful not to ring the small golden bells at the top of the door too loudly and entered, our eyes scanning the room for Louis and Nell.

“There,” Scorpius whispered, pointing his finger to the edge of the room where our two best friends were sitting.

Kenny pushed his finger down, “Don’t point and make it obvious!”

“How exactly are we going to spy on them?” I asked, “I mean, we’re not in disguise and this place is two small to be sitting at a table and listening to them!”

“Don’t worry,” Kenny pulled a shiny grey cloth from her bag, which was incidentally also grey. “I nicked the invisibility cloak from James.”

“You nicked it?” I asked, my voice disapproving.

“Well,” Kenny said sheepishly, “I actually asked Seth for it and he said he’d give it to me.” I rolled my eyes. Of course Seth gave it to her. Like me, niceness oozed out of him like that white goo flows out from leaves.

“Hey guys,” Scorpius who had left us at the entrance, beckoned us to the corner of the room, behind a plant which was just close enough to let us hear Louis and Nell’s conversation.

Kenny threw the cloak over my head and we headed to the money plant where Scorpius was kneeling and peeping from the side of the plant. Kenny put the cloak over his head as well. The three of us silently observed Louis and Nell through the translucent veil over our faces.

It seemed to be going okay, Louis looked slightly – actually – very nervous. His hands were shaking and he hadn’t had the courage to clasp Nell’s manicured hands into his, which was very subtly creeping towards his own.

“Come on mate,” Scorpius muttered, “We trained you for this.”

“You gave him training?” Kenny whispered incredulously.

“Had to! Poor bloke couldn’t say a word which made sense!” I snorted with laughter, which caused Kenny to slap the back of my head.


“Keep quiet!” Kenny hissed, “We don’t want to get caught!” I glared at Kenny momentarily and turned my attention back to Louis and Nell.

“So,” Louis said, nervousness evident in each syllable, “How’s your whole health-fitness thing going?”

“Great!” Nell said brightly, who didn’t seem to be nervous at all, “I’ve been running three kilometers everyday!”

That’s great,” Louis smiled warmly, “It’s great that you’ve lost all your baby fat.” Well, fuck. Wrong move Louis. Wrong move.

Nell used to be a plump kid until the third year when she decided that she was tired of all the teasing and jeering and began eating healthy and excising an unhealthy amount. Following this strategy, by beginning fifth year, she was what every girl wanted to be. Obviously, no one brought up her past days. Nell was the sensitive one of group, bringing up her past days would be people’s number one plan to make her cry.

“Nooo!” Scorpius moaned, “Louis! You don’t say that to girls!”

Nell’s face dropped. “Excuse me?”

Louis immediately realized what he’d gotten himself into, “N-no! That’s not what I meant!”

“Are you calling me fat?” Nell asked, her voice dangerously low.

“No! No! No!” Louis backtracked quickly, his face breaking out into sweat, “I meant, that it’s great that you’ve gotten the body you’ve always wanted.”

“Really? That’s what you meant?”


“I have ears, Louis!” Nell snapped, “And you called me fat!”

“Somebody please fix this!” I muttered desperately. Nell had been so excited for this date! It couldn’t be ruined because one thing Louis said because he couldn’t contain his nerves!

“How?” Kenny looked upon the scene hopelessly, her forehead creasing.

“I swear, Nell.” Louis pleaded, “That’s not what I meant!”

“I think that’s exactly what you meant!” Nell cried, her voice echoing throughout the room, causing half the people in the room to stare at them in surprise.

“Do something!” Kenny punched Scorpius in the shoulder and shook him hard.

“What do I do?!”


Scorpius stayed still for a moment and then suddenly ripped the invisibility cloak off his head jumped in front of Louis and Nell from behind the money tree plant, which he nearly knocked over exposing Kenny and me.

“Louis!” Scorpius cried.

“Scorp?” Louis asked, looking confused, “What are you doing here?”

“I…err…” Scorpius faltered, “I was…uh…making sure that you guys were having a great time!” Scorpius nodded his head vigorously, giving them an innocent smile.

“Huh,” Kenny whispered, grinning slightly, “Nice one.”

“Why would you do that?” Louis asked, suspiciously.

“Can’t I be worried about my friends?” Scorpius asked, looking hurt.


“So are you having a good time?”

“It’s debatable.” Nell scowled, crossing her arms across her chest, glaring at Louis.

“Nell,” Louis sighed, “I didn’t mean it like that, okay?”

“Yes.” Scorpius agreed, nodding his head, his eyes wide, “He didn’t mean it like that!”

“How do you know what he said?” Nell inquired, narrowing her eyes dubiously.

“Erm…I don’t?” Scorpius offered, weakly.

“Have you been spying on us?”

“N-no!” Scorpius looked like a lost rabbit, “Definitely not!”

“I can’t believe you!” Nell cried, pushing her chair back, standing up, “Have you heard of the term privacy?”

“Oh, shit.” I muttered. Kenny nodded her head fervently.

“I wasn’t the only one!” Scorpius protested.

“Don’t make excuses!” Nell cried. She yanked Louis’s hand, (I’m surprised it didn’t fall off), pulled him off his chair and said angrily, “We’re going somewhere else! Come on, Lou.”

Louis quickly threw a galleon on the wooden table and followed behind Nell, with the rest of the customers looking at them curiously.

“I can’t believe you guys.” Scorpius muttered, glaring at the plant. Well, technically, he was glaring at us, but you know, since we were invisible, it was the plant that had to endure his cold glare.

“Great job, Scorpius!” Kenny said, brightly, pulling the cloak off our heads, “You totally saved their date!”

“How?” Scorpius questioned.

“Well, Nell will pissed about the fact that you were spying and will forget about why she was angry with Louis and then they’ll carry on with their date pretending nothing ever happened between the both of them because she’ll be ranting about you!” I explained happily.

“Glad to be of service.” Scorpius muttered, raking his hand through his mess of blonde hair.

“No problem.”

“Can we please get of here?” I looked around the room distastefully, “All this pink is getting me jittery.”

“Hell yes.”

We made our way out, although not after receiving a dirty look from madam Puddifoot, probably for not buying anything and creating havoc in her little café, we walked on towards Dervish and Bangs, when we bumped into Seth, James and Fred.

“Little sister,” Seth greeted, giving me his classic greeting by ruffling my hair, “Haven’t seen you for a while.”

“I spoke to you yesterday.”

“Well, it’s been eight hours since then, that’s quite a long time if you ask me.”

I rolled my eyes, “Next time, for my sanity, I’ll try to make it longer.” James snorted while Fred gave me a high-five. “Nice.” He grinned.

Seth ignored my jab and asked, “So where you little kids off to?”

Three of us scowled simultaneously. Kenny answered, “Dervish and Bangs.”

“Well, we’re heading to my Zonko’s. Want to come with?” Fred offered, giving us a toothy smile.

I looked at Kenny and Scorpius, who nodded their agreement. “Sure.”

We began walking through the cobbled streets of Hogsmeade with Kenny, Seth, Scorpius and Fred chatting animatedly about Quidditch while James lagged behind a little bit. Once the others were ahead of us, far enough that they couldn’t hear us, “How’s the Albus thing going?” James asked, his voice low.

“He stopped yelling,” I said, taking in his somber expression.

“Well, I suppose that’s an improvement.”

“I even held a conversation with him the other day without either of us yelling.” I stated my achievement proudly. James, however, didn’t think much of it because he looked rather irked.

“Well did he tell you what his problem is?” He demanded.

“No, I don’t know that yet.”

“Well hurry the fuck up.” James sounded extremely frustrated. Anger flared up inside me. I had gone out of my way to make sure I could help Albus and this is the sort of gratitude I get. I could have easily ratted him out to McGonagall and let him see a professional. I didn’t really have to bother myself with this whole thing.

“Why don’t you do it then, if you think you’re so great?” I snapped at him, my nostrils flaring.

“You think I haven’t tried?” James cried, looking aggravated, “Every time I try to talk to him – he shuns me away!” James angry expression faltered and he just looked tired, “I don’t know what to do anymore.”

“Why don’t you ask Lily?” I said, a hint of anger still remaining in my voice.

“Don’t you think we’ve tried?” James said, shaking his head, “We’ve done everything we could. Written to mum and dad, cornered him outside of class, sent him letters while we’re still in the same school.” James looked like he’d given up.

“Look,” I sighed, “I’ll try my best okay. But you’ve got to give me time.” James nodded his head vigorously with a hint of smile creeping up his face.

“Thanks, Rocky.” He engulfed me into a hug and I smiled, “Sorry for yelling at you.” His voice came out muffled. “I’m just really frustrated.”

I smiled slightly into his crisp blue-checkered shirt, “It’s okay. I get why you’re upset. Anyone would be.”

James pulled away and sighed, “I really hope we can find out quickly.”

I didn’t reply, instead I craned my neck towards the left, to get a better look at what my eyes had spotted just after James had let go.

It was Albus and Nathan behind a tree (not in the way you’re thinking), what seemed to look like from here, arguing.

“What are you looking at?” James frowned at my lack of response and turned around, following my line of sight. His eyes landed in front of Albus and his already large hazel eyes turned even bigger.

“What do you think is going on?”

“I don’t know.” I shook my head, mystified.

James looked at me, “Want to take a closer look?” I didn’t bother with a reply and both of us walked ahead, towards the large elm tree where Albus and Nathan were arguing. In order for us not to be noticed by the either of them, James pulled me to the side and took out his wand and did a quick disillusionment charm (lucky bugger’s seventeen) on the both of us to save us the trouble of trying to figure out a way to sneak around them and we stood right next to them, trying to be as discrete as possible so that no odd crunching sound of the reddish-brown autumn fallen leaves were made.

“I don’t think that’s good enough.” I heard Albus say angrily, “You betrayed me and that is the fact is of the situation.”

Me?” Nathan asked incredulously, “How could you even say that?”

“Well what you did explains it all doesn’t it.” Albus shot back, his eyes narrowing, his mouth turning into a grim line. Nathan just shook his head, his blonde hair flopping into his crystal blue eyes, which at the moment looked tired at angry at the same time and he sighed dejectedly.

“You know I apologized for that. Over and over again. I didn’t mean for any of this to screw over our friendship.” James looked at me surprised and I shrugged.

“Well, it did.” Albus said, flatly, ”You betrayed me. As simple as that.”

“Al-“ Nathan began, but Albus held up his palm indicating that the conversation was over.

“It’s done, Nathan. We’re done talking about it.”

With that, Albus left Nathan standing at the edge of the elm tree looking more miserable than ever. Nathan didn’t bother stopping him but instead just looked after him in a melancholy manner. He stood there for a couple of seconds, rubbed his eyes hard, took a deep sigh and walked away in the opposite direction.

As soon as he left, James took the charm off with a quick wave of his wand and looked at me, “What the hell was that about?” I shook my head, my brain more confused than ever.

“I have no clue.”

A/N: Hi guys! Here's chapter seven! :) Sorry for the lack of Albus in this chapter but he'll be back next chapter - so no worries! Hint: There's going to be some improvement in relationships and a new character will be introduced! Can you all guess who it is? ;)

So, I should probably warn you, I'm a IB student now (it's great if you've never heard of the program. trust me on this one.) and tons of work is being dumped onto my head, so i'm extremely sorry if updates begin to take a longer time of my usual three weeks (that's not short either but you know).  

I think i've rambled long enough - please do leave a review on your way out :) 

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Big Bang Theory or Vogue. 

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