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Knew it All Along by randomwriter
Chapter 4 : Deals with a Malfoy
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 This Chapter is for Nadia, because she is incredible and also because she has been hinting in the most subtle way possible that this story needs an update. (And also because I don't want to be killed in my sleep! :P)

Disclaimer- I'm just as obsessed with harry Potter as you are, and I'm just as unlucky for I own none of this, but the plot.


"You know, maybe it isn't so bad after all." Pat says, viewing Dom and Richard, from two house tables away, where they are sharing pieces of food, out of each others' mouths. I find it quite disgusting. However, two seats away from me, Alice is attempting to force food down her own boyfriend's mouth, while sticking her tongue down his throat. It's as if she's competing for some big slut contest that I am quite glad to have no knowledge of.

"Not so bad? You're kidding, right?" Luke mutters, grumpily, stabbing his sausage with a fork. "I for one would rather not puke out the first meal of the day."

Pat shrugs. "How long is this going to last? He'll be gone before you can say 'Holy Hippogriffs' and Dom would have found a new toy. Seems like the natural order of things."

Luke looks annoyed. "How is that natural order, Pat? And you're one to talk. As in you haven't had more boyfriends than you can count. If you can count, that is. Dominique, over there, belongs to Ravenclaw." He finished smugly. I don't see any logic in his thought process, but I decide to shut up, seeing that I'm sitting right in between these two, directly in the line of fire.

"Are you calling me stupid?"

Pat stands up. So does Luke.

"Going to try to take me out, Simons?"

"Chill out, ladies." I intervene, deciding that I've had enough. "As much as we'd all like a catfight, I think that-"

I'm interrupted by a loud gagging noise. Brian is rolling on the floor, spluttering and coughing, and all the while, he is trying to spit out words at Alice.


He stands up and straightens himself out and leaves Alice, who looks like she has just lost an arm in an ill considered wager.

"Wait. Come back. We can figure things out. You know I love-" She rushes behind him, screaming, completely oblivious to the fact that the entire Great Hall is watching her make a fool out of herself.

Smooth, Alice. Real smooth.

"Did he just dump her?" Luke asks, confused.

"They just got back a few days ago." Pat points out, as if that implies that he cannot dump her now.

"You know how things will be if Brian has indeed dumped Alice?" I ask Pat, who immediately turns to look at me, alarmed.

"I will personally talk to him, if I have to. Beg him not to. Maybe I can bribe him with chocolate frogs?"

I laugh. Alice Longbottom cannot survive single. It's a well known fact that guys like to take advantage of. It might have been different if Neville was intimidating. But we all know that he wouldn't hurt a fly, unless he had to. Knowing how much he is capable of is scary enough for a lot of guys though. But I know Brian. He's a good guy. Just someone who is rightfully freaked out by Alice's commitment issues.

"Come on. We have Herbology." Luke stands up and swings his bag around his shoulders. The two of us head over to the Green houses as Pat heads off towards the Common Room. She has a free period now that she has dropped the subject.

The next time I see Alice Longbottom is during lunch. She looks morose and lonely, and snaps at me when I ask how she's doing. Then she immediately apologises for taking it out on me. I decided to scoot away as soon as Brian walks over. He sits next to Alice and starts talking in a low tone. I occupy myself with my food, till I vaguely register that someone has taken a seat in front of me.

I look up to see Al, looking faintly annoyed. "What's Dom doing with Crawely?" He asks, wasting no time.

The three of us- Dom, Al and I, were jokingly called The Golden trio, while growing up. We were inseparable. although the three of us were sorted into different houses, we still maintained a strong bond.

I shrug. "I asked her the same thing. She was rather offended."

"Do you think she's doing it because she's bored?" Al asks, eyeing the boy in question, with disgust.

"I should hope, so but it seemed different..." I trail off.

Just then James Potter walks into the Great Hall and spots his little brother over at the Gryffindor table. He walks towards us and claps Al on the back, hard.

"What do you think you're doing here, traitor?"

"Traitor?!" Screams Al, feigning shock. "What makes you think I'd ever betray you, sweet brother of mine?"

James snorts. "For one, you were sorted into Slytherin. That's enough. You've betrayed the family. And then you betray the house that you've been sorted into, by eating at our table. The Gryffindor table. And next-"

However, I don't hear James' other reasons for calling Al a traitor because a certain annoying blonde has taken up at attention.

I can see Malfoy chatting up Agatha Samson, a Ravenclaw in our year.

I tune myself out of this age old battle. Usually I would participate and goad Al, but suddenly I'm so tired of everything around me.

When I see Pat or Lucas again, it's evening and we decide to take a stroll around the Quidditch pitch. The weather around this time is nice for a stroll because it's cool and breezy, but there is no direct hit of the sun, or blast of biting cold winter air. I wish the grounds would be quieter, but there are a lot of people who love this part of the castle and choose to come here during the evening. A little further down, and a little bit into the forest, is my favourite spot on the grounds. It is a spot that's right by the edge of the furthest corner of the Great Lake and I find it quite surprising that it's so secluded. There is a little clearing in the forest and on full moon nights, I like to sit by the giant rocks and trees and look at the moon's silvery reflection in the water. I don't suggest that we go there because it is my secret place. I like to go there alone at night and I don't want to give it away, even if they are my best friends.

A strained silence hangs in the air, mainly because while I am equally lose to both of them, Pat and Luke aren't in the same league with each other. They like each other and know each other well, but they don't share the bond with each other that I share with each of them.

We've stopped talking about Alice, because we're tired of contemplating. Luke has already declared that from a guy's perspective, it's easy to tell that Brian would want to dump Alice.

We settle down on the Quidditch stands and I think of a lovely date I once had over here. The Ravenclaw team is practicing on the pitch. They're just about to lift off into the air.  My mind continues to wander and  I notice that the silence has progressed from being strained to rather comfortable. All three of us are a bit lost in our own thoughts when a loud noise awakens us from our reverie.

A little ahead of us is a boy with a beater's bat, looking relieved, having just  deflected a Bludger away from us. PAt looks clearly disturbed, as if she wants to move when when the beater approaches us.

He takes off the protective gear from him face and I see that he's a boy from James' year. I think his name is Robert Miller, but I really am not sure so about his last name. I also remember having crushed on him like the teenager I was, back in my fourth year. But it was pretty meaningless crush. As you can see, I don't even remember his last name anymore.

He grins and at and says, "If I were you folks, I'd move out. We're having a pretty rogue practice today." We nod and slowly trudge away, still lost in thought. I turn around for a second, and Robert's face breaks out into a wide grin.

"Take care, Weasley!" He waves and smiles at me, putting on his protective gear and flying back onto the pitch. For a brief second, my gaze lingers and I think about how nice his smile is, and then I turn around and jog to catch up with my friends, who are now discussing Quidditch season.

He knows my last name.

I ignore the voice in my head that points out that everyone knows my last name.


 When we go back to the Common Room, there is a message on the notice board. We can tell because a tremendous crowd has gathered around the notice board. Deciding that the only way I'd get to read the notice is if the crown clears up a little, I wander to the other side of the Common Room to continue writing my History of Magic essay, while Pat and Lucas walk in the direction of the notice board. I try to avoid my gaze from settling on Alice, who is currently exhibiting a fine show of desperation which involves her repeatedly kissing Brian's neck, as he is casually flipping through a book, trying to obviously ignore Alice.

It must be at least half an hour later when James Potter settles himself in front of me and pushes away my essay. I sigh resignedly, knowing that telling James that I have work to do is probably the least effective statement  on the planet, so I listen.

"Have you seen the notice?" He asks, chirpily.

I look over at the board and the crowd has thinned.

"I meant to, but looks like I forgot. What does it say?"

"That we need to throw dungbombs at Binns at least three times a day." James tells me.

I roll my eyes and point out that the dungbombs would go straight through him.

I'm about to stand up to go have a look myself, when James tells me that it's about the Quidditch trials that are set to happen in three days.

"Oh, so you decided on a date!" I tell him happily. Our team has lost out on quite a few people because they've all graduated. We now need two Chasers and a Beater.

"Yes!" James says, smiling, and then he adds, "But I really could use some help going by how long the list of hopefuls already is!"

"Of course, James. You know I'd never say no to a bit of Quidditch!" I laugh.


It's Thursday now. I've had a pretty good week. I've managed to avoide Malfoy after the conversation in the dungeons. I also haven't seen him around Agatha Samson again, and I have no idea why I feel slightly light-headed when I think of this. But I'm guessing that it has to do with my concern for Agatha's well-being.

It's been two days since James spoke to me about helping him with the try-outs. I had exactly two days left to hand in Binns' essay and I figured that hanging around in the Common Room wouldn't exactly help me get it done. Most people took advantage of Binns and handed in their works ages after the due date, but I had truly taken over my Mum in that department.

Which is why I'm seated at a table in the library with three big books open in front of me, trying to figure out why exactly Brigg believed that invading Hogbart, a village with the largest squib population in the whole of Britain was a good idea. I'm reading through one of the books right now, and it's incredibly boring. Putting my head down and holding up the book kills my speed, but at this particular moment, I can't bring myself to care. It isn't long before the letter begin to look so distant and hazy. I put the boo down, intending to pick it up in a couple of minutes.  

I don't know how long it has been since I dozed off, or since I finished my essay, really. Because when I open my eyes, I see a completed essay in front of me, much to my surprise.

"Liking what you see?" a voice cuts through the silence.

I know who it is before I turn around, and I sigh before whipping around, throwing him an annoyed look.

"You shouldn't be tampering with other's work, Malfoy."

He mocks offense and laughs.

"Weasley, I didn't tamper with anything. If anything, I improved it. Take a look."

I'm about to open my mouth to argue, but he points at the essay and begins tapping his foot impatiently so I decide to read through it anyway.  I hate to admit it, but it isn't bad. He hasn't changed anything that I've written. Instead, he's just finished it for me. Everything he's added makes sense and goes along the lines of what I've written. I'm a little miffed that he's decided to finish my essay for me, but I'm also curious.

"Why would you do something like this?"

He rolls his eyes and says, "I believe you mean to say 'Thank You'."

"No," I reply, "I said exactly what I meant."

"Oh well, alright then!" He says and raises his wand. In a second I realise that he's about to remove everything he's just added, and I must admit that he's added quite a few excellent points and saved me from about three hours worth of work.

"NO, WAI-" I scream, before I realise that we're in a library and clamp my hands over my mouth.

But it's too late. Madam Pince is approaching us at a dangerously fast rate, with a broomstick in hand. "Out Out OUT," She screams chasing us around, broom raised. Scorpius and I quickly pick up my things and run out of the library as fast as we can.

Once we're out, just out, we burst out laughing, not worried about the noise we're making. We can still see Madam Pince glaring at us from inside, so we only laugh louder, till we're out of earshot. We begin to climb the stairs and I ask him again, only this time, I thank him because my essay is in his hand right now.

"Well, I have a proposition." He states, which makes me look at him inquisitively.


"Yes, Weasley. It's when a person suggests-"

"Shut the fuck up, Malfoy. I know what a proposition is, thank you."

"Yes? Good."

"Well, I'm listening." I say impatiently. I know he's enjoying making me wait.

He takes out his wand and duplicates my essay.

"There." He says with finality.

"You want both of us to hand in my essay?" I ask incredulously.

"It's our essay now, love. Equal contributors."

I roll my eyes. "Give me one good reason."

"Because I can just as easily make my work vanish from yours and you'll have to spend fuckloads of time completing it. Not to forget that it is due day after and you have Quidditch try-outs tomorrow and it is currently-" He checks his watch,"- eleven thirty in the night."

I consider his wager. It's not risky. We all know that Binns will never realise. I doubt if he even actually reads the essays, actually. It's the thought of having this... this deal with Malfoy that annoys me. We stop walking, and I notice that we're in front of the Gryffindor portrait hole. He's actually walked me all the way up, and now he's got to go the dungeons. If it was anybody else, I might have considered it sweet, but because it's Malfoy, I'm weary. Better safe than sorry, right?

He's still looking at me expectantly.

"Wait." I say, as something strikes me. "How do you know about the try-outs? And that I'm going to be busy?"

He gives me a cocky look as he tells me, "I know a lot of things you'd rather not want me to know, Weasley. And if you agree to this deal, proposition... call it whatever you want, I'll tell you one more such thing."

He's stepped closer to me and placed one copy in my hand.

"Your call, Rose." His voice, and facial expressions soften a little. I brush off the fact that he's just called me by my first name and focus on the matter at hand. I have to admit, I am extremely curious.

Well, fuck it. I stuff the copy into my bag.

"Well, now let's hear what you have to say."

The last thing I notice before his lips touch mine is his smirk. He pulls away suddenly.

"I know that you enjoyed that. A little too much." He says, smirk still intact.

And then, he stalks off, turning to look at my face one more time, as I just stand there in shock, his words ringing in my ears. I should have known that deals with a Malfoy always leave you feeling ripped off... or do they?

I mumble the password and can vaguely hear The Fat Lady muttering about a Weasley fraternizing with a Malfoy, but I tune her out. My head is just swimming with thoughts of what just happened, and no matter how much I try to drown that out, images of him smirking and kissing me repeatedly fill my head.


Author's Note:

I know that I said that I would only be updated this after 'Dear Al'. I also said that I would update this soon. However, I decided to let everything go, and just send this in. I would like to hope that you all enjoyed reading this, as I loved writing it :)
If you have something to say (and hopefully you do!), please review! It would make a world of a difference :) 

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