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Harry Potter and the Broomstick Makers by StarFeather
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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A gust of wind came into a small atelier. An old skilled craftsman talked to a young craftsman,

“We’ll have a cool summer this year.”

Kaito Fukuyama frowned and gripped his knife. He thought his broomstick company would beat their rival company that time. But the Chairman of England Quidditch League adopted Firebolt as a recommended broomstick again. He was sure their skill was unsurpassable. English wizards had used only natural wooden sticks for broomsticks but he had an idea: Quidditch players would be able to fly faster if they tried his new products. He had compounded materials with carbon fibre. His new models could make them fly faster than the current models. If only famous Quidditch players had tried his new models or famous Harry Potter tried them,

"No, it is impossible", he sighed again.

The young broomstick craftsman restarted scraping off the bark of cherry wood with his knife in his atelier.

Gawain Roberds stared at Harry and said in the office of Auror Headquarters,

“You mean you have ability to transform two Animagis and you insist that you can’t register one of them?”

“Yes, Sir. I have already registered one last year,” said Harry.

“So what is the form of the one you can’t register?”

“I can’t tell you, sir.”


“It is wiser to keep it secret.”

Roberds frowned and shook his head and said,

“But Williamson knows both of them, doesn’t he?”

Harry wavered between saying honestly and feigning ignorance, he decided to keep silent.

Roberds opened his mouth and said,

“And one more thing. You could summon your house-elf at Parkinson Manor when you were on a raid. How did you do that?”

“I can’t answer, sir.”

“Potter, I reckon it will be you who deserves next head of Auror Headquarters. So tell me why you can’t answer to my questions.”

“Not a few Aurors have been casted Confundus Charm and Imperius Curse and they have been controlled by the remaining Death Eaters and their allies. It is no wise to reveal everything.”

“But I’m your head, Potter. I have a right to know. Does Kingsley know it?”

“No, sir. I should have better to keep them secret, but Williamson was always there with me.”

Roberds tried to retort still but he was forced to give up, when someone knocked and Draco Malfoy entered the office.

“Mr. Malfoy, I didn’t allow you to come in,” Roberds blamed Malfoy’s rudeness.

“Sorry, sir but I think this is urgent,” Malfoy spoke fast.

Harry asked,

“Did you do that?”

Malfoy’s nervous look turned to favorable one. He said,

“Yes, I did it, Potter.”

Roberds looked irritated,

“Potter, you still have a thing you haven’t told me.”

“Sorry, sir. I thought it would be better to report to you after Malfoy did it.”

“Well, what did you perform for us?” Roberds stared at Malfoy sharply.

“I made potion powder to identify the place where the criminal committed the crime.”

“Is it possible to make such potion?” Roberds glanced back to Harry.

Harry grinned at Malfoy and said,

“Let’s perform what you did, Malfoy.

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Harry Potter and the Broomstick Makers: Prologue


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