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A Broken Jigsaw by Yayy im a Hufflepuff
Chapter 24 : Firm Foundations
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When Ginny and Harry returned from their honeymoon two weeks later they both began to work in their respective careers. Harry, working for the aurors and Ginny accepting a year-long contract with the Holyhead Harpies. But even with their careers, they still managed to make it round to dinner at Captonia Manor once a week and it was after one of those dinner’s, about two weeks before Christmas, when everyone was sat around talking when Draco cleared his throat. Narcissa looked up and everyone fell silent.

          “Mother, I want to start the destruction of Malfoy Manor tomorrow,” Draco said casually.

          “Have you planned your rebuild yet?” Narcissa asked. Draco nodded.

          “It was the first thing I did, but I need help to knock down and re-build and I wanted to know if you and Carlos will help me. Hermione, Harry, Ginny and Blaise have already agreed to help when they can, George, Bill and Charlie have said they’ll help as well,” Draco said calmly. Narcissa glanced across at Carlos and Draco saw him give the tiniest of nods. “What? What am I missing?” Draco asked worriedly as he looked between his parents.

          “Draco, will you step outside a moment?” Narcissa asked as she stood gracefully. “Hermione, you too.” Draco rose from his seat and held his hand out to Hermione with a confused expression on his face. Hermione stood up alone and then took his hand and once she did he followed after his mother who headed to the dining room.


          “Draco, I personally can’t help you with the destruction and rebuild of the manor because it would be too dangerous for the baby,” Narcissa said quietly. Draco stared at his mother almost not comprehending what she was saying.

          “The what?”

          “The baby. I’m pregnant and you’re going to be a brother,” Narcissa smiled. Draco’s face broke into a wide grin.

          “How far along Mother?” Draco asked.

          “Almost twenty one weeks,” Narcissa said almost shyly. Draco looked at his mother and frowned as he did the calculations in his head.

          “She was pregnant before she married Dray,” Hermione murmured timidly. She knew Draco’s temper well and she was nervous about how he would react.

          “Wait you knew? You knew my mother was pregnant before I did and you didn’t think to tell me?” Draco asked his voice cold.

          “I…” Hermione started but Narcissa cut her off.

          “I asked her to allow me to tell you myself. Hermione guessed at my pregnancy before I married and I asked her to keep it quiet until I told you because I didn’t want you to have any reason to be against Carlos. I raised you to marry first and have children later, but I did the exact thing I told you not to do. I was ashamed of myself and I didn’t want you to see me in a bad light,” Narcissa said in a rush. Draco stared at Narcissa, his mouth slightly open in shock when he made sense of her quick speech.

          “Mother… Mother I could never see you in a bad light. I just wish you would have told me you were pregnant. I had no reason to dislike Carlos and giving me a little brother or sister isn’t a reason to dislike him regardless of when that happen and he made an honest woman of you,” Draco sighed.


Hermione looked between Draco and Narcissa and then laid her hand on Draco’s arm to get his attention.

          “I’m going to head back inside, see you in a bit?” Hermione asked softly. Draco nodded at her and flashed her a smile before Hermione headed back to the parlour. As soon as she sat down Carlos moved over to her.

          “Is everything alright out there?” He asked softly.

          “Yeah, they’re just smoothing things over,” Hermione said.


It took a further ten minutes after Hermione had entered the parlour for Draco and Narcissa to emerge from the dining room but when they did, they both seemed happy and Narcissa announced her pregnancy to everyone who didn’t know. There was a predictable flurry of congratulations passed on to Narcissa but then everything quieted down again and Draco explained his plans for the destruction of Malfoy Manor.

          “There’s three wings to the Manor and then there is the central block. I want to have two people on each wing and three on the central block and once the upper surface of the Manor is destroyed, I want to destroy the dungeons, they’re under the central block and to the best of my knowledge, destroying them is likely to leave a three storey crater in the earth-“

          “Four storey son,” Narcissa piped up quietly. Draco looked across at Narcissa with a raised eyebrow.

          “There’s a fourth level?”

          “Your father was a cruel and dark man,” Narcissa said quietly with such finality that Draco didn’t want to ask what the fourth level was for.

          “Okay so there’s going to be a four storey crater in the earth tomorrow. So are you all going to be able to get to the Manor gates for say, twelve tomorrow?” Draco asked the room. He looked around and was met with nods from everyone including Pansy and his mother.

          “You two are going to be there?” Hermione interjected. Pansy and Narcissa nodded.

          “Of course! I’m pregnant, not handicapped!” Pansy said waspishly. Hermione held her hands up in defeat with a grin.

          “Okay, okay.”


Draco and Hermione left Captonia Manor with Ginny and Harry and apparated back to Hermione’s flat where they sprawled in her living area with the drink of their choice. Harry and Draco were glued to the screen watching a football game while Ginny was eating ice-cream and Hermione had her hot chocolate and was sat on the floor by her fireplace with a book.

          “Seriously Mione. What are you going to do for a career?” Ginny asked. Hermione looked up at her friend’s serious face and shrugged.

          “I don’t know,” Hermione sighed.

          “You need to find something, I mean, you did say you only wanted this flat to be a temporary thing,” Ginny frowned.

          “Well it is a temporary thing, and I spend half my time at Draco’s, but I was thinking of contacting Flourish and Blotts and asking if I could work part time there. I need something to do with my time until I figure out what I want to do,” Hermione sighed as she lay back in front of her fire.

          “What’s Draco doing with himself anyway?” Ginny asked as she spooned ice-cream into her mouth.

          “He’s just focusing on getting the manor rebuilt before he focuses on anything else. I think he wants to sell his flat and move back into the Manor when it’s done. He wants to get it just right… He’s such a perfectionist,” Hermione said fondly as Draco began to cheering while Harry groaned. “Match over?” Hermione asked.

          “Yup, and my team won!” Draco smirked proudly.

          “The way you go on, anyone would think you were second years and playing quidditch again,” Ginny snickered.

          “Shush Potterette!” Draco mock glared. Ginny glared back and mimed the words ‘Ferret-Boy’. Hermione giggled behind her hand at their antics then stood up with a stretch.

          “Right you guys, I wanna sleep, it’s late, get out my flat… all except for you,” Hermione said, smirking as she pointed at Draco. Ginny winked at Hermione and Harry shook his head.

          “See you tomorrow Mione, Draco…Enjoy your evening,” Harry said with a barely concealed snicker. Draco aimed a mock smack to the back of his head, a smack that Harry ducked on his way out the door with Ginny.


Draco turned to Hermione with a mischievous look in his eyes.

          “Is there a reason why you told me I couldn’t leave?” Draco asked as he sat sideways on the arm of the chair. Hermione simply looked at him before she walked towards him and pushed him so he was lying on the couch, then she sat on his lap and leant forwards to give him a soft kiss. Draco knotted the fingers of his right hand in the hair at the base of her neck while his left hand rested at her waist, clutching her slightly as he bit her lower lip.

          “Do you need me to spell it out for you?” Hermione whispered against his lips. Draco manoeuvred Hermione so he could stand up and not drop her then moved towards her bedroom without taking his lips from hers.


******Time Gap******


The following morning Draco apparated back to his flat and allowed Hermione to get ready in peace and he apparated back to the manor wearing jeans and a tee-shirt that he didn’t mind getting dirty. Walking through the empty halls of the manor he found that he was glad he was getting rid of it. Everything he wanted to keep or would put in the new Malfoy Manor simply because of its value in his family’s name, was sitting in a storage room in a room he created on his flat. As the time neared twelve, he left the gardens after placing a protective spell on them to avoid them being ruined then he headed around the building to the front gate where people had started to apparate. Everyone seemed to be dressed in much the same way as he was, apart from his mother, she was still dressed in robes, although robes that weren’t as expensive as some of her others.

          “Right so erm, I guess I’d better sort you,” Draco murmured once everyone had arrived. But he needn’t have bothered because everyone sorted themselves into their own groups. Blaise ended up with George, Ginny natural went with Harry, Bill went with Charlie and Hermione grouped together with Draco and Carlos.


Once in their group Draco sent everyone around to their wings and waited to see green sparks from each person before he sent his own red sparks into the air to signal the start of the destruction. There was a boom that shook the ground and he quickly joined in the destruction, ignoring the loud noises that now vibrated across the grounds.


By 2pm the surface manor was reduced to a pile of dust that was flat enough on the ground that everyone could see each other, or at least recognise the dust covered figures of their friends. Draco beckoned his friends closer to him to discuss how they were going to tackle the dungeons and in the end Narcissa came up with the obvious idea of clearing the dust to the side to use it to fill the hole then destroying the dungeons methodically and use broomsticks to emerge out of the hole. So as night really fell at 9pm it was a tired group of people who flew out of the crater in the earth on various broomsticks.


As soon as she was a metre from grass Hermione jumped agilely off her broom and rolled onto her back on the grass with a tired sigh and all around her she could hear her friends doing pretty much the same thing, then she felt Draco’s hand catch hers.

          “Hey,” Draco murmured.

          “Hey you,” Hermione whispered sleepily. She felt Draco shift next to her but she left her eyes closed. “Thank everyone and say goodbye for me then take me back to yours. I just want to sleep tonight,” Hermione said softly. She heard Draco chuckle next to her then she felt his hand leave hers and heard him move away. A few moments later she heard a series of apparition cracks and then felt Draco pick her up and apparate with her.


When she opened her eyes in Draco’s flat, she did so with a shocked gasp.

          “You could at least warn me before you apparate next time!” Hermione cried as she glared into his amused silver eyes.

          “Sorry,” Draco snickered as he set her down. Hermione sighed haughtily then marched into his room slamming the door in mock anger. Draco laughed out loud then followed after her after a few minutes and finding Hermione tucked up in his bed fast asleep. “Damn,” Draco murmured with a chuckle before he stripped himself, cast a quick cleaning spell and slid into bed and pulled Hermione into his arms with a sigh.


******Time Gap******


Hermione woke the following morning in Draco’s bed all on her own. Confused she climbed out of bed and went to the kitchen, noting how her hair was all over the place but on the kitchen next to her breakfast was a note and a white rose. Smiling to herself and tucking her hair behind her ear she opened Draco’s note.




I woke up at a stupid hour and couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m too excited! So when you wake up, I’m at Malfoy Mansion. By the time you wake up, I’m sure we’ll have the skeleton of the building already.


Hurry to me Love,



Hermione couldn’t help the swell of love in her chest as she picked up the flower, then she raced back across Draco’s flat to get a shower and an hour later she apparated in front of white gates. Looking through the white gates she saw a long pathway with green grass either side of it and a light grey three storey building with tall wide windows and a white front door at the end of the pathway. Holding out her wand she touched the gate with the tip and found that the gate swung open. She quickly strode down the pathway and an elf appeared at her side and bowed low.

          “Miss Hermione, Draco has sent me to come and take you to him. I is Sera,” The little elf said in her squeaky voice. Hermione looked down at the little elf slightly shocked. The female elf had large blue eyes and was dressed in a little white and black dress and on the collar there was a very small DM embroidered in the corner. Apparently losing patience she took Hermione’s hand and led her inside.


As soon as she was in Hermione gasped out loud and raised both hands to her mouth.

          “Sweet Merlin, it’s beautiful,” Hermione whispered as she took in the light grey and white entrance hall and the dark oak wooden doors set in the walls. The place seemed so open, but Hermione was barely allowed any time to really admire it because Sera led her through the pale wood and white tiled kitchen into the back garden where she saw Draco standing on the porch looking across the gardens he had kept the same. She didn’t speak she waited for him to turn around.


          “Hey you,” Draco grinned.

          “Hey to you too,” Hermione smiled back. Draco walked over to her and hugged her tightly before he pulled back. When he did Hermione noticed very faint dark shadows under his eyes. “You look tired. What time did you wake up and start work?”

          “Umm, I might have gotten three hours sleep then apparated back here,” Draco murmured shyly.

          “You need to get some sleep and get a potion in you to replenish whatever magic you’ve lost to do this. Your loss of magic is starting to show,” Hermione said softly.

          “Okay. I’ll get some sleep as soon as you let me show you around. I haven’t furnished it yet but I will,” Draco grinned. Hermione rolled her eyes and took Draco’s hand allowing him to lead her back to the front of the manor.


          “Right, this is the central block. There’s going to be a washroom, a kitchen and a parlour on the right and on the left there’ll be a pantry and a dining room, I might add a cloakroom too,” Draco said smoothly as he indicated the doors to each one as he pointed it out to Hermione then he led her upstairs to continue the tour.


By the time Draco and Hermione headed to the gates, it was almost evening and Hermione had learnt that the manor had 11 en-suite bedrooms, six in the left wing which was to be dedicated to any children that Draco had and the and five in the right wing, for any adults who would live there. In the children’s wing on the ground floor there was a nursery which doubled as a playroom and there was a children’s library and study. While in the adult’s wing there was a private library for Draco and his wife, whoever she may be, and two private studies. Draco had dedicated the second floor of the central block to Malfoy family portraits and the family heirlooms he had decided to save and the top floor of the central block was given to elves that wished to work for the house.


Overall, Hermione was impressed with all the work Draco had done and she couldn’t see a trace of the old manor in the homey structure. Its white and grey colour schemes and light wood floors coupled with the large windows that let in light, made it impossible for Hermione to think of the fact that she had once been tortured on the same plot of land.







The 20th of December found Hermione reading at her desk as Draco crept up behind her and covered her eyes.

          “Hey Mi,” Draco murmured. Hermione set down her quill and leant back with a soft smile.

          “Why are you stopping me from reading?” Hermione asked.

          “Because I have a really good idea and I hope you think it’s a good one too,” Draco said as he uncovered Hermione’s eyes and sat on the edge of her desk. Hermione raised her eyebrow curiously as she faced him then she stood up and stood in front of him allowing Draco to place his hands on her waist and pull her closer.

          “Okay… I’m listening,” Hermione said quietly, her natural curiosity thick in her voice.

          “Okay. So the manor feels really empty just me there and well will you please move in with me? There’s enough space in the Manor for you to have your own space if you want it, and I even know which room would be perfect for you and I promise I won’t intrude on your personal space. Just please?” Draco asked in a rush. Hermione stared at him with her facial features carefully composed into a disapproving mask while Draco’s eyes searched her face fearfully waiting for the outburst.


Draco could feel the waves of disapproval coming off his girlfriend and he braced himself for her rejection, closing his eyes as if not being able to see her would make his disappointment less. But as soon as he closed his eyes he felt Hermione’s lips on his as her fingers knotted in his hair. Draco kissed her back just as passionately as she kissed him, his arms wrapping around her and holding him to her tightly. When Hermione pulled away to breathe she rested her forehead against his and he sighed.

          “So is this a yes?” Draco asked with a smirk.

          “Of course it is, now wipe the smirk off your face Malfoy. You’re helping me move,” Hermione whispered before she pulled away.


******Time Gap******


It took two days for Hermione to be allowed to leave her flat and on the 22nd she finally moved in with Draco at Malfoy Manor and she spent the next three days getting used to the place, but it was Christmas Eve when Hermione realised something she should have seen coming.


They were sat at the dining room table Draco had made smaller to suit just two of them and they were quietly discussing the Christmas presents and the party Draco had planned for tomorrow.

          “What did you get Ginny and Harry?” Draco asked as he offered Hermione the piece of lamb on his fork. Hermione took the piece and ate it noting that Draco’s food was slightly sweeter than her own as she preferred more pepper. When her mouth was empty she offered Draco a piece of her own meat as she thought.

          “I got Ginny a new set of Dragon Leather flying gloves and Harry a snitch. I know he’s missed trying to catch that thing and hasn’t got an actual snitch so yeah. What about you?” Hermione said with a shrug.

          “Have you ever heard of those two way mirrors?” Draco asked after he swallowed.

          “Yes, Harry’s dad and Sirius used to have one each,” Hermione nodded.

          “Well I got them a set of two way mirrors, that way when Harry’s away on mission, he can still contact Ginny and vice versa when Ginny’s playing away games.” Hermione stared at Draco and felt warmth grow in her chest.

          “That’s really thoughtful Dray,” Hermione said with a smile. Draco grinned back at her, his silver eyes dancing in the light of the fire that was the main source of light to the room in the evening. Hermione was hit by the sudden wish to one day see those eyes in the faces of her children and she blushed heavily and dropped her eyes.

          “What?” Draco questioned softly as he saw her embarrassed reaction.

          “Just thinking about the future,” Hermione said softly as she raised her head and speared a small potato on her fork.

          “What about the future?”

          “I just... Do you ever… Do you ever wish that you could see certain features of someone in your kids when your older and married?” Hermione asked as she blushed furiously. Draco was silent and Hermione met his eyes and found she couldn’t look away.

          “Yes. Quite often,” Draco replied simply, his eyes and voice serious but soft and loving.


The rest of the evening passed fairly calmly as if they hadn’t experienced a magnetic moment over dinner, but instead of Draco kissing Hermione goodnight and making his way down the hall to his room as he had done every night, Hermione pulled Draco into her room with her and kissed him furiously.


Draco could feel how much she wanted him in the way she kissed him but he gently stopped the kiss and kissed her softly instead.

          “I love you,” Draco murmured. Hermione’s chocolate brown eyes positively sparkled as she stared at him.

          “I love you too,” Hermione murmured as she wrapped her arms around Draco’s neck. With a soft smile Draco kicked the door shut and pushed Hermione further into the room.


******Time Gap******


Christmas morning Hermione and Draco were woken by Shuen and Sera announcing that Mr and Mrs Potter were at the door. Draco groaned and hid his face in Hermione’s hair.

          “They’re your friends. You go deal with them,” Draco whispered. Hermione huffed tiredly but she pulled herself away from Draco and pulled on pyjamas and a dressing gown, slid on her slippers and headed down stairs with Sera and Shuen behind her. As she was walking Meywa appeared and she very nearly jumped.

          “Miss Hermione breakfast is ready if you and Draco would like to eat,” Meywa said. Hermione nodded.

          “Thank you Meywa,” She answered as she pushed open the parlour door.

          “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Ginny yelled making Hermione jump a mile in the air. When she recovered herself she glared at her red haired friend.

          “Absolutely no need,” Hermione grumbled as she curled up in her favourite armchair in the parlour and looked around. The elves had outdone themselves when it came to decorating the parlour. In one corner of the room was a 7ft real Christmas tree that brushed the ceiling and it was decorated in all manner of magical baubles, snowflakes, angels, skiing Santas, Christmas hats. Anything Christmassy that sparkled was loaded onto the tree and Hermione couldn’t help but shake her head at the paraphernalia Draco had instructed his elves to find. Draco had never really had a proper hectic Christmas like Hermione had always experienced with the Weasley’s, so this year he was having a Christmas get together with all the Christmas experience he could cram into one home.


          “There is every need Hermione, it’s Christmas!” Ginny said indignantly. Harry nodded next to her and Hermione rolled her eyes.

          “Honestly you two act like children. Have you even eaten?” Hermione asked. From the sheepish glances she got from the couple in front of her she assumed that they hadn’t and she called Lura softly.

          “Miss Hermione called?” Lura answered as she appeared next to Hermione.

          “Can you show Harry and Ginny to the kitchen where they can find breakfast please? I’m going to get dressed and wake up Draco,” Hermione asked. Lura nodded, her ear’s flapping while she beamed.

          “Of course Miss Hermione,” Lura said then she took Ginny’s and Harry’s hands and led them out of the room and down the hall to the kitchen while Hermione ran back up the stairs.


When she arrived in her bedroom she saw that Draco wasn’t there and quickly got herself washed and dressed before leaving her room and running into Draco who was dressed in dark black jeans and a grey woollen jumper, identical to herself.

          “Snap,” Draco said when he noticed Hermione. Hermione rolled her eyes then took his hand and walked with him to meet Ginny and Harry in the kitchen.

          “HAPPY CHRISTMAS DRACO!” Ginny yelled. Draco jumped and Hermione snickered.

          “Sweet Merlin Potter, there was no need!” Draco hissed as he narrowed his eyes at the giggling red head.

          “Your reaction means there was every need,” Ginny snickered.


As the clock struck 1 people started arriving at the door for Dinner and Hermione found herself having to play the gracious host role as well as she could as Pansy and Blaise, Neville and Luna, Narcissa and Carlos, Andromeda and Teddy and the entire Weasley clan ,bar Ron and Astoria, turned up at the door carrying presents. Meywa and Jodem were instructed to place all presents under the tree while Lura would serve drinks in the parlour. Sera and Shuen were cooking and every now and then Hermione would find herself in the kitchen to ask if they needed help and get shooed out. At 3 when dinner was finally served, Draco had to stretch the table and add more chairs to allow room for everyone to pile around the table. Hermione stared in awe as the elves made the food from the kitchen appear on the plates because what two tiny elves had produced was as good as everything the Hogwarts Elves had ever made. Then the thought struck her and she raised an eyebrow at Draco. Draco looked back at her with a knowing smile then he leant in close to whisper in her ear.

          “They’re getting an extra half a day’s wages because that’s all they’d let me give them in terms of bonuses for this week. They say that they have no use for money it is an honour to serve but I knew you wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus I’ve got them all Christmas presents,” Draco murmured. Hermione looked at him incredulously.

          “What did you get them?” She asked.

          “Find out after dinner… It’s practical, they can’t complain,” Draco said softly before he stood up from where he was and cleared his throat.


A silence fell over the room and everyone stopped to look at Draco in the centre of the table and he swallowed.

          “Honestly, this is a bit more than just Christmas for me. It’s not only my first Christmas in the new, happier, homier Malfoy Manor, but it’s the first Christmas that really feels like a Happy Christmas, something I can celebrate openly and not something I have to hide with Mother,” Draco winked at his mom and she smiled at his reference to their many stolen Christmas moments. “But anyways, I just want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and…”

          “Will you shut up and carve the bloody turkey Malfoy. I’m actually starving!” Blaise cut in. George whooped in agreement and Draco rolled his eyes and picked up his wand and with a quick wave dinner started to be served to cheers from everyone.


Hermione snickered as Draco sat down with a huff but when he turned grey eyes on her she smiled and kissed him softly.

          “Stop being a sour puss Draco, it’s Christmas!” Hermione whispered excitedly. Draco’s eyes warmed to silver and he moved to kiss her back but Harry cleared his throat opposite them and Luna gave them a knowing smile.

          “Not at the table guys! There’s food being served and there’s a kid at the table!” Harry said pointing to Teddy. Hermione blushed and looked down with a grin before picking up her plate and beginning to fill her plate with food.


When everyone was full Draco lead everyone into the Parlour and conjured more comfy chairs before he sat cross legged in front of the tree and began to hand out gifts. The final gifts that he removed were gifts that he kept by himself. He had his own pile of gifts but these ones were kept separate and Hermione watched him curiously. She saw his lips murmur the names of his elves and they all appeared at once but only Hermione had noticed. Everyone was engrossed in removing the paper from their presents. Draco spoke softly to his elves before he handed boxes to Shuen and Jodem who wore uniforms of black trousers and a white shirt with the DM on the collar, and then handed boxes to Sera, Meywa and Lura who all wore the black and white dress. They took their boxes, bowed to Draco and then disappeared, probably to their quarters on the top floor.


When Draco turned his attention to his pile of presents Hermione began to open her presents, and surprisingly not all of her presents were books. Neville had brought her the latest book on Herbology and Luna had brought her a notebook and an ice blue Quick Quotes Quill, knowing she had talent in journalism. Pansy and Ginny had given her a salon voucher each with notes saying that they were going to get her hair done professionally. Hermione rolled her eyes at her friends but they simply stuck their tongues out at her, there was no getting out of it. Blaise had brought Hermione a book on transfiguration that she had surprisingly, not read yet. Harry bought Hermione a glass wand case, knowing she’d wanted one for a while but not got one while Narcissa and Carlos got Hermione a new baby blue cloak and matching gloves. Yet the gift that stole Hermione’s breath was a delicate silver necklace with a small diamond pendent. She didn’t want to know how much it cost for fear of being scared by it, but merlin it was beautiful.


Draco watched Hermione’s reaction to the necklace, nervously. Was she going to reject it or was she going to accept it. A second later she slowly opened the clasp and placed the necklace around her neck, smiling softly as she settled the pendent beneath her jumper. She looked up then and caught Draco’s eyes, miming thanks before she moved onto her next present.


The next present Draco took up was lumpy and wrapped in brown paper and he frowned, confused. Carefully he pulled the paper off and shook out what was a very lumpy, but very warm looking woollen jumper.

          “MALFOY GOT A WEASLEY JUMPER!” George crowed. Draco frowned at George then turned the jumper around to admire it. It was grey in colour and in the very corner was a stitched black D.M. so he whipped off his own jumper and pulled the new one on and gave Mrs Weasley a tight hug.

          “Thank you for allowing me into your family Molly,” Draco murmured, remembering at the last second that she wished to be called Molly.

          “It’s not a problem Draco,” Mrs Weasley said with a smile as she patted him on the back.


Finally Draco was left with only one present to give and he vanished all the paper in the room and made to stand up only to have Ginny grab his arm.

          “Draco, you forgot one present,” Ginny said as she picked it up and handed it to him. Draco raised an eyebrow at her and swiftly removed the paper with his back to Hermione. Ginny’s eyes went wide and she covered her mouth.

          “What did you forget Dray?” Hermione asked as she walked up to look over his shoulder.

          “This,” Draco said simply. Hermione frowned at him as she looked between him and the present, then he swiftly knelt down on one knee holding the box which he had opened. Hermione gasped into the suddenly silent room.


          “I know we’ve only really known each other like this for four months and for some of that you’ve been hurt, but I love you Hermione. You asked me last night if I ever wished to have a certain someone’s features in the faces of my children and I said all the time. That certain someone is you Hermione… I want to see your features in the face of a little girl of mine, I want to see your crazy brown hair on a son of mine eventually…if you’ll have me... I’m not saying we have to marry now, marry this year or marry within the next decade. Just…will you marry me?” Draco asked. Hermione covered her mouth with her hands as if she forgot how to close it as she stared at the silver ring with an identical diamond in it to the one she wore around her neck. The only question in her mind was. Am I ready?


Author’s Note


CLIFFHANGER!!! Mwahahaha

My guess is I have between 5 and 7 chapters left of this story, chapters that I probably won’t get up before I go uni in a week, but I’ll give it a go.


I’m giving nothing away.

I just hope you enjoyed this chapter and please leave me a review??? :D


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