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Buying Lies by Hotmammabellatrix
Chapter 1 : And So It Begins
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 The train station was buzzing with energy and excitment and I entered Platform 9 and 3/4. I shake my head as I grow accustomed to the brighter light of the platform. I came by myself, as is usual. I always have come by myself, dad not being around and mum always busy working at the diner. I used to envy all of the people hugging their mums and dads. I used to long for the day that my mum would straighten my shirt and tell me to behave myself while I go off to learn things she can barely imagine with tears in her eyes. But it never has.

I suppose that's why they all feel they have the right to hate me. Because they're "superior" and have families. At least that's what they tell me when they decide it's a good day for a beating. They have something I don't. 

I just don't see what the big deal is about having two parents. I mean, my mum does a really good job by herself. Even though she's always busy, she does make time for us to be together. She loves me, and if she knew what I go through on a daily basis, she'd probably go straight to Dumbledore. Which would sentence me to hell for the rest of my school career. So I suppose it's safe to say I don't tell her what happens. For all she knows I just prefer my own company, and she believes me because I've always been an introvert. 

I'm torn from my thoughts when my foot catches on something, or someone, and I fall clumsily to the floor, my square black rimmed glasses falling off, as I promptly fall on top of someone.

"Oh my Lord, get off me you fat imbecile." I hear Sirius Black's venomous voice, as he promptly pushed me off of him and I fell to the floor. I feel around for my glasses blindly as people laugh at my fall and my futile attempts to find my glasses. Finally, after what feels like hours of searching, my hands finally feel the familiar plastic of my glasses and I put them on, my vision immediately coming back. I look up to see Sirius Black looking at me with hate in his eyes, and my stomach drops. I am so dead.

"Would you like to explain why you decided to knock me over?" he says cooly,his voice matching the grey eyes that girls everywhere swoon for. 

"I-I um, well, I didn't-not on purpose-tri-tripped." I stutter out, my eyes widening in fear as his eyes get angrier. 

"What did you say? I can't hear you over the fear." he says smirking and I gulp as the people around me laugh at his comment. 

"I-I was tripped." I say, swallowing the lump in my throat. He snorts in disbelief, and crouches down to my level.

"What have we said about lying, Aurora Blake?" he asks, his voice triumphant and venomous at the same time.

"I'm not lying, it was an accident, I swear!" I say and I scoot back a little from him, fear welling up in my chest. His smirk leaves his face, and his eyes flame up in anger. He stands up and begins to walk over to me, his long strides making it to me quickly, no matter how fast I back up. I get stopped by a pair of legs and I jump and look up to see James Potter smirking down at me. He reaches down and pulls me up by the collar of my shirt. Sirius opens his mouth to say something to me, but never gets the chance as Lily Evan's voive pierces through the crowd.

"What's going on here?" she asks, taking in the scene.

"Aurora just fell, and we're helping her up, of course!" Potter says, flashing his mega-watt smile at her, but she simply rolls her eyes at him. 

"Here,  you dropped this." Sirius says, smiling curtly at me, but his eyes still holding that fiery grey anger. I nod, and take my book from him, and pick up the trolley holding my suitcase. They always do this every time Evans is around. She doesn't know what happens to me, and I would never dare tell her. 

"Off you go then!" she says to the crowd, and people immediately scatter every which way.I bend over to pick up some papers, and suddenly hear Sirius's voice in my ear. 

"This isn't over." 

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Buying Lies: And So It Begins


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