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A Bottle Full of Love by SlightObsession
Chapter 34 : Revelations
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Hermione beamed, ‘’that’s so good!’’

‘’Yes, it is very good. Would you able to inform Mister Malfoy of these news, he seems to be taking his time.’’

Hermione looked at her hesitantly, ‘’um…sure.’’ She got up slowly, and made her way hesitantly to the bathroom door, knocking three times,

‘’Yes?’’ she heard a muffled call.

‘’Er, McGongall is here about your mother.’’ Hermione put her ear to the door, when she heard no response, ‘’she’s woken up.’’ This is when she heard the shower turn off, some muttering of spells and a swear word. When finally the door opened,

‘’what did you say Granger?’’ he peeked his head out the door.

‘’your mother, she is awake.’’ She looked up at his, his hair still wet.

His eyes went wide as he looked over at McGonagall..’’

‘’It’s true Mister Malfoy and im assuming you want to go visit her?’’

Draco opened the door fully and Hermione saw what he was wearing, a plain black t-shirt and some skinny jeans. ‘’yes, I would. Thank you Headmistress for all the things you have done for me visiting my mother this year. Yes he had been having flashbacks in his sleep about seeing his mother, none involving Hermione, he didn’t tell her. He didn’t feel the need to.

‘’ Its no problem, lets get going.’’ She smiled and offered her arm, before they apparated to St Mungos.

Draco landed with a thump on the cold hard floor, ‘’Headmistress, I thought you couldn’t apparate in or out of Hogwarts grounds?’’ he looked at her, confused.

‘’Well, its just one perk of being in charge.’’ She winked as they started to walk in the familiar direction of his mothers room.

Once they reached his mothers room, McGonagall let him go in alone.

 Draco gave her a small smile as he pushed open the door, bracing himself, for he knew what had happened but yet he was still nervous.

He looked up from the floor and saw his mother’s caring eyes boring into his.

‘’Hello Draco.’’ She said, smiling up at her only son.

‘’Mother…’’ he trailed off, smiling as he pulled up a chair next to her.

‘’How are you my dear boy.’’ She smiled, putting her hand on his cheek.

‘’Im fine mother, how are you.’’

‘’oh im fine, it’s good to finally awake, but when I meant how are you, I meant it truly. I could hear you every time you spoke to me.’’

Draco frowned, ‘’really?’’

‘’Yes…now tell me how you really feel.’’ Narcissa sat up in her bed with the aid of Draco.

‘’Well, mother, honestly, I don’t know. Im confused about a lot of things…’’

‘’Including Hermione?’’ his mother asked using her croaky voice.

Draco looked at her wide eyed, ‘’you know about Granger?’’

‘’Yes, I told you, I could hear everything.’’

‘’What do you know?’’ he asked calmly.

‘’I know that you use to care about her a lot my son, and I knew you loved her, right from the moment both started talking. I know now that you are confused because of what Lucius done, and now you don’t know how to react to her. Whether to be her friend or not and whether you’re going to get your memory back? That’s what I know.’’ She smiled warmly at her son.

Draco looked at her, trying to keep his guard up but he couldn’t hold it anymore, and he crumpled, ‘’sometimes, I get these quick flash backs while im relaxing or in my dreams, little snippets. One of them was in front of all her friends at…I think Christmas time, I remember feeling worried. But they’re like freeze frames.’’ Draco shook his head.

‘’Well isn’t that a good sign?’’

‘’I don’t know!’’ he shrugged.

‘’have you told the girl about these freeze frames you have?’’ She raised her eyebrow, taking her son’s hand that was lying on the bed sheets.

‘’No.’’ Draco looked down, ashamed. He knew he should of.

‘’Why not?’’ she looked at him, trying to read his expression.

‘’;Because…she freaks out when I told her I had a flashback once, I don’t want to give her false hope. I mean, what if I never remember the past three years? Im giving her space so she doesn’t get broken even more, I don’t want to be held responsible for that amount of sadness in the memories.’’ He looked up, his expression pained.

‘’Draco dear, it seems like you care about her.’’ She gave him an encouraging smile.

‘’No! no, I don’t!’’ he said a little too quickly. Narcissa raised an eyebrow, ‘’okay, I care about her, just…I don’t like her in…that way.’’ His words were true.

‘’What would you ever do if your memory was to return Draco?’’

He shrugged, ‘’I don’t honestly know. I’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it.’’ He shook his head.

‘’Pardon?’’ Narcissa a asked. 

Draco realised what he had said, ‘’It’s a muggle saying.’’

Narcissa chucked, ‘’she’s rubbing off on you!’’

Draco’s head snapped up, ‘’no she isn’t!’’

‘’I think she is!’’ she chuckled once more before her face turned serious, ‘’what happened to your father?’’

‘’He’s not my father.’’ He said bluntly.

‘What happened to Lucius?’’

‘’He was declared guilty and got sentence to death…’’ he trailed off, not knowing how his mother would react.

‘’Has it happened yet?’’

‘’Yes…about a month back.’’ Draco said quietly.

Narcissa pondered over this before talking again, ‘’Draco, what is the date?’’

‘’The 7th?’’ he told her.


‘’Oh…June.’’ He looked at her.

‘’Draco I missed your 18th birthday! Oh Im sorry!’’ her voice broke as spoke those words.

Draco stood up and embraced his mother in a hug, ‘’mother it’s fine, in m mind, I just turned 15-its fine.’’ He looked down at her, giving her a smile no one else (from what he could remember) had seen.

‘’It isn’t fine! When I eventually get out of here, I will make it up to you. Anyways, have you decided what you want to do when you finish Hogwarts?’’

‘’Yes, Granger got me an apprentice here as a trainee healer for children.’’ He smiled proudly.

‘’Granger got you it?’’

‘’For my birthday.’’

‘’Huh…’’ she gave him a look, Draco knew that look.

‘’No mother…don’t think about it like that…she was just being nice.’’

‘’Okay Son.’’

‘’Mother, why didn’t you say anything when you found out about Lucius?’’

Narcissa looked at her son, contemplating whether she could tell him her real reason, but she knew he was old enough to know now, ‘’we were in a loveless marriage, and after you joined Hogwarts, I wanted to get back in touch with your aunt Andromeda and after a couple of months, he found out.’’ She closed her eyes, ‘’let’s just say that that when you saw him hit me with the curse, it wasn’t the first time.’’ She fumbled with her fingers and she opened her eyes, they were stinging too much to keep closed.

Draco felt the anger sweep through him like poison, ‘’he done it before.’’ He said as he started to shake with anger.

‘’Draco…Draco don’t worry, it’s fine. Calm down, please, for me.’’ She looked at him, pleadingly.

Draco looked at his mother, the one person he cared for in and out, it took him another minute before he was calm.

Narcissa looked up at the clock and gasped, ‘’Draco you need to get back to Hogwarts! It’s nearing on 11!’’

Draco looked up at the clock, time flies by. ‘’Okay mother!’’ he got up and kissed her on her forehead and started walking by the door.

‘’Goodbye Draco,.’’ She smiled at him.

He turned around and smiled at his mother, ‘’goodbye mother. It’s good to have you back’’ he nodded and left the room.

He rubbed his eyes as he walked over to Professor McGonagall.

‘’I’m so sorry it led to this late Professor. ‘’

‘’No need to worry dear, I thought you would take  long time, you had quite a bit of catching up to do. Anyway, let’s get back home.’’ She offered him her arm, and once he took it, they apparated back to Hogwarts. Saying their goodbyes and heading separate directions.

Instead of going back to the common room, Draco  decided to go for a fly. He wondered the corridors until he found a way to sneak out. He jogged along the green until he reached the broom cupboard.

He quickly got out a broom and mounted it, wanting to clear his head of all these jumbled and mixed up thoughts. His mother’s words echoing around his mind, she’s NOT rubbing of on me, she…she cant do…I’ll just hurt her. As he flew around the quidditch pitch, he could feel the warm summer air picking up a breeze. He leant forward on his broom, daring to go faster, adrenalin coursing through his veins. He needed to clear his mind, and flying was the only way he knew how. He flew around the pitch a few more times, the wind lapping through his hair giving it a windswept look, only stopping when his eyes started to sting because of the wind. He slowed down at a goal post, hovering in mid-air.

Surveying the castle, he could tell there had been a great battle. One of towers hadn’t even been properly restored yet. Some of the bricks were a lighter colour then the original bricks. It looked battered and worn, but it gave the castle more of a sense of home. Knowing that people would come to Hogwarts in years to come, gave Draco a sense of proud, knowing that he had been a part of the generation that helped defeat The Dark Lord. He felt like even though he apparently not done a lot, little is better than nothing, and sometimes, those little things counted more.

Anger started to flood through Draco, why cant I remember. I WANT to remember. I WANT to remember how it feels to be in love with someone, even if it is Granger. I WANT to remember the details of that day even if they do haunt my dreams, it’s worth it. I feel like I don’t fit in. Not anymore. I was a different person, heck, I am a different person-stuck in the middle of become this person who I was before, and who I became to be, I guess its my choice which path I choose, one that could lead to all the wrong choices? Or one where I know I could help the Malfoy name, even if it IS for selfish reasons.

 Draco sighed, he was getting confused again. He leaned forward on his broom, wanting to go forward, but it wouldn’t move anywhere. What the...He tried again, but nothing. He scanned the quidditch pitch to see if anyone was there, putting a charm on it, but he couldn’t see anyone. He tried moving forward again, but nothing. After trying a couple of more times, frustration built up, he wacked the broom with his hand and the broom jerked forward-Draco tried to control it, but nothing happened. The broom was nearing the ground now, but before Draco hit the ground, it jerked upwards, causing Draco to topple back, off the broom and started to plummet down 40feet to the ground.


Hermione looked up from her book, it was now nearing on twelve thirty. She didn’t want to go to bed until Draco got home. She yawned and rubbed her eyes, her hair getting frizzier by the second. She was just about to give up and let sleep over take her, when she heard the portrait go, wand out, she waited-ready for the intruder, when she saw the familiar head of blonde hair. She quickly put her wand back in robe and scurried to her bedroom door, only turning around when Draco entered the common room. She took in his appearance, he looked hurt but she shook her head, knowing it wasn’t her place anymore.

Draco looked up from his train of thoughts and saw Hermione. She made eye contact with him and he froze, scurrying off  to his room.

Hermione frowned then shrugged, she didn’t want to ponder on his actions anymore.



Today was the day they received their exam results, and of course, Hermione was as nervous as ever. She had collected her’s with Ginny, but decided she would open them alone back in the heads dorm.

She sat down on her bed, legs crossed as she looked at the manila envelop that now lied on the bed in front of her. She was almost frightened to open them, scared of what her results would be. Taking a deep breath, she mustered her Gryffindor courage and turned the envelop around, sliding her finger underneath the seal to open it. She pulled out the folded sheet and opened it, reading her results:

Defence against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

Transfiguration: O

Potions: O

Herbology: O

History of Magic: O

Study of Ancient Runes: O

Arithmancy: O

Hermione squealed, she had got what she wanted and some She smiled to herself and went into the common room, hoping to bump into Draco to see what he got. She ran into the common room with her results and looked around, he wasn’t there and his bedroom door was open, so he wouldn’t of been in there.

She walked into the room and saw his results on the table, knowing she shouldn’t look, she decided to turn away, but the inquisitive side of her was starting to peep through. She sighed and turned back around, going over to the sheet and picking it up.

He had received almost identical to her. Hermione smiled to herself, yes, I hate him….but im still proud of him.

She smiled, put the results back down, and went into her room again, picking up her showing things, as Ginny would arrive soon so they could get ready for the leavers ball.


Picking up a book and flicking it open to the first page, Hermione heard a knock on the door.

‘’Come in!’’ she called out.

Ginny barged in the room, smiling.

‘’What did you get!’’ she ran over and picked up Hermione’s results and squeled! ‘’well done Hermione!’’ she hugged her best friend.

‘’What did you get Ginny!’’

‘’I passed everything! Don’t worry, lets chat tomorrow! We have 2 hours to get ready for this ball thing!’’

‘’Okay…but…’’ Hermione knotted her fingers.


‘’nothing. Come one.’’ Hermione stood up, slightly over enthusiastically and  put Ginny down in her chair.

‘’I was thinking soft waves Hermione, you know? The way i taught you?’’

Hermione thought about it, then remembered what Ginny was talking about. She nodded and got started straight away. It wasn’t another hour before Hermione finally put the appliances down.

‘’There you go Gin.’’ She smiled.

Ginny got up and quickly applied her makeup, taking a mere 10 minutes.

‘’Now, we have 50 minutes to get you done.’’ Ginny raised an eyebrow, as if she was trying to figure out what to do.’’

‘’What are we going to do, to control this mess?’’ Hermione lifted up her frizzy hair.

Ginny gasped then smiled, ‘’I know. Sit.’’ She pointed to the chair and got out a wizard version of a curling wand, and started wrapping Hermione’s hair around it.

Half an hour later, Ginny put the appliance down and applied something small into Hermione’s hair, and when questioned about it, Ginny replied with a swat to the lurking hand.

After all, she is molly’s daughter.

Ginny then started on Hermione’s face, which was soon done, Hermione was actually surprised to see done so quickly.

‘’Hermione, I don’t want you looking in the mirror, so I’ll get your dress out for you, and help you in. Then you can help me.’’

‘’Alright Ginny, it’s in the cupboard, hanging up.’’

Hermione watched as Ginny pulled the dress out of it’s bag. She beckoned Hermione over, and she helped slip into it. Hermione could feel the smooth material, cool against her heated skin.

She quickly stepped into her shoes before helping Ginny into hers.

‘’Ginny…’’ Hermione stepped back, ‘’You look beautiful.’’ She smiled at her best friend.

Ginny had on a long flowy navy blue dress that  had a sweet heart bust. It was fitted until the top of her waist, and it followed down to the ground. On her skirt was hundreds of tiny red rose patterns, scattered from top to bottom. Her hair was in loose wavy curls, and part of it was twisted back with a silver rose clasp. She wore silver platform shoes that were magically made to feel like you were walking in flats. Her makeup was soft, not her usual party look of daring and dark. Just a slight hint of pink blusher, and gloss lining her lips.

‘’Now you, Hermione.’’ Ginny smiled at her best friend.

Hermione walked over to the mirror and looked at her reflection, she was in a figure hugging soft red dress, that pooled out on the floor, her long red sleeves pointing off as they reached her hand. On the seam of the dress was silver stitching that reflected the light.  Her hair was curled into medium to tight curls, and where hanging freely across her face, apart from some strands that had been clasped back using some diamond hair pins. Her eyes was licked with eye liner that flicked out and then lined along her bottom but her eyelashes had no mascara on, giving her a simpler look. A hint of blusher on her cheeks, and clear ‘stay on’ gloss lined her lips. She stepped into her kitten heels. The only jewellery she had on was the necklace Draco gave her for Christmas.

‘’Hermione, if Draco still doesn’t remember you after seeing you in this dress, I will slap him until he does. You look utterly beautiful Hermione. You really do. Now c’mon, let’s get you  to this ball head girl!’’

Hermione giggled and nodded, linking her arm with the flame head girl. ‘’Are you meeting Harry there?’’

‘’Yes. I wanted to enter the ball with you.’’ She looked at Hermione, wanting to make her feel special.

There was a pregnant pause before Hermione spoke again, ‘’Thankyou, Ginny.’’

‘’Its fine!’’

‘’No, im being serious, thank you.’’

They soon left the common room and quickly walked to the great hall, they were greeted by the now enchanted wall. There were twinkling stars lining the ceiling of the great hall. The usual long houses tables had been removed, in its place, round tables that sat eight were lined with four house colours that intertwined with each other, creating a beautiful pattern. The normal decorations were also removed and the floor was enchanted to look like the night sky, to create a feel of walking on nothing.

Hermione gasped as she saw the hall. ‘’its beautiful, isn’t it?’’

Ginny nodded, her eyes scanning the room until she stopped Harry and Ron.

‘’Look, they’re over there.’’ Ginny nodded with her head, and the pair made their way over to the two boys.

The pair were greeted by Harry,  who  were wearing robes similar to the ones he worse at the yule ball, and Ron was wearing slightly too big robes.

‘’Wow, Hermione, you look beautiful.’’ Harry said to her, smiling, ‘’and you Ginny…’’ he trailed off, hugging his girlfriend, whispering something in her ear, Hermione nor Ron wanted to hear.

‘’Hello Ron.’’ She smiled.

‘’Hermione, you look fantastic.’’

‘’Thankyou Ron.’’ She smiled back.

‘’Uh…Hermione?’’ Ron asked.


‘’Can I have that hug now?’’

Hermione looked at him, thinking, ‘’sure’’ she leaned in and hugged, she had missed him, things hadn’t been the same, but now, she knew they would be back to normal. She pulled back from Ron and smiled up at him.

‘’So, does the ferret remember anything else?’’

Hermione playfully slapped him on the arm, ‘’don’t call him that, and no, not that I know of.’’ Hermione looked down disheartened. ‘’Have you seen him by any chance? I haven’t seen him around much, and he wasn’t in the common room when I left.’’

‘’No I haven’t, but you will see him later when it’s the head boy and head girl dance.’’

Hermione gasped, ‘’we have to dance together!’’ She questioned.

Ron looked at her, ‘’yes, didn’t you know this already.’’

‘’No sugar Sherlock.’’ Hermione’s eyes scanned the room, but she still couldn’t find the man she yearned for.

Dinner was soon served as everyone took their place (Hermione just a ceaser salad as she didn’t want to feel bloated in her dress) and the hall was filled with the buzz of chit chat from different people. On her table, sat Harry, Ron, Ginny, Neville, Luna, Seamus, Dean and herself, but she still hadn’t found Draco, he wasn’t on the table that the Slytherin’s were on.

‘’So, Hermione, what are you going to do after Hogwarts?’’ Seamus asked her, a mouth full of food.

Hermione set her fork down, ‘’I was thinking something in the ministry. I might try and do something about better treatment of house elves.’’ Hermione got a fee raised eyebrows, ‘’no, it won’t be as drastic as spew, but something does need to change.’’

‘’As long as we don’t have to knit bloody tea cosy’s again, go for it!’’ Ron said, causing an eruption of laughter from the table.

The tables soon cleared away and people started to dance, she was hoping to have the first dance with Draco, but she knew that wouldn’t happen, so she opted for Ron instead, as Harry saved the first dance for Ginny. After a few more dances with many different friends, including Harry, Neville, Seamus, Ginny and Dean, McGonagall stood up to the podium.

‘’Ahem, I would just like to congratulate you all for getting this far in your school years, and I would like to thank you all for coming to this ball. I would also like to thank you, for what you done for the wizarding world, as without you all, and those who…are not with us, we would of perished, so thank you. Thank you for choosing the right side, and standing up for what you believed in. I would also like to congratulate you on your results, and I hope everyone chooses the right path for them. Time for the dancing to commence! But first, the head boy and head girl have to start the dance!’’

There were loud gasps, Hermione felt her heart picking up speed, she stood up nervously in her chair-looking for the familiar blonde hair. She couldn’t see him, and felt like a fool walking up to the dance floor by herself.

Hermione sighed as the stood in the middle of the dance floor, she could feel every pair of eyes on her, feeling conscious, she smoothed out her dress, feeling her heart hammering inside her chest  when she felt a tap on the shoulder, turning around, she saw Draco smiling at her. Hermione peered at him,

‘’finally decide to show up then?’’ she hissed to him quietly as he took her waist and hand.

He smirked, ‘’I was doing things?’’ they swayed to the slow music.

‘’Like?’’ she frowned.

‘’Things…you’ll find out soon enough.’’

‘’This is embarrassing enough as it is, please tell me it’s not a practical joke?’’ her voice was almost pleading.

‘’You’ll find out soon enough!’’ his smirk re appearing.

Hermione grunted.

‘’Can I say something.’’ Draco asked.

Hermione eyed him suspiciously, ‘’yes.’’

‘’you do look rather good tonight.’’

Hermione went wide eyed, ‘’nice joke.’’ She rolled her eyes and saw a flash of a smile from Draco, she had to do a double take, but when she looked back, it was gone.

The song was starting to slow down, ‘’im going to spin you, don’t panic.’’ Draco whispered.

He held out his arm and spun the startled Hermione, she closed her eyes, spinning was the one thing she didn’t like, when got her heel caught on her dress.

‘’don’t let me fall.’’ She squealed, as she felt herself tumbling to the ground, but she didn’t feel the hard ground, she felt hands on her back.

She opened her eyes and saw Draco lifting her up.

Hermione felt her cheeks redden, ‘’thank you.’’ She squeaked.

The song finally came to an end, and he lent into her, whispering into her ear,

‘’don’t you remember Hermione? I told you, I would be there to make sure you don’t fall.’’ 





im not uploading the EPILOGE for a WEEK. 'cause im evil. Actually, i dont think im going to upload it at all. I mean, i might end it there and leave you all hanging. 


SOOOOO, what did you think. 

Review please. :p


SlightObsession xx

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