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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 18 : Run like Lightening
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 Run like Lightening



In all those sappy, romantic muggle movies Leslie made me watch the big kiss (as they like to refer to it) was a major breaking point in the movie. Usually the girl was clueless as ever and the boy was stubbornly in love with her. He would, of course, show his love by throttling himself at her and sucking her face off.




I don’t know if any of these characteristics or plot lines apply to Albus and I but all I know is that Albus had kissed me and I had kissed him back.




I’m not going to sit here and tell you all the juicy details or tell you we had kissed for ages and it was the most perfect moment of my life because that would be a lie. I’m not a sap so don’t get your hopes up for any of that shit.




If you wanna hear about how a lad gives you butterflies in your tummy then go talk to Leslie.




Albus pulled away after a few minutes, his eyelids slowly sliding open. One of his hands was still tangled in the lovely mess I like to call my hair. I could feel his fingers threaded through my layers around the nape of my neck. His other hand was resting softly on my left hip.




It was so…intimate.




I was suddenly glad we had secluded us off in a corner where we weren’t so obvious to the eye. I was also glad I had my back turned to people. I didn’t want people to see who I was. It wasn’t like I was ashamed to be kissing one of the hottest guys in our school but I don’t think I could handle the gossip.




I could just picture it now.








Okay, so maybe it won’t go exactly like that but still. It would be hunting season for all his little groupies and I would be the prime subject.




“That was…” Albus began to say and trailed off, letting out a puff of air. I think he wanted me to finish it for him – like they do in the movies, I might remind you.




I didn’t know what to say. I don’t know if he wants me to say it was bloody amazing – because it was – or to cower in fear and tell him it was completely wrong and how we’re better off friends. I don’t freaking know what Albus wants.








So instead of having a mental break down on what was the perfect answer I just spit out the first thing that came to my mind. I know you all are groaning already because you are aware I am the queen at messing things up. I’ve figured out it isn’t always best to speak what’s on my mind because my mind isn’t always what people want to hear.




Well here goes nothing.




“Uhm, er, I’ve got to go.” I managed to spit out before nearly flinging myself out of Albus’s affectionate grip and running to the opposite side of the party. In the whole process Albus stared at me wide eyed and I’m pretty sure I ripped out a good chuck of my hair that got stuck to his watch and tangled in his fingers.




I didn’t look back once as I charged through disgusting, sweaty, dancing people on the dance floor. I only stopped midway through to help a drunken Louis Weasley off the ground who apparently thought he was swimming and that the dance floor was his own personal swimming pool.




I’m such a royal screw up.




The party was over and I had spent the last hour and a half doing everything in my power to run away from Albus. I think by the third time that I dodged him, and nearly knocked over a punch bowl, he got the idea that I couldn’t talk to him at the moment.




“Hey, Bri, I’m not coming home tonight.”




I turned my head briefly as I got out of the room to see Leslie clinging off of Fred’s shoulder. She had her fake glasses hanging off the bridge of her nose and her bun had fallen to pieces. She looked smashed and she sounded smashed unlike myself who had managed to sober up a bit after drinking water constantly for the last hour.




“Why is that?” I quirked an eyebrow as I tapped my foot. The girls and I agreed that we wouldn’t go home without a buddy, per say. We had heard some less then satisfying stories about how some people got out of hand after these parties because of how drunk they were and shit like that.




“Because I’m going home with Freddy Boy!” I could barely understand her but I was almost positive that was what she said. She giggled obnoxiously loud and hanged onto Fred as if her life depended on it. Fred grinned and nodded enthusiastically. 




I already knew Fred had drank and was acting drunk before the party even began but he better be drunk of his arse if he really thinks he’s going to be snagging my friend for one of his sleazy one night hook ups just to break her heart the next day.




“Sorry to disappoint but that won’t be happening,” I sighed grabbing her hand and tugging her away from Fred who pouted. “No one’s having any sleepovers tonight.”




“But I want to!” She whined.




“Tough luck, you little shit.”




Don’t look at me like that. I’m getting annoyed and I want to go back into my common room and curl up in a ball and hyperventilate. Yes, that is the plan Stan.




Leslie and Fred realized that they were getting nowhere with me standing here so Leslie instead blew Fred a kiss and smiled. Fred caught it and stuffed it in the front of his pants – eugh gross. Something is clearly wrong with this kid. He then proceeded to flip me off and make hand movements as if to say he wanted to throw up on me.




Thanks Fred. I love you too.




The walk back to the towers was painfully long and painfully aggravating. I hated dealing with drunk people, to be honest. It wasn’t my forte. Surprisingly Amelia, out of all of us, is the best with drunk people. I don’t know how but she has the patience for them which is surprising and out of character.




Speaking of Amelia, we left her.




I would turn back to go get her but we were already at the portrait door. Luckily someone was ahead of us and opened the door for us because I was not in the mood to answer a riddle and my go-to girl was drunk off her arse.




I’m sure she found someone to walk with. Maybe Dominique or Jenna. Yeah, one of those two.




It was a struggle to pull Leslie up the staircases as she insisted on lying down to go to sleep on the stairwell near the third year dorms. You would think someone as light as her would be easy to carry but she’s dead weight when she isn’t helping.




After an immense struggle and then fighting her to change out of her slutty costume, Leslie was tucked away in bed nearly forty-five minutes later. I believe now is my alone time so I can freak out about the earlier incident that I would like to refer to as BRIBUS.




Yes, I have came up with a pet name for Al and I. I’m not sure if I should be worried that I sound like a giggling fan girl or if I should check to make sure my brain isn’t bleeding or something along those lines.








Never mind, forget that, I don’t get alone time. I am a servant to all people willing to shout my name to the world.




I shot Leslie a struggled look, making sure she was fast asleep before grabbing a jumper and pulling it over my stupid costume and making my way down the narrow stairs. It was such a bloody long way down. I hated how high we were.




I don’t even understand why they had to raise what level your dorm was every year older you got. It’s like they didn’t trust first years to be too high up in the air. I don’t know if they’re worried about them jumping out of their windows or something but they can still hurt themselves (possibly kill) even if they jump out of their level.




I’m just glad I’m not a seventh year. Their dorm might as well be in the fucking clouds for all everyone cares. Maybe it’s supposed to fend off boys trying to get into ickle seventeen year old girl’s pants. That would make sense.




“Wh-what is going on?” I faltered through my ramble about the height of dorm rooms when I reached the bottom of the stair case. The common room was mostly empty because of the unforgiving hour except for half-drunk kids stumbling through.




I was greeted with the image of Louis Weasley curled up in a ball on our sofa with tears leaking out of his eyes. I was slightly disturbed with the fact that he was crying like a pansy and it didn’t help that people were sending him nasty looks considering he shouldn’t be here. He was a Slytherin, after all, and was not a lovely Ravenclaw like us gals.




Speaking of gals, Amelia and Dominique stood around the couch staring at me expectantly.




“He’s so gone it isn’t even funny, Bri.” Amelia whined from her spot on the arm chair, soothingly patting Louis on the back as he cried into her legs.




I told you she was good with drunks.




“I’ve never seen him so put off like this – I swear he never drinks like this. Albus and he are always the annoying bints that stand around at the back of our family parties refusing to drink barely a glass of alcohol.” Dominique looked rather freaked out and my heart did a mini-flip when she mentioned Albus.




“Didn’t anyone stop him when they saw him going south?” I asked in a surprised tone as I dodged some sleazy looking fifth year who was stumbling his way up to his dorm.




They both shook their head with a frown. “I think he was drinking with Fred,” Amelia added as an afterthought as Louis wailed loudly.




Who knew the boy could cry this much.




“Fred was pretty drunk, as well. I picked Leslie up from him and she just went to bed.” I made a jab up towards our dorm. “I would say we should bring him to his dorm room but it is so past curfew and knowing our luck we’d get caught with a blundering drunk hanging off our shoulders and none of us are that sober either, to be honest.”




“I am,” Dominique cut in curtly before pursing her lips with a sigh. “Look, he’s just emotional because of all he’s drunk and stuff. Alcohol has a really bad side effect with the meds he has to take and it’s just – “




“Louis takes meds?” Amelia asked, interrupting her and I could see on Dominique’s face that she had made a mistake.




She closed her eyes briefly before opening them with a grunt, “Yes,” She spared a look at her brother who seemed to be calming down and I could tell that she felt like she was invading his privacy. I felt like it, too. “He’s not crazy or anything.” She said quickly as if to make sure we didn’t go spreading rumors or some garbage like that.




“Our dad was attacked by a werewolf a while back and some of the gene’s got passed down to all of us. Vic and I just got an – erm – furious temper as people like to call it. Louis ended up with the wrong side of the stick. They call it WolfsBend; You get all the side effects of being a werewolf like lack of sleep, temper, mood swings close to a full moon, and all of that stuff just without the whole real werewolf part. The meds just help everything stay in…check for him.”




I don’t know why but I suddenly felt closer to them. Closer to Dominique for telling something so private to us and suddenly much closer to the sniffing boy on our couch that I asked to go out with my friend.




Merlin I sound like a pansy.




“Really? He’s never seemed like he’s had troubles like that before.” Amelia commented as she continued to soothe Louis, looking down at him and she was right.




Louis never seemed like the type of person to have to be on medication and to deal with issues. He was one of the more mysterious Weasleys and he tended to keep to himself. He was always smooth and polite to people. He was calm, cool, and collected.




I never once looked at him like a sleep deprived, temper driven sixteen year old who got screwed over by fate. He was – and I hate to say it – a freak of nature. That sounded so cruel but he was what some people liked to refer to as a cross-breed. So were his sisters.




They were a mix between human (magical, of course), veela, and werewolf. It was a dip into every little gene pool. Despite how some people liked to emphasize on how being part veela was amazing because it gave you charm and good looks but real veelas are nothing special.




Veelas, the creatures, are horrid beings. They fool people with their lavishing good looks and aurora before leading them into a false sense of security and killing them. Veelas are actually pretty violent creatures and when not tamed they can be fatal.




“He doesn’t like his personal laundry aired out for Witch Weekly to gossip about so I’d appreciate if none of you two open your gobs.” Dominique responded quickly and I quickly picked up on how protective she sounded.




“Of course not, I would never.” I said quickly, hoping to just drop the topic in general.




“It’s late,” She said as she glanced at her watch.




“Thank you for that, Captain Obvious.” I’m glad to know that Amelia can still manage to be snarky and bitter while stroking some boy’s hair.




Dominique scowled before continuing to talk, “We don’t have classes tomorrow but we should all still try to get some sleep. You guys can go up, I’ll stay with Louis.”




“Forget about that, Weasley,” Amelia said quickly with a shrug. “I’m already down here and he’s sleeping on my lap so it’d be a pity for me to move and have him wake up. I don’t mind crashing here with him.”




“Are you…Are you sure?” Dominique looked apprehensive as if Amelia was playing a false joke on her.




“Yep, positive,” She yawned and continued to thread her fingers in and out of his hair, “Can one of you just do me a favor and bring down a sweatshirt and a blanket? Bri, you know where all my shit is.”




I nodded quickly and began to make my way up the stairs carefully with Dominique in tow. I pressed my finger to my lips to make sure she was silent as we walked into the room silently. Leslie was still – thankfully – asleep and Jenna had seemed to appear in her bed after I had left.




I shifted through Mel’s things before finding her favorite sweatshirt and slinging it over my shoulder. I turned around to see Dominique already holding out Amelia’ duvet covers for me. 




“This is real nice of her, Hart, I mean.” Dominique said quietly as I took the blanket from her. “Make sure to tell her I say thank you for me.”




“I will,” I took a few tentative steps before gazing over my shoulder slightly, “You should know, you’re a good older sister to him. I know you and Amelia don’t trust each other fully and I completely understand that but I think there may be something genuine there for them.”




“I think so too.”




“Goodnight, Weasley.”




“Goodnight, Patil.”




“Good morning, sunshine.” I hummed softly as I pealed the blanket off Leslie and gave her an award winning smile. She creaked one eye open, took one look at me, and whined an ear piercing sound.




“Leave me alone, everything hurts. I repeat – everything hurts.”




“And whose fault is that, you big alcoholic?” My overly cheerful voice was starting to annoy even myself. I had to give Leslie credit for not trying to throttle me then and there.




“What happened last night?” She moaned.




I couldn’t help but smile like a banshee before talking, “Oh, nothing, really. You got drunk of your bloody arse and I was there to save the day and stop you from going to bed with Freddy Boy and shagging up, most likely.”




Her cheeks flushed a bright color and she tried to hide into her blanket. “Merlin, please tell me you’re lying.”




“Wish I was but alas I wasn’t. Seems like you and Freddster can’t keep it in the pants.”




I plucked myself off my bed and gave the room a once over. Jenna had already rolled out of a bed and mumbled something along the lines of coffee. Dominique was in the shower singing a loud tune since she was dandy and shit cause she doesn’t drink. Amelia was sound asleep in her bed after Louis woke up at eight in the morning and she walked him back to his dorm room, she came right back here to sleep.




I, on the other hand, didn’t know what was with me. I woke up at nine and got ready for the day. I showered, I brushed my teeth, I got shampoo in my eyes – the usual. I pulled on a pair of jeans and a jumper since I didn’t have class today and decided to clean my area of the room.




I know, shocker, you know something is wrong when Brielle Patil is cleaning.




And I did this all while trying to avoid thinking about Albus but I have just royally mucked that up because I’m thinking about him. I can’t stop but have the feeling of bile rise in my stomach at the mention of last night’s incident of BRIBUS.




It made me want to puke and not because it disgusted me but more like it scared me.




I was never good with boys and this whole thing was freaking me out to no extent. Albus was supposed to be my new found best friend, my bro from another mo, my homie with no complication, ect. And this little bugger mucked it all up by kissing me.




What kind of bro does that? I’ll tell you who – no one. Oh wait, Albus does!




I didn’t help that I ran away from him and managed to avoid him the whole rest of the night while running into practically everyone else in our little social group. But I knew I couldn’t avoid him any longer. I would see him today and I didn’t know what to react or how anything would come out.




What could I say to him? “Hey, Al, how’re you feeling this fine morning? I’m sorry for running away from you when you kissed me  - want to play some exploding snap together?”




I’m a bloody mess. Not to mention my head hurts from the alcohol I drank last night. Granted, I didn’t drink much so it wasn’t as bad as my friends but it still left a ringing in my ear which wasn’t up to par with my fancy.




“Great – I don’t know why but I seem to love to embarrass myself around Fred bloody Weasley whenever I’m drunk.” Leslie moaned as she karate style rolled out of bed and began to pluck her pajamas off her skinny body and search for clean clothes in her wardrobe.




“If it makes you feel any better he was completely drunk, as well. I mean, him and Marcus Parkinson had a disco dance off. It was rather interesting to watch. I’m pretty sure Fred won because Parkinson ran away crying.”




Leslie laughed at my comment as she sniffed a sweater before shrugging and pulling it on. Glad to know my friends have the hygiene level of sixteen year old boys. Apparently one good wiff’ of clothes officially makes them clean in Leslie’s eyes.




Now that I look back at that whole disco dance off, Parkinson was the first of two boys for me to see wailing their eyes out. Of course, I didn’t plan on telling Louis about how he had cried like a sissy boy on our couch unless someone else decided to mention it.




Speaking of other people…




“Finally you lot are awake, I was starting to get worried that I’d have to prod you with a broomstick to make sure you guys were still alive.” Dominique nearly purred as she emerged from the bathroom drying her hair via towel with fog following in her path. She was wearing a pair of tan, skin tight pants and a blue sweater.




She looked like she just came out of a Witch Crew commercial or some other fancy clothing store for pretty girls with long blonde hair that blows in the wind and have a smile ensured by 1,000 galleons.




“If you touched me with a broomstick I would have gladly shoved said broomstick up your arsehole.”




Seems like Leslie was feeling hostile this morning.




I watched as she pulled a wide tooth comb through her hair, violently tugging on her black hair. Her cheeks were tinged a slight pink from the frosty air coming through out open window and she seemed to be taking in her appearance disapprovingly in the mirror.




Dominique laughed and offered Leslie what I thought to be a friendly smile but it came off like a forced homicidal smile that a serial killer would offer to his victim right before he told them he wasn’t going to kill them and he was just holding a knife for protection from the big bad wolf that lives in his closet.




What a freaking liar that stupid serial killer is.




Leslie grimaced as she finished getting ready. Leslie has been trying to make her best effort to be nice to Dominique ever since I told her about our conversation. I may be a crazy bint but one thing I hated was bullies and despite Dominique being one of those said bullies for the majority of my life I didn’t want to become one.




She had reached out to me and told me she wanted to be my friend and I wasn’t going to spit on her request and stomp all over her dreams and desires. I had to practically beg my friends to tone down their level of hostility towards her but it still seems like Amelia wants to burn off Dominique’s hair seventy-five percent of the time.




Leslie has managed to be nice to her for the majority of time which is refreshing. Leslie is just one of those puke worthy nice people that make you want to punch yourself in the face. She’d tell you that the annoying first year that called you ugly and told you were a ‘lard arse bitch’ for taking the last piece of pie was probably a really nice person and doesn’t deserve to be punched in the face.




Obviously, Amelia wouldn’t listen and punch said first year in the face still. That actually happened, I’m not even kidding. She got detention for three weeks and had to go to anger management counseling.




I have though, surprisingly, noticed a difference in how Amelia has acted to Dominique recently. She still calls her Weasley and prefers to leave her out of all of our conversations but she hasn’t been as rude as usual. She doesn’t call her a bitch – or at least not to her face, anymore – and she’ll pass the salt when she asks at lunch.




I’ve got to assume it has something to do with Louis.




Amelia refuses to tell us what is going on between them besides that he was nice to her on their date. They don’t hang out with each other alone – or at least of what I’m aware of – but when we’re all together they always sit next to each other.




I should ask if they snogged.




Speaking of snogging, Al and I snogged.




Shit I’m going to hit my head against a wall. Shit, shit, shit.




“Bri, why do you keep on saying shit?” Leslie arched an eyebrow as she jumped around the room like a monkey as she tried to snake her converse over her left foot. Dominique was waiting by the door for the two of us with a perplexed expression.




Because everything is complete and utter shit, Leslie, that’s why.




I need to control myself. I can’t go saying everything that I’m thinking. Y’know what I’m thinking; All about how my life is utter and complete shit because Albus Potter is a shitball of a friend who shits all over our friendship with his not-so-shitty kissing skills.








“Albus kissed me at the party!” I blurted out.




Leslie nearly tripped over her legs and Dominique gasped. “What?” Leslie sputtered as she grabbed her extra shoe that fell from her hands.




Don’t say anything else, Brielle, you’ll only mess things up more.




“I kissed him back!”




Stupid me. Silly me. SHUT UP ME.




“We snogged!”




I can’t control it. It’s like word vomit rushing out of my mouth.




“I ran away from him after it!”




It felt satisfying to have it all out in the open. Airing my dirty laundry for everyone to walk right up and take a good wiff. Do it, I encourage you. I bet it smells like daisy and wonderfulness.




Leslie was staring at me all wide eyed while Dominique was just agape. I’m sure she was put off considering she had been encouraging a relationship between James and I nearly a month ago when I had went off with the other brother.




“So, who’s ready for breakfast because I know I am just starving!” I said brightly in my fake cheerful voice I had used nearly half an hour ago as if nothing had happened. I gave a fake smile that looked like it pained me to move any of my face muscles. I’m pretty sure my left eye twitched.




“W-What? Wait, hold up, you can’t just go blabber mouthing to Dominique and I that you sucked faces with Albus and not explain!” Leslie sputtered as she began to take a few teetering steps towards me.




My stomach clenched. I couldn’t explain. I couldn’t handle this. I can’t even explain the situation to myself. I had bloody debates with my own head. How am I supposed to talk to real people?




So, in a very Brielle fashion, I knocked down a lamp as a distraction and ran for the hills or in my case the dinning hall.




Suck it, bitches, you’ll never catch me. 


A/N: Hello guys! I'm back with another update :) I'm posting this on Sunday however I don't know when it'll be validated. I start school this week so I don't know if my updates will be as fast as they usually are but I'm writing loads of chapters in advance just in case. 

So, I know there isn't any Albus in here but he is mentioned quite a lot. What did you guys think? I threw in the whole Louis/WolfsBend situation as a last minute decision. I made it up randomly. How do you think the girls will react to Brielle telling them about her and Albus? What do you guys think about how Brielle will handle seeing Albus?

I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes in advance! I am only human, of course. We are *this* close to getting past 100 reviews and I would love for us to break it with this chapter so please review guys! It would mean a lot to me. I never thought this story would get so much hype it makes me smile. 

As always, review and tell me what you think! I love you all and can't wait to talk to you guys soon! xx 


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