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Resurrection by missclaire17
Chapter 5 : Discoveries
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credit to Modthryth for this amazing image of Scorpius! :)

Summer 2022

“I’m not sure that this is a good idea,” Cara sighed as she stepped forward to a broomstick Danny had set on the ground. The two of them were standing in an empty field with a rather large house overlooking it in the distance.

Danny snorted. “Don’t be silly. Everything will be fine. Just do what I told you and stick your right hand over my broom. Do you remember what you have to say?”

“Yes,” Cara rolled her eyes, confident that it wouldn’t work. “Up.”

 The broomstick, instead of moving, laid perfectly still. Cara wrinkled her nose, feeling secretly disappointed that it hadn’t worked.

“You have to say it with conviction. You have to command it. If you’re scared of it or you’re unconvinced that it will work, then it won’t work,” Danny advised, refusing to believe that it wouldn’t work.

“I’m a Muggle, Danny. Broomsticks are magical. I don’t think it’ll work. Do you remember how long it took me to see Diagon Alley?” Cara said as she bent down to pick up the broom manually. She held it gingerly in her hands before handing it back to her best friend. “Here, take it.”

Danny sighed, taking the broom back from Cara. “I shouldn’t have pushed you. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize,” Cara shook her head with a sad smile. “We can find things to do other than me riding a broom. Where’s that other best friend of yours?”

“Do you mean me?” a voice said from behind them. A tall and lanky figure with extremely messy black hair approached the two.

Danny grinned. “Where were you, mate? James said that you were at Diagon Alley.”

“Had to get a new Broom Servicing Kit. Mum and Dad said they weren’t going to buy me a new one because I lost my last one, and James is being a git about letting me borrow his,” Albus shrugged nonchalantly. “Are you Cara Palmer?”

“Pleased to meet you,” Cara replied cordially, though she didn’t see Albus’s presence as anything to be pleased about.

She hated that they were even here at his house. Albus’s status as Danny’s other best friend made all other things about Albus Potter irrelevant, such as his good looks or his supposedly great personality.

Danny, on the other hand, however, looked pleased to see his two best friends together. It was like having a splitting headache, trying to balance his Muggle life with his Magical one.

“The pleasure’s mine. Albus Potter,” Albus introduced himself, holding out his hand for Cara to shake. His emerald eyes swept up and down Cara, before resting on the pendant she was wearing. “Where did you get necklace?”

Surprised, Cara fingered the black stone attached to the gold chain she wore around her neck. Danny, glancing at what Albus was referring to, blinked in confusion.

Cara said, “Danny gave it to me. Why?”

Albus’s eyes snapped to Danny so quickly there wasn’t time to blink. “Mate, where’d you get that?”

“The Forbidden Forest,” Danny replied, unsure why his best mate looked like a crime had been committed. “That day in our first year when Victoire found the unicorn. Why?”

“Did anyone in my family see it?” Albus asked sharply.

“I don’t think so. No one asked any questions, if that is what you’re wondering,” Cara replied, feeling slightly irritated at the commotion he was causing by the black stone.

“Good,” Albus sighed with relief. “Keep it safe, and keep it hidden.”

“Why?” Danny asked. “What’s the big deal about a rock from the Forbidden Forest?”

Albus gazed at his best mate and to Cara, a serious expression on his face. “Because I’m pretty sure I know what it is, and it’s dangerous if it gets to the wrong hands.”

“What is it?” Cara asked, fascinated despite Albus’s warnings of danger.

“It’s the Resurrection Stone.”

“Mr. Potter! What is the Auror Department doing about these new threats?”

“Does the rumor that Dark wizards are on the rise again have any truth to it?”

“Mr. Potter! Who are these people who say they belong to Resurrection?”

Harry could barely hear his own thoughts. The past day had been a nightmare, and naturally, the press was going crazy. Ginny had later told him how the entire Daily Prophet was in an uproar following the news. The Daily Prophet obviously thought that being kept in the dark for a couple hours was naturally the most horrendous thing that could ever happen.

Harry woke up, reluctant to go into the office in order to prepare for their questioning of Narcissa Malfoy. The last time that he had to go into the office on a Saturday was when a Muggle accidentally saw a dragon flying around and captured a video.

Harry felt odd, questioning Narcissa so quickly after her husband’s death. If Ginny had passed away, he would not be able to sit down with officials to discuss anything anytime soon. When he got into the Office, the entire Ministry was in an uproar.

Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt had received a threat from a group called ‘Resurrection’, stating very clearly that they were responsible for the Palmers’ and Lucius Malfoy’s death, noting that there was nothing the Ministry could to do stop their agenda because it was their desire to bring back the practices and beliefs of Lord Voldemort’s reign.

In much plainer terms, Harry thought the entire note was a declaration of War. He didn’t understand, however, why send a letter to Kingsley Shacklebolt rather than declare War in a grander, more dramatic style. Harry did note, however, that ‘Resurrection’ was far more organized and much more of a threat than any other Dark-Arts, Voldemort sympathizers and supporters had been in the past.

It had been a miracle that the Daily Prophet had been kept in the dark for a few hours following the news. A press statement had to be made, and the public had to be reassured.

Harry thought the entire thing was a nightmare. There was nothing more that he wanted to do than to remain inside the Auror Department and have a moment to figure things out. Instead, he was roped with press-duty.

The questions that were being flung at him following his short speech on the threat they had received made Harry think that none of them had been listening after all. Harry thought bitterly to himself that they would all fail at being reporters if they didn’t have a Self-Writing Quill.

“The Auror Department are responding to the threats. Our goal is to ensure the safety and peace for the Magical community. We will release further information as soon as possible,” Harry told the press firmly. “No more comments at this point.”

Being laden with the job of having to reassure the public, Harry had a newfound respect for the delicate game of having a transparent government versus securing information to ensure the Auror Department will catch the mastermind behind Resurrection.

Harry turned away from the reporters, who seemed angry at the short response, and started heading back towards his office. He smiled tiredly at some of his coworkers, keeping the fake smile plastered on his face.

He had thought that once he saw all of his children graduate from Hogwarts and begin with their own lives that he might be able to enter into that period of relaxation that older adults enjoyed as their ages climbed up. Harry was even starting to think when he should retire. He didn’t want to be that barmy old codger that stuck around in the Ministry longer than necessary. The last Head of the Auror Department, Gawain Robards, had been around for ages.

It seemed as though Harry had been enjoying the calm before the storm.

The murder of the Palmers took an even heavier strain on the Muggle-Wizarding relations. Kingsley was working over-time to assure the Muggles didn’t drag anymore innocent people such as Danny into the investigation. Lucius Malfoy’s murder was only further confirmation that the Ministry wasn’t doing its job to protect the Wizarding community.

Receiving the threat from Resurrection was almost a relief, though Harry would not say this to anyone outside of Ginny, Ron, and Hermione. At least they know where to start, even if it didn’t explain why a prominent pureblood figure such as Lucius Malfoy was murdered.

It was as if Harry had laid himself down to sleep after an especially long and tiring day, only to be woken up in the middle of his sleep with more work to be done.

Harry felt as if threats to peace would never stop. After 17 years of having the fate of the Wizarding community rest on his shoulders, he was ready to take the backseat as he always wanted. It seemed, however, that no matter what he did, Harry would never be allowed a break.

“Lily! My favorite sister!” Albus cried out, shocked and happy at the same time as Lily stepped out from his fireplace. “You never replied to my owl.”

“That’s because I was planning to come see you,” she said, dusting soot off of her robes. “You need to clean your fireplace.”

“Okay, Mum,” Albus rolled his eyes. He got up and gave Lily a tight hug, to which Lily responded half-heartedly. Albus let go of his sister and took a look at her carefully.

Lily worked in the Ministry’s Department of Mysteries as an Unspeakable. She received access to more confidential information than nearly anyone else, and she also hadn’t spoken to him since Rose’s estrangement.

There were detectable dark circles under Lily’s eyes, and her eyes seemed to lack the same sort of glimmer that was usually present.

“How’s everything in the Department of Mysteries?” Albus asked softly. “You looked overworked.”

“You’re not wrong,” Lily stated simply as she pulled away from Albus and headed towards the kitchen. Albus followed her and watched his little sister pull out a bottle of Firewhiskey. “It’s been going horribly, especially with the Palmers’ death. I’m not supposed to say this but we’re becoming the Magical equivalent to the Muggles’ forensics. I’ve been pulled away from my usual project to work solely on the Palmers’ death because I know Danny.”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, no one from the Ministry is likely to go on a vacation anytime soon. Did you hear about that group, Resurrection?” Albus asked, taking a bottle of Firewhiskey for himself.

Lily gulped down half of her bottle before answering, “Yeah. It’s a bloody nightmare. Our Head of Department, Mr. Cornfoot, wanted everyone to go into work today, but I slipped away after lunch, saying that I had to meet with Danny.”

Albus nodded and gestured for the two of them to return to the living room. As Lily sat down next to Albus on the sofa, she said, “Well, let’s not beat around the bush any longer. What is it you wanted to talk to me about?”

“It’s about the Palmers’ death. At first, we were guessing that it’s a conspiracy. Now, we know that it’s a conspiracy because of Resurrection,” Albus told Lily in a serious tone before explaining all that he and Danny had talked about.

Lily listened to everything quietly, her eyebrows occasionally raising, but stayed quiet until Albus was finished.

“So what do you want me to do? I don’t have access to any of that information. That would be up your alley,” Lily pointed out questioningly. The way Lily looked at him reminded Albus of the way that his mother would often look at him when he did or said something stupid.

“Look, why do you think Danny hired Rose? Because we’re bound by the rules we have to follow. Besides, the public is probably going to go mad because of this new ‘threat’ and Dad has to handle everything the right way. We’ve already been three steps behind this entire thing. We need to have a network of reliable information so that we can help Rose. We need to find these damn people, and we’re not going to find them or have any upper-hand on any information if we do everything legally and if we don’t work together,” Albus explained rather heatedly.

It wasn’t as if he was suggesting that she kill someone. What was so hard about asking her to divulge some information about her work if it would help them catch the killers?

“You’ve talked to Lucy yet?” Lily asked. Albus wrinkled his nose. She was avoiding the question.

“Yes. She’s already helping us out,” Albus told her with an eye roll.

Lily returned with her own eye roll and said, “Obviously, idiot. I meant did you tell her that you and Danny are doing this so that we can help Rose? You know how she disapproves of Rose being a P.I.”

“Well, Lucy has to help out family,” Albus answered, not wanting to admit that she doesn’t explicitly know it’s to help out Rose. Lucy was smart enough to have figured it out already. “Danny is meeting with Rose today, actually, to tell her. He said that he is going to make an exception in his contract to get all of us to work together with Rose.”

“Well if you want to work together with Rose then you’re going to have to talk to her,” Lily said, a rather smug look on her face. “Have you apologized yet?”

Albus turned red. He didn’t need reminding that he should be apologizing to Rose. “Have you talked to her recently?”

“Of course I do,” Lily rolled her eyes. She tossed back her hair in an arrogant manner and said, “I owl her and give her updates. I know she reads them even if she doesn’t reply.”

“So she’s still mad at you, then,” Albus smirked, feeling better about himself already. “She hasn’t forgiven you for what you said to Malfoy about being a Death Eater?”

“I apologized already. She’s being stubborn about me wanting to accept him as a part of the family,” Lily shrugged nonchalantly.

Pulling out her wand, she flicked it towards her empty Firewhiskey bottle and watched as the bottle soared towards the dustbin in the kitchen. Lily hoped that her nonchalance would hide how much it hurt to not be on speaking terms with Rose.

Albus, unsurprisingly, was thinking along the same lines as Lily. The last time that any of them had spoken to Rose was probably the worst incident their family has ever had, including the incident with Uncle Percy back during the times of Voldemort.

The two siblings stayed silent until the clock sitting on Albus’s mantle suddenly screeched, “You’re late!”

Jumping up in his seat, Albus checked the time and nearly groaned. “Lils, I have to go. Molly said she could spare me and Danny 15 minutes, and we have to get her onboard.”

Lily nodded and stood up as well. “I have to get going anyways. Cornfoot is going to introduce us to some new project he wants us working on. I’ll keep you posted. James said we all should go have dinner next week at the new place in Diagon Alley.”

Albus felt sick for a brief moment hearing about his older brother as he gave a quick kiss and a hug to Lily. James had been the only one to stick up to Rose and the only person that Rose was on speaking terms with. The two of them had a huge argument after the incident with Rose and Malfoy.

When Lily disappeared in the fireplace, Albus Apparated to the Leaky Cauldron, making a mental note to remind himself to apologize to James.

“This is frustrating,” Rose retorted angrily, crumpling another piece of parchment and tossing it away. “Why would they want to reveal who they are and what they want when they’ve managed to stump the entire Ministry for Magic with four murders?”

“Love, just because Danny said it’s okay for us to discuss the case doesn’t mean I have all the answers,” Scorpius answered with a smile as he picked up the crumpled piece of parchment. “Besides, we’re already halfway there. You put together the pieces about Voldemort’s Horcruxes, and we know about Dumbledore’s wand. Didn’t you say yourself you found out what Dumbledore’s wand is?”

“Yes,” Rose admitted before pulling up a roll of parchment and lightly tossing it to her fiancé. “It’s a lot of guesswork but I managed to put some of the pieces together. Then again, mostly everything in my line of work is guesswork.”

Scorpius read through the parchment as Rose watched him silently. When he was done, he looked up, shocked. “You think it’s real?”

“It’s the only explanation!” Rose insisted, taking back the roll of parchment. “An all-powerful wand can’t exist without stories about its origins. It makes sense too. Think about it. If Dumbledore’s wand is the Elder Wand, then my uncle Harry’s cloak must be the Cloak of Invisibility. I don’t know about the Resurrection Stone, but I bet you anything that either my uncle or Voldemort had it.”

“Then go ask your uncle,” Scorpius suggested again for the millionth time. “Love, it’s time to make amends. How else are you going to find out whether your assumptions are true?”

Rose shook her head stubbornly. “I know it’s true. Besides, Resurrection probably named themselves after the Resurrection Stone. It’s most likely a symbolic name, but I can’t figure out what their goal is if they know Voldemort can’t come back.”

There was a beat of silence as the couple immersed themselves in their thought.

“Well, why do we bother learning history in the first place?” Scorpius finally asked, taking a seat next to Rose. He gazed at her expectantly.

Raising her eyebrows in confusion, Rose asked, “Do you mean why history’s important? It is so we can learn from past mistakes.”

“Exactly,” Scorpius’s eyes glinted excitedly. “They’re probably wanting to learn from Voldemort’s mistakes. If they want to find out why he was defeated in the end, then they have to get to know everything about him.”

Rose considered this train of thought carefully. “It would explain why they got in touch with your grandfather, and it would explain why they went through the trouble of digging up the truth about Voldemort. It doesn’t explain why they killed the Palmers.”

“That I have no idea, but I do know one thing,” Scorpius admitted.

“And what’s that?”

“If they’re trying to learn from Voldemort’s mistakes and correct them this time around, then you need to see your uncle as soon as possible,” Scorpius concluded. “It doesn’t matter that he is Head Auror. The Auror Department can’t interfere with your investigation anyways.”

The look on Rose’s face told Scorpius that a trip to see her family, even if it was her uncle, would not be one that Rose would take alone.

“Where’s she gone?” a man demanded as he sat regally on a handsome leather chair. His dark auburn hair had streaks of grey and white hair. A younger man in his late twenties or early thirties stood before him, looking curt and solemn.

“She went to Knockturn Alley. There was an anonymous tip, so she decided to check it out,” the younger man replied. His dark green eyes held the older man’s gaze steadily as a moment of silence passed between the two.

“Very well. Have we received word from Rookwood and Yaxley?”

The younger man nodded, the edges of his lips curling up into a sneer. “The Unspeakables have already began their new project, and Gibson has earned Shacklebolt’s trust.”

“What of Davies? Have we disposed of him yet?” The older man asked sharply. “We can’t afford for Shacklebolt and Potter to know more than we let on.”

“Davies is taken care of, Father. I saw to him personally,” the younger man replied. He shook his auburn hair out of his face and added, “Rookwood is keeping an extra eye out for Lily Potter. I told him to give us word if she starts to become trouble.”

“We don’t want any harm to befall Lily Potter,” his father said in a warning tone. “Rookwood should know better than to arouse any suspicions by taking action against Lily Potter. No doubt she will have been recruited by the rest of her nosy family. I will speak to Rookwood and Yaxley personally on this matter.

Nodding, the man said, “Very well, Father. Should we move on to the next phase, now that we have taken care of Lucius Malfoy?”

His father regarded him carefully for several moments before replying. “It must be done carefully. Shacklebolt, Potter, and Weasley must not guess our true motives. We have to keep them focused on Muggleborn killings. Under no circumstances are we to bring the focus to the Department of Mysteries. ”

“Yes, Father,” the man nodded. “Should I inform her once she gets back?”

“No. Bring her to me instead. Say nothing.”

She kept the hood on her cloak up, hiding her face and her light blonde hair. Glancing furtively around her, she hastily made her way from inside the Leaky Cauldron to its entrance to the Muggle world. 

Being in the Muggle world was always an odd experience. Had things not been the way they were, she would have been the one to grow up in this world. She would have known eleven happy years in the Muggle world before receiving her Hogwarts letter.

As she made her way down the streets of Muggle London and finally stopping at a hotel, she glanced around her again to make sure no one was following before entering.

She gave the receptionist a curt nod before walking up the stairs; she didn’t trust the Muggle contraption called ‘the elevator’.

Three flights of stairs later, she walked down the hallway before stopping at Room 320. She took out her wand, concealing it inside the sleeves of her cloak, and tapped the door three times.

The door swung open, revealing another young blonde woman who had a rather relieved look in her eyes. She said, “Georgiana! Finally.”

Georgiana stepped into the room and locked the door several times with her wand before saying, “Did you doubt I would come back?”

“It’s hard to be sure,” the second woman rolled her eyes, “Considering the last time I saw you was a week ago.”

“I had been busy, Cara, as I’m sure you’d understand,” Georgiana said curtly as she hung up her cloak on the back of an armchair in the spacious hotel room. “Is everything alright?”

“No one called, and only the housekeeping maids came by,” Cara replied, taking the chance to pace around the room. “Does he suspect anything?”

“You mean, does he know I faked your death? Not as far as I can tell,” Georgiana sighed. She collapsed on the bed, closing her eyes momentarily. It had been a long day.

Cara watched her for a moment before asking, “Have you thought any more of what I asked?”

Georgiana’s eyes flew open. “I don’t even know what more is expected of me. How can I possibly go to Harry Potter for help? I know I’m being unfair to you, but really. Until my uncle tells me more about the big picture, going to see Harry Potter would be suicide for both of us.”

“I don’t know why you distrust them so much,” Cara scoffed as she folded her arms. “I’ve met him. He’s an extremely pleasant man.”

“Being pleasant doesn’t mean I’ll be spared by my uncle.”

Georgiana didn’t want to voice the other reason why she was reluctant to see Harry Potter. As far as she knew, she didn’t see what was so wrong about her uncle putting his beliefs into practice. There was nothing wrong with wanting to revive their traditional, pureblood values.

It was only wrong when innocent people were being killed over those values, even if they were Muggles and especially if they were Muggleborns.

“Look, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or whiny, but what’s the point of me being alive if I can’t help?” Cara sighed, trying her best not to glare at the woman who saved her life.

“I saved you because death isn’t worth the bloody Resurrection Stone. Don’t you think that’s a good trade? Giving the Stone to my uncle and saving your life in return? It’s not like keeping the Stone from my uncle will help in any way. It has absolutely no value to my uncle’s goals,” Georgiana explained again, feeling tired of answering this question.

It wasn’t as if she hadn’t already explained everything to Cara.

Georgiana had been tasked by her uncle with the duty of gathering information. Once she had found out the truth about who Cara was and why her uncle was seeking Cara, everything became clear.

Cara had been the exception when it came to Georgiana’s usual self-protection, isolation, and secrecy. Faking Cara’s death would mean death for Georgiana if her uncle found out. Somehow, however, despite Cara’s insistence on getting Harry Potter to help, Cara was now the one true friend that Georgiana had in her life.

Even so, Cara had no idea the truth about who she was and who Georgiana really was, but perhaps it was better this way. After all, her uncle only told her enough and never trusted her with secrets. Georgiana couldn’t burden her friend with such a secret.

As she updated Cara about the latest intel her uncle had her collecting, Georgiana couldn’t help but wonder which side she would be on when push comes to shove. 

Author's Note: Hello everyone! Were you expecting that bit about Cara and the Resurrection Stone? When do you think Albus will finally try to fix things with Rose? Who is Georgiana's uncle? 

Please leave a review with all of your thoughts! (: 

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