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All Bets Are Off by maraudertimes
Chapter 18 : Strudels, Talking and Insufferable Pleas
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My head was pounding. A sharp pain right in between my eyebrows made me scrunch up my nose and I quickly shut my eyes as I tried to open them in the sunlight streaming through my window. I groaned as another flash of pain shot through my head.

Merlin, what did I do last night?

I barely remembered Sirius leaving me in bed, drunk out of my mind. I smiled at that. He was gentlemanly, and I liked that. I also liked the way his hair was naturally messy, as if combs couldn’t pass through it. And his abs were nice too, not to mention his eyes.

Ooh, his eyes were gorgeous. A soft grey that, although the cliché sucked, was like a cloudy sky shot through with beams of sunlight. I felt almost silly thinking about them in that way, but I couldn’t help it. And his lips were so soft and nice against my own. Oh, Sirius Black was definitely something. Of course, if anyone asked I would totally deny everything I felt for him. Except for the annoyance. Merlin, that boy can annoy me.

I thought about that easy smirk that gave me butterflies in my stomach and drove me crazy all at the same time and smiled a little wider. Turning over in my bed, as I usually did in the morning to check my clock, I froze as my eyes landed on someone’s face. But not just someone. A someone with impossibly messy black hair and stormy grey eyes, although they were covered by his eyelids. Sirius Black was in my bed.

I screamed.

His eyes shot open and he looked startled to see me there. I screamed again and shuffled backwards, although that didn’t accomplish anything except for me falling off the bed in a tangle of sheets.

“Oh, Merlin! Are you okay?” Sirius said and I could hear him shuffling across the bed. Across my bed.

“Stop!” I shrieked and his shuffling did. “Are you wearing anything?”

There was silence and then a hesitant “No…”

“Then don’t move. Shut your eyes and turn around.” I heard more movement and quickly made sure the tangle of sheets I was in was covering everything. “Okay,” I said, standing up, “I’m going to go have a shower. By the time I’m out, I want you and all of your things out of my room. Understand?”

I heard a muffled agreement and blindly made my way to the door, opening it and slamming it shut as fast as I could. Walking across the flat and making my way to the bathroom, I locked myself in and slumped to the ground, my back against the door. Letting the tears fall down my face, I ran my hands through my mussed hair.

“What have I done?”


I spent a good hour in the shower, letting the water just pound against my skin. I felt disgusting, like everywhere Sirius had touched was tainted. I washed my hair five times and my skin seven times. Then, because I had nothing better to do, I shaved my legs.

Once that was all done, I stepped out and wrapped a towel around myself. I spent an extra 20 minutes drying off and moisturizing myself, and then another 10 putting my hair up in a ponytail. Once that was over with, I realized with dismay that the only thing I had for clothes were the sheets I brought in. No way was I touching those again.

I folded them as fast as I could and wrapped the towel around me a little tighter. I smiled when I realized it was the same kind of towel Sirius had taken the night I found out about Lupin. Then my smile disappeared as I realized who I was smiling over. I quickly left the bathroom, hurrying to my room and shutting the door behind me. I dropped the sheets in my laundry bin and quickly dressed, leaving the clothes I had on the night before in a pile on the ground.

Pushing my hair away from my face, my stomach growled and I cursed it. Why didn’t I have a stockpile of candy in my room? Now I would have to leave the sanctity of my room, where I might run into… Him. I shivered at the thought but swallowed my pride and opened the door. No one was in sight. I sighed gratefully and hurried over to the pantry where I found some strudels.

Mmm, strudels. The one thing other than chocolate croissants that could make me happy right now. Or, at least not disgusted with myself. Well, maybe only a little disgusted with myself.

Oh, who am I kidding? I was totally going to eat instead of face my feelings.

And it would’ve worked too if I didn’t hear a slight noise from behind me. I whipped around and saw Sirius standing a little ways away, his hair wet and sticking to his skin, one of my towels wrapped around his waist. The familiarity of the moment was not lost on me, but my surprise kept me silent.

“I took the liberty of having a shower as well. I hope you don’t mind.”

I shook my head and turned back to my strudel.

“I’m leaving for James’s then. I got in touch with him. As soon as I’m ready I’ll apparate over.”

I nodded again, shoving a piece of strudel into my mouth. Damn, that was good!

“Ace, will you talk to me?”

I kept my back turned to him. “You’re going over to James’s. Good for you.”

“Lex, I’m sorry, okay? Whatever I did wrong, I’m so sorry. Please look at me.”

I turned around, shoving an entire strudel into my mouth. “Wha? I nah wad.”

He gave me a strange look. “Are you… eating an entire apple strudel for breakfast?”

I felt my cheeks go red and I swallowed. “It might be just my second…”

Just your second?”

“If I want to eat an entire box of strudels for breakfast, I can!”

“Are you eating your feelings, Ace?”


“You are totally eating your feelings.”

I scowled and flipped him off. “Fuck off, Sirius. Just run along to James’s. Let me enjoy my binge eating of strudels in peace.”

“Why strudels? Why not chocolate croissants?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Because there weren’t any in the cupboard. Now leave.”

His smirk wavered and then fell. “I am sorry for whatever I did. Well, I mean, I know what I did, but I’m sorry for whatever you’re mad about.”

I sighed. “It’s not you. I’m mad at myself. Well, at you a little, but more at me. Now please, just leave.”

He nodded and walked back into my room.

“Um, excuse me? Why are you back in my room?” I shouted, stamping over to my bedroom door. “Sirius Black, why are you in my room?”

“Because I need to get my clothes on?”

I felt my cheeks colour and I nodded, though I knew he couldn’t see. I walked back over to the pantry and proceeded to stuff another strudel into my mouth. Merlin, I really loved those strudels. I heard my bedroom door close and I looked over my shoulder to see Sirius, walking over to the front door. He caught my gaze and gave me a small smile.

“By the way, I bought chocolate croissants yesterday. Top shelf.”

I turned back around and stood on my tiptoes, peering into the top shelf. Sure enough, there was a box of chocolate croissants right there. I tried to grab them but my fingers barely grazed the box. Suddenly, another hand closed around the box and I felt Sirius’s other one graze my hip. I froze as he pulled the box down.

I turned and he placed it in my hands, smiling at me. His eyes shone and I saw his gaze flicker down to my lips as they so often did. I felt fluttering in my stomach, and I glanced around his face, not sure what to do. As he leaned closer, I suddenly ripped open the box, grabbed a croissant and shoved it in my mouth.

“Wol, a gueth ou haf oo go.” I said as he stepped back.

“Yeah, I guess I do have to go,” he said ruffling his hair.

Oh, his arms were beautiful when he was doing that! Wait, stop that right now Alexandra James! You are not to think that of Sirius Black from here on out.

As he stepped out the door, I felt something deep in my stomach, and as I heard the crack of him disapparating, suddenly the chocolate croissant in my mouth didn’t taste so good anymore.


“Thank you,” I said to the nurse as she brought me to Cami’s new room.

She nodded and smiled sadly at me as I slowly walked into the white box. Cami’s bed was at the end near the window. I walked over and felt tears well up as I saw her prone form in the cot. Rushing towards the chair next to her, I dropped down and grabbed her hand.

“Oh, Cami. I wish you’d wake up,” I said, squeezing your hand. “I’ve done something really bad. You’d kill me if you found out.” I sighed and felt tears run down my cheeks. “Cami, I think I’ve fallen for Sirius Black.”


(Cami’s POV)

The tree was set up, lights dancing along the walls as Mum turned off the large chandelier. The presents for the next day – Christmas Day – were already under the tree. Mum and Dad never bothered to tell us about Santa Claus – something I had found out about when my muggle best friend Anna told me this mysterious man broke into her house every year – which I was grateful for.

My parents tried to be as honest to my sister and me as they could be. Mum smiled as she lit a candle and put it on the baby grand piano, sitting down in the process. She put her delicate fingers on the keys and began to play a familiar melody. I walked over to the couch where Dad rested, climbing up and cuddling against him. ‘Dria was in her ‘cage’ as I called it, gurgling and saying gibberish.

The ‘cage’ was really just a playpen, but the first five minutes ‘Dria spent in there she screamed bloody murder.

Yes, ‘Dria was a difficult child. Mum always complained to Dad about how she was going off her rocker with ‘Dria. Dad always complained about how Mum never got up in the middle of the night to help change ‘Dria or put her back to sleep. I always complained silently about how they always seemed to fight instead of dealing with the real problems at hand.

Namely my speech impediment that prevented me from saying Alexandra or even ‘Dra. Or, you know, the fact that I’ve been doing small magic for a year now and they haven’t noticed. But as Mum began to sing, I left all my family problems behind as her calm, clear voice filled the air.

“Il est né le divin Enfant,
Jouez, hautbois, résonnez, musettes;
Il est né le divin Enfant;
Chantons tous son avènement! …”


I’d never been able to stay awake during Mum’s rendition of Le Divin Enfant, and the previous night was no different. Waking up to ‘Dria’s cries, I groaned and turned over in my bed. Mum and Dad were arguing about who was going to go quiet her down. I rolled my eyes and got out of bed, going to the next room over. ‘Dria’s room was dark but I could hear her cries from her crib.

Flipping the light switch, I saw her standing up in her crib, green eyes filled with tears. Mum always said she was a little mini me. She looked exactly like I did when I was younger. There was even two photos of us on the mantle – me from a few years ago – and whenever people came over they assumed it was ‘Dria. Anyways, I walked over to her and lifted her out of her crib. Her whining stopped and she looked at me curiously.

Gross she had snot on her chin. I walked over to the bathroom with her in my arms and placed her on her potty. Grabbing a face cloth and dampening it, I wiped the snot and tears away from her face. She gurgled and a snot bubble burst from her nose. I wrinkled my own and wiped it off quickly. Babies were gross. I put the face cloth in the laundry basket in the hall and went back to ‘Dria who was now preoccupied with the toilet lid.

Of course. I picked her up, and after making sure her diaper was clean – which it was – I brought her back to her room. Mum and Dad were still arguing as I put her back in her crib, but her whines kept me from going back to my own room. As soon as I took a step away from her, her bottom lip would start to tremble and little whines escaped her pudgy little baby lips.

Finally, I picked her up and brought her back to my room. Setting her down on the side of my bed I never used, I walked around and sat down opposite her. Laying her down and tucking her in, I kissed her forehead and lay down myself. Though I had turned off all the lights, I could still see her little baby face glowing, eyes wide open. I reached over and slowly covered her eyes with my hand and she giggled.

I smiled but kept my hand there as I heard her breathing slow down. Within two minutes she was asleep, but as I tried to pull my hand back, I felt small fingers hold on tighter. Her small little baby hand had grabbed hold of my pinkie finger and she wasn’t letting go. As Mum and Dad continued to argue about who knows what, I stared at my baby sister, her pudgy baby face calm and serene, untroubled by our parental situation.

Her brown curly baby hair framed her face and I saw a small smattering of freckles on her nose. Yeah, she was going to grow up to look just like me. But as I heard a smash from our parents’ room, I winced and shuffled closer, wrapping Alexandra in my arms. She might grow up to look exactly like me, but I sincerely hoped she would never grow up exactly like I had.


I woke up to see ‘Dria in the chair beside me, her hand grasped around my own. She was curled up so her head rested upon her knees and she seemed to be asleep. I squeezed her hand but she didn’t respond. Yup, she’s asleep.

“’Dria,” I whispered. “’Dria.”

She mumbled something incomprehensible and moved a little. I frowned. Waking Alexandra up is not very easy for me.


“Huh? Wha… Am I… Did I… Where am I?” She said, snorting and sitting up straight, letting go of my hand in the process.

“’Dria, you’re in St. Mungo’s. You’re here to visit me…” My voice broke on that last word. “You’re here to visit me because I hurt myself… Again.”

Her eyes were red and I felt tears well up in my own as she locked gazes with me. No matter how many times she would ask me not to hurt myself… in that way… I would never feel guiltier about it than I had the first time she looked at me, the first time I woke up in a hospital. And the same look she gave me then was the same look she was giving me now. My heart broke. ‘Dria nodded and smoothed out her trousers.

“That I am,” she said coolly. “Cami, would ever be disgusted by me?”

I was taken aback by her question. “Not unless you’ve joined You-Know-Who.”

She looked at the ground and fiddled with her hands. “What if I slept with someone?”


“And what if that someone may have been–”

“You hooked up with Sirius Black?” I squealed excitedly.

But while I felt that this event was worth celebration, ‘Dria looked like she was going to be sick. I got why, of course. ‘Dria was always the straight edged of the two of us. And while I supposed I should be mad that my 16 year old sister was hooking up with a man-whore, I couldn’t have been prouder.

Well, I could have been if, I don’t know, she followed in my footsteps and joined a few more clubs at school that didn’t involve quidditch.

But that didn’t matter! My baby sister was no longer a baby! Okay, okay, I realize this makes me seem like a bad sister, but I’m not. I swear. I just have a few questionable priorities. And while I wished ‘Dria could get at least 6 N.E.W.T.s next year, this was better than nothing. But, as the more responsible child, ‘Dria looked mortified.

“Yeah, but that’s not the worst. Cami, when he left, I felt… I don’t know but it didn’t feel good. It felt… really bad. Like, I wanted him to stay.”

My face fell. “Do you fancy him, ‘Dria?” Her face was ashen and I took that as a yes. “Do you think he fancies you back?”

“Cami, this is what he does. He shags a girl and leaves, never to return again. I’ll be lucky if he even tries to talk to me again, but even then, do I really want him to?”

“Yeah, can’t help you there ‘Dria.”

“Cam… Cami… What did I do?”

“You had fun,” I said sharply. “I realize that you think this is really bad, but if the people who will judge you for it don’t know, is it really going to be that bad?”

She gave me a look. “Cami, I know what I did.”

“Yeah, but let me tell you now, don’t you regret it. I get that most girls and some guys would regret it, but I never regretted my first time – this is your first time, right? – and I hope you don’t regret it. Your first time may seem really important, but if you really think about it, it doesn’t have to be. Just try and forget about it.”

“But Cam, what if I really fancy him?”

I rolled my eyes. “Then don’t forget about it!”

“But it’s Sirius Black! The resident playboy of Hogwarts. He’s a slag!”

“You know what, ‘Dria? I don’t care. Forget about it, don’t forget about it. Just don’t bother me while I’m on my death bed.”

Her nostrils flared and her eyes hardened. “Only because you tried to kill yourself, you bint.”

I blinked. ‘Dria was never this harsh to me. I knew she resented me a little, and that cut deep, but she was never mean to my face.

“’Dria, what’s wrong?” I asked, grabbing her hand.

She pulled her hand away and glared at me. “You were the only one who tried to stay with me. Mum left, Dad was an arse and eventually took a gun to his head, Auntie and the cousins were never really family. You were the only one I had left. And then you tried to leave me.” She got up and walked over to the ward door. “And then when I had you back, you tried to leave again. And I can’t deal with this shit. Charlie was becoming distant earlier this year, I just had the guy I shagged leave me. If you try to leave me one more time, I’ll snap.”

We were quiet for a moment before I spoke up.

“I’m sorry.”

No. You don’t get to say you’re sorry.”

I fiddled with my fingers, unsure of what to say. “I don’t know what I’m doing when I do that…” She looked at me curiously. “I don’t know what I’m doing when I do it. It just happens.”

She looked at me, her eyes hard, and walked out.


(Lexi’s POV)

She didn’t know what she was doing? Bullshit! Merlin, I hated talking to my sister. Stomping down the St. Mungo’s stairs, I stormed across the waiting room only to crash into someone. I almost fell over but their hands shot out and wrapped around my waist and right wrist. Looking up, I saw familiar grey eyes. I tensed up and so did he.

“Fancy meeting you here,” Sirius Black said in his silky voice.

“Yeah, fancy that,” I said awkwardly.

He didn’t move away from me and I stayed right there in his arms. It felt good, but the awkwardness between us was not ignored. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Potter staring at us over the top of the magazine he was reading. Not very subtle. Two people, who seemed to be Potter’s parents, were sitting to his right, also trying to be subtle in their staring, also failing at it miserably.

“Visiting your sister, Ace?”

I nodded slowly, not taking my eyes off of him. The hand he had on my wrist burned, the arm around my waist seared. As an honest to goodness witch, I was being burned at the stake. The stake in question? Sirius Black. I couldn’t get away, although that may have been from lack of trying.

“Look, Ace. I think we need to talk.”

I felt my cheeks burn and my stomach turn. “Talk? We can talk! Talking is fun. Well, let’s start with this. My name is Alexandra James, although I’d rather you call me Lexi, although you never seem to, you call me Ace a lot. There’s a big fuck you coming your way for that, by the way." I began to breathe faster, my voice rising. "My birthday is in April, so I’m still 16, although judging by my immaturity in some situations, my friends think I’m six.  

"My hair is really thick and I hate it sometimes, but I like the colour, so that’s okay, I guess. My eyes are green, just like my sister. Actually, I look a lot like my sister. Have you noticed? I’m in Ravenclaw and I’m on the quidditch team as a beater. I’m scared of spiders, heights and death. I have commitment and abandonment issues, although I selfq-diagnosed myself with that, so I’m not too sure how true that is."

The volume of my voice was creeping up ever so sightly and I saw Potter's parents stand up but Potter grabbed his mum's arm and pulled her back.

"At restaurants I always arrange the sugar packets or the milk thingys when I get nervous or bored. I used to hate the colour green, but I don’t now. I try and arrange my candy by colour and eat it accordingly. I love smarties but I hate M&M’s. I’ve never had an animal, but I’ve always wanted a dog or a cat or a ferret. I love to read science-fiction novels, particularly apocalyptic-slash-post-apocalyptic books.

"I also love romance novels, but not those creepy romance novels as in all about people shagging, but more like they end up together in the end. I have a guilty pleasure for muggle television shows, but I haven’t been able to watch them for a little while. I love chocolate, but not pure chocolate, it has to have something in it, like nuts or caramel, but no dark chocolate. I hate dark chocolate."

I was now sure about half of the waiting room could hear me, but I honestly didn't care.

"I don’t know what I want to do after Hogwarts, but I’m thinking of going pro with quidditch. I hate skirts, so the Hogwarts uniform sucks, but I always wear shorts underneath. I’ve always hated the quidditch banquet at the end of the year because I’ve always had to wear a dress – I hate those too by the way, but maybe not so much now – although the food is pretty good.

" I hate running but I also love it, which I don’t understand. I love painting my nails, but they always chip. I love pizza for breakfast and waffles for dinner.” I stopped and took a breather. “I talked. Now I’m going to go home, because I don’t think I can deal with you right now.”

Yanking myself out of his grasp, I wrapped my own arms around me, a little embarrassed as I realized I was wearing his jumper. Taking a few steps backwards, I kept my eyes on him and then I walked past, heading for the door. Awkwardness be damned, that was just plain weird.


(Sirius’s POV)

“Prongs, do you know what Smarties are?” I asked my best mate as I waited on the Healer’s bed-table thing.

He glanced up at me from his copy of Quidditch Weekly. “No, what? Smarties? Funny word. Never heard of them, not even today. Where’d you hear about those? Also, what was that scene about?”

“Lex said something about loving Smarties but hating M&M’s. I was curious," I said ignoring his last comment.

“You can always ask Lily.”

He didn't press the issue, which I was glad about.

I snorted. “How I am supposed to ask Lily anything if you always ask her out? She hates it when you do so and it makes her angry. And an angry Lily means a shutdown Lily.”

James sighed. “How about I don’t ask her out. I’ve gotten quite good at it, actually.”

“I realize. How long’s it been?”

“Three weeks.”

I whistled. “Great job, Prongs. Okay, so how will I get in touch with her? I’d rather not wait for school.”

“Wow,” he said, rolling his eyes. “It’s only a few days, Padfoot. You’ll survive.”

“Proooooooongs!” I whined. “I know you’re corresponding with her. Just ask about it in your next letter.”

He rolled his eyes but conceded. I reached over and hugged him but he sprang apart as the door opened and the Healer walked in. Once I got to James’s house, his parents had demanded to know the whole story, and once I told them they had immediately made an appointment with their family Healer at St. Mungo’s.

As the Healer asked me questions about the event and waved his wand and did some sort of hocus-pocus, I could see James staring at me from above Quidditch Weekly. He was suspicious about something. Probably about me wanting to get in touch with Lily, but I knew that he knew I wasn’t hitting on Lily.

At least, I hoped he knew that. But I knew as soon as the Healer left he would say something. And low and behold, as soon as the Healer walked out the door, he threw Quidditch Weekly across the room and bounced over to me.

“What are you planning, Padfoot?”

I smirked. “Nothing that you need to occupy yourself with, mate.”

“You like her,” he gasped after a single moment of silence. “You really like her.”

I laughed. “No I don’t Prongs.”

“Yes, you do, you numpty!”

“No. I. Don’t,” I said through clenched teeth.

He giggled like a school girl. “Yes you do. You fancy her. Fancy the pants off her!”

Then, slapping me in the face, he cackled and ran out of the room. I swore and ran after him.


(Lexi’s POV)

We had been back at Hogwarts for three weeks. I had been avoiding Sirius for three weeks. Charlie had been oblivious to my avoidance of Sirius for three weeks. Carter had been freaking out for three weeks because Amelia had gotten a concussion while playing football with the muggle side of her family.

Apparently her cousin Matthew has one hell of a kick.

But tryouts for the reserve position were being held that coming weekend – a Hogsmeade weekend incidentally – and Carter hadn’t been able to stop talking about it. Of course, I think that might’ve been a factor in Charlie not noticing I was avoiding a certain Gryffindor, considering Carter wouldn’t shut up about Amelia’s ‘incident’ since the first day back. Of course, I was getting a little peeved at him because he kept stealing Charlie away from me to ‘work out his frustration.’

All that meant was using Charlie’s lips as a distraction. But I don’t think she cared. I cared. I hadn’t been able to have any complete girl time since getting back and I really needed that.

So as we walked into Potions class, I huffed angrily as Carter grabbed Charlie’s hand and dragged her over to a table. Charlie looked back at me with a sorry look on her face but I ignored it and dropped down in my normal seat. Taking out a piece of parchment, I began scribbling very descriptive ways of dealing with Carter’s strange attachment to my best friend.

Namely disposing of Carter. Although, Charlie might not be okay with that. Just as I was about to sketch another assassination attempt, someone dropped down beside me. I ignored them and continued to draw.

“You know, for a best friend, you’re really trying to kill off her boyfriend.”

I tensed as Sirius Black’s silky smooth voice made its way to my ears. Merlin, I thought you were on my side. Blasted dead wizard.

“Yeah, well I miss Charlie, so I can do what I want to the fictional Carter,” I said sharply. “Now go away.”

“No can do. No other seat.”

I turned and glared at him. “What the fuck do you want, Sirius?”

“You called me Sirius,” he said, smirking.

“What the fuck do you want, Black.”

Annoyingly, his smirk didn’t fall. “I got a question for you, Ace.”

“Fuck you.”

“Ooh, harsh. Anyways, want to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?”

“I have tryouts,” I said coldly. “And even if I didn’t, I’d still say no.”

He smirked. “Oh come on, Ace.”

“N. O.”

“Come on. I feel like a prick for… well what I did, without taking you out on a proper date. Just let me clear my conscious.”

I spun around so fast my neck cracked. “Wow. Way to sweep me off my feet Prince Not-So-Charming. I’m just part of some sort of conscious-clearing plan?” I laughed harshly. “Like I said already: fuck you.”

He rolled his eyes. “Please. I feel like you deserve better than what I’ve already given you. Just go out with me. Two hours of your time on Sunday. I promise that afterwards, I’ll try and stay out of your life as much as possible.”

“And if I still say no?”

He smirked. “Well then, I’ll become even more insistent than James with Lily.” With that he leaned closer and slowly dragged his finger down my arm, his lips inches from my face. “But unlike James,” he leaned closer and kissed my cheek, “I’m a lot more subtle.”

I felt my cheeks flush and as he looked back to the front where Professor Slughorn was talking about something or other, I stared around the room and was surprised that absolutely no one had noticed what Sirius had been doing. As I looked down at my parchment, I saw scratching at the edge.

Looking closer, I saw the words ‘Go out with me’ in sprawling handwriting. I frowned and scribbled it out. As I tried to listen to (well, tune out) Slughorn, I began to just scribble on my parchment again, but my hand stilled as I saw Sirius pass something to me. I looked at the parchment suspiciously for a few seconds before opening it.

Please go out with me. I swear it’ll be fun!

I pursed my lips and threw the parchment back at him. Turning back to my own scribbled on parchment, I froze in surprise as I saw the words ‘Go out with me,’ ‘Please,’ ‘It’ll be fun’ and ‘I’ll even pay!’ I growled and shoved the parchment aside.

Listening to Slughorn even more intently than before (meaning I was ignoring him and trying to figure out how exactly he managed to get those robes on – the buttons seemed to stay on only by some charm. But just as I was really getting into the listening part, (meaning I was just about to doze off) I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I glared at Sirius who had his finger inches from my arm.

Fine,” I hissed. “I’ll go out with you, once. Now let me go about this class in peace.”

Sirius smirked and held up a quill. “I was just going to say you dropped this, but okay.”

I growled and turned back to the lesson, annoyed with the idiot behind me. It’s only two hours, I thought to myself. Two hours and then you can hex him into oblivion!


Author’s Note: Yay! Stuff happened! Sorry about the ever-changing POV’s by the way, but it was the way I needed it to be. And yay! Dates! Things! Explanations! Read, review, favorite, follow, do what you have to do, but please, please, please review. Thanks to my Beta (you know who you are *winky face*) and all those who reviewed that last chapter! You make this story keep going! If I’m correct, there will be a party POV, and this one will be from James’s POV, which may explain a few things about the Jily part of the story. So yay! Maraudertimes out!
P.S. The song is a French Christmas carol that my own mum used to sing to me, so as for where I got it, my own memory. It roughly translates to:

He is born, the divine child
Play hautbois (its a type of flute), ring musettes (a type of trumpet)
He is born, the divine child,
Let's all sing out happiness.

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