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Unfaithful by alicia and anne
Chapter 1 : Unfaithful
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I glanced up as I pinned my brown curls back into a bun, catching his reflection in the mirror that was situated atop the dressing table that I was seated in front of.

“Where are you going?” Draco asked me. I looked back at my own reflection, turning my head to make sure that my hair was perfect; I wouldn’t have any less than perfect for him.

“Ginny and Luna have invited me out for a few drinks,” I told him. I didn’t need to look back at him to know that a sad look had crossed his face.

“Again?” He asked and I could hear that edge to his voice, he didn’t’ believe me. He never did.

Why should he believe me when almost every word I said to him anymore was a lie?

“Yes, I’ve told them that I’ll meet them,” I stated, running a finger over the edge of my lips, catching any lipstick that had run over onto my skin.

I stood up and took a few steps away from where I had been sat, running a hand over my silky red dress. It was his favourite dress; after all he had been the one who had brought it for me, whispering in my ear how much he looked forward to seeing me wear it and I couldn’t wait to see his reaction tonight when he finally saw me wearing it.

“Hermione, I thought that we could spend the night together, just us.” He told me nervously. I looked up and saw that his hands were pulling at his tie and loosening it, before his hands moved to his blonde hair, he pushed it away from his face.

“I’ll be back later,” I told him, looking away from him before I could feel the guilt beginning to rise in me. I grabbed for my handbag from the end of the bed that we barely shared as husband and wife, trying not to notice the tone in Draco’s voice. I could feel his eyes on me as I slipped my feet into heels, my stomach beginning to knot uncomfortably. Normally he wouldn’t be here when I left to go out, normally he would be at work and I would leave him a note. He would pretend to be asleep when I came back from wherever I had told him I had gone, not once did he question where exactly I had been. He knew where I had been all those times and yet he didn’t stop me.

I was beginning to grow tired of this charade that we played, sometimes I was upset that Draco had accepted all of my lies so willingly and had sat back whilst I went out night after night. It was like he understood why I was doing this.

Draco was never home, he was working all the hours under the sun just so he could try and clear his name, especially after everything he had gone through back during the war. His marriage to me hadn’t been enough to clear his name, at times it had worsened his situation, as rumours soon spread that I had married him whilst under a Love Potion. I was called in many a time for questioning over my real feelings towards him and each time I had declared my love for my husband, but after a while it had all begun to take its toll on both of us. He tried his hardest to do anything he could to look good to outsiders, throwing money at charities that were set up to help survivors of the war, setting up foundations in remembrance of the people that had died and even starting a programme that underprivileged children could turn to when they needed help with the costs of their school supplies.

Draco had done so much good, he didn’t deserve this at all and yet I still strayed. I was still willing to break his heart all for someone else.

He deserved better, I knew that.

I bypassed him as I edged out of the room, heading towards the door as I called a goodbye over my shoulders, grabbing for my coat from the side and shrugging it on as I darted out of the flat and letting the door slam shut behind me. I didn’t want him to cause a scene by trying to kiss me goodbye, I didn’t want the guilt to rear its ugly head again when I had worked so hard to push those feelings as far down as I could.

I walked down the stairs that would lead me to the front door of the block of flats that we lived in and made my way outside, taking a deep breath as soon as I made it outside. I looked around me and turned to the right, making my way to a safe place so that I could apparate without being seen.

I pulled my wand out of my purse and turned on the spot as soon as I was able to, within moments I was standing in an alleyway besides a tall building. I placed my wand back into my bag and walked hurriedly out of the alley, making my way towards a restaurant that was further up the road.

I knew that I should have treated Draco differently, knew that I was breaking his heart every time I left the house that we shared, because he knew where I was going.

But he never left me and for that he was a fool. I didn’t deserve him, or his love. He tried fighting for me but I was already gone, nothing more than a whisper across his lips.

He wasn’t what I wanted, he wasn’t what I needed. It wasn’t his fault, it never was his fault, he tried so hard to save us but I didn’t want to be saved.

I wanted to fall for someone else, and I fell so hard, so completely it took over every fibre of my being, coursing through my veins until only his name beat through my heart.

I wanted the one who plagued my dreams night after night. The one who quickened my pulse every time I saw him, the one who filled me with such warmth I never thought possible.

I lived for it, I burned for it. I burned for him.

I didn’t care who I hurt in the process. I just wanted to fulfil my desire, wanted that feeling to engulf me whenever I met up with him.

I smiled as I spotted him standing outside the restaurant; he was pacing back and forth, only stopping once he had seen me. I walked quicker in my hurry to get to him as my heart beat faster, he gave me a grin as we neared each other, there was no time for a greeting before he pulled me roughly towards him, his kisses demanding, possessive. I brought my hands up his arms and towards his red hair, before running my fingers through his soft hair as I lost myself in the moment, relishing the feel of his lips against mine.

He was never as loving as Draco was, with his gentle kisses and light touches which were full of deeper meaning. Full of such love that when he held you in his arms you felt save, you felt protected.

But I didn’t want to be protected, I wanted to feel alive.

Ronald Weasley made me feel more alive than I thought possible.

A/N: Unfaithful is by Rhianna, it was the inspiration for this story and is the chapter title.

Credit for the story title goes to The Misfit / apondinabluebox :P

So what did you all think? Let me know :P

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