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Blame it on the Pregnancy Hormones by limwen
Chapter 5 : Waffles with pickles
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I haven’t talked to Albus in over 24 hours.

I think I’m suffering from withdrawal.

I think it’s around 8pm, but I’m too lazy to roll over and look at the alarm clock.

I’ve thought about sending an owl, just to make sure Albus is okay.

But then I remember that I’m still kind of mad at him. So I don’t.

*Knock Knock*

I muster all the strength I have to roll over and see a white owl continuously knocking into my window with a largish package. My curiosity outweighs my laziness, so I hop out of bed and I let the owl in.

The owl flies a lap around my room and drops the package on my bed and then flies out the window. I close my window and walk over to my bed to see MAIDENS BRIDAL GOWNS scribbled on the front. I had completely forgotten about my dress, my gorgeous lacey wedding dress.  The dress that I could have never afforded in my wildest dreams but my mother insisted she buy it for me, because “it made me look like the princess she knew I was. “

I quickly rip the packaging off and pull the dress out. It’s just as gorgeous as I remember. And before I know it I’m crying, not sobbing like I was last night at the Potters, but tears were streaming down my face uncontrollably. I sat down on my bed, the dress still in my hands, and I just cried.

I cried because my mother was supposed to stay by my side no matter what. She freakin bought me an insanely expensive wedding dress even though she did not 100% approve of the groom, but god forbid I have sex with my fiancé and get pregnant.

Ugh. I have an insane craving for waffles and pickles.


I just want everything to go back to the way it was.

But at the same time I don’t.

I hate that my parents aren’t happy with me, It drives me insane that they don’t think I’m their perfect little girl. Because I love my parents and I want them to be happy with me. But I would never give up Albus, or our baby. I mean our baby is probably going to be an extremely attractive kid when he/she is older. My curly hair with Albus’ dark hair color, green eyes, extremely tall, this kid is going to so stinkin cute.

Like the kind of kid you see on the street and you think “Whoa, that’s a really cute kid. I’d totally kidnap that kid if it wasn’t illegal.”

I was drawn out of my thoughts by a knock on the door. I choice to ignore it, because I’m 100% sure I look like crap. And not the kind of crap where I think I look like crap but really I look like a sex goddess, this is the kind of crap where I look like I crawled out of sewer and got into a fight with a polar bear that had an umbrella and a blow dryer. And let me tell you, the polar bear won.

“Bells?” I look up and see Albus, he looked like crap. The sex god kind of crap though, not the crawling out of the sewer and getting into a fight with a polar that has an umbrella and a blow dryer crap.

“Hi,” I said. I wasn’t really sure what I should say. Because I wasn’t really mad at him anymore to be honest, I think it’s because I realized how attractive our kid is going to be. It’s hard to stay mad at someone when you know your kid is going to be fabulous.

Albus is just kind of standing in the door way to my room, just hanging out. And that’s when I realize that my wedding dress is on my bed, and there is no way he is going to see the dress before the wedding day. 

“GET OUT!” I jump up and push him out of my room into the hallway and close my door behind us.

Albus’ face is priceless; I wouldn’t be surprised if he wet his pants. So I start laughing, because it’s all rather hilarious.

“What the hell was that about?!” Albus softly grabs my shoulder and looks at me like I’m insane. So I quickly regain my composure and explain to him that my wedding dress was on my bed. He gives me another look like I’m some crazy psycho who contemplates kidnapping cute children…

Okay that last part might be true…

But I didn’t have time to ponder on that because before I knew it he had me pinned against the wall and his lips were attacking mine, and it’s not like I had the will to resist. Like I said before, I was suffering from withdrawal.   

But then I remembered why I was mad at him.

“Why did you get drunk last night?” I had pulled away from him a little and he let out a groan. And no, not a sexual “I want to do nasty things to you” kind of groan, it was more like the kind of groan someone would do when they find out they have double potions with Slughorn.

“There’s some stuff that happened when I was at Hogwarts that I’ve never really told you about,” he said as he moved a piece of my hair away from my face. He looked so sad, his eyebrows were pulled together and he was frowning.  He looked thoughtful, like he was thinking about a memory.

“You’re not going to tell me,” It wasn’t a question because I could see in his eyes that he wasn’t ready to talk about whatever it was. And I couldn’t see how anything that happened at Hogwarts relates to him getting drunk last night, but I guess somehow it does and I’ll just need to drop it.

“I want to tell you, It’s just at the same time I don’t,” He licked his lips, something that I noticed he does when he’s nervous. “I just want to marry you, have a family with you. Be with you. I’m just worried that this thing that’s in my past will make you reconsider being with me, and I wouldn’t be able to live a life without you,” He spoke with so much conviction, he’s convinced that whatever it is that he did in his past will make me not love him.

“Albus, there isn’t anything that you could have done all those years ago that could possibly make me reconsider spending the rest of my life with you. You should know that you could tell me anything, but you don’t have to. There’s stuff that I did when I was at Hogwarts that you don’t know about,” I couldn’t help but think about my past relationship with James. I was always worried that if Albus found out he wouldn’t be too thrilled. I remember when he found out I had lost my virginity to his older brother; James was sporting a lovely black eye after that.

“You’re absolutely amazing, do you know that?”  Albus started trailing kisses down my neck and I think he thought he was off the hook, but he most certainly wasn’t. But I’ll drop it for now.


“You have to tell me,” I told James as we made our way through Hogsmead. After not getting Albus to tell me why he got drunk last night I decided to owl James, inviting him for lunch at The Three Broomsticks so I could grill him for answers.

“I actually don’t have to tell you anything Isabella,” James said with that stupid grin on his face that used to make me swoon, but all it does now is make me want to whack him with a baseball bat.

“But I need to know!” I exclaimed, waving my arms around in an attempt to make him understand how important it is that I know.

“I agree,” That caught me off guard; I thought he was content in letting me create all these horrible possibilities in my head as to why Al got drunk that night.

“Then why won’t you tell me?” I had stopped walking at this point and was starring at James with a slight pout on my face.

“Because he needs to be the one to tell you,” I rolled my eyes. Potter boys are stupid loyal prats.

“Fine, let’s go get lunch I’m craving some pickles,” I said starting to walk towards The Three Broom Sticks.

“Pickles? But you don’t like pickles,” James said coming up behind me with a bewildered expression on his face.

“I don’t like pickles, but this pregnancy is making me crave the oddest things,” I told him about my craving for waffles with pickles last night, he shuddered at the thought. I couldn’t blame him, pickles are gross.

“I went on a date last Saturday and the girl ordered salt in her coffee! It was crazy, she must have like a salt addiction because it was unhealthy the amount of salt she put on her steak!” James exclaimed as we entered The Three Broomsticks.

“Ew. Ew. Ew. That is nasty. I hope that was the first and last date.” I chuckled as I said it, that girl sounds bonkers.

“Of course, I’m not the desperate!” James said with a grin, “I’m gonna go get us some drinks, will you find us a table?” I nodded and watched as James tried to make his way through the crowd to the bar.  

As I searched for a table my mind started to wander to Albus, I wanted to spend the day with him trying to seduce his past out of him, but he sadly had to work, so I’ll just seduce it out of him later. I could probably very easily seduce it out of James, he was never one to be able to keep it in his pants for very long, but I don’t think I’d be able to even try without laughing. And even the thought leaves me kind of grossed out a little, James is certainly more of a brother now compared to how it was back at Hogwarts.

“whatcha thinking about?” I looked up from a seat I hadn’t realized I sat in to see James staring at me with an odd expression.

“Albus,” I answer without hesitation, we don’t really talk about our romantic history since I’ve gotten with Albus. James and I were never really in love, but it was still special, and I feel like talking about it would ruin that.

James nodded his head and took a seat across from mine.

“Have you talked to your parents yet?” James asked after taking a sip of his butter beer.

“No, I plan on sending them an owl later to see if we could meet for tea or something.” I sigh and slid down in my chair a little.

“I’m sure they will come around, it was probably just the shock of it all,” James said with a small reassuring smile.

“You’re right, I’ll send them an owl as soon as I get home,” I said with a determined look in my eyes.

“Or you could walk over there and talk to them now,” James was looking slightly behind me, but I wasn’t focused on that because it was an absorbed thought, me walking to the posh side of London? From Hogsmead?

“You’re insane, I’m not walking back to London from here,” I said waving my arms a little. James rolled his eyes like I was the insane one; he’s the one who said I should walk to London!

“That’s not what I meant! Turn around you numnut, your parents are sitting at a table to your right,” So I turned to my right and I saw my parents eating food, but it wasn’t just them, they were with someone else who I couldn’t really see.  So I did the only thing a sane person could do, I ducked under the table. And when James started to protest at my display of immaturity I dragged his ass under the table with me.

“You should go talk to them, not be hiding under a table!” James tried to convince me, but I’m not a Gryfindor, I’m a Slytherin. Therefore I’m not brave, I’m cunning. So I’m going to cunningly avoid my parents.

“No, I’m not going to do that. There are too many people around and I know for a fact if I talk to my parents I’m gonna start crying, and I hate crying in front of people. So no, I won’t go talk to them,” So I started crawling towards the door away from my parents. I heard James mumble something under his breath but then started crawling after me. As I approached the door I quickly stood up and made my exit, some guy was giving me a weird look, so I flipped him the bird and left slamming the door very dramatically.

After a second or two the door opened and James came out, I kind of forgot about him… awkward..

“You slammed the bloody door in my face!” James yelled a little, but I feel like it’s justified because I did indeed slam a door in his face.

“I’m sorry; do you wanna go buy me a pickle?” I was oddly enough still craving pickles.

“No, because you don’t like pickles,” James waved his arms around very dramatically, “But you can buy me some chocolate,” If he thinks I’m buying him anything then he has another thing coming.

“That’s insane, I’m just gonna go to the Daily Prophet and see if Al will buy me some pickles if you won’t,” And I didn’t even wait for him to answer me, I apparate to the Daily Prophet without another thought.



I apparated directly into Albus’ office because I didn’t feel like dealing with all craziness that is the Daily Prophet, I spun around once looking for him but surprisingly he wasn’t here. This confused me immensely because it was about 2 o’clock so he couldn’t be on lunch, and he isn’t working on anything that would require him to leave his office. Unless he was in a meeting, that might be it.

So I opened his office door and walked down the hall a little bit and asked the secretary if he was in a meeting and she told me he didn’t come into work today.

“That’s impossible, of course he came into work today,” I told her, but she just rolled her eyes.

“Sweetie, I see everyone that comes through here, and I haven’t seen Mr. Potter all day,” So either this lady is lying to me or Albus is lying to me…

Either way someone is lying to me and I don’t like being lied to.






Hey people! It has been an extremly long time since I have updated, I apologize for that!!!! Please don't throw dirty socks at me or anything! I had extrem writers block, and I was just like "BLAH, writing is super hard. I'm just gonna be really lazy and not write anything for a super long time," BUT I AM BACK! With inspiration over load, so prepare for maybe kind of more consistint updates... maybe.... We'll see... BUT ANYWAY TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS NEW CHAPTER. There was a nice chunk of Albus/Isabella, but there couldn't be a lot because he had to be somewhere else. Where do you guys think he is because he obvisouly isn't at work. And I hope you all love James as much as I do, I want James to be my best friend. And I want to marry Albus. And I know I didn't do a good job describing her wedding dress, BUT just picture a super pretty lacey wedding dress and BAM thats it. Lots of Albus in the next chapter because we find out where he was and what he was doing!!! I'm super excited. And lots of cute baby stuff in the next chapter too.

Tell me your favorite part!!

I love you all,


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Blame it on the Pregnancy Hormones: Waffles with pickles


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