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Notion. by awishuponastar
Chapter 27 : Hold On, We're Going Home
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Bloody hell sixth year was hard. I mean really, really, really hard. Which naturally meant more time was needed to be spent in the library, and Merlin’s beard I despised the library; Lily of course was in her sodding element (she finally looked like she had friends when Annie and I came and sat with her).


However this particular night I found myself quite alone in the library without my two best friends eagerly scribbling any old rubbish in order to finish this essay. I sighed heavily as I pushed my blonde messy hair out of my eyes; why on earth had a left it this late? I mean I know I liked cutting it close, but half 8 on a Thursday night, the day before the essay is due in is unheard of even for me! It was something I would expect to witness from the four Gryffindor boys, hell I had in the past heard them practically gloat about it; well at the very least Black and Potter had; Lupin was very much like Lily – anal and neurotic about homework. What made it worse was that those two idiots (Black and Potter – Pettigrew was barely scraping a pass in his classes; proving once more how much of an utter moron he really was) always got exceptional grades, despite their lack of effort in anything academic.


I snorted slightly at my own thought; it wasn’t exactly like I had to work my arse off for excellent marks, it was just I at the very least was not cocky and arrogant about the whole affair – particularly when our essays were handed back out; Black and Potter would practically shove their marks under everyone’s nose and boast about how they’d only done it ‘three hours before it was due in’ and always with those identical smug smirks that seemed to be permanently plastered on their pretty-boy faces.

Ew. Did those words actually just come from me? Potter and Black thought they had pretty-boy faces, I on the other hand certainly didn’t think that; they were not attractive, or as hilarious as they themselves believed. In fact their only redeeming quality was their attitude towards the Slytherins and other bullies, though even then they would have done well to look in the mirror from time to time and consider their own behaviour.


It was as I was deep in my thoughts (about those four idiots – I really needed to sort my life out), that a heavy set of notes and a large book was dropped heavily onto the desk that I was currently occupying. I practically jumped ten feet in the air; I was the nervous sort who screamed when someone walked up behind me without an announcement of their presence – I’m aware how much of a mess my life really was.


I looked up to see who this intruder was, hoping that it wasn’t a Slytherin here to taunt me, or worse, hex me to within an inch of my life as they had been threatening to do this past week every time I passed one of their mangy lot in the corridors. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Yes, admittedly Black was certainly not as bad as the Slytherins, or my mother, or McGonagall, but I mean; it was still Black; the loathsome idiot who I couldn’t help but look at suspiciously as Cygnus’ words rang through my head.


‘Cutting it as close as ever I see Black,’ I whispered choosing to at least be civil to the boy who had saved me on an embarrassingly large number of occasions this past year.


‘It’s how I get those top grades Stebbins,’ he replied offering his trademark smirk to me as he sat himself down next to me and took out a quill and opened his book.


Bloody hell, why on earth was he sitting so bloody close to me? There was a whole desk, nay a whole sodding library to sit in and study, plus his common room, plus his flavour of the month’s common room (I heard at present it was Jessica Fletchley, but the boy hopped from one bed to another so fast it was hard to keep track even for his most adoring woo girls), plus any girl’s bed whom I’m sure would be eager to help him; though given their stereotypical low IQ I’m quite sure they were often of very little help to him. But no, this idiot had to be practically sitting on my lap, mucking up my organised mess of notes on the large desk I had specifically chosen to be able to spread out on. He was an absolute moron.


I scooted my chair over to my left, in order to move further away from him. The chair scrapped along the stone floor in an embarrassingly loud, ‘look at me I’m moving away from you’, obvious manner, causing Black to look up from his work and raise an eyebrow at my actions.


‘Problem Stebbins?’


That sodding loathsome smirk appeared on his features once more.


‘No Black, I simply did not want to sit that close to you; I have a reputation to uphold.’ I replied snottily.


I should have been acting far more harshly and rudely to him, considering Cygnus’ not so little revelation concerning the boy sitting opposite me, but there were two things stopping me. Firstly if I did confront Black about what Cygnus had said I would be letting that idiotic adolescent boy (who up until a few days ago had been considered to me one of my good friends) win. It would mean he had got to me; crawled under my skin and infested my brain with those niggling thoughts not just about Black but all his revolting lap-dogs and I was too stubborn to let that happen.

And secondly if I brought the subject up then I would be admitting to myself that it was true. I mean I knew it was true, but saying it aloud meant it was actually true, and I wasn’t yet mentally prepared to accept this, and worse Black was the last person I would want to discuss this with. No good was ever going to come out of discussing this issue with him, because it was either a) true, in which case I would want to throw myself off the Astronomy tower at the mere sickening thought that Black fancied me and also that I had fallen into his weird little game, or b) it wasn’t true and I would have embarrassed myself to point where locking myself in with Moaning Myrtle wouldn’t be enough to hide away from the humiliation of accusing Black of liking me. No, for me I could handle just one more year, in fact now that I was aware of it, (and Merlin’s beard I certainly was) I could try and stop it, or at the very least curb it, cut it off so it never got as far as it had in the past, and then after that I’d never have to see any of them again; Black or Cygnus.


‘What reputation?’ He snorted causing me to glare.


Yes there was certainly no way I wished to see Black past the end of seventh year.


‘A reputation that at least doesn’t suggest I hop beds every other night.’ I glared snapping my eyes back to my paper as I became more enraged.


‘Stebbins,’ he said as I heard him pull his chair even closer to me this time so he was quietly talking into my ear, ‘you and I both agreed we were not to talk about our, how can I put it Relationships.’


I couldn’t help but practically flinch at this unusually close contact, but for once I thought he was at least forced to come so close in order to not feel the wrath of Pince.


‘I wasn’t talking about it for the sake of my sister Black; I would have said such a thing before you decided to fuck over Is-’


‘Before you sister broke up with me,’ he said cutting me off and looking pointedly at me, ‘yes that’s very true Stebbins. Now,’ he continued leaning back into his seat and looking at me closely, a smirk once more playing on his features, ‘would you like to discuss technique? Or are you happy enough to simply compare notes?’


‘You’re a loathsome individual.’ I hissed in disgust, turning away from him.


‘And I think that secretly you’re a prude.’ He hissed quietly into my ear as he too returned to his Charms essay.


I couldn’t help but turn and glare at the side of his face, the sheer audacity he had to say such words!


‘Really? After all these years of calling me a slut and whatever else you had read in the thesaurus, or Lupin had taught you that day, you’re now going to go for the prude angle?’ I choked.


He simply shrugged noncommittally.


‘Well I’ve come to the conclusion that you are a prude. I mean you’ve probably only slept with Rosier, and since him there’s been no one. I reckon you’re really quite innocent.’ He said, looking at me as he smirked, as ever trying to goad me into a most thespian reaction.


‘Well there was Lupin.’


The words came tumbling out of my mouth before I had even realised what I had said. Oh fuck. I had actually used my hideously revolting experience with Lupin to get one up on Black.  Actual Sirius Black! What was wrong with me? Had I lost it? Should I call for St. Mungo’s to come and institutionalise me straight away? Why on earth would I want to get one up on Black by using the Lupin card? Yes I loathed each one of that bloody pack, but I at least admired their comradery, their brotherly resilience and loyalty – so why on earth did I suddenly want to use Lupin to make Black furious? That was low even for me.


‘Well if that’s how it is, then I think I will go.’ He shrugged trying to play it cool as he scrapped his chair legs across the floor before standing up swiftly, but I could see by the flush of his cheeks that my comment had the exact reaction I had (subliminaly) been hoping for.


‘Look Black-’


‘Honestly Stebbins you don’t need to say anything more.’ He shrugged once more trying to make his voice sound as steady and as cool as possible (though I could see by glancing under the desk that his hands were clenched into fists).


‘No Black, seriously, I didn’t mean to say that, that was unnecessary and uncalled for. It’s not like I even enjoyed or really wanted to kis-’


‘Honestly Stebbins, it’s not a big deal. It’s not like I wanted to sit with you. I was only sitting here because of those Slytherins over there,’ he began in a most nonchalant manner as he inclined his head behind him directing my gaze to the three Slytherins who were all currently staring at us, ‘they haven’t stopped watching you since you came in. But if you don’t want me to sit here that’s fine, I’ll head back to my common room.’


‘I- no wait!’ I said suddenly, nervously eyeing up the seventh year Slytherins sitting behind Black, ‘stay,’ I said rather more quietly than even Madame Pince would dictate.


‘Pardon?’ He said loudly. I could tell he had heard me, of course he had bloody heard me, he was mocking me; that sodding smirk said it all. That smirk was annoying yes, but at the very least my pleading seemed to me calming him down, causing him to return to his usual persona; i.e. cocky bastard. There he stood refusing to sit back at my table, our table, without me repeating what I had said.


‘Stay.’ I said once more.


‘Sorry Stebbins, didn’t quite catch that.’ He smirked, and for dramatic effect picking up his things, as though he was going to leave.


‘Please sit back down.’ I replied through gritted teeth, glaring at him as I did so.




‘Sit for Merlin’s sake! I didn’t mean what I said, it’s Lupin; I’d never want to boast about that night. I’m sorry.’ I said loudly, causing Pince to glare.


‘Ok, ok, I’ll sit with you if you insist.’ He said finally smirking as he plonked himself back down, ‘no need to get your knickers in a twist.’


I growled like a vicious little terrier at his words. He chose to simply ignore me as he carried on with his work, I threw one last disgusted look at his side profile before resigning myself to the fact that he had won.


‘I’ve never called you a slut by the way.’ He said after ten minutes of scribbling in silence.


‘Pardon?’ I asked looking up from my work.


‘I said; I’ve never called you a slut. I wouldn’t use that name for someone like you. Fletchley, yes, but you, not even when you were with that prick Rosier would I-’


Black clearly did not think as highly of the woo girls as Lily, Annie and I suspected.


‘Are you sure?’ I said without thinking, blushing slightly as he looked at me closely.


‘Positive.’ He replied sternly, ‘trust me, being as innocent - you could never be called a slut.’


I knew he was calling me innocent in order to get a reaction out of me, but I couldn’t help myself, I had to know. I was playing right into his hands and he knew it, smirking as he saw me lean in to reply.


‘I’m not that innocent.’ I said quietly.


‘Please Stebbins,’ he snorted, turning back to his work.


‘I’m not!’ I protested.


‘You so are.’ He smirked.


‘I’m not!’


‘Look just because you’ve had sex with one person and run with us for one night for a prank doesn’t mean that you’re not innocent.’


‘Sex doesn’t define whether you’re innocent or not.’ I sniffed indignantly.


‘So you have only had sex with one person?’ He smirked, unnervingly delighted at my most recent revelation, I couldn’t help but groan at my own large, yapping mouth.


‘That’s irrelevant.’ I said quickly, eager to brush over my trip-up.


‘No it’s not. Yes sex may not be the only factor in determining someone’s innocence-’ he began.


‘Yes exactly! I’ve probably had about the same amount of detentions as you!’ I butted in triumphantly, as though this was some sort of competition – how pathetic of me.


‘-But sex is a big part of it. You don’t have the experience to not be considered to be innocent. Plus you’re detentions were due to that overly large mouth of yours, and your clumsiness.’


I scowled at his final remark.


‘I think innocence is refreshing anyway.’ He shrugged, though refusing to look at me as he said this and instead looking down once more at his work.


‘Probably only because there’s less chance one of your friend’s has shagged your next target.’ I mumbled.


I heard him laughing, actually laughing; not snorting or laughing in his usual mocking tone, but laughing heartily at my comment; causing his quill to shake uncontrollably as he did so.


‘That too. But more because no guy wants to have a girl who’s been with the whole of Hogwarts, the nice girls are the innocent girls.’


‘Nor does any girl Black, so I guess you’re out of the running if you did ever choose to finally settle down, well unless you consider Fletchley.’ I mocked causing him to smirk once more.


‘Don’t even talk to me about Fletchley.’ He sighed shaking his head as he bent over his essay.


‘Trouble in paradise?’ I teased as I too set my eyes back on my work.


‘Ha ha. No, she’s just absolutely mental, thinks we’re practically engaged after spending one night with her.’ He huffed shaking his shaggy black hair from his eyes and pushing it away from his face as he continued to scribble away.


‘That’s the problem with being a bed hopper Black; you’re bound to get burnt once in a while.’ I smirked, mimicking his infamous one.


How the bloody hell we had suddenly progressed in our relationship (a relationship that was not even near being able to be defined to be “friends”) to be talking with one another like this, each teasing in an altogether less bitchy fashion than either one of us were accustomed to, I don’t know. Considering how much of a dick he was, and what Cygnus had told me, our conversation was flowing quite easily, he was relatively easy to talk to when, well when he wasn’t being an absolute idiot of course. Nevertheless here I was on a Thursday night sat teasing Black, making him laugh as we did our Charms essay together. Maybe it was my way of showing him some gratitude for all that he had done for me recently by easing up on him, maybe it was the fear that if he left the Slytherin’s would only too willingly commit a murder in the library, or maybe he wasn’t as bad as he seemed.


No. Couldn’t be that, it was Sirius Black!


‘At least you don’t have to worry about things like this Stebbins.’ He said looking up his eyes bright with mischief.


‘I’m not that fucking innocent!’ I squealed in protest.


‘Liked how you added in the ‘fucking’ to make yourself seem less innocent,’ He chuckled.


‘The library will be closing in ten minutes.’ Pince’s voice rang out loudly and all the occupants of the library collectively emitted a load groan.


‘Shit.’ Black and I said in unison, causing a little bit of vomit to come up – did we really just have the same thought?


‘How much more have you got left to do?’ He asked.


This normal, civil conversation was beginning to freak me out a little.


‘I think I only need to proof read it, but I know once I get back to my common room I’ll just want to go to do nothing, and of course we both know how much of distraction Annie can be.’


‘Yes.’ He sighed as he began to collect his things.


‘Have you seriously just written a whole essay in half an hour?’ I gaped.


‘I did half of it during my free today,’ He shrugged.


‘So you’re not as last minute as you’d like to have us all believe?’


‘Nah I am, I just had quidditch practice tonight and Prongs’ would have my balls if I didn’t go, we’ve got a game coming up against you in a couple of weeks.’ He replied as we walked together out of the library, Pince hot on our tails.


‘Eurgh, don’t talk to me about quidditch.’ I groaned.


‘Ahh of course.’ He chuckled and I knew he too was reminiscing about that last, fatal quidditch match I attended.


We walked along silently for a minute or so until we reached the fork in the corridor where the Gryffindors turned left to head to their common room, and I would need to turn right to head to my own. I twisted my lips uncomfortably, I didn’t even know how to say a nice goodbye to Black, I barely knew how to act civilly around him, and more recently I had a horrible habit of at screaming him as a goodbye, whether it was because I thought he was going to kiss me (which looking back he blatantly wasn’t – a hippogriff would sooner kill me) or if I was telling him to “fuck off” after Cygnus has wound me up so tight I had released all my fury and anger on Black.


‘Well,’ I began rather awkwardly, Merlin it shouldn’t be this hard, ‘I’ll guess I’ll see you at breakfast or lunch tomorrow?’


‘Shut up Stebbins I’ll walk you back to your dorm.’ He said shaking his head as he grabbed my elbow and began steering us to the right.


‘Black it really isn’t necessary, after six years here I think I am quite capable of walking myself back to my dorm,’ I said as I practically had to jog to keep up with his long strides as he continued to pull me along.


‘Stebbins I’m not going to let you walk on your own when there’s those sort of pricks around.’ He said nodding back to where I could distantly see the Slytherin’s walking towards us.


‘Thank you.’ I said quietly, too stubborn to really acknowledge how nice he was actually being.


He simply shrugged in response and released my elbow from his grip, allowing us to stroll leisurely down the corridor, though again in rather strained silence.


‘I do really appreciate what you did for me that day, you know at the quidditch match,’ I sighed quietly as we walked along the corridor.


‘I know, you already said that,’


‘No, but I mean I really do. You didn’t need to. I mean I don’t think I would have if I was in your situation.’ I mumbled.


‘That’s because you don’t know one end of the broom from the other.’ He smirked.


‘Well yes that too...’


‘It’s really nothing Stebbins, honestly, that’s why I was put in Gryffindor right?  To be brave and all that.’ He said offering me a wink.


‘I suppose you would have done it for anyone-’               


‘Exactly Stebbins.’


‘Even a Slytherin though? Even Severus?’ I said suddenly and without any clue why on earth I had.


He looked at me closely, clearly wondering what the hell made me say such a thing.


‘Well I mean I’m sure if Snivellus hit the ground his greasy hair would simply allow him to slide along the pitch until the momentum began to naturally slow him.’ He smirked.


I couldn’t help but giggle. I am the most generic female at present.


‘He hasn’t threatened you again has he?’ he asked, glancing at me sideways.


‘No, not since that first time - plus he has Cygnus to compete with now, I’m sure each of them is scrapping it out to decide who’s turn it is next is.’ I said lightly though even I could hear the bitterness in my own voice, who was I kidding?


‘You and him didn’t have a thing going on, did you?’ he said quite suddenly sprting a most unattractive disgusted face.


‘Ew no!’ I squealed indignantly.


‘Just checking,’ He smirked as he pushed a hand into his robe pocket.


‘Don’t start that rumour.’ I said with a deadly undertone in my voice causing him to emit a highly unattractive snort.


‘I’m not that harsh.’ He smirked inclining his head slightly towards me, ‘so just Rosier then?’ he continued.


‘Just Rosier yes,’ I said, blushing slightly at his gaze, if he called me innocent one more time I was going to hex his balls off – this was clearly where this conversation was leading once more.


He never got a chance to reply as my bag split causing my books to come tumbling out crashing to the floor around us.


‘Oh for fuck’s sake!’ I growled in aggravation as I scrambled to collect my books.


‘Well for once you can say it wasn’t me who did that to your bag.’ Black smirked picking up a couple of books and placing them on the window ledge where I rested in an attempt to concentrate on repairing my bag.


‘That is very true,’ I said nodding at him as I tapped my bag, but to no avail.


‘Letting down the Ravenclaw stereotype there Stebbins.’ He smirked nodding towards my wand.


‘You always said I was the world’s worst Ravenclaw.’ I smirked.


‘Ahh yes I did, didn’t I?’ he smirked stepping closer to me so he was now standing in front of me, ‘you know I always thought you’d make quite a good Gryffindor.’ He mused.


‘Please, I’m too much of a pansy, and I’m sacred, and I run away and –’


‘You’ve got enough back chat and arrogance to be one.’


‘Don’t say that as though it’s a good thing, and anyway, no one could be in a league with you and your lot.’


‘That’s probably true.’ He chuckled.


‘And anyway, I’m not arrogant.’


‘Well not when it comes to things like the opposite sex.’


I bit my cheek in order to stop myself from biting back at his remark.


‘But you are when it comes to academic stuff and that loud mouth of yours when you’re berating me.’ He smirked though his voice did not hold any contempt, if anything he appeared to be highly amused by my comebacks.


‘That’s not arrogance, that’s pure talent Black.’


‘Hmmm, well –’ he began looking at me closely, ‘well there certainly are things you should allow yourself to be more arrogant about.


‘Like?’ I questioned, though with no real idea where I was going with it or why the hell I was asking such a ridiculous question; all I could really notice was the fact that Black was suddenly very close, very close indeed. So close in fact that there was no room between our bodies, mine was pressed in place by his own towering form.


‘You know Stebbins,’ he began placing a hand either side of my hip, ‘you’re actually quite hot,’ he mused, a smirk tugging at his lips as his eyes bored down into mine.


If the situation had been romantic, or are conversation in the slightest bit flirty (and of course if it hadn’t been with Black), I’m sure I would have been lost for words – maybe even caught ‘deep in his gaze’ as Annie’s trashy novels liked to describe. But instead it was me, and the boy in front of me was Black, regardless of whether he had a little crush on me and whether or not he used to try and get a reaction out of me for attention, this wasn’t Black flirting, this was Black bored, having some fun, goading me as always. I would normally, if the situation had been with anyone else, and with whom I held a slight soft spot for, or even someone I found attractive; I would be a quivering mess, unable to splutter any coherent sentence. But this was just Black, admittedly he’d never done this, but I suppose it was his way of still getting one over on me now that he was looking out for me and we were no longer sworn enemies. So I wasn’t lost for words, my tongue was as sharp as ever, constantly keeping up with the fast-pace of our normal conversation.


‘Oh what a compliment that was,’ I smirked leaning back into the window sill, though not immediately pushing his arms away – I was interested to see how far he would go with this;  a game of chicken if you will.


‘It is! You are! I mean-’ He said falling over his words.


My brow creased in confusion, how was Black suddenly tongue tied? The tables were suddenly flipped. Despite the uncompromising position we were currently in; me resting my bum on the window ledge whilst Black’s hand laid either side of my hips, his body holding me in place, I had the upper ground. It was my stance not his that was comfortable and it was I too who was keeping the conversation flowing, biting back with ease. Whilst Black stood awkwardly, all swagger gone, his knuckles white where he was strangely grasping tightly onto the ledge, as though this was all that was stopping him from allowing his knees to buckle, his speech was delayed and disjointed, and if I was not mistaken his pupils had dilated to an unnaturally large size. How had this gone so well in such a short amount of time?


‘If this is what you consider to be flirting then you’re fighting a losing battle Black. ' I smirked, leaning back further in order to see my words impact on his usually suave features.


‘I-’ He stuttered.


‘Cat got your tongue Black?’ I said unable now to suppress my delight as I titled my head to the left.


He was looking at me closely, his eyes flicking all over my face as though his brain was in turmoil. All he could do was gape at me, as he desperately sought the words to give an adequate comeback. I chuckled softly and shifted my hips beneath him in order to get more comfortable – I wanted to enjoy this in a comfortable position; who knew how long he would be standing here struck dumb. But I regretted my little movement as soon as I had wiggled my hips – I had forgot how close Black was in fact standing. My hips, in their attempt to shift slightly away from the rough stone wall had inadvertently pressed themselves against Black’s own hips. His warm body was far closer than I could have ever possibly imagined and I felt his belt buckle press into my stomach, I felt my breath hitch in my throat.


Oh fuck.


Oh fucking shit.


Oh Merlin I hoped he didn’t think I had done that in a flirtatious manner. Oh of course that’s what I sodding looked like


His eyes light up at my sudden movement, and in that instant I knew I had lost the higher ground. In unintentionally pushing my hips into his I think he thought I had fallen to his charm (though how that spectacle could be considering charming, or even audible I don’t know) and had become another woo girl. That smirk, oh that awful, loathsome smirk flashed brightly across his pink lips as he shifted his own hips.


‘I could show to if you’re that desperate to finally see it Stebbins.’ He suddenly spoke, licking his lips as he did.


‘I- , well I mean... No! No definitely not thank you very much; I do not ever want to be anywhere that thing. I only moved because the stone... I mean that wasn’t what you thought it was, I’m not a- well I mean I could never be a -’ I stuttered.


‘Sure you don’t want me to be your second?’ He purred pushing closer, causing my skirt to ride up slightly, I desperately tugged it down as an involuntary chill passed through my body.


‘You know you look very cute in that uniform Stebbins.’ He murmured.


And all I could do was stand there gaping in shock; he actually managed to render me speechless. He was desperately trying to scrape back the higher ground – a constant and raging battle between him and me, and worst of all he was winning. I didn’t know what had made him say it (well I might have some idea), what had made him sink to that level of, dare it say it; flirting, but he did, and sodding hell it worked. And now he was going further in his campaign to leave me as uncomfortable as he had just been (most likely for the first time in his life in front of a girl). He was raking his eyes down the whole length of my body, as though he did not want to miss a single thing – though who the fuck knows why, it was me, birds-nest Stebbins with the thighs that really needed a divorce and the boobs that were smaller than some overweight men. I could feel a blush begin to rise up to my cheeks as his grey eyes continued to look at me in that hungry way (I wished that was not a metaphorical description – I think right now I would rather have him want to actually eat me than be subjected to this), and slowly he began to move even closer to me, though how he found the room I don’t know how, we were practically stuck together as it was, I’m sure someone might actually have thought us to be Siamese twins.


‘Black!’ I whined in frustration, it was the only thing I could think to do at that moment.


‘Come on now Stebbins, I’m permitted a little flirt, surely?’


‘No you are certainly not!’


‘As if!’ He barked, unable to contain his smirk.


‘Black seriously, I’m not one of your elusive little whores,’


‘I know Stebbins; you’re the innocent little Ravenclaw.’ He teased.


‘Black!’ I wailed drawing out his name, ‘stop! And I’m not innocent.’


He chuckled lightly as he pushed his hair out of his face.


‘You are innocent Stebbins, and like I said before it’s a highly attractive quality in a girl, trust me.’


‘I’m not bloody innocent.’ I growled in annoyance, trying to move away from the fact he was now definitely flirting with me, or at least attempting to.


‘You so are.’ He chuckled, ‘and it’s definitely not a bad thing.’


‘Black seriously, stop. Remember who I am? Callie Stebbins? That girl you pick on? Your ex-girlfriend’s older sister!’ I said putting heavy emphasis on my last sentence.


His mouth twisted uncomfortably at my words, but only for a brief second.


‘Stebbins come on.’ He said smiling lightly, smiling not smirking, ‘Isla and I were over ages ago, she broke up with me, that leave’s the possibility of you and I wide open.’


Was this a game to him? Was the flirting even really necessary? I mean I know he was probably flirting with me to see how wound up I would get and because he was most likely bored, but considering we had only just stopped hating each other this was going too far. I wasn’t some play thing of his, and I didn’t want this. Well that was what my mind was telling me at least. My body on the other hand had a rather guilty warm, tingly feeling that was rapidly spreading through, causing me to suddenly feel extremely hot and flushed.


‘Black seriously stop! This little game is over.’


‘But it’s only just begun Stebbins.’


‘No right now this stops here. You’ve had your little flirt; you can cross me off your list or whatever.’


‘We’d have to do something before I could do that.’ He smirked, his hands reaching up to hold my hips, I instantly pushed them back to the ledge and held them there in place.


He chuckled softly at my actions, completely unfazed at my rejection – had he ever been rejected before this?


‘Thought I’d be too innocent for that?’ I scowled.


‘Gutted you’ve only slept with one person?’ He smirked.


‘No.’ I growled.


‘The fact of the matter is Stebbins,’ He began leaning in so that he was whispering in my ear in a most sleazy fashion, ‘is that you and I both know at some point you and I are going to happen.’


‘Are you for actual fucking real?’ I said loudly finally pushing him away.


What on earth was this boy on?


‘Of course.’ He smirked pushing me further into the wall once more.


‘Black, seriously, I don’t know how much you’ve been drinking today; but this joke is not funny anymore. Trying to flirt with me is definitely taking it way too far, ok?’


‘Stebbins, for Merlin’s sake! I'm not messing around.’


‘What?’ I said utterly flabbergasted.


‘The fact of the matter is you and I are single, and do you know what single people do Stebbins?’


‘-I don’t think I want to know Black.’


‘They shag Stebbins.’


You act so different around me,

Cause you’re a good girl and you know it,

I know exactly who you could be.

Hold On, We’re Going Home - Drake


Reader: Oh godddddddd. I did it, I actually finally went and posted what I’ve built this whole story to come to. How was it? As cringe-worthy as I read it to be? Let me know what you think! The next chapter will be coming very soon (the next three are written, light editing/re-reading just needs to occur now!) Please read, review and enjoy!

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