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No Good by Loony lovegood
Chapter 6 : Come and Play
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Disclaimer: I'm sorry to disappoint you all, but I do not own Harry Potter.

Author's Note: This one is a little longer than the rest of my chapters but towards the end it gets good, I quite enjoyed writing this chapter, although albeit I was rather hungover writing half of it - so that bit I didn't enjoy! The next chapter was the most fun to write so I can't wait to put that one up!

Ah, the night is calling?
And it whispers to me softly come and play
Ah, I am falling
And If I let myself go I'm the only one to blame

Sober - Pink

“Right, the instructions to making Draught of the Living Death is in your Advanced Potion-Making Book, pages 201 to 202. Hurry up now!” called out professor Slughorn as he had introduced the Gryffindors and Slytherins to the lesson.

Sydney sighed and stood up to get the ingredients for her potion while her partner leaned back on his chair twiddling the wand in his hand. She had never pegged James Potter for being a lazy person as he had always had good grades, was captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team and was always animatedly pursuing Lily Evans. However he had now just turned around to his best friend and began laughing and chucking bits of crumpled up parchment at Severus Snape’s head, who sat there fuming. Sydney turned her head back around to the potions cupboard and picked up the asphodel in an infusion of wormwood, valerian roots and sopophorous bean, gripping hold of them tightly as she half juggled them in her arms. She suddenly felt a piece of crumpled paper hit the back of her head causing her to drop her ingredients on the floor. She turned around and glared at James and Sirius. Sirius had decided to pretend to be in an in depth conversation with Peter who looked confounded, meanwhile James was pointing at Sirius, the culprit.

Sydney gathered up the ingredients and picked up the closest ingredient from a shelf in the potions cupboard, Jobberknoll feathers. She strolled back to her seat next to the lazy James and sat down giving the ingredients to James who had already had his book open at the correct page. Sydney turned around to Sirius and smiled. Sirius raised an eyebrow at the cheery schoolgirl who usually greeted him with a glare or scowl. He was about to open his mouth to comment however before he could utter a word Sydney had dropped a handful of Jobberknoll feathers into his half brewed potion. He and Peter looked into their potion which had now turned into light grey colour after they had been brewing it to perfection not two seconds ago. Sirius narrowed his eyes at Sydney who continued to smile at him as James persisted with their own potion.

“You’re a right cow Maura, you know that?” Spat Sirius, looking into his now ruined potion. Sydney merely shrugged her shoulders and twiddled her fingers at him before turning back around to help James with the potion.

“You should go easy on him you know.” Muttered James, continuing to look at their potion.

“Easy on him?” asked Sydney incredulously, she then shook her head and continued, with trouble, to cut the sopophorous bean. “Potter please remove your head from your arse.”

James started laughing as he stirred the pot. “In all honesty, he’s a good guy.”

It was then Sydney’s turn to chuckle as she began forcefully stabbing at the bean “Yes because all of you have been so great to me these past few years,” she said angrily stabbing “you think I should just lie down and take it?”

“Isn’t that what you do for all the other boys?” Sirius’ husky voice murmured in her ear. Sydney waved the knife in the air to remind him of the tool she had in her hand. “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with knives?”

“Nope,” Sydney responded “So if I were you I’d steer clear.” She said brandishing her knife coyly. Sirius rolled his eyes, falling back on his chair, staring at his spoilt potion.

As the lesson drew to a close professor Slughorn announced the winners of the lesson and to Sydney’s dismay it was not her and James despite her efforts in sabotaging her classmate’s potion, Lily Evans and Severus Snape were the winners.

Sydney picked up her bag and swiftly exited the classroom with James hot on her tail. “You know,” James said, causing Sydney to jump as he sneaked up behind her “You’re not as bad as you seem.”

“Well thank you, James!” Sydney said sarcastically, narrowing her eyes at him and internally smacking herself for using his first name. “Glad it took you only seven years to realise.”

“What can I say,” James grinned smugly “I’m a fast learner.”

Sydney raised an eyebrow at him as they walked together towards their next class, Sydney had realised that Sirius was glowering a hole into the back of her head due to stealing his best mate. She could hear him muttering to himself angrily and scuffing his feet, keeping himself behind as he obviously didn’t want to walk along side Sydney. She turned around to look at Sirius and smiled wickedly to which she received a nasty glare and a middle finger. Sydney threw her arm around her new pal, James.

“You know Potter,” she said innocently “I was thinking of joining the Quidditch team,” at this Sirius snorted. “I was wondering when try-outs were.” She smiled “If it helps, it would annoy Lily immensely to see you helping me out?”

James narrowed his eyes at her, but then gave a tiny smile. “Sunday at 11.00 am.” He nodded, “What position would you be trying for?”

Sirius had now caught up with them a little more in order to hear their conversation better.

“Chaser.” She informed him. Sirius raised his eyebrow at her and again snorted at her incredulously. James however nodded.

“I’ll put you on the list then.” He told her. Sirius looked at his friend his jaw agape and at this point he found his voice.

“James, mate!” he looked at James as if he had grown a third head. “You can’t seriously –no pun intended – be willingly to let this - this,” he waved his hand at Sydney “devil girl,” he spat “try out for our team just for some girl!”

James advanced on Sirius “Lily Evans is not ‘some girl'!” he growled. “Besides, who knows,” he looked at Sydney and winked “she could be good!” Sydney rolled her eyes at the innuendo.

At that moment Sydney saw Miles Davies strolling towards her with a silly grin on his face. Sydney smiled in return.

“Hi Miles Davies.” Sydney said smirking, reiterating their last conversation.

“Hello Sydney Maura.” Miles replied. He turned to James and Sirius and his expression hardened. “Potter,” he nodded towards James and then focused on Sirius “Black.” Miles almost growled at him.

“Davies.” Said James hardly looking at the boy, however Sirius said nothing at all and continued to glare at Miles.

“Sydney,” Miles said, smiling once more at her “sit next to me in class?”

Sydney nodded dumbly “You have Defence against the Dark Arts now?” she asked. Miles nodded happily. “Okay well I’ll catch you up then.” She said looking towards the still cowling James and Sirius.

Miles nodded and turned on his heel and made his way to class while the other three stood there looking at one another. Sydney gave the other two questioning looks, James opened his mouth to inform Sydney on the situation, however Sirius got there first.

“How do you know him then Maura?” Sirius asked her, looking at the wall behind her.

“For your information, Black, he took me to the hospital wing” she practically spat his name “after your little prank the other day.”

Sirius looked at James and then at Sydney, ignoring her last comment. “He’s not a good guy,” he said sternly “and if you were smart you would stay away from him.”

Sydney looked towards James who now had the same hard-hearted look on his face. “Well let’s say for arguments sake that I’m not smart,” she debated “What makes you think that I’m going to take whatever you say seriously?”

“You’ll just have to take our word for it.” James said firmly. Sydney scoffed and turned on her heel, heading towards her next class.

As Sydney entered the classroom, she scanned for her new Hufflepuff friend and managed to find him sitting next to the window, leaning back on his chair, looking out at the grounds. Sydney dropped her bag down and fell into the chair next to him. He looked around to her and gave her a warm smile.

“Nice to see you again gorgeous!”

Sydney blushed under the flattery she was not used to and immediately got out her book.

“Indeed.” She retaliated.

“I suppose that Black and Potter have informed you of our – shall we say – misunderstanding?” He asked, an amused smile playing on his lips.

Sydney shook her head. “They merely just told me that I shouldn’t be around you.”

Miles laughed. “And yet, here you are.”

Sydney just smiled at him as the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, professor Pennyworth opened the door and strolled into to the classroom making her presence known by waving her wand and allowing the chalk to screech down the blackboard as it spelt out the word ‘Inferi’.

“Silence please,” she said monotonously “Now turn you page to 678.”

We all flicked through the pages as the professor began to write on the board, in the book Sydney began to read ‘Inferi are corpses, dead bodies that have been bewitched to do a Dark wizard's bidding. They are created through the magical branch of Dark Arts called Necromancy.

Sydney’s concentration was interrupted by Miles’ voice whispering in her ear “I hear that you’re trying out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.” She could hear the smirk in his voice “It’ll be nice to have a little friendly competition.”

Sydney averted her gaze to Miles a questioning look on her face. “You play?” she breathed.

He winked at her and flashed his badge “Do I play?” he scoffed playfully. He flashed a badge at her. “Quidditch captain.” He muttered.

Sydney was impressed. “What position?”

He laughed quietly “Chaser.” He looked at her with a coy smile on his face “I hear that’s the position you want?” Sydney nodded in reply “I probably shouldn’t, but I can help you out if you want?”

Sydney nodded and grinned “That would be great.” She whispered “I’m free next period?” she suggested.


“Not bad Sydney!” Miles exclaimed as Sydney floated down towards him “It seems as though you’ve got the basics down,” he smiled “Although, Potter has rather high expectations of his team,” he said, thinking to himself. “You’re going to need at least one trick shot in order to impress Potter, if not at least get his attention.”

“Okay,” Sydney said. She paused for a few seconds. “Like what?”

Miles laughed and flew closer to Sydney “Nothing fancy,” he said nonchalantly “Just something to make you stand out from the rest of the students.”

Sydney smiled and winked at Miles cheekily “Easy.”

She flew towards the goalposts, quaffle in her hand. She threw the quaffle into the air and swung her leg around while her broom moved with her, kicking the quaffle into the right goal. She turned to Miles and grinned.

“Very nice indeed Sydney,” he said slowly clapping his hands. “But I think we’d better call it a day.”

Sydney looked a little crestfallen “Why?” she asked.

Miles nodded towards two angry looking boys walking towards the Quidditch pitch holding their brooms in their hands. Sydney growled at them for ruining her Quidditch session. She flew down towards them a broad grin on her face.

“Afternoon boys!” she said cheerfully “See anything you like?” she could hear the double entendre in her voice.

“Only what made me want to burn my eyes out.” Said Sirius replying to her slutty alter ego.

“What I would like to know,” commented James harshly “is why you’re practising Quidditch with him, when we specifically warned you not to go hear him.” Sydney went to open her mouth to retort however James cut her off. “I you want any chance of getting on the team, you will not practise with him.” He said glaring at Miles

“He’ll use you to beat us.” Sirius said, a scowl apparent on his lips.

“You two are children!” Sydney argued “You realise that?” She realised however that arguing would not get her any closer to being on the team. “But if that’s what it takes to be on the team,” she looked towards James and then glared at Sirius “fine.”

James awoke on Saturday morning in a splendid mood, the help Sydney had given to him had Lily almost now fighting for him and his attention, which had made James warm much more now to Sydney and they’d actually become rather good friends. He was just that much closer to Lily Evans, therefore, much to Sirius’ dismay, he and Sydney were now on first name basis. James sprung out of bed to see Remus and Peter still in bed, Peter snoring loudly. He looked towards Sirius’ bed to see that it was empty, making James shake his head in disappointment as he knew that Sirius must have spent the night with Farrah, who, to the great disappointment of Sydney, was now out of the Hospital Wing with a fully healed nose. He strode towards the bathroom and took a shower. He was spending his day at Hogsmeade with Sydney, which they both knew would shock everyone including Lily. That thought made him a tiny bit giddy so he had to make himself look good for the day to really give Lily to be something to be jealous about. He was meeting Sydney in the common room at 10 o’clock and going down to breakfast with her so he had plenty of time before he had to be ready.

Leaving the bathroom with a towel around his waist, he could feel the remnants of the water droplets from the shower dripping down his muscled abs, he pulled on his underpants before drying himself completely. He pulled on his jeans and a pinstriped blue and white shirt and towel dried his hair before throwing the damp towel onto Peter’s sleeping face, to which he received an unhappy grunt from the boy. He ran a hand through his hair and then proceeded to make his way down towards the common room where a scowling Sirius was sitting, James sat down opposite him.

“Listen mate,” he began as he was sick of Sirius’ recent attitude “I get that some girls may like this bad boy, moody attitude you’ve got going on,” he said waving his hand towards Sirius, whose scowl had become worse. “But I’m really getting tired of it, okay?” Sirius had been in a mood ever since James had sat with Sydney in their potions lesson. “So cut it the fuck out.”

“James, you’re going to Hogsmeade with her?!” Sirius suddenly exploded “This is Maura!” he spat “We hate her, ‘she’s a bitch’, remember?” he exclaimed, mimicking what James had once said about the girl. “And now you’re all of a sudden best friends with the slut?”

“Why do you want to hate her so much?” James asked angrily, now standing over his friend. “Is it because she mocked your family?” he questioned “because, I hate to tell you mate, a lot of worse people have said a lot of worse things!” Sirius merely scowled again, to which James replied “Now go and take a shower,” Sirius raised an eyebrow at him “You stink of Bishop.” Sirius then stormed off to the boys dormitories without another word.

The common room had been slowly growing in population, only a few people had seen the spat between James and Sirius but it seemed as though it was only a few third year girls who would blush and giggle as soon as James even glimpsed at them.

“Alright arseface?” came a voice from behind him. James turned around at Sydney and grinned.

“Breakfast?” he asked.

She nodded. “Breakfast.”

James looked Sydney up and down and nodded, she was dressed just as she normally does, nicely but not in the slutty manner than everyone expects her to. She was dressed in light blue, snug jeans with a white, elegant strappy top. James had noticed that she was gorgeous, something that he hadn’t noticed before, however his love for Lily outshone Sydney’s beauty by far. Her normally curly hair was now straight and due to this it now reached her waist, she had worn a little more makeup today, as did the rest of the girls on Hogsmeade days, her eyes were thinly lined with eyeliner but she continued to look rather natural. They began their walk down to the great hall and exited through the portrait door.

“Where do you fancy on going then today?” asked Sydney curiously.

“Spintwitches is a must,” said James as Sydney rolled her eyes, predicting his choice “and the Three Broomsticks.” He grinned as Sydney nodded “How about you Sydney?”

“Um,” she pondered “perhaps Honeydukes?” she suggested, slightly hopeful.

James nodded “I half thought you were going to say Gladrags.”

Sydney laughed and shook her head as they entered the Great Hall. They walked over to the Gryffindor table and sat down, James took his usual plate of everything he could get his hands on.

“So are you excited for the try-outs tomorrow?” asked James, shovelling bacon into his mouth.

“I guess,” said Sydney “I think I’m more nervous than excited” she admitted looking at her scrambled eggs.

James smiled at her “You’ll be fine,” he comforted her “I saw you playing the other day and you’re not bad.”

Sydney smiled “Thanks.”

James and Sydney conversed and laughed as more students began to file into the hall to eat their breakfast until they heard a few girls sitting at the Ravenclaw table begin to hiss and whisper.

“She’s such a slut!” said one, James could see to be a dark haired sixth year. He looked towards Sydney who merely had an amused look on her face.

“I know, wasn’t she with Miles Davies the other day?” another hissed, her eyes wide.

“Exactly, and now she’s moved onto James Potter!” The brunette said, the jealously evident in her voice. “Who’s next?” she squealed “Sirius Black?!”

Sydney had begun to roll her eyes, however the amused smile continuing to play on her lips.

“Anyway I heard she’s just sleeping with James Potter to get onto the Qudditch team.” Spat the blonde girl, glaring at the back of Sydney’s head who had begun to blush she had mouthed ‘sorry about this’ to James. He had concluded that Sydney had heard a lot of bad things about herself as the comments didn’t seem to faze her much.

Soon the whole hall was bustling with students arriving for breakfast and in the crowds came Remus and Peter who had grown used to the presence of Sydney and somewhat enjoyed her company. But no Sirius, he had grown angry that his friends had so easily accepted Sydney whilst he had not, but James knew it was more than this why he would not come down. James looked down the table and could see Farrah hastily searching their little group to catch a glimpse of Sirius. Sirius had now also grown tired of Farrah now it had been two week, her incessant shrieking and pet-names had obviously proved too much for Sirius to handle. James laughed to himself as he recalled Farrah calling Sirius ‘Boobila’.

“Morning guys!” said Peter sitting down happily “You two ready for your date?” he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, causing Sydney to laugh.

“It’s not a date, Pete,” James said rolling his eyes, digging into the hash brown on his plate.

Suddenly Sydney turned to face him, her blonde hair swished behind her and she leant towards him seductively, forcing him to look into her large, pale blue eyes, as she twisted a strand of hair around her finger. “Of course it is handsome,” she batted her eyelashes once at him, causing James to feel slightly hypnotised by her until he noticed a furious girl with flaming red hair storm past them and out of the Great Hall. Sydney shivered and cringed, sitting back up straight again and tucking back into her scrambled egg. “You owe me a butter beer for that.”

James snorted. “Done.”

Hogsmeade with Sydney had been going great, they had visited Honeydukes where they bought liquorish wands, chocolate cauldrons and Sydney, for no sane reason apparent to James, had bought a blood flavoured lollipop, which she chucked away immediately deeming it ‘disgusting’. Afterwards they went into the Quidditch shop ‘Spintwitches’ where James bough himself new Quidditch gloves. The pair made their way to The Three Broomsticks, James munching on his chocolate cauldrons while Sydney chewed on her liquorice wand, the conversation somehow strayed to Sirius and Farrah. Sydney was laughing so hard that she was sure she was going to choke on her mouthful.

“She wrote him a poem?!” she cried, literally through tears of laughter.

“You are my sunshine, you are my rain, you are my personal brand of cocaine.” James recited through laughs.

They stumbled through the doors of the Three Broomsticks clutching to one another desperately, continuing to hold their sweets while laughing hysterically. As James looked up he saw Sirius sitting there in a booth Farrah talking animatedly while Sirius glared at the laughing pair. He was clearly uninterested in whatever his girlfriend had to say but also positively livid at his best friend and the girl he deemed the ‘spawn of Satan’ hanging out and no doubt having a splendid time. James couldn’t help but laugh harder if it were possible and as soon as Sydney also looked up she felt a few more tear drops cascade down her face as she clung to James. They sat in a booth and finally managed to compose themselves and James bought the butterbeers that he owed Sydney to which she had quickly knocked the first two back while James was still half way through his second. He gave her an incredulous look as she finished, to which she just smiled dopily, a glazed look in her eye.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom.” Sydney said standing up, she stumbled slightly as she left causing James to laugh fondly at her.

The day had been going so well, James was becoming rather fond of Sydney, in a purely platonic manner of course, as no one would be able to steal his heart like Lily Evans had. James was, however, having difficulty with the strain his new friendship with Sydney was putting on his current friendship with his best friend, Sirius seeing as Sirius had stormed out with Farrah not moments after they sat down in their booth. Before he could even think of a solution, his table was surrounded by several Slytherin seventh years, the likes of whom included, Evan Rosier, Rabastian Lestrange, Regulus Black, Lucas Avery and Tobias Mulciber and Severus Snape.

“Slither on you snakes,” James said venomously grabbing a hold of his wand. “before I make toads out of all six of you.”

“You’re very courageous for a lone Gryffindor, aren’t you?” hissed Evan, the malice in his voice overpowering.

“Very cowardly, you all are.” He growled “Six of you and one of me,” He clapped his hands mockingly “very brave.”

“Lily doesn’t seem to mind.” Piped up Severus smugly.

James was now standing, his wand raised “Don’t you dare speak her name,” he spat venomously “after what you called her.”

Severus smirked maliciously “Yet the little mudblood would still prefer me to the likes of you.”

James made a lunge for the greasy haired, scrawny boy, however Lucas and Tobias now had a hold of the struggling James, but compared to the two Slytherin brutes James didn’t stand a chance.

“Not so tough are you now, huh Potter?” jeered Tobias, and he quickly clobbered James’ stomach with his right fist.

James reeled over, spluttering and wincing. He could see a pair of well-polished, black, expensive shoes, step in front of him where Severus had been only moments ago. Regulus Black now stood in front of him, matching his height and statue, he may have been a year younger, however the status that the Black family held was unfathomable. The other Slytherins respected and listened to him without question. James drew himself up to his full height and looked Regulus square in the eye as the brawniest Slytherin members held him back.

“Now,” Regulus began “what strikes my curiosity,” he paced in front of James “is why, to the obvious protests of my blood traitor ‘brother’, are you continuing to chase after that harlot girl,” he motioned towards the girl’s bathrooms, “like a lost little puppy?”

James snarled at the youngest Black “I am not chasing after her,” he snapped “and her name is Sydney.”

Regulus laughed at James “I’m aware of the filthy girl’s name, I just do not deem her worthy of my saying of it.” He stated “However, to your previous comment, the contrary indicates that you’re little dates have had the whole school talking,” he said haughtily “and if they did not already think so, you are becoming somewhat,” Regulus pondered to himself “what would be a conventional way to say this,” he paused for a second or two “..somewhat of a joke.” He then smiled at the livid James “Even your precious mudblood is slipping even further away from you,” he taunted “If that’s possible.” Regulus walked closer to James threateningly as James restrained himself from lunging again at a Slytherin, not wanting another one of Tobias’ right hooks. “If I were you,” he sneered at James “I’d save whatever little shred of dignity I had left and cease running after the little piece of dirt,” he spat “because everyone is laughing at you.”

With that, Regulus motioned for the two burly boys to let go of James, to which they obeyed. James watched them go, feeling embarrassed and furious, glaring at the back of all six of the retreating boys. He quickly downed the rest of his beer, wishing the sudden hit of alcohol would make him feel better, however the butterbeer was so light in alcohol percentage he didn’t feel a thing. Sydney soon sat back down in the booth and let out a sigh of relief, smiling at James.

“Sorry I took so long,” she apologised “I had a problem with the enchanted towel,” she furrowed her brow “It tried to strangle me,” she explain, her expression lighted “but I’m pretty sure I fixed it.”

James suddenly stood up, flustered and hesitant. “I’m sorry,” he apologised quickly, hardly looking at her “I’ve just remembered I’ve got a – um – detention with – Binns – professor Binns.”

Sydney opened her mouth to speak, however before she could verbalise her words James had left the booth and was out of the tavern door, therefore she was left there, her mouth gaping like a fish’s and an embarrassed look on her face. Sydney decided to grab herself another butterbeer, whilst she was there, making the most of her Hogsmeade trip. As she sat there drinking her beverage she came to the conclusion that James did just have a detention as he is a rather forgetful person and did land himself in quite a few detentions. Once she finished her drink she stood up happily and strolled back towards the castle. After all, Sydney knew that James had a lot on his plate as the Quidditch try-outs were the next day.

Sunday soon came round, even if it did take it’s time in Sydney’s opinion. She made sure that she was up at nine o’clock in order to allow herself some practise time before the actual tryouts, which she managed to squeeze in as her stomach took longer to digest her breakfast due to all of the back flipping it was doing.

In the cold Quidditch pitch there were a lot of people, a few whom she recognised from her year, but some looked to be as young as in their second year. Sydney blanched as James and Sirius stood before them, catching the crowd’s attention.

“Thank you all for coming.” James boomed so the students at the back could hear him “First of all I would like to say that I’m very excited to see what you all have to offer.” Sydney heard Sirius snort but never strayed her attention from the team captain “Secondly, I would like to make it clear right now,” he said a serious expression on his face “I have a very strict routine for my members,” he looked around at the group of people, but never at Sydney. “anyone who will not be willing to be on this pitch at 6 o’clock in the morning, train hard until you drop or take on new dietary requirements needed to be on this team,” he looked over the crowd of students again “You may as well leave now.” A few students turned from the crowd and walked back to the castle grumbling, however the majority stayed. “Good,” James smiled “now we have a dedicated bunch it’s time to see what you have to offer us!” he clapped his hands together “Let’s begin!”

Sydney saw as the first to try out were the beaters. Sirius shoved her out of the way as he took his place, conveniently where she was standing, to launch into the air, she growled at the now hovering boy, who evidently enjoyed her reaction. Sydney noticed that the other four applicants for the positions were Greg Dixon a sixth year, Liam Thomas a seventh year, a girl whose name she didn’t know who looked as though she may have been in her fourth year and another girl named Jessica Louis a fifth year student.

After the beater try-outs were done, it was clear that Sirius was guaranteed a spot on the team after James had high-fived him, causing the other four contenders to become anxious as their chances on the team were quickly diminishing.

The next try-outs were for the keeper and the next for seeker. Sydney, had turned her back from the try-outs and began to breathe heavily, she knew she couldn’t pay attention while her heart was beating so fast, she felt as though it was going to jump right out from her throat. Once she regained her breathing she turned back to the trials.

“Next up, chasers!” boomed James.

Sydney felt her chest begin to flush and her pulse quicken, however she forced herself to calm down and stepped forward. She suddenly heard a low growl in her ear.

“Don’t fall off your broom.” Followed by a cruel chuckle.

It was obvious Sirius had sensed her nervousness, however she wasn’t going to let it throw her off. She pushed off of the ground and hovered around with the other contenders. There were only two spots going as James was already a chaser on the team, therefore the competition was tight as there were five of them going for such a sought after position. Sydney felt too nervous to even look up at the other five applicants, let alone recognise them. She felt her slippery hands easily sliding on her broom. She took a deep breath and prepared herself, the aim was to score as many goals as possible in the time given, with Sirius as keeper. Sydney groaned as she knew he was going to go harder on her than any of them. She witnessed as James threw the quaffle up to the five students, she knew there was going to be a scramble but she was the first to reach the quaffle and she flew out of the crowd of contenders, holding it under her arm and flying towards Sirius fast, dodging the other students as they tried to snatch or bat it out of her hands. She managed to swerve another student as they all chased her, desperate to get their hands on the red ball. When she got close to the goal posts she could see Sirius smirking at her with taunting eyes, she grabbed the red ball from under her arm and with her sweaty trembling hands, threw it towards the left goal, however Sirius was there before she could blink and caught the quaffle, and threw it back into the scramble.

Sirius sneered at Sydney “You’ve got to try harder than that, slut!” he taunted, laughing.

With a new found fury filling her, Sydney flew back towards the student who now had a hold of the quaffle she followed the boy closely until he was about the aim for the goalpost, when she snatched the quaffle from the boy and threw it into the middle goalpost as Sirius dived for the left, which the previous boy had aimed for. Sirius scowled as Sydney smirked and flicked her hair at him, returning back to the trial. At least nine minutes had now past and she was tied with a seventh year boy who was obviously skilled at the game. Sydney had possession of the quaffle and could feel the time ticking away as she zigzagged away from the other students, however flying fast towards the goal keeper, Sirius. As she was close to the goal post she remembered what she did when practising with Miles. She threw the ball high into the air and kicked her leg around as her broom moved with her in a full pivot, she booted the quaffle and watched it as she saw Sirius dive for it and miss it by millimetres. The quaffle had flown through the right handside goal, causing Sydney to squeak with delight.

James then blew his whistle. “Times up!”

Sydney and the rest of the students flew to the ground and everyone huddled around nervously to hear the verdict. James and Sirius had their heads together and seemed to be arguing frantically, finally Sirius threw his arms in the air and gestured for James to announce the new team.

“I’d like to say that you all performed marvellously, but as you all know there are only six spots available.” He said, he lifted his piece of parchment. “The new house beaters are, Sirius Black and Liam Thomas!” the students clapped politely as Liam beamed. “The new house keeper will be Edward Port!” Sydney clapped happily as she recognised the well behaved fifth year. “The new house seeker will be Emily Dixon!” As the students clapped Sydney could see Emily hugging her brother Greg, who didn’t make the team. “And last, but not least,” Sydney could feel her excitement growing, her nerves were still there but the excitement had overtook her, she had one, she knew she had. “The two new Gryffindor chasers are,” Sydney braced herself “Bobby Nichols,” James boomed “and Marvin Adams!” The applause was rather deflated as it was coming from the rejects of the team. Sydney however was in stunned silence. “Thank you very much to everyone who tried!” James said, completely ignoring Sydney as she stared at him confused. “Enjoy your day!”

Sydney was frustrated to say the least. James stalked past her leaving Sirius as well in the stadium, however Sydney chased after James demanding an explanation.

“James!” she cried out after him, he however ignored her “James!” she repeated herself louder and with more ferocity. James stopped, allowing Sydney to catch up to him, she noticed the stony look on his face. “James, what the hell was that?” she asked him as he merely looked towards the stands opposite him, he said nothing again. “I was the best one out there, you know that!” she exclaimed her eyes wide, James continued to stare at the stands opposite him. Sydney turned to face the stands and saw six Slytherin’s all standing there a look of mirth on their faces. She turned back to James confused. “Have I done something?” she questioned. He continued to ignore her protests “James!” she roared.

James looked down at the confused girl with all the disdain he could muster. “It’s Potter to you.” He spat, very much aware of all the Gryffindor and Slytherin eyes on them, as was she. “and for the record it’s my team not yours, I put on it who I want,” he snarled “and you didn't make the cut.” Sydney looked up at him, a pained expression on her face. “So I’ll continue to be the captain and you can go back to being the school slut.” He sneered nastily. Seeing Sydney’s hurt face, softened him slightly, however she soon returned his cruel glare.

“My apologies,” she spat “Potter.”

She whirled around and stormed off to the castle in a rage, feeling humiliated and her ego bruised.

It was midnight. Sydney sat in front of the fire staring into it, angrily thinking about Quidditch tryouts. She hadn’t been able to sleep as her thoughts had been racing around her mind like – ironically – a game of Quidditch. She sat there in her long, fluffy pyjamas; they were covered in cute little brown puppies. Sydney knew that she had beaten the rest of the chasers in the trials and she didn’t like to sound egotistical, but she was the best chaser out on that pitch. She sighed and flopped back into the armchair staring at the fireplace as the flames danced and licked its cover to stop the flames burning the mantelpiece above. Her feet were only about a metre away from the fire and it caused her to kick off her slippers and allow the warmth to reach her toes. Her eyes were growing heavy and she allowed them to close however her brain would not let her sleep. James had just snapped, the day before he didn’t care that everyone deemed her to be a ‘slut’ and then suddenly it was as though he was disgusted by her.

“I told him to put you on the team.” Her train of thought was interrupted.

She snapped her head around to see Sirius’ silhouette standing on the stairway in the blackness looking into the fire, same as she was.

“What?” she asked, wary of his genuine attitude. There was something in his voice she couldn’t place.

He tore his eyes away from the fire to look directly into her eyes. His eyes were a smouldering grey colour, she had never noticed before.

“James,” Sirius clarified “I told him today that he should put you on the team.”

Sydney was taken aback. “Why?”

Sirius rolled his eyes “You were the best.” He explained shrugging his shoulders, he walked towards her and sat on the sofa next to her chair and he stretched out. “Even though we’re not exactly best friends,” he said, a smirked evident on his face, it was lit up from the glow of the fireplace, however the rest of him remained in the darkness. “We need you on the team.” He admitted. “But, as James made perfectly clear to me and you,” he nodded “It is his team,” Sydney suddenly realised that he was topless, his muscles rippled as he moved on the sofa and Sydney suddenly felt herself looking away, embarrassed. “It’s not like I’m bothered anyway,” said Sirius defensively “I’m happy I don’t have your slutty antics messing up our Quidditch matches.” The hostility was suddenly back in the room as Sydney stood up.

“You really are a complete arse.” She said her eyes narrowed as she saw the humor on his face.

Sirius looked her up and down and then eventually met her eyes and raised an eyebrow. Sydney had a twisted look of disgust on her face as he scrutinised her. She put her slippers back on and turned on her heel marching towards the stairwell.

“Puppies?” she heard from behind her. She turned back to face Sirius, her expression angry and confused.

“What?” she snapped.

Sirius gestured towards her pyjamas, Sydney looked down and her brow furrowed, then she suddenly realised.

“I like puppies.” She stated angrily.

Sirius voice came from the darkness that tipped her over the edge. “Puppy slut.”

She advanced on him and pulled her wand from the back of her trousers and jabbed the tip of it into his chest angrily. “One,” she hissed “That makes no bloody sense,” she could see him smirking happily, which only fuelled her rage. She closed the gap between them, which caused Sirius’ snigger to falter and for his breath to catch in his throat “and two if you people want a slut,” she said, her eyes wild, her breathing ragged “I’ll give you a slut.” She spat.

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As she walked down the girls staircase she could feel her heart pounding, she paused for a second and debated whether she should just go upstairs and change her outfit but her pride willed her on. Sydney held her breath as she came close to the door that led to the common room where she knew all of her peers were, she thought about the looks on their face if she walked in looking the way she did. She smirked, fluffed up her hair and opened the door.

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