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Poison Ivy by KateRhodes
Chapter 23 : Not without you
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Please, forgive me for taking so ridiculously long to update. I got a new job and my life has been hectic ever since. I am a little more settled in now so I promise I'm gonna try my absolute best to give you chapter twenty four in about a month. 

Thank you all for being so lovely and reading my story, a special thanks to those who take the time to leave a review. It really does make my day!

AN: As previously stated, Wuthering Heights is a novel by Emily Bronte. I only mention it because of the beautiful love story it tells but I have no ownership or rights over the story or the characters whatsoever. 

The same applies to the story of Hercules and Megara. 

Lots of love, 



After Narcissa left, followed closely by Malfoy, everything went slowly back to normal. I had to admit that I was impressed. I had no idea this was coming. When Lily came back to my side, I couldn’t help but to smile widely at her. She had played her part perfectly and I, being the mischievous Marauder I was, felt terribly proud of my girlfriend. Wow, it sounded so right. My girlfriend.


-“Wanna dance?”- she asked me.


-“Of course”- I took her hand and we went to the dancing floor. However, we were stopped by Naomi before we could start to move to the beat.


-“James, where can I find Sirius?”- she said.


-“He’ll be fine”- I said dismissively.


-“Actually, I think he is not fine. He was still pissed at Remus for… you know… me… so I think he just thought this was like the end of their friendship or something. And he wasn’t here to see it was all an act”- she explained. Lily nodded.


-“Hum… I guess he’ll be either in the music room or in the Room of Requirements…”- I ventured.


-“Thanks”- she said, leaving us. I took Lily’s hand again and we began dancing.


-“That was quite impressive, what you did to Narcissa”- I told my girl as we swung together.


-“You think?”- she couldn’t help but smile, pleased.


-“Of course! That prank of yours was epic! Now we’ll have to come up with something really, really good if we want to outdo you girls”- I half joked.


-“Well, it wasn’t really a prank. It was more of… Naomi informed us she knew Letty and Penelope were only with us to pass information to Narcissa and we… took advantage of their own plot”- she said. That’s why I loved her. She would never, ever be arrogant. Always humble brilliant Lily.


-“You are too humble. Just admit that you did a marvelous job”- I replied. She blushed.


-“I’m not too humble”


-“Yes you are. Any other girl would rant about grades like yours, looks like yours… I mean… you are perfect and you don’t exploit it, not even a little”- I said.


-“You think I’m perfect?”


-“Of course. I always have”- I was surprised to see the brightness of her eyes. She must have known that I thought she was, no? I mean, I’ve told her a thousand times during the past years.


-“But I am… ill tempered, and stubborn and… you know, I follow the rules all the time… and I am a bookworm and…”


-“Lily, you are the most perfect girl I’ve ever met. You are smart, beautiful, funny, selfless, confident, trustworthy… and I could go on for the night and still not cover the list of all things that make you so amazing”- I told her.


-“James…”- she whispered. I smiled at her, happy that I could get her to look at me like that. I felt like I was in heaven. Then she kissed me. Okay, forget that last bit. Now I was in heaven.




I checked the music room first but he wasn’t there so I went to the Room of Requirements. As I walked I began to think about what I was doing. Why was I looking for him? Because he would have come looking for me it the situation was reversed. And because I cared for him. What was I going to say? I had no idea. He wasn’t in the Room of Requirement either, which I found slightly weird. Where the hell was he? I groaned as I realized that if I wanted to find him I would have to go all the way to Gryffindor Tower, the boys’ room and get the map. And so I did.


-“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”- I said. Hogwarts appeared before me and I scanned the castle looking for the tiny spot named Sirius Black. Or Padfoot. He was in the Astronomy Tower. What was he doing up there?


I took the cloak and the map with me. We were supposed to be at the ball and not wandering around the castle so I figured it would save us some trouble to be well equipped. I got to the Tower as quickly as possible. He was sitting on the stone steps, smoking in silence. I took a moment to just stare at him. The moonlight rays shone on his perfect hair. It was dark, yet the silvery shine of said light gave the place a private, somewhat romantic atmosphere.


If you were waiting for the opportune moment, this is it.


Maaaaaa! I yelled at her in my brain. She didn’t reply so I paid attention to him again. Eventually, I stepped in the balcony. He didn’t look at me as I sat next to him but spoke, instead.


-“You’re going to ruin your dress”- he said quietly.


-“You missed the best prank this school has ever seen”- I announced. Then he looked at me. I kept staring at the almost full moon.




-“It was all an act. You would have seen if you’d stayed longer. We knew that Letty and Penelope were passing information on to Narcissa. Jo found out they were planning on doing something to me during Christmas ball so I made sure to announce around I was looking forward eating the dessert… which gave them a perfect opportunity to put the love draught in it. Well, Lily brewed me an antidote that I drank before coming down…”- I explained.


-“So you were not… infatuated with Remus? Wait and what was all that about calling Meg fat? She’s pregnant! Of course she’s gaining weight; I’d be worried if she wasn’t!”- he said, confused.


-“We had rehearsed it. Meg needed an excuse to leave the Hall and I needed something to have Narcissa thinking she was winning so we faked the fights “


-“Why would Meg need to leave the Hall?”


-“Well, when you left, Remus kind of told Narcissa he liked her… which was, obviously, a lie because I had explained to Remus what he had to do. She kissed him and Meg came in with Lucius Malfoy that very moment”- I informed him, smiling proudly. He looked surprised, then pissed, then he started laughing.


-“Are you serious? Malfoy saw Narcissa kissing Remus? And how on Earth did you persuade him to go to such lengths? Kissing my cousin… That’s a hell of a sacrifice, let me tell you!”


-“Well, he felt guilty about… the…. Ehrm… you know…”- I wanted to hit myself. Stuttering? Really? Since when? If I did not get a grip next thing I’d know is that I blushed or something just as preposterous.


-“You will have to explain that to me someday, you know that, right?”- he told me.


-“Maybe”- I said, vaguely.


-“What did Malfoy say?”


-“Well he kind of yelled at her, then my girls came in and we explained it all out loud. She was publicly humiliated; left the Hall running and crying, followed closely by a murderous looking Malfoy”- I said, breaking into a fit of chuckles at the memory.


-“You are good!”- he exclaimed. We laughed some more.


-“I am the best damn thing”- I said. He smiled at me.


-“I should apologize to Moony for actually believing he could have a crush on Cissy”- he said. I cringed at the nickname but said nothing.


-“Gimme a cigarette first”- I asked. He took out the pack and then offered me the lighter. The flame ignited between us and I saw it reflected in his beautiful, deep grey eyes.


-“How did you find me?”- he asked after a moment of comfortable silence.


-“I took the map”- I told him.


-“Does Prongs know?”


-“I’m sure he doesn’t mind”- I replied, dismissively. He chuckled.


-“Has anyone ever told you your laugh resembles a dog’s bark?”- I asked him.


-“Nope, but I guess it doesn’t surprise me”


-“Why did you choose a dog?”


-“Because I like them and my family never allowed me to have one”- he said, gloomily.


-“Your family gave you a hard time, huh?”


-“You already know that”


-“Yeah… it’s been a while since we exchanged secrets. I liked that”- I said, tentatively.


-“How about we just tell each other stuff without counting how many secrets we are giving away?”- he suggested. I studied his face for a little while, taking my time to reply. His face was obscured by the shadows but some rays of moonlight shone on his hair, giving him a god like beauty that pulled me towards him.


-“What else would you want to tell me? You already talked about your family, that’s your deepest secret, no?”- I was curious and a little scared. How much did he want to tell me and how much was I ready to tell him in return?


-“Well, you know about how… unwanted I felt. You don’t know that when I ran away my mother burnt my face off the family tree… or that Regulus… my brother, he… well…”


-“I know about Regulus. James told me… when you yelled at me for taking Josh to the beach party, remember?”


-“Oh… right… well, my family sucks, basically”- he said half heartedly.


-“But you found a new one. The Potters are like family to you, aren’t they?”- I half smiled at him tentatively. I really wanted to make him feel better but I was no expert in sensitive talks.


-“Yeah, they are great. You should meet them… what are you doing over Christmas?”- he asked, sounding suddenly excited. A groan came to me but I held it back. His mood swings drove me crazy but I liked this excitement better than the emo version of Sirius.


-“I’m… actually, I have no idea. I’m going home; to London… then I don’t know. Sometimes we go away, sometimes we stay…”- I thought about it. Dad had not written to me after he came to see me when I came back from York.


-“Whereabouts in London is your house?”


-“I live in Chelsea”- I replied.


-“Not bad, not bad. The Potters live in Berkeley Square”- he informed me.


-“So I take it you’re staying with them for the holiday?”


-“Yeah, Rhea is, too”- he said. I smiled.


-“We could meet, in London I mean”- I suggested. His lips twitched upwards slightly and he eyed me mischievously before speaking.


-“Have you not had enough of me already?”- he half joked. I looked at him.


-“I could ask you the same question”- I whispered. The air became thicker as the tension arose between us. Was I really doing this? Could I do it? What if I hurt him?


-“I asked you first”- he teased. His gaze was so intense I thought I would melt. The situation was too much for me, so I went for a joke. Easy escape.


-“Who am I supposed to annoy if I don’t see you for a whole three weeks?”- I asked, faking aggravation. He chuckled.


-“See? You can’t live without me”- he replied, lightly. I chose to ignore the sudden urge to vomit that overwhelmed me. If this was what people meant by “butterflies” I sure as hell hated the fucking insects. My eyes searched his face once more, taking in every line. His cheekbones were one of my favorite features; they made him look as if he´d been craved on marble. But it was his eyes that drove me absolutely nuts. They were deep and almost hypnotizing. I lost myself in the grey mist that his gaze was and, before I could refrain, the words escaped my mouth.  


-“Actually, I don’t think I can”- I blurted. Oh. Fuck. Where did that come from? Shit. He looked at me even more intently than before. He shifted his weight slightly, adjusting his position so that he could scrutinize me more closely. When he spoke, his voice was sure and soft, almost caressing.


-“Well, that’s good to know since I can’t live without you either”- he said. I felt asphyxiated. Scared. No, scratch that. I felt absolutely terrified. I opened and closed my mouth a couple times, trying to regain some control. My stomach was twitching violently and my blood seemed to be on fire. The bad kind of fire. I squeezed my brains in a futile attempt at finding something to say that would lift the tension.


-“Of course you can’t! You need someone to get you out of trouble when giant wolves show up”- I purred.


-“And you need someone to save you from avalanches and wolves”- he replied.


-“Yeah, you’ve done a pretty good job keeping me alive”- I muttered. Then, a stupid thought crossed my mind. If I had known Sirius before, if he had been part of my life from the very beginning… maybe he’d been there that night. Maybe he’d saved us.


-“I try”


-“I wish I’d known you earlier”- I murmured. He looked positively confused.


-“What?”- he asked. I felt exposed, almost as if I was naked. Why was I thinking about him that way? Of course, I knew I fancied him and all but… I felt so safe. I mean I was terrified but that was because he was getting to me more than anyone had ever before and that was something I found positively scary. Yet, at the same time, I felt as if nothing bad could happen to me as long as I was next to him.


-“I said I wish I had known you earlier”- I repeated.


-“Naomi, what happened to you? Tell me already, you know you can tell me anything”- he whispered.


-“I’m not ready to tell you or anyone else for that matter”- I replied. I was expecting him to push the subject so I was surprised by his next sentence.


-“You know you can always come to me, whenever you’re ready”- he said, softly.


-“Remember I told you I have an addiction to dreamless potion?”


-“Yeah, what’s that have to do with anything?”


-“Well, I can’t dream because I have nightmares about that thing that happened and I can’t talk about. And it’s the same thing Remus brought up, accidentally, and sent me to panic attack mode. That’s all I can tell you”- I said. It just felt right to try to explain something, without giving much away. After all, he had told me a lot about himself.


-“The only reason I want to know is so that I can keep you from it. If I don’t know what’s going on I can’t protect you from it”- he said.


-“Why? Why do you go through so much trouble?”


-“I think you’re worth it”- I noticed he was getting closer. His lips looked so lush and inviting… it felt as if the entire universe was pulling me towards him.


-“Sirius, you know me better than anyone. If there’s someone who’s not worth the trouble, that’s me. I’m a bitch, remember?”


-“You’re also a good girl”


-“I’ve done some really awful things”- I informed him.


-“I’ll tell you another secret. A big one. And I don’t want anything in return. This is just to prove to you that we all do horrible things but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are horrible people”


-“What could you have possibly done that was so bad? I mean, you guys pull pranks, hell yeah, that’s really evil”- I half joked.


-“I almost got Snivellius killed last year”- he blurted. I blinked.




-“I tricked him into going to a very, very dangerous place. I wanted to teach him a lesson, didn’t really think of how stupid it really was… in the end he got out of it all right but only thanks to James. If it hadn’t been for him… Snivellius would be dead and it would all be my fault”- he explained. I tilted my head to the side, thinking about what he had just said.


-“Does this place have anything to do with that Willow Peter can make stand still?”


-“How do… oh, right, you saw us”


-“Yeah, but I never knew what you were doing there or why he’d stop the Willow… anyway; Sirius, that’s not bad enough”- I told him.


-“I almost got someone killed, that’s pretty awful for me”- he said in aggravation. We were still very close to each other, however; the tension had magically lifted.


-“I killed someone”- that statement made me feel worse than I expected. It was the first time after it happened that I felt bad about it. Damn Sirius.


-“It was an accident. And he would have killed Walter”- he snarled, obviously not happy that I felt bad about having killed a Death Eater.


-“He was still a human being who deserved a trial”- I said.


-“Snivellius was a poor student who had done nothing wrong but having greasy hair and being sorted into Slytherin”


-“He’s alive”


-“Still, my situation is far worse and you don’t think I’m a bad person, do you?”- he inquired. I had to give it to him. He did have a point.


-“No. In fact, I think you’re way too good…”- I trailed off as I realized I had almost told him. Almost.


-“Too good?”


-“As in… being around me is not the best idea. Poison Ivy, and all that crap”- I said, trying to dismiss the subject. However, he shocked me yet again. He kneeled before me and took my hands in his. The simple touch of his skin sent electric waves running up my arm and I felt the heat of desire deep inside my body. He smiled softly at me and locked his eyes with mine, causing me world to shift yet again.


-“Look into my eyes and tell you don’t feel the same way I do”- he whispered. I felt as if the air had been sucked out of the balcony. Literally, it felt as if I had been punched in the gut. Hard and mercilessly.


-“What?”- I tried playing dumb but I was sure my trembling hands were giving me away.


-“Tell me you don’t feel it and I’ll never bring it up again”- he said, solemnly.


-“Sirius… I…”- I stuttered.


-“What are you so afraid of?”


-“I… I… well, you… what if… If I hurt you, you’ll go away”- I whispered.


-“Why do you think you’ll hurt me?”- his gaze burnt. And I mean it did burn.


-“Because of the bad seed in me! I am… poisonous, toxic, I’m mean… what if you become… like me?”


-“Naomi, I already am you”- he said.




-“I am so into you that I feel as if I were you, just… like, well, Catherine and Heathcliff”- he said, awkwardly.


-“You’ve read Wuthering Heights?”- I wanted to laugh but, of course, the moment was too beau


-“That’s so not the point”- he complained, still holding my hands in his and eyeing me intently.


-“But Sirius, I am Heathcliff… and you know how bad it turns out in the end”- I muttered.


-“He died of love”- he said solemnly. I felt him get a little bit closer. The heat irradiating from his body wrapped me gently and I felt that safety thing that only he could give me. Was I being stupid by pushing him away? The answer came from Mom’s voice but also from somewhere else, somewhere deep inside me. Somewhere in my chest. Yes, I was.


-“I lied to you about one other love story”- I muttered.


-“What do you mean?”


-“Megara… she died of love but…”- I whispered, hoping he knew what I was talking about.


-“He brought her back”- I was about to smile because he remembered the story about my Halloween costume. More than that, he had looked it up or asked someone about it. I wanted to twirl with joy only because he had researched it for me. Ancient Muggle Mythology. And he had investigated only because of me. But I couldn’t smile or twirl or anything. I couldn´t even speak or think because his lips captured mine.


The kiss was so meaningful that I never found words to describe it, not even to myself when I remembered that night. The moment our mouths met all hell broke loose inside me. All the fear was mutinied upon and joy, glee, safety, courage and even romanticism celebrated. It was as if fireworks were exploding all over my body. It felt as if nothing could make me feel sad, or scared ever again. It felt perfect. More than that, it felt right.


We left the Astronomy Tower and walked together under the cloak and back to the Great Hall. Sirius hid both, the map and the cloak in a secret passage not too far away. When we entered the ball again, everyone was dancing, drinking and chatting animatedly. He looked at me and smiled, taking my hand and leading me to the dance floor. It felt as if we were defying the world. I was certainly defying myself and that was just as impressive. I pushed all thoughts aside and decided to just go with it. After all, I knew that as long as I was beside him nothing could go wrong. We moved to the music in perfect synchronization and in silence. There was no need for words anymore. Three songs went by before I noticed some people staring curiously at us. I looked at him, into his breath taking grey eyes. He smiled at me, letting his joy reach his eyes. I rested my head against his chest and we kept dancing, trying to ignore everyone else. After another two songs, however, the whispering had increased drastically and it was annoying me. What the hell was so shocking? I realized that I did not tend to be nice to Sirius in public; in fact, most of the students thought we hated each other and kept fighting for no apparent reason. Yeah, this fit into “unusual behavior” if I really thought about it.


-“Everyone’s watching”- I murmured.


-“I’m sure they’re jealous”- he whispered.


-“They have good reason to be; we’re the best looking couple in the school”- I half joked.


-“Don’t tell that to Prongs”- he replied, chuckling.


-“Do you think we should… ehm… tell them?”


-“Yeah, I mean, there are no secrets between us… you know, Marauders and all”- he said. I shrugged.


-“Don’t give them any details or else I’ll have to kill you all”- I hissed. He captured a lock of my hair between his fingers and put it behind my ear gently, caressing my face slightly in the process.


-“I’m sure you would!”- he replied, beaming at me right before he made me twist. He caught me again between his arms just when the song finished.


-“So, drink?”- I suggested.


-“You’re trying to get me drunk?”- he took my hand again and lead me out of the dance floor and towards the bar.


-“Oh please, like I would need to”- I retorted.


-“Where have you two been?”- Remus asked as soon as we approached the bar. Sirius’ smile gave him away immediately.


-“Talking”- I replied dismissively, going for the firewhisky.


-“Right, you call it talking now”- Remus teased. I rolled my eyes.


-“We did talk. Among other things”- Sirius informed, wiggling his eyebrows. Remus chuckled.


-“Well, I’m happy for you, it was about time!”- our friend said, beaming. I rolled my eyes yet again, in an attempt to derive attention from the topic at hand, but I couldn’t stop the half smile that came to my lips.


-“Why are you so happy?”- James asked, joining us. Lily was safely attached to his side, secured by his arm placed around her waist.


-“Looks like Padfoot here’s got news”- Remus replied, smiling mischievously.


-“Come on, what’s going on? Oh my God, what happened?”- Lily asked, happily. I raised an eyebrow. Was Lily drunk?


-“Red, are you drunk?”- Sirius said, surprised. I chuckled, could he really be reading my mind already? My stomach twisted at the thought. No, it would never be like that. Sirius and I would always respect each other’s privacy. There would be no need for explanations and such. We were free people who had freely chosen to have a mature relationship in which freedom would be crucial. Lily’s giggling got my attention again so I interrupted my internal monologue.


-“Just a little tipsy”- she chuckled. Wow.


-“Hey, James, who is this girl and what have you done to my first mate Lily Evans?!”- I exclaimed, faking aggravation.


-“It’s not James’ fault, it was Rhea… we did shots to celebrate the great triumph tonight!”- Lily purred. I looked at her.


-“So, where’s Rhea now?”- Sirius asked her. She looked startled and confused for a full five seconds before she understood the question.


-“Celebrating… with Mark”- Lily chanted, clapping her hands in happiness. I felt Sirius stiffen next to me and was a little surprised that my hand flew straight to his forearm to stop him from jumping on Lily.


-“WHAT?”- he yelled at no one in particular.


-“Calm down”- I whispered. He conveniently chose to ignore me.  


-“Celebrating with her boyfriend! How lovely!”- Lily repeated, obviously oblivious to Sirius’ anger.




-“Sirius, calm down”- I said again. This time he seemed to hear me.


-“CALM DOWN? CALM DOWN? RHEA….”- he looked positively sick. Lily frowned, trying to understand the situation while James and Remus secured the perimeter to ensure Sirius did not just run off trying to murder Mark.


-“Hey, you knew she was dating him Padfoot, it’s… not like she was going to be our little girl forever”- James said. I was going to retort and say that his comment did not exactly help make him feel better but Remus cut in.


-“Padfoot, if you go find her and ruin her night she won’t forgive you for it”- he said, wisely.


-“But… but… but it’s Rhea! I can’t… RHEA!”- he insisted.


-“Well, it’s not like you don’t sleep with people!”- I sneered. All of them looked at me wide eye. Well, what did they expect? That I was all pure and celibate around him? Sirius half smiled for a moment, before going back to berserker mode.


-“I… it’s not the same! SHE IS TOO YOUNG AND TO FRAGILE AND… I’M SO GOING TO KILL THE BASTARD!”- he ranted. I rolled my eyes.


-“Please, Sirius, just let her grow up. She knows what she’s doing and she really, really likes him”- I added, sighing.


-“But… ugh”- he groaned.


-“Look, she knows what she’s doing, she’s happy and that’s all you should worry about”- Lily said.


-“Are you sobered up already?”- he snapped. She frowned.


-“No, but I know what I’m talking about”- she said, sticking up her chin in pride.


-“Right. Whatever. I need a drink”- Sirius mumbled turning around and pouring firewhisky in his glass. I sighed.


-“Well, what was your good news Padfott?”- James asked. I shot him a murderous look but he was obviously too worried with diverting attention away from Rhea’s whereabouts.


-“Yeah! Tell us, what happened?”- Lily encouraged him. He glanced at me as I rolled my eyes for the third time in ten minutes.


-“We’re dating”- I said, casually.


-“Oh, cool”- James replied, taking a zip from his drink. Lily was frozen. I smirked, waiting for James to really register what I had just said.


-“OH.MY.GOD”- Lily blurted. James’ eyes widened and he choked on his drink. Sirius smiled at his friend while Remus just shook his head.


-“You are dating? As in… dating? Like together? Padfoot and… you? Naomi? Are you serious?”- he rambled awkwardly.


-“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod this is so great! THIS IS SO GREAT! I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU!”- Lily launched herself against me in what I think was supposed to be a hug. Her drunkenness took the best out of her and she ended up knocking me down to the floor.


-“Yeah, I would appreciate it if you didn’t kill her just yet. We’ve been together for less than an hour Red”- Sirius joked. From the floor, I saw James stare at him in disbelief.


-“How on Earth did you manage to get THAT girl?”- he asked. Sirius beamed at him.


-“Well, you should know. Naomi is my Red, after all”- he replied. James smiled widely at him.


-“Congratulations man!”- they engulfed each other in a bear hug. In the meantime, Remus kindly assisted me and Lily who seemed to be unable of standing up on her own.


-“I believe a toast is in order”- Remus said once he got both of us back on our feet.


-“To Sirius and Naomi!”- James exclaimed, raising his glass.


-“To love”- Lily purred, smiling at him. I raised my glass with a shaky hand; feeling overwhelmed and a little beyond scared. Sirius eyes found mine right before my lips touched the crystal of the goblet I was holding. The jolt of electricity that burnt me that moment left no doubt alive. I had made the right choice.


There was something that felt completely wrong, was the first thing that crossed my mind when I woke up. I opened my eyes and the light pierced through my head, torturing me without mercy. Hangover. I groaned slightly and tried to adjust my position only to find that someone’s arm was keeping safely pressed to the arm’s owner’s chest. I panicked for a split second and then it all came back to me. The Astronomy Tower, a kiss and Sirius’ eyes. The mixture of leftover alcohol and terrifying excitement was a horrible combination for my stomach. I pushed Sirius’ arm away and sprinted to the ladies’ room. After rinsing my mouth and brushing my teeth like a thousand times, I washed my face and decided I was ready to come out. Sirius watched me from the bed; half awake and grinning like a maniac.


-“Morning gorgeous”- he said.


-“Hey”- I replied, going for a cigarette and sitting on the window edge.


-“You not coming back in?”- he asked, smiling.


-“I will, in a minute”- I said vaguely. I looked around and noticed that we were the only ones in the room. He noticed my gesture.


-“I have no idea where Jo is but Meg is with Dom, Red’s with Prongs and Rhea’s with whatever his face”- he announced.


-“I don’t remember coming back last night”- I admitted. He chuckled.


-“We got a little carried away with the celebration shots. Of course, you demanded I took you to the room before anyone could see you were actually drunk”- he informed me. I attempted a smirk but my head hurt way too much.


-“Thanks, I guess”


-“Anytime”- he sat on the bed and the sheet fell. Oh man, I was so in love with that chest of his.


-“So… going back home today, huh?”- I said.


-“This evening, we’re taking the last train. Prongs, Rhea and I that is”- he explained. I looked out the window. What did I want to say? Did I really want to see him over Christmas?


-“I’m taking that train, too”- I pointed out.


-“I thought you wanted to leave early”- he said, slightly confused. I looked at him again.


-“Well, I did want to but of course I wasn’t expecting… this… so my plans have changed a little”


-“I’m happy you’ll be in the train with me”- he said, smiling. Ugh I hated how much I loved that smile.


-“I suppose having you around will make the journey a little less boring…”


-“I’m still your favorite punching bag, aren’t I?”- he joked.


-“Of course”- I smirked at him. My cigarette was finished so I put it out on my ash tray. Sirius motioned for me to get back in bed.


-“We still have some time before we have to pack”- he reminded me.  


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Poison Ivy: Not without you


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