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Baby Of Mine by sammm
Chapter 20 : Safe & Sound
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Baby of Mine




Plot: 'Malfoy, I'm pregnant.' 'Well then I feel sorry for the bloke that knocked you up.' 'You're the father.' The two ex-students get into a little bit of a mess after a Ministry party, and have to deal with the consequences.




Disclaimer: I don’t own J.K. Rowling, or the characters.




Previously:Her wand was blown away across the floor where she had no access to it, even if she ran, she knew Lucius would get to it first. “Now are you going to cooperate Mudblood or am I going to have to make you?”




Chapter Eighteen: Safe & Sound




“Why do I get the feeling that we shouldn't be here?” Draco muttered. The area of London they were in was entirely too quiet contrary to the complaint they had received about twenty minutes ago.




The streets were deserted, the street lamp that had once lit the street had been smashed in and there was tons of litter on the ground. The houses that surrounded the small part of town were quiet, almost as if no one lived there. Shutters left open, there was no movement in sight.




“I don't know but we were told we needed to be here and yet I don't see anyone in sight. It almost seems deserted.” Ron stated.




“Exactly.” Draco said.




“So what we're all agreeing upon is that we were lead here under false pretences. Question is, why?” Harry asked.




“Mr. Tajo, knows what he's doing, he wouldn't send us here for no reason, would he?”




“Beats me, I'd say we have a quick look around and leave. There's not exactly much keeping us here.”




Suddenly they heard a loud pop in the middle of the street. There now stood which used to be an empty street stood a black figure of what they thought was a man. Upon closer look they noticed the ragged clothing, the heavy breathing, blood dripping from his lips. “You won't be going anywhere.” A new voice exclaimed, surprising them all.




On closer inspection, they saw the very person they'd been searching for the past couple of months. “Greyback”.




They all moved at once, their wands in hand with a spell on their tongue. It was easily three against one; there was no chance they could loose.










“Now are you going to cooperate Mudblood or am I going to have to make you?”




“What do you want?” She asked, trying to see if her wand less magic would work in this situation. Though it was quite hopeless as the baby was draining her magic and she was already weak enough as it was from her a fall. What she wouldn't wish for Draco to return, there was no way out of this under these circumstances. Greyback was now up against the best Aurors in the ministry, and she was facing the deadliest Death Eater who was supposed to be in Azkaban.




“Well other than you dead, nothing.” He said. “Actually that's a lie, I want my son to suffer, and I want Potter and Weasley dead. And that baby, that bastard torn from your body and massacre. Is that enough of an answer for you?”




“Please no, not the baby.” Hermione was going to do anything in her power to protect this baby even if this meant she died in the process. She was only six months along, almost seven but the healers had told her the baby wouldn't last full term anyways due to her fall and other complications. She would have to be put to sleep in order for the baby to come out. There was no way she was going to be able to do this naturally. She cursed Bellatrix Lestrange a thousand times over in this moment. She had ruined almost everything.




“You're asking me to spare you, is that what you're trying to tell me Mudblood?” Lucius laughed, a bitter laugh. She wondered how Narcissa had ever loved a man full of evil or how Draco had he grown up this way, living in his father's shadow. She knew full well that having a father like Lucius could damage your metabolism not to mention emotionally. She had wondered how Draco had come out unscarred and such a humble person within reason, not that she didn't want to pulverize him sometimes.




She thought of life and how much she had accomplished. What had become of her? She was a successful Auror, mother to be and in love with Draco Malfoy. She had come to the conclusion in a mill second. She was in love with Draco Malfoy, heart-stopping love, in which she couldn't breathe without him. They'd only been dating since her accident but she'd known him longer, almost nine years in fact. Had she known years ago that she would be in love with her enemy, she'd thought they were insane.




She didn't know when it happened exactly but she felt it in her gut, heartbreak that she would never see him again. He'd been her source of comfort; she relied on his ability to adapt to any situation. He hadn't turned her away when she told him she was pregnant, he had never let her down thus far. He was the perfect gentleman. When he was in Hogwarts she could claim he was the most annoying, cocky pureblood, egotistical bastard and yet now years later she could never see him as such. He was stubborn and did think that the world revolved around him most of the time. But he loved his child, more than she thought possible. She had wished she'd gotten to know Draco under different circumstances.




She had loved Ron, as her first love but they had been friends first. They'd grown since their days in Hogwarts and she had loved him. But they both knew they were better off as friends and their relationship hadn't been ruined because of it. Ian had been a surprise; she hadn't expected a relationship with him to surface never the less when she was restoring her parent's memories. It was neither unwelcome nor strange. He was a perfect gentleman, pulling her chair before he sat down, sending her roses during her work hours. The proposal had shocked her and she ended up saying no, not due to her not loving him enough but due to she wasn't ready. Even at 24 years old, she knew she wasn't ready to have a child. It was unexpected surprise that she loved with all her heart but wouldn’t change for anything.




“Please no, I'll do anything.”




“There's nothing I could possibly want from a Mudblood like you. So there's really no use in you begging.”




“How did you escape Azkaban?” In a moment of distraction, any reason for him to keep talking.




“Did you seriously think that if Black could escape in 93' what was to stop another Death Eater escaping?”




“Sirius Black was no Death Eater! The Ministry cleared this up years ago. You're an animagus? But animagus are detected once turned, the Ministry would known the instant you turned.”




“Not when you're using Dark Magic. Did you honestly think I would want to get caught? Even with the Dementors gone, Azkaban was no place for me.” He said with a smile. “An eagle is quite a fitting animal for me, don't you think?”




“How did you escape?”




“The guards have to switch shifts and within the fifteen minutes between guards I changed form and flew through the bars. Quite simple isn't it?” Within seconds of conversation he’d pulled out his wand without her noticing and a knife in his other hand. “Enough chatting, I'd say it was high time I killed you.”




She tried to run, barely running into the wall trapped between the kitchen and the living room. She felt a fierce sharp in the back her leg. She looked down to see the knife cut right through her skin, blood dripping down her leg. “Not to worry, Granger. I have plenty more where that one came from.”




She grabbed at the knife, pulling it out of her leg. Sweat was dripping from her forehead, she knew in that moment; she wouldn't make it out of this alive. Her baby and herself weren't going to live, she wouldn't see Draco again, nor Harry, Ginny and Ron. She had survived the war only to die at the hands of Lucius Malfoy. She was finally happy and now this Death Eater was going to rip her life out of her hands.




She brought the knife towards him, ready to swing at him. “Accio knife.' She heard him say. She had quite the grip on the knife but it wasn't enough for his strength or his magic. The grip on the knife had cut her hand. “These muggle instruments are doing quite the more damage then I thought.” That's when she felt another stab to her leg; almost in the exact spot as her other wound. The bloody wound was getting deeper and bigger. She didn't know how much longer before her leg would give out and collapse on her and loose all feeling.




She knew she had to do something; she couldn't willingly herself to give up. No matter how hard it was, knowing she was loosing everything. She would not give up; anything to wipe that stupid smirk off Lucius Malfoy's face would be more than satisfying. She would fight him or die trying. She got up with enough force from the pain from her leg and rushed at him, trying for her wand or the knife whichever he had less grip on. She managed for her wand with enough force as he was shooting spells at her. She managed to block most of them until he shouted one particular spell at her.








She knew what it felt to be under this spell beforehand and knew that she barely survived it the first time. Damn Bellatrix Lestrange and damn Lucius Malfoy. She could feel a thousand knives ripping through her skin, piercing every bone in her body. She tried not to scream, barely holding on, her hand on her mouth preventing what immense pain she was going through.




“Now don't be shy, Mudblood.”




Once the curse was lifted off of her, she was able to move but already weak she couldn't put much of a fight when he grabbed the knife once again. She felt a punch towards her face, as she tried to block with her hands while unbalanced she felt the knife go into her thigh and then release and straight into her stomach. She could feel her eyes closing as she fought, twisting her body from his grip. It was no use, she had lost and she couldn't do anything anymore. She wasn't strong enough to win this fight.




As her eyes closed, she thought of her family and friends of their reactions. She felt another blow to her stomach, the blood dripping from his fingers from the grip on the knife. All this pain, willing for her to cry out but she did not, she would not let the satisfaction of him beating her.




“Say goodbye Mudblood, for you will never see your friends, my son or your baby ever again.”




And her eyes closed one final time.





She opened her eyes, noticing the bright lights surrounding her vision. Once her eyes adjusted to the lights, she wondered where she was or how long it's been since she'd been asleep. She couldn't even remember the last memory she had being awake. Was this heaven? All she could see were bright white walls and fluorescent lights. She could hear loud noises but couldn't tell where it was coming from.




“Ah dear, you're awake.”




Her vision was still blurry but once focused she noticed a woman in bright healer robes, contrast to the white walls in her room. “Do you know where you are?”




She opened her mouth to say anything, but the words wouldn't come to her. Her throat felt dry, like she hadn't talked in days. “St. Mungo’s?” She asked.




The healer than produced her wand and conjured a plastic cup with water filled with ice cubes. Her arms felt drained; it felt like years since she’d moved. The healer than reached out and poured the cup filled with water down her throat, grateful for the hospitality given at this moment. Once she was able to clear her throat and properly speak for the time being, the healer continued.




“Good.” She then noticed a clipboard at hand, with a quick-quotes quill writing down her response. “Do you know who you are?”




“Hermione Jean Granger.” She was glad she could remember her own name yet let alone of why she was in St. Mungo’s in the first place, what had happened to her?




“What was the last thing you remember?”




She thought for a moment, she couldn't remember much, all she knew that she felt an immense pain. Especially in her lower region, as if something had been ripped out of her body and she'd been reattached. “I don't know. I was hoping you could tell me.”




“Hmm.” The healer left off. She didn't like that tone and wanted to know what was going on. What was she suppose to remember?




“Do you know the date Miss Granger?”




“October, isn't it?” It had almost been Halloween, she remembered. Had she missed the holiday?




The healer just continued to jot down her notes with her quick-quotes quill. Hermione wanted to know what was going on. She could barely move and her legs were quite sore. She wanted to stand, stretch, be able to move her limbs at any cost but she knew it was inevitable. It seemed she'd been in St. Mungo’s for quite some time. No matter how many times Harry and Ron had been sent here over the years, these hospital beds were never comfy.




How long had she been in the hospital? Why was she in the hospital in the first place? She wondered where everyone where Harry or The Weasley's were? Had they come to visit her? Was Draco here too?




It all came back to her, the memory flashing before her eyes.




“What happened to me?”




“It's December 24th Miss Granger. You've been in a coma for the past two months.”




Coma, she knew they existed in the muggle world, but in the wizarding world? She'd been in a coma for two months? What had happened to her? “But, how can that be?”




“You came in severely injured, in fact we weren't sure if you'd survive the night.”




She remembered blacking out and wondered what had happened afterwards. She must have apparated with someone to St. Mungo’s. Where were Draco or Harry and Ron for that matter? Why was she all alone? Her parents must have been sick with worry. Then the last thought came to her at once. She moved her arms slightly, noticing with extreme pain that every limb in her body was numb, she must have been dosed with a lot of potions to keep her from feeling most of the pain she knew would surely come in a few hours now that she was awake.




She felt her stomach and noticed the absence of the budge. The baby she had carried for the last six months was no longer there. It was in that last thought she broke down and cried, her heart breaking as she wept.




Author's Note: So once again I have writer's block which I guess is nothing new for me. I’m really sorry everyone for the long forgotten story, I'm still writing I promise. Updates are just a little slow at the moment but I will finish this story. I think there's about 3 more chapters left or so, I'm not too sure. Thank you to all of you who have stuck around!!




Sorry for all the horrible grammar and spelling mistakes, I don’t currently have a beta.




Please read & review







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