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A Minor Setback by AlexFan
Chapter 7 : Chapter the Seventh
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“Your cousin is absolutely insane,” I say to Rose, as I take a seat next to her in Charms. After Albus, Lorcan and Lysander left, I had to deal with Wesley and why I was eating cheesecake while I was on the job. I tried to explain to him that I had finished patrolling and since I’d been in the kitchens anyway, I might as well get food. He hadn’t seen it that way though, claimed I was slacking off. I wanted to point out so badly that it was me who was scheduling all of the patrol times and Hogsmeade dates, not him.

“What exactly did he do?” Rose asks me as she looks through her bag for some parchment and her Charms textbook. We’re early to class, there’s only two other people in here, everyone else is still outside talking to friends or making their way to class.

“I was out patrolling last night, and I walk into the kitchen and he’s covered in food, stains, and he’s about to throw cheesecake! Lorcan and Lysander were there too, assisting in covering every surface of the kitchen in food. There was whipped cream all over the ceiling, and the house-elves were hiding under the table!” I exclaim as I drag out my Charms textbook and slam it on the table.

“I’m not sure why you sound so surprised, this is Albus we’re talking about. What exactly did you expect to happen when you found him in the kitchens?” Rose says, finally giving up on finding her Charms textbook. She can’t go and get it now, class is about to start and if she left she’d be late when she got back.

“Does he do this all the time, here, we can share a textbook,” I add, and slide over my Charms book so that Rose can read as well.

“Thanks and yes, Al does this all the time. Whenever he’s home, if he’s in the kitchen with someone else that isn’t an adult, he’ll start a food fight. It’s usually at my house as well,” Rose says.

“He must get in trouble a lot.”

“Nag, he just blames Hugo or whoever else is there,” Rose says shrugging. “Al is the golden boy in the family.”

“He’s not going to be so golden once his family finds out what he did,” I mutter. The ancient Professor Flitwick walks to the front of the class and climbs his many books so that he can see all of us. I feel bad for the poor bloke, whenever we’re practicing spells, he always ends up flying around the room at some point during the lesson. I have a theory that he’s perfected his form now so that whenever he crashes, he’s not hurt.

“Today, we will be reviewing the Aguamenti Charm, a lot of you had trouble with it last year and it seemed to be the only thing that almost everyone failed at,” Professor Flitwick says. I groan and rest my head on my desk. Why, why must everyone have so much difficulty with such a simple charm? Rose is giggling next to me but makes no attempt to take out her wand and practice the spell.

“Seraphina, you need to learn how to loosen up, just practice the spell,” Rose says, rubbing my back

“Rose, I already know how to do this though, I’ll be bored this entire class,” I whine childishly. Rose makes a disappointed sound, as if she’s taught me so much better than this.

“Seraphina, I thought you were all about learning. You’ve got to keep practicing a spell to be good at it. Now, watch me, Aguamenti!” she says, as she points her wand at someone across the room. Water shoots out of Rose’s wand and hits the boy square on his back. He looks around wildly, trying to find the culprit but Rose has turned from mischievous to studious student.

I watch as the boy turns to face the front again, no doubt cursing whoever soaked him. Rose looks over at me with a grin on her face.

“And the best part is, they don’t know how to dry themselves so they’re stuck like that for the entire day,” she says leaning back in her seat. I decide to give it a try and see what happens. I point my wand at a girl sitting two seats in front of me and whisper Aguatmenti. The water hits her in the back of the head; she turns around and glares at the person sitting behind her (in front of me). Rose can’t help but giggle and hides behind a book so that no one can see her and suspect that it was her who shot the spell instead of me.

I admit, that was very fun, it was mean, but fun. I shouldn’t have done that though, no matter how funny it is, I shouldn’t have done it. Now that poor girl is going to be wet all day and cold whenever a breeze passes through.

Clearly hanging out with Albus and his family is doing me no good.

Rose and I are laughing as quietly as possible but stop when we hear a squeak coming from the front of the room. And Professor Flitwick is being levitated around the room; I was beginning to wonder when that would happen. I’m not even sure how you can accidentally levitate someone while doing a spell to make water come out of your wand. I suspect that this is being done on purpose. I look around the room, trying to see if I can spot who’s levitating poor Flitwick.

I narrow my eyes when I catch sight of Scorpius Malfoy leaning back in his chair with his feet up and his wand pointing Flitwick. He’s got a smirk on his face to try and make him seem cool but I can see that he really wants to laugh with everyone else. Speaking of laughing, I think Rose is going to die from lack of oxygen if she doesn’t start breathing soon.

The rest of the class is spent like this, Flitwick flying around the room, the occasional jet of water shooting from someone’s wand, but for the most part, no one has learned how to do the Aguamenti Charm any more than they learned it last year. By the end of class, Rose is holding her stomach and gasping for breath.

“My stomach hurts so much, I need to stop laughing,” Rose says, and then she begins to giggle. I roll my eyes and pat her on the back as I pack away my things. She slowly puts her parchment, quill and ink away, grabs her wand and together we exit the classroom. Rose is heading off to History of Magic while I head off to Care of Magical Creatures. That class is a safety hazard to everyone yet, for some reason, we all decide to take the class anyway.

“Phina darling, there you are!” Lorcan and Lysander say at the same time. The two of them show up as if from nowhere and wrap an around me. Lysander puts his arm across my shoulders, while Lorcan wraps his around my waist. Oh God, they know something, I’m trapped, and I can’t get away. I need Rose, I must find Rose, she’ll beat the two of them up for me and then I can run for it.

I look around to see if I can find Rose, but she’s already gone and I’m stuck with the twins. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone touch me like this before. Ugh, now people are going to be all touchy touchy with me after this. Whatever happened to personal space?

“This is the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been in my life,” I say in greeting. The boys squeeze me to them even tighter, I can’t help but grimace at the fact that now I’m making even more contact with them. I absolutely despise touching other people, for some reason it’s like the personal space disappears and the person thinks that it’s okay to touch you whenever.

“Why, are our arms bothering you, do you have a problem with them touching you?” Lysander asks with a mischievous grin. I narrow my eyes at him as he and his brother lead me down to Hagrid’s cabin for our Care of Magical Creature’s lesson. I have a feeling that I’ve just walked into something and the only option left is waiting it out to see what happens.

“Actually, yes, I have a problem with people touching me, you see, I don’t like it,” I reply, and try to wiggle out of their grasp. Their hold on me simply tightens some more.

“Really now, that’s not what we heard from Albus,” Lorcan says. I turn my head to look at him so fast I’m surprised I haven’t snapped it.

“In fact, what I think you said was, and I quote-“

“Okay, I think I get where you’re going with this,” I interrupt. The last thing I need is for someone to talk about what happened that night. “I can’t believe he told you!”

“Of course he told us,” Lysander says and forces me to sit down with him and Lorcan on the grass. According to some of our classmates, there’s a note on Hagrid’s cabin door that says he’ll be late to class, “just like girls tell each other everything, so do blokes.”

“Alright, you know, now what do you want,” I snap. I am going to hunt down Albus and I am going to kill him. I cannot believe that he told Lorcan and Lysander about what happened! He doesn’t see me going around and blabbing to people about what went on at that party. Except for Rose  . . . and Lily, but there was no point in lying to them anyway, they’d already figured it out.

“Phina, stop trying to burn that stump to ashes with your eyes,” Lorcan says, “we would like to know why you haven’t told us that you’re pregnant with his child.”

Is there some kind of sign hanging around me that says I’m pregnant, really, is there? I’m beginning to think that there is because there is no way that everyone is figuring out that I’m pregnant. Either there’s some kind of sign or everyone isn’t as stupid as I thought they were. Lorcan and Lysander are the very last people who I thought would figure this entire thing out. Hell, I thought Albus would figure out what’s going on before those two.

“How, exactly, did you figure that out?” I ask the two of them.

“We put two and two together, it wasn’t that hard really,” the both of them say at the same time. That’s a little bit creepy, it makes them sound like robots and I get the feeling that I’m going to be assassinated.

“Then why hasn’t Albus figured it out yet?” I ask.

“Albus is a daft git who wouldn’t notice the obvious even if it was beating him over the head with a brick,” Lorcan says. So this is what friendship is all about, beautiful poetry about how oblivious your friends can be. I can get used to that. “If you’re expecting him to notice the obvious, you’re out of luck.”

“The bloke is brilliant at reading people and reading in between the lines but he’s absolutely blind to the obvious,” Lysander adds. “Lorcan, what else are we supposed to tell Phina?”

“Al said something about wanting to talk to her in private or something about that thing. I don’t know when but he said that if you need to find him, he’ll be in the common room after classes are over,” Lorcan replied shrugging. He lay down with his arms folded behind his head and closed his eyes. It’s almost half an hour into class and Hagrid still hasn’t shown up. At the rate that things are going, I don’t think he’s going to show up at all.

I lay down, mimicking Lorcan’s position and close my eyes. Instead of snow, there’s sun and a cool breeze blowing through the grounds. Instead of white and cold, there’s grass and leaves and warmth. We’re having a late winter in Scotland it seems. I relax and empty my mind of everything.

Before I know it, Lysander is shaking me awake and I’m opening my eyes to Hagrid standing in front of the class and saying something about how the creatures got away from him. I rub my eyes and yawn. Lorcan and Lysander help me to my feet and dust me off while everyone else grabs their bags and heads inside for dinner. I’ve slept through the entire lesson it seems.

Lorcan and Lysander rush me to dinner and practically feed me the food so that I can be finished eating and go see Albus. In thirty minutes, my mouth is full, I look like a chipmunk, I’m positive that I’m going to choke on the food and Lorcan and Lysander are shoving me out of the Great Hall. You know what, on second thought, maybe I don’t want or need friends, it has come to my attention that they’re very pushy people.

I climb the stairs as fast as I can while trying to chew the food in my mouth and swallow it. Portrait after portrait yells at me that it is unladylike to be eating so much but I ignore them because I have to talk to Albus. He may need to talk to me about what happened but I’m going to give him a piece of my mind for spilling the beans to Lorcan and Lysander. Whatever happened to not telling anyone?!

Okay, so I broke that rule myself by telling Lily and Rose but it’s not like it could’ve been helped! Lily was in the room when I was talking to Madam Pomfrey about the pregnancy and Rose had figured it out within five minutes of being around me!

I give the Fat Lady the password and she swings forward hurriedly, no doubt the expression on my face is quite scary. I march into the common and look around for Albus. I spot him sitting in a comfy chair near the fire and stomp my way over to him. He looks up from his book and looks surprised at the expression on my face.

“Albus Potter, I’ve got a bone to pick with you,” I say, and glare at him. “Let’s go,” I say, and drag him out of the portrait hole by the arm and down some empty corridor.

“Whatever happened to not telling anyone that we slept together,” I snap at him, after checking to make sure that the hallway is empty.

“Who exactly did I tell?” Albus asks, clearly confused. I don’t believe it for one second, he knows perfectly well who he told about us sleeping together. I’ll admit, he’s a good actor but, unfortunately for him, I’m difficult to fool.

“You know exactly who you told! Lorcan and Lysander told me all about how you told them what happened at that party.”

“I didn’t tell Lorcan and Lysander anything, all I told them was that I needed to talk to you and where you could find me, I didn’t say anything about why I needed to talk to you,” Albus says defensively. I stare at him for a moment and finally decide that he’s probably not lying.

“So you didn’t tell them what happened?”

“No, of course not, you told me not to tell anyone so I didn’t.”

“Those little twats, they tricked me! They told me that you’d told them what happened and then they even managed to get me to tell that I’m –never mind, it doesn’t matter, what did you want to talk to me about?” I ask hurriedly, changing the subject. Albus notices that I changed the subject however and raises an eyebrow at what I was about to spill. Right now isn’t exactly the right time to tell him that I’m pregnant.

“I want to talk about what happened that night at the party,” Albus says, taking a seat on the cold and dirty ground. He sighs when he sees me eyeing the floor with distaste, takes off his robes and sets it down next to him.

“What are you doing?” I ask him.

“You’re looking at the floor like it’s just spit in your face or killed one of your family members, your face is about to fix itself into a permanent look of hatred, and I’d rather not have you scowling at me and thinking about the dust and dirt sticking to your skirt while I’m talking to you, now sit,” he says, patting the robe next to him. I don’t want to sit down and deny everything that he’s just said but we both know it’s true and I’ll just be wasting time being stubborn. I sit down on the robe, making sure that there’s space between Albus and I and wait for him to speak.

“Look, I want to talk about that night that there was the party,” Albus begins nervously.

“What is there to talk about, it’s over and done with and I don’t see why we have to discuss it,” I immediately reply and fidget with the hem of my shirt.

“Erm, let’s see, there’s the fact that you got drunk, then you kissed me, and then we went upstairs to my room and had sex. There’s plenty of stuff to talk about Seraphina, and yes we do need to talk about it.”

“No, we don’t need to talk about it, you want to talk about it, I still stand by the fact that there’s nothing to talk about and that we should forget that it ever happened,” not that we can exactly do that after I tell you that I’m pregnant with your child.

“Seraphina, you had to have felt something or thought something that night, I refuse to believe that you are so cut off from your emotions that it was absolutely meaningless,” Albus insists. Why won’t he just drop it? Why does he insist on talking about what happened? We had sex, okay; we both know that, now can we move on from that little detail?

“No, Albus, I didn’t feel anything. It was a drunken mistake, it never should’ve happened, it didn’t mean anything to me and I have moved on from it. You need to move on from it as well and just let it go,” I snap. There’s a hurt look on his face that I don’t care for, I’m not going to sugar coat anything here, it is what it is and I don’t see any reason to beat around the bush. If Albus is expecting someone sweet and understanding, that’s not what he’s getting.

“How can you not have felt something?! How can you be completely okay with the fact that you lost your virginity at a party!? Don’t you ever think about the fact that you had sex with your best friend, I was freaking out for days that I’d slept with my best friend and Head Girl, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it!” Albus cries, getting angry with me.

“You’re not my best friend Albus, you were, once, but you’re not my best friend anymore, you know nothing about me,” I say coldly and move away from him.  He has no right to act like he knows me, like he knows how I think and what I should feel. He hasn’t spoken to me in seven years; I’m not the little girl that he used to play with anymore.

“I may not know everything about you now Seraphina, I know that you’ve changed, I saw it happen throughout the years, but I still know you. I know how you think and deal with things, and I know how you try to forget about things. You must’ve felt something, you can’t have closed off yourself from everyone that much,” Albus says, running his hands through his hair. It’s what he does when he’s angry, frustrated or annoyed with someone; it’s what he’s always done. I don’t think he’s noticed that it just makes him look messy.

“Albus, you need to stop pushing it, I didn’t feel anything and I still don’t, I’ve forgotten all about what happened,” I say, and stand up to leave. I flatten out my skirt, straighten up my shirt and dust off any dirt that might’ve gotten on me. I grab my bag and turn to leave but Albus stops me by pulling me back towards him by my arm.

The hallways are empty, it’s dark outside and we can barely see in the corridor, but we don’t care. What’s happening around us is the very last thing on our mind.

“No, I will not stop pushing it, not until you tell me what was going through your mind. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for you talk about it, it’s not that hard. I was in shock that I’d had sex with my best friend; I was in shock that Seraphina Doyle, the Ice Queen, had actually done something reckless and stupid. And I was shocked at how you just brushed it off and moved on with your life, like nothing happened,” Albus says. I scowl at him, tug my arm out of his grasp and move a few feet away from him.

“Fine, you want to know how I felt Albus, I’ll tell you,” I say, throwing my bag to the ground. “I remember everything that happened that night, each and every single thing. I remember how the Firewhiskey felt going down my throat; I remember how I had no control over myself and my stupid thoughts. I hate that, I hate the Firewhiskey and the idiotic thoughts and the fact that I sounded like an absolute idiot.”

I start pacing and waving my arms around, I’m practically shouting but I don’t care. I don’t care who hears or what they think, everything is spilling out and I can’t seem to stop. I haven’t realized how much that night has been bugging me and how I’ve wanted to talk about it.

“I remember kissing you, I remember how I practically threw myself at you and how you wrapped your arms around me and held me to you so that I couldn’t escape. Every time that I think about it, I can picture it in my head, the memory is so clear, it’s like it happened yesterday. I remember going up to your room and clothes being removed. I remember every single touch and kiss and breath and I hate myself for remembering it,” I say, my throat beginning to hurt. I want to hit something; I want to hit Albus for making me think about what happened. I want to hit him for forcing me to stop pretending like I don’t remember anything that night.

I want to hit him as hard as I can. Instead, I keep talking.

“And you know what the worst part of it is Albus?” I ask him, staring into his shocked face. “I liked it, I actually liked it. I’m supposed to be sensible, I’m not supposed to let something like that happen, and I should’ve regretted the fact that it ever happened at all, but I don’t. I’ve moved on from it, okay, I forgot all about how I felt and what happened and I moved on. I don’t feel anything that I felt that night and I’m going to make sure that something like that doesn’t happen again. Are you happy now Albus?” I ask, stopping in front of him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so surprised in my entire life.

“All that, and you still convince yourself that you don’t feel anything at all?” he asks me, after a moment of silence.

“Yes Albus, that is exactly what I’m saying,” I reply. He stares at me with wide eyes for a moment and then does something that is totally out of the blue and unexpected. Albus puts both hands on either side of my face –completely ignoring the fact the fact that this is me and I will most likely freak out– pulls me towards him and kisses me square on the mouth.

A/N: Hey there! So I've had this chapter written for a while and I've finally gotten around to editing and posting it. If you come across anything not right, do point it out and I'll make sure to fix it, even after editing I may have missed something.

So what did you think about this chapter? Is there anything that you liked, anything that you didn't like? Anything that you thought I could've or should've done different? There was a lot of stuff happening in this chapter and I want to hear your thoughts on all of it.

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A Minor Setback: Chapter the Seventh


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