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Glad You Came by demigodshadeslayer
Chapter 16 : Class, ruined appetite and declarations of love...
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heya fellows!! how are y'all?? I'm sorry for the delay, had some stuff going on here..anyways, sixteenth chapter is up!! hope you enjoy it!! r&r




(Al’s POV)

It is official.

My life sucks.

It has been more than two weeks ever since that...incident...happened, and I got to say, life took a downhill turn after that.

I was surrounded by couples, or people in love, which left me no other option than be perpetually nauseous. Needless to say, I was spending a lot of time with me these days.

And I love me.

I know I sound like a narcissistic piss-up right now, but seeing how I’m currently not desperately in love with anybody, I guess I have to make do with me right now.

It’s pathetic on so many levels, and even Fred and James have found girls who are willing to put up with them.

It’s really pathetic, I tell you.

Everybody has love, and what do I end up with?


You heard me right. Stalkers.

I have bloody stalkers.

Or should I say, stalker?

I mean, I have only one crazy bird following me.

Apparently, I attract only crazy birds.

Singular. So...bird.

And I tell you, she’s bonkers. More bonkers than my dad’s godfather’s Mother, and her crazy house-elf who used to previously apparently snog his mistress’s bloomers.

So I’m thinking that’s pretty bonkers, if you ask me.

“Merlin, Al” muttered Dana, who was partnering me in Charms that day, “What did you do to her?”

She nodded toward the aforementioned crazy stalker bird, who was staring at me from two desks away, and glaring daggers at Dana. When I turned to look at her, she waved so hard that she knocked the hat off Professor Padma Patil, who was checking our spell-work.

I quickly turned back to Dana, I didn’t want detention with Patil, she makes Bellatrix Lestrange seem kind and thoughtful when it comes to handing out detentions.

The fact that she dated my Uncle Ron when they were in school and he was a tactless idiot to her just didn’t make her that fond of me, Rose and Hugo. Rose and Hugo because they’re his kids, and I could tell she was itching to have Rose in detention one day, but who’re we kidding? Rose is the brightest witch of our age, she takes after Aunt Hermione. On the other hand, Hugo and I have had the pleasure of being in detention with Professor Patil. She hates me more than my own siblings, because Uncle Ron’s my godfather, and Hugo reminds her of him. He is uncannily like Uncle Ron.

Why I have to pay for my Uncle’s lack of tact and general intelligence when he was a teenager is beyond me.

How is that fair, huh?

Merlin really hates me, and I’m guessing it’s because I was evil in my previous birth.

Maybe I was a Death Eater who killed puppies for fun and kicked old Muggle ladies and stole candy from kids.

And that, is serious Karma points I tell you.

“I didn’t do anything Dana” I hissed, looking back at the goblet of water I was supposed to be turning into wine.

All I’ve managed so far was vinegar.

I looked at Dana and Rose’s goblets to find them full of blood-red wine. Rose had even progressed on to turning them into white wine, which was supposed to be our next class.

Like I said, she’s the brightest witch of her age. And Merlin forbid, if she helps me do my homework.

“Well you must have done something to make her stalk you” hissed Rose, calmly taking a sip of her wine.

“Um, Rose? I don’t think we’re supposed to drink that” said Dana.

“Are you doubting my ability to make wine, Robbins?” she asked nonchalantly.

“Nope” said Dana meekly “Carry on”

“Thank you” Rose said supremely, before turning on to me “So, out with it Potter. What did you do to earn yourself a crazy stalker?”

“I don’t know” I said desperately, waving my wand over my goblet, only to turn it into tea. Well, that’s an improvement.

“Think about it Al” said Dana, while correcting my wand-movement.

“Oh gee! All I had to do was think about it! Now why didn’t I try that before?” I said sarcastically, making a face at Dana.

“Snarky comments don’t get you anywhere, Potter” said Rose “And you’re pronunciation’s all wrong”

“Go to hell, both of you” I huffed, waving my wand once more, and this time I made cranberry juice. At least the colour’s right.

Both of them giggled, and I huffed once more.

Why was I friends with these people?

“Tell us Al” said Dana, trying to turn her red wine into white.

“I dunno” I sighed, “Maybe I said ‘excuse me’ to her once when she was blocking my way?” I suggested, trying to turn my cranberry mush into alcohol.

“That does it!” said Rose triumphantly “That’s why she’s stalking you!”

“Because I asked her to move out of my way?” I asked sceptically, “Dude, if anything that should have been a hint to leave me alone!”

“But she’s crazy” said Rose, as if that explained everything.

“Thanks” I muttered.

“No, Al” she explained in a tone that explained two plus two equals four to a child “She’s crazy. Which is why she thought your voice was like the call of love or something. She probably didn’t even hear what you said, she thought you were crying out for romantic help. And let’s face it, these days you’re pretty much lonely and always wandering around the castle all by yourself, probably giving away all sorts of desperate signals and vibes that she just happened to pick on because she’s crazy.” she explained like it all made sense.

“Wow Rosie, what would I ever do without you in my life?” I asked sarcastically, waving my wand over my drink.

Stupid drink won’t change the fuck to wine.


Why won’t you change?

I’m evil, I tell you. Evil.

Change the fuck to alcohol if you don’t want to be on my list!

Oh great, now I’m talking to a goblet of red goo.

I need therapy.

“I’m sure you can get along fine without the help of Ms. Weasley, Mr. Potter” said an icy voice by my shoulder “Now why don’t you prove that by turning your drink to wine?” I turned to find Professor Patil standing there, glaring at me.


I waved my wand over the goblet and muttered my incantation.

Naturally, the goblet shattered to pieces and red goo flew everywhere and a huge glob of it fell smack dab in the middle of Professor Patil’s face.

“Oops” I suggested, looking as sheepish as possible, while she was glaring at me, what part of her face visible also turning into the same colour as my goo.

“For homework” she thundered, “practise”

She stormed out of the classroom as the bell rang, cleaning herself up with a wave of her wand.

My life officially sucks.


“Al, you’re okay?” asked James, looking concerned.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I asked him.

“Well, you’re eating tart with sauce” he said warily, looking scared for my sanity.

We were in the Great Hall for dinner, and I was surrounded by people slurping into each other’s mouths. Rose and Scor were going at it, Fred was trying to eat Sandra Finnegan’s face, Lily and Hugo were MIA, Ian was eye-fucking Dana who was reading something, while my dear brother James had taken the time to un-suck his face from Clara Bones’ long enough to comment on my sanity.

And obviously, a few seats down, McLaggen was playing tonsil-tennis with Layla.

Which I suppose, explains my lack of concentration on my meal.

“Just...go back to doing what you were doing” I said dispassionately, and James shrugged and went back to Clara who was tugging impatiently at his robes.

I sighed. Well, this has effectively ruined my appetite.

“I got to go guys” I muttered, grabbing my bag and standing up.

I got no response in return, and the sound of slurping intensified.


I made a face, and stormed out of the hall, to the Common Room which was thankfully empty.

I sank down into my favourite squishy armchair by the fire, placed my satchel down and closed my eyes, savouring the peace and quiet.

Since this happens to be my life, I was immediately interrupted.

Of the bloody course.

“Hey, Al” said James, followed by Fred, who said “Thought you might be here”

“What’s up guys?” I asked wearily.

“We just wanted to talk to you” Fred said, sitting down on the armchair next to me while James shrugged and sat down on the couch opposite to mine.

“What about?” I asked, still in the same dead tone.

“Someone sure seems lively tonight” said a cheerful voice.

“Fuck you, Cooper” was my brilliant comeback.

“Oh ouch! I seem to have touched a nerve” he said, sitting down beside James and giving me a grin.

Why do people in love have to be so nauseatingly happy all the bloody time?

Even if it is one-sided and all that.

“Anyways” said Fred, spotting the murderous look on my face “We, that is to say Fred Weasley II, the greatest wizard of the current generation, with the best marauding genes ever, along with his faithful, lacking-in-intellect sidekick James Sirius Potter-“

“OI!” James said indignantly.

“-have come up with a plan to help Cooper in his love” finished Fred, continuing like he wasn’t interrupted.

“Really?” I asked, sceptical of their ‘plans’.

“Yup” said Fred proudly, while James kept protesting about Fred insulting him, which Fred happily ignored.

“Okay” I said slowly, “Hit me. What is this ‘plan’ of yours?”

“Right, so...” began Fred, but was interrupted by James “I’m saying this, you tosser”

“No you aren’t”

“Yes I am”

“No you aren’t”

“Yes I am”

“No you AREN’T”

“Yes I AM”





“WILL SOMEBODY TELL US WHAT IT IS?” shouted Ian, making them stop.

“Right” began James, before Fred could get in a word, “As I’m sure you lot know, next week is an important event-Valentine’s day. So Fred and I thought we could get Ian to tell Dana how he feels then” he said, looking extremely pleased with himself.

“I’m not sure about this...” said Ian doubtfully.

“Not a chance” was sceptical me.

“Why not?” said Fred “Who wouldn’t fall for that? Plus, it’s the most romantic day of the year too...”

“And it wouldn’t hurt to try” said James reasonably “If it works out, Dana could be your girlfriend bro” he finished.

I could see that he had won Ian over with that last sentence.

“I guess not” said Ian, completely crossing the border to insane town.

“Your life” I said, shrugging, when they looked to see if I was in.

I honestly couldn’t for the life of me see why I’m involved in this.

“It’s settled then” said James, grinning at Ian.

“Now, here’s what you’re gonna do...” said Fred, elaborating on their ‘plan’.


Valentine’s day:

“Right, Cooper. Are you ready?” I whispered to him.

“Huh?” he asked dazedly, his expression telling us that he sincerely wished to die.

“Oh c’mon” said Fred, thumping his back.

“Yeah, this’ll work out. No need to be nervous” said James, shoving him.

We were all speaking in hushed tones, because we were at the Great Hall and we didn’t want Dana to overhear us.

“Eat your breakfast, you’re gonna need the energy if things work out” said Fred, winking suggestively.

“And my appetite is officially ruined” I retorted, putting down my toast and making a face. “I’m gonna go now”

“What?” said Ian, looking at me desperately “Don’t go! Please!”

“Listen” I said, lowering my voice “This can work out. Don’t be nervous and don’t freak out. Everything is in place, so just go ahead man”

“You sure?”

“Yes. I’m sure. Now I really have to go to History of Magic. See you lot later” I waved, and made my way to the classroom, hoping that things actually work out for Ian and Dana. At least that’ll be one pair that won’t make me want to kill myself, or them. But then again, all this depends on how much of PDA I’ll be subjected to.

I reached just in time, and took my place next to Rose and Dana, only to find Rose in the middle of explaining something, and she suddenly stopped as I sat down.

“Hey guys” I greeted them.

“Oh, hey Al. There you are” Rose said airily, shoving something quickly beneath her desk.

“What’s going on?” I said, still suspicious.

“Oh, nothing nothing” continued Rose in that same tone, while Dana suddenly seemed interested in her books.

“Okay” I said sarcastically, and opened my book when the both of them started giggling.

“Well, you know how it is...”

“Yeah, I mean I’m so happy for you, not mention completely jealous...”

“But it’s Scor...”


“And it’s Valentine’s Day...”



“No need to be nervous...”

They kept having whispered conversations which was completely infuriating, and when I could stand it no longer, I slammed my book down and asked, “Would it make things better if I moved my seat elsewhere?”

“Oh no! Why would you say something like that, Al?” said Dana.

“Really?” I retorted.

“Okay, okay. Calm down you two” said Rose, still smiling in a way that made me uncomfortable and suspicious.

“What is it that you aren’t telling me Rosie?” I asked, curious. She generally tells me everything, and I hated being left out of the loop.

“It’s nothing, Al. Just let it go”

“Oh c’mon! We’ve been best friends forever! You tell me everything! Now suddenly you’re having whispered conversations and giggling like a bunch of twelve-year olds and you expect me to believe you when you say it’s ‘nothing’? Don’t insult my intelligence, Rosie”

“It’s feminine stuff” she said, using the excuse she always gives when she wants me to back off.

“Don’t try to make me uncomfortable by saying it’s ‘feminine stuff’! It won’t work this time!” I defended myself, folding my arms and glaring at the pair of them.

“Damn” muttered Dana. I glared at her.

“Oh okay” said Rose loftily, “You want to know what really is going on? Fine. I was just discussing with my friend here, on whether I should put out with Scor today for the first time and take things to the next level. Would you like to help me pick out a lingerie which would look good on your cousin/best friend as she tries to seduce her boyfriend/ your best friend?” she finished sarcastically, taking out a brochure for lingerie and flipping it open to show me two pieces, one in ivory and the other in black.

My jaw dropped, and I was speechless. When I did find the power of speech, all I could say was, “ didn’t...I’m not sure you should...I” I trailed off, looking extremely uncomfortable and completely red in the face.

Dana started to giggle and Rose gave me a triumphant look and put the catalogue away, while I continued to sputter incoherently.

“Thought so” she said.

“The black one is nice, but slutty. The ivory will bring out your skin tone and will suit you better.” whispered Dana, and I glared at the pair of them.

“You think so?” Rose whispered.

“Still here, guys” I cut in before they could go on, “And I can hear every word”

“You wanted to know what’s going on, don’t blame us” said Dana.

“Yeah, either shut up about it or help me pick a dress” said Rose defiantly.

“Ivory” I muttered grudgingly, dearly wishing I had kept my fat mouth shut.

They stared at me incredulously for a moment.

*awkward silence*

Then we all cleared our throats awkwardly, and pretended to be interested in what Professor Binns was saying, when I asked suddenly, “What do you mean you are trying to seduce him for the first time and you haven’t put out yet?” loudly.

Rose blushed a deep scarlet that clashed with her hair and Dana burst out in giggles.

Before Rose could answer, the bell rang loudly, and the class was dismissed. As we all made our way to the Great Hall, I was lost in thought about the number of female relatives I had to protect and that I should have a very serious conversation with Lily soon, we heard a voice say, “Excuse me, Miss Robbins?”

Dana turned around to find a first year girl, with blue eyes and blonde pigtails, staring at her with adoration holding a single red rose, saying, “This is for you. Hope you have a great Valentine’s day. From your secret admirer” she stammered, looking frightened to be surrounded by sixth-years. She caught my eye and blushed furiously.

Dana knelt beside the girl and said, “Thanks a lot, love. What’s your name?”

“My name is Henrietta” she mumbled, still blushing.

“That’s a wonderful name. Now may I know who this secret admirer is?” asked Dana, while Rose smiled at the little girl.

“Oh no, Miss Robbins” she said earnestly, her big eyes widening, “I’m not supposed to say anything! You will know who your admirer is before the end of the day!”

“Really now?” said Rose, grinning.

“Yes” Henrietta nodded fervently “I’m also supposed to say this to you- the person who gives you your sixteenth rose today is your secret admirer” she stated, looking happy and proud that she got to deliver that little piece of message.

“Thanks a lot, love. This made my day” said Dana, grinning at her.

“Oh, Mr. Potter” she said, looking up at me and blushing furiously, “Happy Valentine’s day to you too. From me” she turned scarlet at the end of it.

“Thank you. Wish you the same” I said, smiling at her.

“Right. Um, I better go” she mumbled, and dashed away.

“I think you made that girl faint” said Dana, smelling her rose. I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, and what am I, invisible?” said Rose, frowning.

“You are everything but” said Scor, coming up from behind, and putting an arm around Rose, turning her to give her a kiss.

“Can you please not do that? We are about to eat” I retorted, making a face at the pair of them.

“Ignore the Scrooge of Valentine’s day” said Rose, breaking the kiss to stick her tongue out at me.

“Oi! I’m not the Scrooge of Valentine’s day” I said, loudly, pushing past them.

“Yeah, right. You’re all for love today mate” said Scor, and I glared at him.

“But it does look like someone’s Valentine’s day got interesting” Scor observed, tactfully changing the subject, looking at Dana, who was still holding her rose and gazing at it thoughtfully.

“Yeah” smirked Rose, grabbing the Rose from Dana who said, “Hey! Give that back, Weasley”

“Oh, getting defensive of our admirer are we?” said Rose, giving it back to Dana, who huffed “Mind your business”

“Valentine’s surprise, eh?” said Scor.

You have no idea, mate.

The ‘plan’ is in action.


The whole day, Dana kept getting single red roses, mostly from the kids in lower classes, who were frightened and happy to be chosen for the task.

We were in the Common Room during our free period, just me, Dana, Lily and Hugo. Rose and Scor were not there, and I don’t even wanna know what was happening there. Layla had joined us. And when I say joined us, I mean came over to say ‘hi’ and then disappeared to the boy’s dormitory. Again, I don’t want to know what was happening there as well.

“So, you’re saying that you have a secret admirer, who will reveal himself by presenting you the sixteenth rose?” said Hugo, after we had finished explaining why Dana was roaming around with roses in her hand today.

“Yup” I said, turning away from the entrance to the boy’s dormitory, from which Layla and McLaggen had emerged holding hands.

“That is so romantic!” sighed Lily, looking at Dana and giving her a smile.

“Really?” Hugo asked sceptically.

The way a girl’s mind works is a mystery.

“I, for one, am not able to fathom why they find it ‘romantic’ when an unknown person who had been observing them for Merlin-knows-how-long but didn’t have the guts to tell them how they feel, decides to make little children act as their messenger to give said person a flower on a day that marks the death anniversary of a Muggle saint, all the while admitting to be their stalker. Someone, please explain it to me how that is ‘romantic’” he vented out, scribbling away in his piece of parchment.

“Yes” said Lily, defiantly “It is romantic, how someone noticed and liked all the quirks of the girl and even admired it but is too shy to come up and directly tell it, so is going for some sort of a romantic gesture. Now if you had more emotions than Astro or Cookie, you’d be able to fathom that, Hugo”

“Ew” said Hugo, wrinkling his nose in disgust and causing Lily to roll her eyes, deciding that he was a lost cause.

I feel you, mate.

“So how many roses are you up, now?” asked Lily, way too excited.

“Thirteen” said Dana, sounding just as excited.

Like I said, I cannot understand they way girl’s minds work.

“So you’ll know who it is soon then” said Hugo, frowning at the piece of parchment and sticking his quill between his teeth.

He seemed to be working hard on something, and was becoming extremely frustrated, as his whole desk was strewn with pieces of balled up parchments that he had thrown away in disgust.

“You alright there, mate?” I asked, trying to read what he had written, when he snatched up the parchment saying “Yes” shortly.

“Need some help, Hugh?” asked Lily, smirking at him, “I can see how you’re trying for some sort of a romantic gesture and seem to be miserably failing at that. Maybe Dana’s admirer can give you some pointers”

If James and Fred are going to be giving romantic pointers, I dread what the world has come to.

“No thank you” he said with gritted teeth.

“It might be easier to just ask her out, you know” said Dana absently, still admiring her bunch of roses.

“Say what now?” I enquired, suddenly interested.

“It’s not what you lot think” mumbled Hugo, going scarlet in the face.

“Uh-huh. We can see that” retorted Lily, looking at her reflection in the mirror.

“It’s not like you’ve done the asking, before. You have been asked. Plus, you’re already set for today” retorted Hugo, balling up another wad of parchment.

“WHAT?” I said loudly, causing several people to jump and glare at me, which I ignored. Dana was grinning at the scene, Hugo was smirking, and Lily shot Hugo a glare.

“Lily, please tell me he doesn’t mean what I think he does” I pleaded with her, as she continued to smile sheepishly and apologetically at me, which is when I noticed that she had dressed up for the evening.

“What happened to your hair?” I demanded.

“Well...I just fixed it up” she said shiftily.

“Lily” I asked, barely controlling my voice, “Are you wearing make-up?”

“Al...” she began in soothing tones, while I asked her quietly “Who is it?”

“Don’t freak out” said Lily, placing a hand on my shoulder.

Who is it, Lily?”

“’s Luke Jordan” she mumbled, looking everywhere but at me.

“Luke Jordan?” I asked her incredulously “He’s too old for you”

“What did you say?” she asked me, her eyes flashing.

“Uh-oh” muttered Dana and Hugo.

“Listen Al” she said threateningly, “It is none of your business who I go out with or what I do”

“Yes, it is” I retorted, glaring at her.

“No. It isn’t. I know you’re looking out for me, and I love you for that. I understand that you’re protective, and even if it is annoying as fuck most of the times, I put up with that, because I know you’re only doing it out of concern for me. But you should also know when to butt out, and you should also learn to trust that I can take care of myself” she finished, her tone suggesting that the subject was closed.

“But you aren’t” I protested, “You don’t know what sort of wankers are out there, Lily!”

“What are you implying about my date, Albus?” she inquired, her eyes flashing at me “Or about myself, for that matter? I. Can. Take. Care. Of. Myself. I don’t need you protecting me and hovering over me all the time. I am a big girl now, I can handle myself, and it’s about time you grew up and realized that. Stop acting like I’m weak” with that, she stalked off through the portrait hole, leaving me gaping at her retreating back.

“That could have gone better, mate” suggested Hugo.

“I’d say” muttered Dana.

“What do I do?” I asked desperately, looking at them for help.

“You let go” said a soft voice, and we turned to see Layla standing there.

“Huh?” I said, not comprehending, and she explained “You have to let her go out there and make her own mistakes and learn for herself. Her brother being protective of her isn’t going to help that. You can’t protect her forever, can you? Besides, she can’t take care of herself. I mean, if I knew how to curse and jinx like her when I was her age, I wouldn’t have had to deal with the tossers this school has to offer”

“Hear hear” said Dana.

“Exactly. So, just let her be. She’ll be fine. She is a Potter after all” Layla finished smiling at me.

I just nodded, not knowing how else to react.

“Give her some time, mucker. She’ll cool down” said Dana, giving me a squeeze.

“Yeah” I said, not looking at Layla, who had sat down between Dana and me.

“Are you telling me you still haven’t asked her out?” said Layla, to which Hugo shook his head miserably.

“Oh come on!” she exclaimed “Get out there and ask her out. Grow a pair, Weasley. Aren’t Gryffindors supposed to be brave?” she asked, quirking her eyebrow.

“But what if she rejects me?” asked Hugo, terrified.

“Who in their right minds would do that? Don’t tell me you’re that insecure. You’re a Weasley, love. You’re irresistible” she grinned at him.

“But...” trailed Hugo, looking uncertain.

“No buts” she said, giving him a push, “Go and ask out Ella Creevey”

“Okay” said Hugo, a firm look on his face, as he marched towards the portrait hole.

“Wow” said Dana, looking at Hugo’s retreating form.

“What’s that?” asked Layla, pointing at the bunch of roses in Dana’s hand, while Dana continued to explain the ‘secret-admirer’.

I tried not to look at Layla. Or notice how lovely she looked, with her hair falling in waves down her shoulder, her dimples popping out as she smiled, her eyes twinkling in the firelight, her faint peach scent wafting my way every time she moved. I also ignored how her eyes flashed at me every few seconds, how she looked at me from the corner of her eyes while she was talking with Dana, and the warmth from her body from sitting close to me.

“Al” James and Fred waved at me from near the portrait hole and I joined them, glad to be away from Layla “Something’s wrong”

“What the fuck did you two screw up now?” I asked, looking at the pair of them.

“Well, you know how we were supposed to be giving the last two roses to Dana before Ian could give her his?” asked Fred.

I nodded.

“Well, we may sort of have been caught up in something, which can kind of imply that we may not have been able to delegate the task assigned to us” said James.

“You didn’t give her the roses?” I deadpanned, “What were you two ‘caught up’ in? And please don’t say the zippers of Finnegan and Bones respectively”

“Detention” they both answered, looking sheepishly at me.

“Does Ian know?” I asked.

“We haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet” they admitted.

“It’s okay. Ian still hasn’t given his rose yet, so you’re safe” I said.

“I’m not so sure about that” said Fred, and we turned around.

Ian was all dressed up, in a plain white shirt, black pants and a black waistcoat, hair all gelled up stylishly, holding a single rose and emerging from the boy’s dormitory.

Holy minion of Cupid.

I rushed up hoping to catch Ian’s eye, trying to prevent him from humiliating himself.

James and Fred were right behind me, and were signalling to Ian, waving their arms around like baboons hoping to get him to stop.

The stupid arse thought we were signalling him over, and walked faster towards us, waving right back at James and Fred.

I slapped my hand to my forehead, and made throat-cutting motions with my hand, walking faster toward Dana and Layla, who were deep in conversation.

Ian started walking faster, and James and Fred also sped up, and all of us rushed forward reaching Dana at the same time.

Ian was in front of her, and we were all making throat-cutting signals, and waving him ‘no’ from behind her, James and Fred were making huge x-signs and skull signs with their wands.

I do not know what went on in Ian’s mind at that time, because obviously he had to decipher our signals as a ‘Please go ahead’ and then continued his path.

I think I’m gonna have Madam Pomfrey test his IQ level.

Too many Bludger injuries to the skull, I say.

“Dana?” he called, but only to find that James and Fred had called out to her at the same time.

She took the rose from Ian, who said “Happy Valentine’s day” and Dana was looking at her roses and saying, “That makes it fourteen. I wonder who is gonna give me the last one” when Layla turned to find me, James and Fred looking at them with our mouths hanging open.

She took one look at us and had the whole situation figured in a flash. Her expression mirrored ours by this point. Only Dana and Ian looked confused, Ian more hurt.

“Big date tonight Ian?” she said, gesturing at his clothes, only to find him looking at us in turn, while we were making hand signals, trying to explain what had happened.

Then Dana turned to look at us, and we stopped abruptly, grinning at her with what we hoped was an innocent expression. She was not fooled.

Then she spotted the roses in James and Fred’s hand, and her mouth dropped open, thinking that one of them was the ‘secret admirer’.

Cupid help us.

Maybe Cupid heard my cry for help, and since he seems to be working overtime today, thought it might be amusing to cast a little spell over us and shoot us all with his bloody pink arrows.

Which is when James and Fred snapped out of it, turned to each other and said “Happy Valentine’s day” and handed the roses to the other and then proceeded to make this even more awkward by hugging each other and saying, “I love you, man”

Dana looked even more incredulous at this, and James said “What? Can’t guys give each other roses on Valentine’s day?”

“Only if you’re gay!” shouted Sandra Finnegan for the whole of the Common Room to hear, and Fred’s jaw dropped at the sight of her and Clara Bones looking on as he and James exchanged roses and declarations of love.

“I knew something was wrong with him when he wouldn’t put out the other day” said Clara, looking at James in disgust.

“I cannot believe we dated, we kissed gays!” said Sandra, cringing in disgust.

“Yeah, don’t bother calling us” said Clara, and the pair stalked off, leaving all of us gaping at them.

Romance was clearly in the air.




please don't hate me...

I know it's a sucky chapter, and not one of my best work, and I apologize for that

(In my defense, I did rewrite it about three times and this was the least sucky version of it)

I promise I will do a better job with the next chapter!!

r&r people, that's my literary bread right now :P



p.s. I have also written a one-shot 'tangled'...would love if you guys checked that out and r&r'd there as well..I need more pointers and inspiration y'all!! and you know you provide that for me!! 

-peace out-

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Glad You Came: Class, ruined appetite and declarations of love...


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