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A Bottle Full of Love by SlightObsession
Chapter 33 : Happy Birthday Draco Malfoy
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 The month passed quickly with revision and teaching, Draco had excelled in his learning and was now up to date with his work but his memory had stayed the same. Hermione had gotten used to the fact but it still upset her, though there was nothing that could be done. 

It was now the third of June, Draco’s birthday was in two days and she wondered if she should give him his present she had bought him while he was in a coma, would it be awkward? 

No one else would have got him anything? I mean, I got him it before he forgot so if I tell him that surely he would understand?

His nightmares had stopped and their relationship hadn’t progressed, just the usual nod hello with the odd small talk here and there.

They sat at their house tables at breakfast in the Great Hall, there were rumours flying around that something would be announced at breakfast. Hermione looked around, she could feel a buzz in the air and even she was feeling slightly excited this morning.

Whilst the students were piling breakfast on their plates, McGonagall stepped up to the podium and coughed, placing her wand to her throat.

"Now, I know there are some rumours going around that I have an announcement to make, I do. All seventh years will have an end of year ball and dinner to celebrate their years at Hogwarts. This will carry on for all the years yet to come. It will happen on the Friday the eleventh of June. Formal invites will be sent out, that is all. Enjoy the rest of the week and good luck in your exams!"

It was the Thursday and they were nearly half way through their exams, today Hermione had Muggle studies and Potions. 

This feels weird, its my last ever set of exams ever, I will never have to revise for something again, huh... Then there’s Draco, hopefully he remembers everything I have taught him, hopefully he will. He got the questions correct when I asked him them. Maybe I will give him his birthday present.

Hermione ate the last bit of toast while reciting her ingredients for felix felcisis. When she was happy with it she said her goodbyes and wished her friends luck as she walked down to potions. She was second to take her potions exam, she wondered who was first. As she made her way down to the dungeons she started to get a bit nervous, she tried to compose herself as she reached the classroom door. She closed her eyes reciting the ingredients once again when she heard the door swing open. She opened her eyes and saw Draco leaving the room. 

"Malfoy...?" she said to him as he started to walk off.

He turned around and saw Hermione, he showed no emotion, the wall. "Yes Granger?"

"How do you think you did?" she looked at him, her chest rising and falling.

Draco looked at her for about a minute or so before he answered. Fine. I think I passed, just." And with that, he turned around and walked away, his robe floating after him.

Hermione closed her eyes again, she had taught him what he knew, if he didnt pass, it was her fault. She heard a faint ‘next’ so she entered the room.

"Greetings Miss Granger. What potion are you making me for me today?" Mr Jacobs asked as he sat down behind his desk.

"Hello Mr Jacobs, I will be making blood replenishing potion." She gave him a small smile.

"Ahh, like our previous contender."

"Sir, I was wondering, could you tell me how Malfoy did?" she asked, full of hope.

Mr Jacobs eyed her suspiciously. "Unfortunately I can’t as it is against policy but you can find out next week when gets his results. You can now make your potion, you have three hours." 
Hermione smiled at him and gathered her ingredients.

Two hours later, she wiped her forehead with the back of her hand and poured her potion in the vial, she quickly cleared her items away with a flick of her wand and took the potion over to Mr Jacobs desk.

"Ahh thank you Miss Granger, from what I’ve seen, you’ve done very well, dismissed." He smiled and nodded at her.

She smiled back and left the room feeling confident. She smiled inwardly to herself and made her way back to her common room, her next exam wasn’t for another two hours. As she neared the common room she saw Ginny sitting outside the portrait.

"Ginny?" Hermione said as she neared Ginny.

Ginny looked up from her seat. "Uh finally!"

"Why didn’t you just go in? You know the password!" Hermione gestured to the portrait.

"Oh, I did but Malfoy kicked me out, said I'm not allowed to go in without you" Ginny trailed off. "Anyways, how did your exam go?"

"It went good thank you, I’ll talk to Malfoy later." Hermione furrowed her eyebrows and looked at the portrait.

"Ahem, Miss Granger."

Hermione’s head whipped to the portrait of Dumbledore.

"Yes professor?"

"Can I make a comment about yours and Mr Malfoy’s situation?"

"Certainly sir."

"I understand it’s been just a month or so since it happened, well he is in there Miss Granger, watch out for the little things, the little things he used to do. Name me a few Miss Granger."

Hermione frowned, trying to remember things when she remember a few things. "Well he used to give me this look before we went out he used to do it, and then when we did, this look was full of something, though I never figured it out. Then he used to run his hands through his hair a lot and another thing that he started to was he used to blink multiple times when he was trying figure something out." 

And he would make sexual jokes all he the time, but I'm not going to tell you that professor.

"And has he done any of those things yet?"

"Well, he’s started to put his hands through his hair, not anything else yet." Hermione blinked, a small bubble of hope started to grow inside her.

"Miss Granger, can you make me a promise you will try and look out for these, habits per say?"

"Yes professor." She smiled at him. "Thank you."

"It's no problem Miss Granger." The old man smiled, his blue eyes twinkling.

Ginny and Hermione looked at each other, trying to suppress a laugh as they climbed into the dorm.

"You are going to look out for these things Hermione, aren’t you?" Ginny raised an eyebrow, smirking.

"I'm going to, but I doubt he will do it." Hermione said, as she stood still, not wanting Draco to hear what they were talking about.

"You can’t think like that!" Ginny looked at her seriously.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "There was another I didn’t mention to Dumbledore."

"What! What is it?"

"Well, he used to make sexual jokes, well, not really sexual…just, along that line, or they were comments. So far, he’s done it a couple of times like what you see Granger and don’t touch anything else. I don’t know if they’re related." Hermione shrugged.

Ginny beamed. "YES!"

Hermione put her hand over Ginny’s mouth, but quickly removed it as she was bitten by the fiery red head herself. "Ginny! Don’t shout!"

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry, It’s just that something is happening!" Ginny squealed.

"Yes, but I'm not going to take it as a sign or something."

"Well, I think you should! Now come on, let’s discuss ball gowns."
Ginny said, leading Hermione into the common room.

They were greeted by Draco sitting cross legged on the sofa, going over a text book, he looked up, rolled his eyes and put his head back in the book.

Hermione just looked at him blankly as she sat down in the arm chair.

"So, shall we go to Hogesmead this weekend to find a dress for us?" Ginny said.

"I don’t know…I was thinking I would just wear something I already have." Hermione said quietly, knowing Ginny would like it.

"Hermione Jean Granger I am not letting you go to this ball slash dinner thing in a dress you have already worn!"

"Why don’t you wear your dark blue strapless dress that you told me about." Came a voice from behind the book that was now covering the young man’s face.

"That’s a good idea Mal-wait." Hermione scrunched her face up.

"What?" he put his book down and looked at her, raising a brow.

"I never told you I own a blue strapless dress." Hermione said, in shock.

Draco looked at her. "Well I must have seen it then. I remember seeing it."

"The last time you saw it was before your accident." Hermione said slowly.

Draco went wide-eyed. "You don’t think…" he trailed off.

"Tell us what you remember. Ginny was there that night also." Hermione crossed her legs.

"Well, I remember it being dark blue in colour," Draco squinted, "it kind of pooled around your feet and I remember thinking something." Draco went wide eyed as he remembered what he thought.

Hermione smiled. "You remember that?" Hermione smiled sheepishly. "Do you remember what you thought?"

"Yes but I'm not going to tell you." He sneered.

"Two steps forward, one step back." Hermione mumbled.

"This is good though!" Ginny said. 

"I suppose it is." Said Draco bluntly.

"Could you focus on it more? Remember anything else from that night?" Hermione asked, the bubble of hope building in her.

Draco squinted again. "No, not really? I can’t remember anything else."

Hermione looked at him frustrated. "Do you even want to remember Malfoy?"

Draco glared at her. "Why Granger? Because you want me to be in love with you again?" he sneered.

Hermione took a step back, hurt. "No! Because I don’t want you to be like this anymore."

"Like what?" he glared at her.

"Like this! The old you! Something in you changed, made you a better person, and now" Hermione trailed off.

"And now?" Draco took a step forward.

"And now, I’m starting to hate you again."

As Hermione spoke the words, she could feel her heart break. This wasn’t the man she fell in love with, this was the man she hated for years and she wasn’t going to let him ruin her last few weeks at Hogwarts, 

"And I'm not going to let someone I hate ruin these last moments here at Hogwarts." She glared at him, frowning-folding her arms.

Draco looked at her, a smirk playing on his lips, he knew that one thing that would annoy her most. He lunged at her and kissed her full on. His lips on hers. Hermione squeaked in shock and quickly pulled back, slapping him in the process.

"Too far Malfoy, too far." She shouted at him before turning around ran to her bedroom to study, slamming the door behind her.

Draco sat down in the chair thinking about what he had just done, did he do it to annoy her or did he do it because he wanted too? He shook his head, it couldn't be the last one.

That and the next they spent in silence in the common room, ignoring one another’s presence, not even swapping glances at one another.

Draco awoke, facing the celling. He had decided he was going to treat this as a normal day, that it wasn’t his birthday. 

I have no one to celebrate it with anyway. Blaise, Crabbe, Goyle, they’re gone. Mothers in a coma and there is no one else. Doubt Ill even get a hello out of Granger. I wonder if she knows it’s my birthday, hell, of course she does.

Draco rolled his eyes as he swung his legs out of his bed. He quickly got dressed into his school robes. Going over to the mirror, he ran his hands though his hair, not really caring if it looked messy. He checked the time on his clock on the wall, it read seven; he had enough time for breakfast.

Draco left his room and went into the common room and was greeted by a card and a small thin square present on the table. Inquisitive, he went over to the presents and sat down beside them. He took the card and opened it, it read: 

Dear Malfoy,

Everyone deserves a birthday present, even you. I had gotten you this before and I couldn’t really waste an opportunity for you, even if you don’t deserve it.


Draco frowned, opportunity?

He set the happy birthday card down on the table and looked at the present. He picked it up carefully and turned it over, sliding his finger underneath the silver wrapping paper he tugged the rest of it off and revealed a silver envelop. He opened the sealer and took the contents out and began to read.

Dear Mr. Malfoy.

The healers here at St, Mungos are delighted to inform you that the request written in by Miss Granger to become a childs practise healer has been accepted providing you get the grades.

Due to your history and your part in the war, you will be under surveillance for the first few months of training, but once we come to trusting you and putting children in the care of your hands, you will be left, no surveillance
We hope you accept our offer and we hope to hear from you soon.

We advise you thank Miss Granger as she was very persistent in contacting us. If it wasnt for her, we wouldnt have heard of your expertise and we wouldnt have wanted you aboard.

Thank you,

Francesca Miller.
Head Healer, St Mungos.

Draco sat back in the chair, letter still in hand.

Why did she do this for me? Yes she harbours feelings for me, but did she do this because she loves me or because she wanted to? I thought she hated me?

Draco re-read the letter a couple of more times before quickly replying with a yes. He put down his letter and stood up his card, before leaving for breakfast.

As he sat down at the Slytherin table and started filling his plate with some toast and scrambled eggs; his appetite large today. Taking a sip of his orange juice his eyes wandered over to Hermione who was laughing about something with the Weasley girl. Not yet did he receive one birthday wish, but he didn’t care, not anymore. In his eyes there was nothing to celebrate anymore.

Draco wanted to thank her but didn’t know if she would ignore him or not because of their recent bust up. He decided to thank her later in the common room, not really caring whether she would reply back or not. 

He quickly finished off his birthday breakfast and got up from his seat for his first exam of the day-charms.
He waked through the corridors on his way to charms when a familiar bushy haired person walked in front of him, he recognised the curly hair immediately. Taking longer strides to catch up with her, he soon caught up. Walking alongside the petite girl, he lent to his right, the side she was on, and whispered to her,

"Thank you, for the present and card."

She looked up at him, not showing any emotions, and nodded, before speeding up her pace to get to class.

Hermione shook her head as she quickened her pace to get to charms, she was confused by Draco, one minute they weren’t talking, one minute he was thanking her. 

Well I did leave out his present, he’s only being polite.

As Hermione neared her classroom, he took a deep breath and went over what she knew about charms and entered the classroom, ready for her exam.

In the exam, Draco looked down at the first question on his paper. What charm is used to reveal hidden pathways? Draco smiled to himself; he knew that one. He quickly scribbled down the answer, and read through the next set of ten questions:

Describe a charm that is used to delve into one’s mind and see their thought and memories?

What charm is able to lift witches or wizards a few inches off the ground and then move that person?

What is the charm that reveals the last spell a wand fired

The questions carried on. Draco smiled to himself as he knew what they were, thanks to Hermione. He soon finished the test and put his quill down. He crossed his arms and looked around, the only person that was sitting up was Hermione, he snorted inwardly, of course she would be the first person.

There was only the practical test left to go, he knew he would be near the top of list due to his first name beginning with a D so he didn’t have to wait long.

The bell rang to signal the end of the two hours. Draco looked up from where he was resting his head and waited to be dismissed. When they were finally allowed to leave he quickly left the room and waited outside to be called in for his practical exam, he tried to go over things but his mind kept pondering over thoughts like his and Hermione’s arguments and whether Hermione and himself would ever speak again. He also wondered how his mother was doing.

While he was thinking, he didn’t notice people started to disappear and leave looking happy with themselves or looking really upset. He soon heard his name being called, he looked up and saw Professor Flitwick looking up at him.

The rest of the week passed quickly, the rest of Draco’s birthday passed like a normal day, at one point he almost forgot it was his birthday. He and Hermione still had not spoken and it bothered him slightly. They had all received their invitations to the ball/dinner the next week after they received their exam results.

Draco slumped down on the sofa, rubbing his temples, he opened his eyes again and saw Hermione with her head buried in a book. Rolling his eyes, he got up and decided to have a shower.

Hermione released her breath as the bathroom door closed. She closed her eyes, it was getting slightly easier by the day, it was finally sinking in that he wouldn’t remember her. Yes it was getting easier for her, but yet, getting harder. She still loved him very much so but she was starting to let her feelings go. It was hard to do this, but she knew in the end it would help her.

She looked up as she saw voices coming from the portrait, in came McGonagall looked happy.

"Everything okay Professor?" she asked.

"Certainly Miss Granger. Is Mister Malfoy around?" she looked around, smiling.

"Uh, I think he’s gone for a shower." She pointed towards the bathroom door.

"Thank you Miss Granger." She sat down.

"Professor, can I ask what your visit is about?"

"Well, Mister Malfoy’s mother has woken up from her coma." She smiled



A/N: well hello again!

What do you think?

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Does anyone have any song recomendations for this chapter? i came up with nothing? :(

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thats going to be so depressing :( the only one who knows the ending is my beta and good friend 'HeyMrsPotter.' who by the way, got on the top ten, SO WELL DONE <3

I love you all <3

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