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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 16 : Running
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Chapter 16

Rose tossed and turned in her bed, keeping her eyes deliberately shut, even though she was wide awake. After a few more moments, she heaved a loud breath and looked up.

“Are you two seriously just going to stand there and watch me sleep?” Rose said annoyed to Matt and Carla, who were standing at the side of her bed.

“Well we can either stand and watch you pretend to sleep, or stand and listen to you talk, but regardless we are not leaving this room.” Carla stated.

Rose thought about it as she twiddled her thumbs. Matt and Carla were smart not to say a word as she packed her things to leave London yesterday, today, on the other hand, was a different situation. With everything that happened, Rose was surprisingly calm, and relaxed. She knew that Matt and Carla wanted answers, and that they were fed up with waiting for her to give them.

Blinking a few times, Rose sighed and she scooted over to the middle of her bed, watching as Matt plopped down beside her and Carla climbed in on the other side. She laid her head on Matt’s shoulder and felt as Carla softly rubbed her back, in the way a mother would to comfort her child.

Rose remained quiet, staring at the wall in front of her. She felt raw, and oddly numb, as if everything around her was out of control and spinning. Smiling at her friends attempts to comfort her, she had to admit that she deserved worse for the way that she treated them.

Biting her lip, “I fell in love with him when I was seventeen,” she started “Of course I should have seen it coming; it had only been building up for years,”

Rose went through the entire story from beginning to end, not leaving out a single detail. Well maybe the detail about how she lost her virginity, and the moment in the divination room, but other than that she told them everything.

They hung on her words for hours listening. When she was finished a refreshing silence filled the room. The three of them were officially even, she knew Matt and Carla’s pasts like the palm of her hand and now they knew hers.

The room was becoming dark, the evening shadows coming in through the windows. “So all of those times that I tried fixing you up and you said you didn’t want a relationship, it was…”

“It was because of Scorpius,” she finished for Carla.

Matt cleared his throat “I’m still more shocked that you dated Benjamin Brent for two years.” he said light heartedly.

“Shut up,” Rose said while laughing at his attempt to cheer her up, the sides of her lips curving slightly.

Matt lowered his eyes to Rose’s, “See I knew I could make you smile.” He whispered, with his own grin.

“So you officially know everything about me, how does it feel?” she asked.

“Overwhelming.” He answered immediately.

Carla focused her eyes on the ceiling. Speaking her thoughts, she said “It’s sort of ironic how you two have loved each other for years, only to find one another when you lest expected it. It’s romantic, as if it was meant to be.”

Rose lifted her head and Matt mimicked the motion, the both of them with shocked and astonished looks on their faces. Giving her outrageous looks, Matt said “I swear, sometimes I think you don’t even like your brother,”


Rose loved autumn. She loved the crisp breeze in the air, and the red of the trees. It had been six weeks since she had spoken to her father, and for the first time in her entire life, she felt free.  

It was around seven in the evening and Rose was taking a jog before she decided to settle in for the evening. That was something she had been doing a lot lately, running, just running. It allowed her mind to loosen up and take her wherever she desired. Now most people would advise against a young woman running alone in the evening by herself, but with her exceptional strength and her use of a wand, she dared someone to try and attack her.

Somehow things were working out for Rose. Even though her entire life had spiraled into chaos a month and a half ago, she was relived and she didn’t regret anything. She had chosen Scorpius, even though she had no desire to be with him, she was proud of her decision. Not choosing Scorpius the first time, was one of the biggest mistakes in her life, and she had always known it, and in fixing that mistake she was able to be honest with herself, at least mostly.

As for Rex, things were working out great, she didn’t love him, but then again most relationships don’t start out with two people in love. They start out with an attraction, and fondness and grow into love. Also it helped that Rose was actually trying, unlike before when she was holding herself back because of Scorpius. Now she was giving Rex the chance that he wanted and deserved.

Focusing on the slapping of her shoes against the concrete, her mind wondered to the day after Rex had come back. The day that she had told him about Scorpius.

“Are you kidding me?” Rex said in a shocked voice.

Rose didn’t know how to respond, the day had already been so long and she couldn’t really think. Crossing her arms she kept her eyes glued to the corner of her bed, his back facing to her.

“So I guess this means that you aren’t even going to try and be with me now,” his voice spoke while he looked out the window.

Clearing her throat “I didn’t say that,"

“So you do want to try?” he asked in a confused tone.

Sighing she rubbed her forehead, the headache from the night before still lingering. “I’m just not ready yet,” Rose answered honestly.

The back of Rex’s head shook, he crossed his own arms, still staring out the window “Will you let me know when you’re ready?”

“I will,” she mumbled quietly.

His shoulders sagged. She could tell he was upset but she didn’t push him. Releasing a long breath he faced her “You know Rose I really wish you would give me a chance.” He stared into her eyes “Who knows I might even be able to make you love me.”

A swift breeze pulled Rose from the memory. Her lungs inhaling the air deeply, they burned. Slowing down she hunched over to catch a breath, unsure of where she was. Breathing she looked up recognizing the street that she was on, or more specifically the apartment complex that she was in front of. Glancing to his window, she saw the blond man standing in it, looking out into the view.

Scorpius had on a black shirt and jeans. She watched as he raised a mug to his lips and took a long sip of his drink before he lowered it. He looked at ease, like nothing in the world could get to him. She had always envied him for that.

Her legs were locked. She hadn’t even realized that she had taken this route, past his building. Actually she usually didn’t notice where she ran, she would just run and let herself guide her way home. A part of her wondered how many times she had run past his apartment.

Tugging on the sleeves of her jacket, she wiped the sweat off her forehead.  Noticing the simple smile that appeared on his lips, her heart lurched forward for him, incidentally hurting her during the process. That was the hardest part of the entire situation that they were in. Rose still had these feelings for him, and every time she was reminded of them the sudden slap of betrayal was not far behind.

Out of everyone in her life he was the last person that she ever expected to hurt her like that. This honestly had nothing to do with him getting married, yes it killed her to think that he had planned this whole life with someone else, but she wasn’t mad at him for it and she didn’t blame him. This was about the fact that he lied to her over and over again, and broke that trust that they had between one another. It made it hard to love him.

He still did have part of her heart, but that day, six weeks ago, she had gotten part of it back. It was shattered and crumbled but it was hers, to do with as she pleased.

Shifting her eyes to the pavement, she knew that the best thing for her was to let him ago, and for right now that was the only thing she could do. So straightening her posture she started to run again.


“Alright so what am I looking at?” Rose said, her lips chattering from the bitter cold of the morning.

Rex laughed as he handed her the coffee that she requested, “This way,” he motioned, walking under a metal beam of the construction site that he was currently working on.

Rose followed, ducking her head under several beams and watching for nails on the ground. She had seen the plans that he had drawn up but at the moment she was having a hard time envisioning it.

Taking her hand, Rex helped her over a large beam, and lead her to the other side of the building. “Alright look up,” he said in a chipper voice.

Swallowing the coffee that was in her mouth, Rose was sure that she would have appreciated this a bit more if it weren’t so early. Seeing nothing but the light blue of the dawn, she waved her head still confused, “Am I missing something?”

“No,” he said coming around behind her wrapping his arm around her waist. Pressing his cheek against hers, he raised a hand and pointed to the corner of the building, “See that right there?”

Rose nodded yes, smiling as he tickled her in the side, “Right there at the top,”

“At the tippy tippy top,” he clarified.

“Yes I see it. What about it?” she took another sip from her thermos.

Rex grinned “That’s my apartment."

Rose’s eyes widened, turning her head she faced him, “So you’re staying?” she said excitedly, kissing his lips.

Kissing her back “My boss is opening a full branch in New York and wants me to run it.”

“That’s great,”

“One more thing,” he whispered,

“What?” she said becoming slightly skeptical of his tone of voice.

“It still has a few months to go, but it’s your apartment too if you want it to be.” He raised an eyebrow.

Rose pulled away slightly, and looked to where he had been pointing and then back at his excited eyes. The expression on her face was shocked, and her smile a lot less than before.


Scorpius sat at his desk, reading over a file which was impossible to concentrate on. Rubbing his burning eyes he took a long sip of black coffee. He had finally gotten to the point that he could sleep again, but now he spent all night dreaming. He would toss and turn in bed for hours, leaving him more tired when he woke up, than he was when he went to sleep.

Lowering his quill, he looked at Rose’s empty chair concerned. She was usually early in to work, but this morning she was on the verge of being late. Rose had made it perfectly clear what their relationship was when they came back to New York. They were partners, nothing more, and he was grateful for even that. Of course he wanted more, he wanted to spend his life with her if given the chance, but he understood why she couldn’t. She was still upset with him, her anger had diminished over time, but he had taken away her trust, and he had to earn it back. Scorpius hated watching her move on, but he still had hope.

She had fought for him and chosen him, even though she was upset with him. That was all that he had ever wanted from her. For her to stand up to her family and not deny him. That had to mean something, Scorpius refused to believe that it didn’t. The other thing that gave him hope was that Rose ran.

He had noticed her few weeks ago jogging past his building, and since then he waited for her. Sure enough every night, around seven she came by and he watched her. It was only for a few seconds but it was all he had to hold onto.

Picking up his quill he focused back to his folder. Hearing the sound of very rushed footstep stop in front of him, he stared to Rose. She had a wild look in her eye as she shrugged off her jacket in a frenzy.

“Good morning,” she said quickly slipping into her chair, and reaching down to her bag to retrieve the folder that she had been working on. Slapping it on her desk, she glowered at it.

Rose could not believe that Rex had asked her to move in with him. She liked Rex, but she was nowhere near ready to move in with him. That was a big step for her, and considering everything that Rex witnessed with Scorpius, how cold he possibly think that she would be ready for something like that. Although he had been staying with her since he returned, it was different, Carla was there and Matt as well, it was completely different actually moving in with him. It was official and that scared the daylights out of her.

“Are you alright? You look ill.” Scorpius said, his voice with worry.

Subconsciously looking up to him, she regretted it. Her stomach turned and her pulse raced. Caught off guard she stared at man problem number two in her life. It was easy to let him go when she wasn’t near him, but sitting in front of him, working with him, was unbearable.

Apart of her just wanted to forgive him and let it go, but the more dominate part of her was scared that he would hurt again, and she wasn’t sure if she could survive another heartbreak like that. So she stayed away, and let herself be safe with Rex.

Forcing her eyes away from his “I’m fine,” she mumbled softly while awkwardly looking to the ground. Rolling back in her chair she stood up “I’m going to go to the gym,” she said, picking up her bag to walk downstairs as quickly as she could.


It was the middle of the night, and Rose awoke with start, as a pair of hands clamped down on her mouth. Breathing roughly she saw the grey blue eyes, from the glow of light coming from her living room, knowing who it was she calmed down slightly, even though her mind was going crazy with questions.

“Don’t scream,” he whispered anxiously.

Rose shifted her eyes to Rex, who was sound asleep beside her. Scorpius motioned his finger to the door. Nodding she slipped out of the bed and followed him.

“What the hell are you doing,” she whisper shouted, after she closed the door to her bedroom. “How did you even get in?”

“Trust me when I say that is the least of your problems.” He mumbled.

Rose scrunched up her face. Noting the fact that he was in his own pajama bottoms and a simple t-shirt, he looked as if he had just gotten out of bed and came here.

Scorpius stopped in the middle of her living room and pointed. Turning her head Rose was almost taken aback by what she saw. “He said he had to talk to the both of us, that it was an emergency.” Scorpius said as she observed the sight in front of her, similar to the same reaction that he had.

Rose took a step forward and looked at Harper Willcoat. His sandy brown hair was a mess, and the look on his face was completely distraught and in shock. “What…” Rose tried to find the words.

Harper cut her off, giving her a piercing stare, he was silently pleading “Alexander isn’t in Azkaban,” he said clearly.

“That’s impossible,” Rose responded. Alexander Warwick had escaped Azkaban once there was no way he could have escaped again. “Grey Holmes had him on security lockdown before he left, I watched him be escorted to the port site.”

Harper aggressively shook his head “I am telling you he is not there!” he shouted, losing his patience.

Rose took a step back, while Scorpius instinctively stepped slightly in front of her. “Hey calm down.” Scorpius said sternly “How do you know that he isn’t in Azkaban?”

Harper’s eyes wondered between the pair, his pulse pounding and his stomach whirling. He was practically begging them for help “He’s taken Levis from his mother,”

Both Rose and Scorpius looked to one another confused. “Whose Levis?” asked Rose.

Harper’s eyes went dark, almost hallow “He’s my son,”

A/N: I know it’s a bit of a filler chapter but I promise that the next one will have more Scor/Rose action in it, and hey it’s on time. Now if you remember in chapter 6 I made some references to Harper having a child and in chapter 7 I said Warwicks rage was going to start with him... Nothing like a good case to bring two people together. Also what about Rex’s offer?  Let me know what you think and please review they really do make me happy.

On another note for those of you who are reading Twelve, the update for that will be going in for validation right after this chapter is published, sorry for the wait.

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