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Friendly Neighbors by ihootanniex3
Chapter 1 : A New Neighbor
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A/N: I am back with this story again if you haven’t forgotten about this. I had deleted it after I lost inspiration but I think I found it back again – so here is my new story! I know I took an unfortunate long hiatus (five years) and I’m deeply sorry for that. I got too busy with my life. But I am back and I can’t promise you guys weekly updates on this because I will be very busy with school this year – it’s very important for me to stay focused with my school year. So I will try to post up twice every month or so. I recently finished The Hoax, hooray? Sorry. I hope you all understand that I had too much going on in my life at the time but I’m back. Please enjoy this horribly written first chapter of this story. :)




“Hermione, I don’t understand why you want to live here. I thought we promised each other we would live near each other, at our own flats, not a duplex flat.” The fiery redhead complanined as she scrutinized the outer appearance of the house.


“Ginny, we do live near each other. We’re only a few streets away. And besides, I’ve always wanted to live in a duplex before.” Hermione defended herself as she placed both hands on her hips.


“Since when?” Ginny asked, raising an eyebrow.


“Since . . . I saw it on the Internet a few days ago.” Hermione revealed with a sigh, firmly pressing her lips together.


“Internet’s that muggle thing, right? With the toplop or something like that?” Ginny asked after a while of thinking.


“Yes, internet is the muggle thing on the laptop.” She corrected her friend with a nod of her head.


“You saw it on the internet . . . a few days ago. Oh my, that sure seems like forever!” The redhead mocked her friend as she put on a fake smile. Hermione and Harry had been trying to teach Ron, Ginny, and Ella (Ron's soon-to-be-wife) about muggle items so they could use a cell phone, watch television, and so on. Ginny and Ella were getting the hang of it. Ron was still having trouble.


“Okay, look, Ginny. This is a very nice apartment and it was on sale. Sale! Yeah, we don’t see a lot of houses on sales these days! I just had to get it! And besides, I’m a witch, I can perform a few spells to redecorate the inside of the house . . . make it bigger and prettier.”


Ginny stared at her friend for a long time and sighed as she shook her head. “Fine, I’m done trying to persuade you. You already got all the damn boxes inside the house, there’s no turning back now.” She groaned and crossed her arms across her chest. “But really! Was it necessary to quit your job? To become a writer?”


“I just want a simple life, really, Ginny! Please, let me have it. I haven’t had a normal, mundane life ever since I found out I was a witch. Now’s my time to make up for lost times, and besides, I’m an agony aunt—advice columnist and I’ve always wanted to become a writer.”


“Oh since when? A few days ago?” Ginny asked mockingly with a smirk.


“No, since forever.”  Hermione answered meekly as she lowered her gaze.


“Forever as in a few days ago.” Her friend repeated once more sarcastically.


“I’ve always wanted to be a writer ever since I was little. Ever since I picked up my first book!” Hermione yelled at her friend, clearing away all the misunderstanding. “I like to write and give advice so this job is the whole package for me.”


“But you can still work at the Ministry of Magic and write books like you want.” Ginny protested restlessly.


“Ginny.” Hermione said in her stern voice as she lowered her gaze at her friend telling her to drop it.


“Fine.” She said with a frown. “I was really hoping I could see you at work when I visited Harry or Ron but I guess I can’t now.”


“You can still visit me at my new workplace.”


“Yeah, I know. It’s just . . .” She stopped herself and shook her head. “Never mind, I understand what you’re doing, you want to start fresh! I get it.”


“Thank you.” Hermione said with a smile, letting out a relieved sigh.


“But, what if your neighbor is weird? A weird man.” Ginny asked curiously as she raised her eyebrows at her friend.


Hermione shook her head with an exasperated sigh. “You just don’t stop, do you?” She muttered under her breath and stared at her friend with a small grin. “I assure you, my neighbor is nice.”


“You met your neighbor?”


“No, not yet, I believe the person is moving in today as well.” She said with a grin. “You see, this is a new building and I guess my new-soon-to-be neighbor saw the sale on the Internet, too!” She said excitedly. “I can’t wait to see her . . . uhm--or, him.” She said as she slightly furrowed her eyebrows. “I think my neighbor’s a man though.”


“Hopefully your neighbor will be hot . . . not creepy.” Ginny encouraged with a small grin.


“I have my fingers crossed.” She said and smiled brightly. “This feels nice. The move, I mean. It was time to move out anyway. I was living in Ron’s flat and that made Ella uncomfortable even though she never admitted it. It’s not like we did anything.” She said with a snort.


“Did you two do anything?” Her friend asked eagerly as she wiggled her eyebrows.


“Of course not! Keep your pregnancy hormones down, Ginny.” Hermione said as she shook her head.


“You guys didn’t do anything? I mean you two lived with each other for several months and nothing happened?”


“We’re best friends.” Hermione said with a scoff. “And besides, the only thing we’ve ever done together that you could count as physical contact is when I wrestled with Ron over my wand when he lost his own wand.” Hermione explained with a frown. “I can’t handle living with him.”


“It’s a pity . . . I always wanted you as my sister-in-law.” Ginny said as she placed her hand over her big stomach. She was currently seven months in. Only a few more months until she became a mother and Harry became a father.


“Ella Oliver is a sweet girl! She’ll become your sister-in-law soon . . . once Ron decides to propose to her, that is.  And besides, I’m practically your sister.”


“That’s true and Ella’s a better shopping partner anyways.” Ginny mumbled to herself.


Hermione, who didn’t hear anything (thankfully), smiled at her friend and licked her dry lips. “This summer is really nice.”


“It’s hot.” Ginny said with a frown, shaking her head disapprovingly.


“Well, we better get you inside, then. Harry, Ron, and Ella are coming over soon anyway and if Harry caught his wife outside in this weather, he’d kill me.” Hermione told her friend with a laugh and hurried her friend inside.


“Okay, I have to admit. This is a really nice house.” Ginny nodded her head with a small grin, pleased with what she was seeing.


“Well, I’m glad you like it. I told you, it’s not that bad.” Hermione said with a grin and hurried over to the kitchen, getting refreshments for her friends.


Ginny looked around the place and raised an eyebrow. “This is really neat.” She complimented once more and smiled. “How many bedrooms are there?”


“Three!” Hermione yelled from the kitchen.


“Three?” She asked, shocked. “These duplexes are really nice!”


“I know.” Hermione said as she entered the living room with a tray full of orange juice.  “Here, have some.” She said as she set it down on the coffee table. “They should be here soon—“




Harry, Ron, and Ella stood in the middle of the living room with wide grins on their faces, immediately looking around the place.


“Right on time.” Hermione whispered to herself as Ginny walked over to her husband, hugging him and giving him a peck on the lips.


“Wow, Hermione, this place is amazing!” Ella walked over and hugged Hermione tightly. “How did you fix it up so quickly?”


“Well, all you need is a wand and some imagination.” Hermione laughed.


“If and when I get a new house—“ Ella began as she took a glance behind her at Ron. “—you better help me redecorate it.” She said as she shared a laugh with Hermione.


“Of course.” She told Ella and walked over to Ron. “How is it?”


“I must say, Hermione, I’m quite impressed with what you’ve done here. Ginny was telling me about how horrible this place would be, but it’s actually great! Better than my flat.” Ron complimented her as he gave her a friendly hug.


Hermione laughed and walked over to Harry, giving him a hug. “Good morning.”


“Good morning.” Harry piped cheerfully. “This is really nice, Hermione. I’m glad you have a new house.”


“Thank you. I’m glad, too.” She said with a smile and soon enough they were all  sitting on the couch, sipping on orange juice.


“So, who’s living next door?” Ella asked with a wide grin.


“I don’t know yet, I think he’s supposed to move in today.” Hermione replied back.


He?” Ella asked with wide eyes. “Your neighbor is a guy?”


“I think so.”


“Let’s hope it is! It’ll be so much fun for you if it’s guy.”


“And a cute guy at that.” Ginny added with a grin. “That’s exactly what I was thinking, Ella.”

“Hermione, this is great!” Ella said cheerfully.


Harry and Ron stared at each other with a sigh as the girls talked on and on about Hermione’s maybe-soon-to-be-hot-neighbor.


Hermione looked over at her two guy friends looking bored and uninterested in the conversation and rolled her eyes. “Okay, we should talk later. We’re boring your dates over here.” She told the girls with a smirk.


“You’re right; we should save it for later.” Ella said with a grin and turned to Ron. “Were you feeling left out?” She asked and smiled as she kissed him.


Harry smiled at his wife and kissed her on the lips.


Hermione looked at her two best friends with their pair and sighed. Her life was perfect . . . except for the fact that she was single. She was happy for her friends, though. She wasn’t the jealous type. She smiled at the happy picture and stood up to put the cups away when she suddenly heard a door slam shut from the next door. She gasped and her eyes widened. “He’s here!” She yelled, breaking up the lovey-dovey atmosphere. She immediately ran to her window and saw nothing. “That’s strange. I thought I heard something.”


Ginny stared at Harry and smiled. “I have to see this.” She said and got up (with struggle) but managed to get up safely, walking up to the window next to Hermione.


Ella laughed and looked at her boyfriend. “Me, too.” She told him and quickly followed suit.


Harry and Ron exchanged looks and both shared a sigh. “We should go meet the bloke.” Ron said and so they got up, looking outside the window. 


“I swear I heard a door slam next door but there isn’t a moving truck. I suppose I heard wrong?” Hermione asked as she continued to peer out the window.


“He must’ve moved in all his things yesterday. It’s possible, people do that.” Ginny said with a smile.


“My Uncle John did that. Let’s go see if he’s home.” Ella said as she nudged Hermione.


“What do you mean?”


“Go ring the doorbell.” Ella said excitedly as she ran out the door.


“Let’s do it.” Ginny said as she waddled her way out of the house.


Hermione stared from the window to her two guy friends. “Should I?”


“You guys are neighbors now. Might as well, right?” Harry asked as he walked outside with Ron.


Hermione nodded and took a deep breath. She put on her best smile and walked out of the house to her next door neighbor’s. She stood in front of the house and sighed. “I don’t know . . . what if he’s unpacking and I’m disturbing him? What if he has a family?”


“Oh, who cares?” Ginny asked and sighed as she stared at her friend. “Go on, ring the doorbell.”


“Wait, but I don’t even have a treat or anything to welcome him with.” Hermione made an excuse.


Ella rolled her eyes and took out her wand, quickly conjuring up a plate of freshly baked brownies. “Here, I made this back home to eat it with Ron but I’ll give it to you.” She said as she shoved it into Hermione’s hands. “Now, ring the doorbell.” She demanded as she and Ginny waited eagerly.


Hermione nodded and took a deep breath. “Right.” She said and reached up to ring the doorbell when all of a sudden the door opened. “Hi, I’m moved in next door recently. I’m Hermione—“


“Granger?” A familiar voice suddenly cut her off and Hermione froze. She knew that voice.


She finally broke out of it and looked closely at the man standing in front of the door. “Malfoy?” She asked as her jaw dropped. Draco Malfoy was standing right in front of her. He looked the same from the last time she saw him, but he looked more . . . handsome? Attractive? Hermione shook her head faintly, shaking the horrible thoughts away.


“Is that for me?” He asked with a smirk as he pointed to the plate of brownies in her hands.


“Wh, what are you doing here? Y, you—“


“I’ll take that then.” Draco said as he reached over to grab it.


“NO! It’s not for you!” She yelled as she shoved it in Ella’s hands. “No, this is not right. Why are you here?!”


“Is there some rule that says I can’t live here?” He asked with his smirk, leaning against the doorway.


“Yeah, he’s cute. Why are you acting strange?” Ella asked her friend looking confused.


“And who must you be?” Draco asked as he stared at Ella.


“I’m Elleanor Oliver, but people call me Ella. It’s very nice to meet you . . .” She said as she stuck out her hand for him to shake.


“Draco Malfoy.” He said as he shook hands with her.


Ella slightly furrowed her eyebrows. “Draco Malfoy?” She asked curiously and racked through her brain to see why that name rang a bell. “Draco Malfoy . . .” She repeated quietly to herself.


“Ella, don’t touch him.” Ron sneered as he grabbed hold of his girlfriend’s hand. “Hermione, we need to go.” He said as he quickly apparated them out of the place before Ella could even react.


Ginny stared at Hermione and then at Draco, then at her husband and then back to Hermione. “Hermione, we’ll leave you two to discuss some matters.” She stated with a sneaky grin, quickly walking over to Harry.


“Ah, and you’re now the famous Mrs. Potter.” Draco said as he stared at Harry and Ginny. “You’re . . . pregnant?” He asked Ginny, pointing to her big stomach.


“No, I’m fat.” She said dryly as she shot him a glare. “Hermione, we’ll talk later, okay?” She told her friend and quickly apparated away with her husband.


Hermione looked behind her to see that had everyone abandoned her. She turned back to stare at Draco and shook her head. “This is a joke, right?”


“Why would it be a joke, Granger?”


“You can’t possibly . . . no! You can’t live here.”


“Why not?”


“Because! You’re Draco Malfoy. You hate muggles, you’re a stuck up pureblood, and you live in big luxurious mansions -- not here.”


“Well, I thought I needed a bit of a change.” Draco said matter-of-factly. “I’m sure that’s why you’re here, too. You wanted a new change.”


“Did you know I bought the house here?”


“Are you implying I purposely bought a house right next to yours so I could talk to you?” He asked with a small scoff.




“No.” He said as he crossed her arms across his chest. “Perhaps, fate brought us together.” He said with a smirk, obviously teasing Hermione.


“This is not happening.” She said under her breath as she stared at him. “This doesn’t make sense!”

“What doesn’t?”


“You being here!”


“And here I was, hoping I would be living next door to a beautiful girl but . . . I guess luck isn’t on my side.”


“And you think luck is on mine? This is a total disappointment for both of us.”


“No, you’re lucky to be living next door to me. I’m a Malfoy, a rich, famous Malfoy. In fact, I’m bachelor of the year—“


“So why are you here?” She asked him, cutting him short.


“I told you, I wanted a fresh new start. “


“No.” She said as she shook her head. “Goodbye Malfoy!” She yelled, completely irritated as she walked over to her house, grabbing the door knob.


“It was nice seeing you again. We should have some tea with each other next time, neighbor.” Draco winked at her, walking back into his house with a smirk.


Hermione groaned and clenched her teeth together. She walked back into her house and let out a deep breath. “Did I do something wrong in my past life? Why is he here?” She asked herself, breathing heavily. “No, I just need to calm down. I need to get ready and go to work.” She told herself as she quickly took herself to the bedroom to get ready.




“Hello, my name is Hermione Granger and it’ll be my pleasure to work with all of you.” She said sweetly to all her new co-workers and boss. Everyone clapped with smiles on their faces. “Thank you.” She said and quickly fixed her work badge around her neck.


“Alright, I expect all of you to show her around, give her a few hints and just help her out.” Eric, her boss, said to the crowd of workers with a warm laugh as he walked off to his office.


Everyone looked at Hermione and greeted her. Hermione simply smiled back and talked with a few. She finally started to walk towards her office when she saw three girls standing before her with a glare.


“Ugh, how long do you think this one is going to last?” The brunette asked her friends as she rolled her eyes.


Hermione furrowed her eyebrows and opened her mouth to say something when she suddenly got cut off by the blonde.


“Who cares? She’s not going to last long.” The pretty blonde said with irritation.


“She's totally irrelevant to us, girls. Want to hear something worth listening to?" An excited redhead said as she raised her eyebrows. "Guess what I got yesterday?"

“What is it?” The other two asked in unison with wide smiles on their faces.

“I got a magazine of Draco Malfoy.” The redhead said excitedly as she displayed her new magazine to her friends, biting her lips, holding in her smile—or at least trying to.


“Oh my gosh! You’re so lucky! All the copies were sold out when I tried to get one!” The blonde said with a frown. “You’re so lucky.” She repeated with a pout.


“I know.” The redhead said as she flipped her hair.


Hermione shook her head as she rolled her eyes. “Stupid girls . . . you’re worse than the girls I had in my school.” She muttered under her breath as she started to walk towards her office. She suddenly got stopped by a pretty brunette.


“Hi, I’m Auden Clarke, nice to meet you. You’re Hermione Granger?” She asked with a grin.


“Nice to meet you, Auden, and yes, I’m Hermione.” She said as she shook hands with the girl.


“Don’t listen to those girls.” Auden whispered over to Hermione as she glanced at the three girls crying over Malfoy’s magazine. Her oceanic, blue eyes darted towards Hermione again, giving her an apologetic look. “Amber, Ashley, and Anna. They’re the three prettiest girls in this office and they’re always spreading rumors on the new girl.”


“Wow, I thought I left school a while back.” Hermione commented as her eyes widened. “This is ridiculous.” She said and shook her head. “Have you been working here for a while?”


“I actually started working three weeks ago, so technically, I’m not that new. You’re the new girl and all the men here seem to like you.” Auden said with a laugh. “Don’t worry, all of them are nice.”


Hermione smiled as she looked around. “Thank you.”

“You welcome.” Auden said and smiled brightly, flashing Hermione her perfect set of pearly whites. “My office is two doors away from yours so just come on over if you have any questions.” Auden told her sweetly. “And lunch is at noon so I’ll come by and show you around the place—mostly the cafeteria.” She said with a laugh and walked off.


“She’s nice.” Hermione mumbled to herself and felt glares coming her way and put on the best fake smile she could. She whipped her head around and blinked at the three girls staring at her. “May I help you?”


“No.” They all said in unison, clearing their throats and looking back at their magazine.


Hermione flashed them another fake grin and walked off, hearing groans and scoffs coming from them. She smirked and walked into her new office and sighed as she shut the door behind her. She let out a deep breath and leaned against the door. “First day of work . . .” She said quietly and took a deep breath, calming herself down. She quickly cleared her throat and walked over to her table, setting down her purse and folders down. She smoothed down her red high waisted skirt and adjusted her feet in her black high heels. She let out a small excited squeal and sat down behind the desk and looked at her surroundings. “I can get used to this . . .” She said with a wide grin as she immediately got to work.


She suddenly heard a vibration and immediately grabbed her cell phone, picking up. “Hello?”


“YOU’RE ON THE THIRD FLOOR, RIGHT?!” Ella’s voice boomed through the phone, making Hermione have no choice but to take the phone away from her ears for protection.


“Ella, I told you for the fifth time, you do not need to scream through the phone. I’m sure Ron knows by now.” She said and sighed. “Purebloods are all so hard to teach . . .” She mumbled and nodded as she responded, “Yes, I’m the third floor.”


“I don’t need to scream? Oh, can you hear me?” Ella asked with a small giggle in her voice.

“Yes, perfectly clear.” Hermione replied with a small grin.


“These cell phones are wicked.” Ella responded absentmindedly and quickly snapped out of it. “We’re coming up, then!”


“We? Who’s we?” Hermione asked as she slowly got up from her seat, looking alarmed.


“We as in me and Ginny.” Ella said with a laugh. “These elevators are nice, they play songs.” She said through the phone but Hermione knew Ella was talking to Ginny, not her. “Okay, Hermione, we’re here—wow.”


“The elevators lead to the office.” Hermione heard Ginny say in amazement. “This is really convenient. We just need to find her room.” Ginny continued, possibly standing beside Ella.


“Which room are you?” Ella asked through the phone.


“Well, there’s going to several doors and they each have a name on it—“


“Found it!” Ella said with a gasp and quickly hung up.


“Wha—“ Hermione stopped as she heard a knock on her door. “Come in.” She said with a restless sigh and in walked her two amazed friends.


“Muggles have really nice offices. I thought it was just us but . . . wow.” Ella said in admiration as she looked around the typical office. She closed the door behind her and looked around the room with such fascination.


“Ella, you do realize this is just an ordinary office, right?” Hermione asked with a seriously-this-isn’t-a-big-deal look.


“But we’re here to talk about you and your new neighbor.” Ginny said with a grin as she took a seat in front of the desk. Ella followed as she stared at her friend eagerly.


Hermione sighed and stared at her friends. “I don’t have a neighbor.” She said stubbornly.


“DRACO MALFOY IS THE NEW 2013 HOT BACHELOR OF THE YEAR!” Ella suddenly yelled with happiness.


Hermione’s eyes grew wide as she looked around the building. “Keep it down! The women here are in love with him. They have his magazines.” She whispered furiously at Ella.


“I knew his name rang a bell! And he looked so familiar but I just couldn’t figure it out and when I finally did, I was back in my apartment with Ron.” She told her friend with a wide grin. “Draco Malfoy is the hottest man alive . . . very rich, too.”


“Seriously, what do you people in Beauxbatons Academy of Magic learn? You should’ve known Draco Malfoy because of the war.” Ginny commented as she stared at Ella.


“We didn’t hear anything about Draco Malfoy!” Ella quickly defended herself. “It was all about Harry Potter and his girlfriend and the golden trio.”


“Well, Ella, he’s a dangerous guy.” Hermione told her friend sternly. “He is an arse.”


“An arse?” Ella repeated quizzically as she raised an eyebrow at her friend. “If you read about him in the magazines, he’s actually really charming and genuine.”


“Ella, Draco Malfoy is not what he says he is in the magazines.” Ginny cut in as she shook her head. “He is incredibly cocky, a complete--“ She stopped herself and sighed. “Here, long story short, he used to be Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s worst enemy and he just made their lives a living hell. I mean, he did for me but not as much as he did to them. And the way he treated her! He called her a you-know-what every day!”


Ella gasped and looked at Ginny and then to Hermione. “But he seemed so nice and sweet in his interviews.”


“You watched his interviews?” Hermione asked with a frown.


“He had interviews?” Ginny asked her friend.


“I watched all fifty videos of him.” Ella said with a crazy smile that every other crazy fan wore.


“You’re a fan, huh?” Ginny asked with a frown.


“Just a little bit.” She replied with a laugh as she rolled her eyes. “Why? Could you get me his autograph?” She asked them with big eyes.


“Don’t let Ron hear you. He hates Malfoy.” Hermione said as she shook her head in disapproval.


“Right.” Ella said quietly. “So, no—“


“I’ll get you the autograph, Ella. Okay? I know you’re going to pester me to get it anyways.” Hermione said with an exasperated sigh. She looked at her clock and back at her friends. “Look, I need to work. I’m done talking about him and besides, you two need to get on with your own lives. I’ll see you tonight.” She said as she walked over to the room, opening the door when a pile of girls fell onto the floor. She gasped and let go of the door knob, quickly rushing over to stand next to her friends.


“You know Draco Malfoy?” The pretty blonde stood up quickly as she put on the best smile she could.


“Yeah, do you know him?” The brunette asked as she got up, fixing her shirt.


“You look really pretty.” She redhead said with a smile as she got up, standing next to her friends.


Hermione lightly scoffed and crossed her arms across her chest. “I’m sorry; I didn’t catch your names.”


“I’m Amber Jones.” The blonde quickly said as she stuck out her hand out for Hermione to shake.


“Ashley Brown.” The brunette quickly said as she flipped her hair over her shoulder.


“Anna Smith.” The redhead said as she stuck out her hand, slightly glaring at Amber.


Hermione smiled at them and nodded, ignoring their handshakes. “Nice to meet you all, I’m Hermione Granger.”


“Nice to meet you.” They all said with wide, desperate smiles. “Could you please get us his autograph, too?”


Hermione stopped and frowned immediately. She glared at Ella and groaned. She looked back at them and licked her dry lips. “I, uh, I don’t really know him that well—“ She suddenly got cut off by Ella stomping on her foot. “I’ll do it. Sure, I’ll get the autographs from him. Do you want me to add your names on it?”


The three eagerly nodded their heads. “Thank you so much! You’re so pretty.” They said and walked off happily.


Hermione immediately frowned and turned to her friend. “What was that about?”


“Freaking muggles, they are so annoying.” Ella commented with a snort. “We had to get rid of them somehow!”


“I don’t even know him that well! The only thing we did with each other was throw spells at each other. Oh, yeah, we’re best friends!” She whispered angrily at her friends. “And you, why are you just standing there?”

“I didn’t think I had to the right to butt in.” Ginny said with a shrug.

“Sure, you didn’t! You do it all the time!” Hermione accused and sighed as she pointed to the door. “Out.”








Hermione simply groaned and stared at them.


“See you later.” They said together, walking towards the door slowly. Ella suddenly turned around and said, “Tell him to add my name on the autograph, too!” She quickly said as she turned to Ginny with a giggle.


“I have a feeling I won’t be having a sister-in-law anytime soon. Once Ron finds out she’s in love with Malfoy . . . ah, all hell will break loose. Lord, help all of us.” Ginny smiled at her friend. “The people in here are so nice.” She said sarcastically and sighed. “Cheer up! This is only the first day of work. It’ll get better.”


“Hopefully.” Hermione said with a groan.


“Bye.” Ginny said and hugged her friend, waddling out of the office.


Hermione shut the door behind her friend and leaned against it. “I’m so screwed . . . autographs? I promised myself not to even acknowledge his presence and now I have to get autographs? Oh hell . . . why did I agree?” She scolded herself and slapped herself on the head multiple times, walking back to her desk solemnly.




Yes, it’s really bad and boring. I’m sorry! >_< But, please leave a review. I’d love to read what you all think of this so far. And thank you for taking your time reading this. Thank you and please drop a review below.



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