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Seriously Black by kjp
Chapter 13 : Worst enemies
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The marauders practically stayed up every night after that, perfecting every inch of the map so it was absolutely accurate and making sure their charms used were flawless. In fact they had spent so long working on the map that it had almost been completed by the next week (with just a few walls and passage ways missing on the map, and some charms and spells)

Sirius was glad, at least now he might be able to sneak up to Snape and jinx him to hell and back. With his sneering face and slimy hair, Sirius didn’t think he could last any longer without pulling out his wand on him, and perhaps turn him into a rat along the way. Sirius was positive with his mind set on it, that it had been Snape that was the cause of Marlene and Mary’s attack, and of course once again Lily was too blind to see it.

Sirius had mentioned his theory to James, but James had simply shook his head with a disapproving stare.

“Look you don’t know for sure and as much as I’d love to see Snivillus expelled from the school, you’ve got no proof” James said in the boys dormitories one evening when they had been working all night on the map.

“Yeah but say he got-” tried Sirius, but James waved a hand in front of his face stopping him.

“Mate, let it go. It’s bad enough we jinx each other every time we cross paths in the corridor let alone adding another thing to the list of why we hate each other. It’s long enough already”

Something told him it was the end of that conversation but Sirius wasn’t going to let it go, with his mind set on an idea, it was hard too let it go.

The marauders had been visiting Marlene and Mary almost every day now in the hospital wing, Mary was awake finally, though she still looked worse than ever, sleeping every time they went to visit.

“She is scared I think” Marlene said in hushed whispers to Sirius just in case Mary was listening in, even with her eyes closed and snores could be heard “The attack really got to her” Then her face turned sad as she looked away from him to Mary “Her parents are coming to pick her up, they are saying it is not safe here”

Sirius stared at her in confusion for a moment “wait a minute, aren’t her parent’s muggles?”

“Yes, they are, Mary and professor Dumbledore are going to meet them on the outskirts of hogsmeade. She will not be coming back for a while” Sighed Marlene, her eyes glazed over with distant thinking.

“Have your parents come to visit?” Remus asked as he passed her the pile of today’s homework “Sorry, we got quite a lot today”

“It is fine, I need something to do up here anyway. I am going mad with boredom, madam Pomfrey says I cannot leave for another week or so” Marlene rolled her eyes “and yes, my mother has come to visit, though my, um, father’s, er… a little busy with work at the moment”

She moved on and grabbed a pill lying on the side table, opened up her books and started her pile of unfinished homework due the next day.

“do you need help?” Remus asked.

“Hinkeypunks are the topic? No, it’s ok. I think I can answer this one” she smiled dipping her quill in some ink deep in thought “thank-you though”

Remus nodded in response staring down at his watch before his eyes widened “I’ve got to go” He said sending a warning look at the other three marauders who nodded their head in understanding “Sorry Marls, I’ll see you later”

“uh..  ok. Bye” She frowned at his unusual behaviour as Remus left through the hospital wing doors, but carried on writing none of the less deciding it was none of her business.

“Wait is he going because of-” Peter begun but was shoved by James who, when Marlene looked up, gave an innocent dazzling smile “oh… sorry” mumbled Peter under his breath looking down at the floor frowning.

A sudden idea just came upon Sirius as he stared at the full moon that they had an almost perfect view of. He had only hoped that Remus would have been able to get to the whomping willow before his painful transformation took place. The remaining marauders had planned to head out there half an hour later, just in case Snape was hanging around putting his unusually large nose in other peoples businesses.

It was only then that Sirius got the amazing idea of how to get the little git back for setting up an attack on Marlene and Mary.

“James can I borrow your cloak?” Sirius asked.

“why?” Replied James whose face was a look of confusion.

“Cloak?” Marlene muttered in curiosity tilting her head to the side, thinking, having finally taken her nose out of the page she had already written an essay on “Why do you need to borrow his cloak?”

Wracking his brain for an excuse he said quite simply shrugging as if the lie could roll of his tongue “I’ve just lost mine tha’s all”

She squinted at him, trying to see through him. Somehow she knew he was lying, that there was something not quite right about it, or perhaps she knew that he had not ‘lost’ his cloak at all, or even the fact he wasn’t asking for a regular cloak. She wasn’t quite sure, but she knew straight away he was lying by the way his eyes refused to meet hers as he said it. Though she kept her mouth shut, she was always quite good at controlling her curiosity.

“It’s up in my trunk” James said still unsure.

Sirius nodded, moving towards the hospital wing doors “I’ll meet you in the entrance hall”

Sirius dashed up the hallways, up along the moving staircases, pushed through the seventh floor corridor, into Gryffindor tower and finally into the boys dormitories where he found James’s trunk (where half of its contents were spilled carelessly along the floor) and pulled out the silvery material and wrapped it around himself, disappearing from sight.

He looked across at the open and half complete marauders map that was lying face up on the table. He looked at it, wondering if he would have any luck in finding Snape on it. Sure enough just outside in the grounds (clearly having attempted following Remus again) was Snivillus. He closed the map and slipped it in his pocket.

He was careful as he moved past students in the Gryffindor common room, it was the time when it was most full, where it was too early to sleep but also too late to venture out into the castle (not that it ever stopped the marauders)

Back along the seventh corridor, down the moving staircases and pushing himself out of the entrance hall. He wrapped the cloak tighter around him as he made contact with the wintery wind.

He looked across the grounds and saw the silhouette of Hagrid in the distance hauling in what looked like trees. Sirius only guessed that they were for Christmas which was only one week away. Though it wasn’t going to be as joyful as it was last year, with James, Remus and Peter heading back home, Sirius wasn’t sure whether to sign up for the going home list or staying at Hogwarts list. He had, of course, hoped that he would be heading back with James for the Christmas holidays and spend Christmas with them, but James had said nothing about it and he really didn’t want to be a burden. One thing was for sure though, he definitely wasn’t going back to grimmauld place.

He took his cloak of and walked around the grounds until his eyes fell upon the slime ball, he began to walk up to “Fancy meeting you here Snivllius!” Sirius shouted out at him, stuffing the cloak quickly in his pockets so that Snape wouldn’t see it.

“What do you want Black?” Snape growled back.

“To stop you from being nosey. I know why you’re out here, you want to know where Remus goes” Sirius smirked at him proudly “Perhaps you should learn to keep your snotty nose out of other people’s businesses, eh Snivillus?”

“I’m not stupid, I know he’s a werewolf” Snape bit back, his face tense with anger.

Sirius stared, he really was too nosey for his own good “Are you sure about that? I mean you’ve been wrong before”

“Don’t even-” Snape begun with hate filling his eyes as he took a step forward reaching for his wand, but Sirius interrupted him before he could.

“Why don’t know follow him and find out” Sirius smirked “I suppose you know how he leaves the school”

Snape sniffed “Why would I follow a monster”

For a moment Sirius glared hatefully at the slytherine standing infront of him and angrily shouted “He’s not a monster you bastard!” pulling out his wand out on him and pointing it straight at his chest “Go on, follow him, or are you too much of a coward”

“I’m not a coward!” Snape roared at him, swiftly taking out his own wand.

“Are you sure about that Snivillus? Cause at the moment it seems to me as if your scared of a ickle werewolf” teased Sirius menacingly twisting his wand in his hand and glaring daggers.

Snape dropped his wand a strided over to the womping willow with determination written plainly across his face

The tree was still mobilized from when Remus had went down, so Snape was easily able to clamper down the tunnel in the base of the tree without insane branches attempting to kill you. but before Snape dropped out of sight he twistedly smiled “How’s your friends by the way, McKinnon and the mudblood McDonald”

Sirius glared but didn’t move. It was only when Snape had disappeared from sight did the smirk vanish of Sirius’s face as the realization of what he had just done.

He may have just sent his worst enemy straight to a werewolf…


A/N just to be clear it wasn’t Snape who set up the attack on Marlene and Mary, though in Sirius’s eyes he’ll always believe that :D and I know this story isn’t right on time because the incident where Snape follows Remus in this chapter happens 2 weeks before their exams in the books… I only just realized that after I wrote it.

 Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry potter, that would be JK rowling :D


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