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Expecting by SaritaMalfoy22
Chapter 20 : Chapter 19: Letters From Home
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                                                                               Chapter 19: Letters From Home

"I want you two to apologize and shake hands right now or so help me god I will bang your heads together!" Sarah demanded later that night in the cabin. Danny and James had both spent less than 10 minutes in the hospital wing and were now stood sheepishly in front of her, while Dom, Becky, Lily, Albus, Freddie, Scorpius and I stood behind her, arms folded in disapproval.

"I'm sorry mate; I'm on a really strong cocktail of pain potions at the moment. I was completely out of it for most of the game" Danny admitted with embarrassment, extending his hand.

"I shouldn't have risen to it. I get such an adrenaline rush after Quidditch that usually I go and kick the shit out of a tree, instead of a member of my team. You played well today, no matter what." James replied genuinely, shaking Danny's hand.

"You all played well." James said to the rest of the room, inclining his head towards the Slytherins in our midst as well. Albus gave him a lopsided smile.

"Some more than others - I'm lucky to be alive!" Albus gasped dramatically, winking at Sarah, who managed to look apologetic and quietly proud at the same time.

"Don't fuck with hormonal women is the lesson there," Dom grinned, plopping down into a chair. The rest of us followed suit and took up seats.

"I'm not hormonal! I'm just a psychopath" Sarah shrugged.

"Well then the real lesson here is don't fuck with Sarah," Dom corrected with a smirk.

"It's weird you didn't plan a party tonight James?" Scorpius said inquisitively.

"Yeah, I got a tip-off that somebody had grassed us up to a teacher after the last party; probably Michael Troy. Whatever the case, I decided to wait til the next match for a party. Anybody checking the halls tonight won't find a trace of us and they'll think it was a wind-up." James shrugged.

Although this was true, I didn't think James was too bothered that he couldn't hold a party this time. He was still wary of his parties after the fateful one in September. I doubted it would keep him from throwing another one though.

"Shame; I had to make other plans." Scorpius said nonchalantly. I looked up.

"Really? What are you up to then?" I asked.

"I'm taking Chelsea into Hogsmeade for a drink." He replied, something glinting in his eyes as he looked at me, trademark smirk on his lips.

"You're right. That is a shame." I said without missing a beat, provoking laughter from he gang. Scorpius scowled.

"I might bring her back here afterwards actually." He retorted loudly, raising his eyebrows challengingly at me.

"I don't bloody think so. I've only just got rid of the fleas in here from when James decided to spend last years spring half term here as a dog." Sarah snorted, drawing more laughter from everyone but Danny, who looked confused at this statement as he didn't know about us.

This time Scorpius knew when he'd been beaten and admitted defeat. He stood up, shooting me an expectant glance, his eyebrows bouncing slightly as if expecting me to stop him from leaving. I raised an eyebrow and looked at Freddie.

"Come on, we'll stay here tonight" I said to my boyfriend with a small smile. Freddie gave me a surprised look.

"Oh! Okay." He replied, smiling back.

Sarah raised her eyebrows in a 'do you really think that's a good idea?' look, while Dom smiled encouragingly. I should have known that anything that Dom thought was a good idea probably wasn't. Becky wolf-whistled as Freddie kissed me on the cheek tenderly and nobody but me noticed as Scorpius stalked from the cabin, shutting the door angrily behind him.



I woke up in Freddie's arms the next day in his boxer shorts and t-shirt. It had been odd being with him again, but not unpleasant. It was delightfully familiar to feel him move in time with me and feel his breath on my neck. It was a good night, I had a good time as I always used to, and he made me feel like the only girl in the world when he gazed into my eyes and said my name like a prayer.

So why the hell couldn't I get Scorpius out of my head?

Because he's in your heart… and part of him is in your stomach now too…

Thanks, brain. That's helpful.

"I've missed the sight of you in the morning with your hair all messy and wearing my clothes." Freddie said from next to me, startling me out of my dangerous thoughts.

"I've missed you too" I replied completely honestly. Yet at the back of my mind I couldn't help thinking that this whole situation was going to end in tears.

…And not just mine.




We stayed in bed til 1 in the afternoon, reading the papers and eating lots of bacon. I thanked my lucky stars that lately my morning sickness had been coming later in the day – usually the evening.

"Shit. I've got a Muggle Studies test on Monday first thing" Freddie said suddenly, jumping out of bed. I followed suit and got changed, thankful for an excuse to leave. I really want to see Sarah right now and just sit with her for a bit.

"Sorry Ro, I wish I could spend the day with you, but this test is a preparation for my January exam and I haven't even looked over my notes on electricity yet" Freddie apologised as we made our way swiftly up to the castle, having tidied the cabin hurriedly.

"It's a good thing you remember early on then!" I said brightly with a smile.

"Thanks Rosie, I knew you'd understand!" Freddie said, kissing me goodbye before he jogged down the stairs towards the dungeons.

I made my way up the stairs, meeting a lot of students making their way down towards the hall for lunch. I hoped that Sarah wasn't one of them and wasn't looking where I was going after I entered the password ("Dobby the Free Elf") and bumped suddenly into something soft.

"Ow bugger fucking OW my boobs!" I screeched. I looked up to see that I'd bumped into an amused Sarah.

"Freddie a bit rough with you last night, was he?" She asked, raising her eyebrows and smirking.

"Oh shut up" I said, though I smiled. I sat down on the squishy armchair in the corner and Sarah sat down on the sofa next to me.

"How was it then? I wasn't sure that it was a good idea." She asked seriously.

"Odd. I don't know. It's weird going back to an ex." I sighed thoughtfully.

"I'll bet" Sarah replied, looking equally as thoughtful.

"So your boobs are getting tender then?" She added.

"They feel sore" I moaned, adjusting my bra.

"Mine too. I just grew out of my last bra," James said from nowhere, vaulting over the back of the sofa and making himself comfortable next to Sarah.

"They really hurt" I said, ignoring him.

"I've got some period-pain potion upstairs that works on sore boobs. I'll go and get it" Sarah said, disappearing upstairs.

"So little ducky, what happened last night?" James asked.

"We sang the national anthem and danced around the living room" I said sarcastically.

"Ah go on, wasn't it weird?"

"It was alright. It was sex" I replied, not wanting to talk about it anymore.

"I could never sleep with someone I didn't love" James said quietly.

"It's a good job I love Freddie then isn't it?" I replied honestly. I do love him. But not in the half-crazed I-need-you-to-survive way that I used to. I don't know what that means yet.

"Here we go!" Sarah said brightly, coming down the stairs with a bottle.

"Take a swig of this. I read the label, it's suitable for use in your condition" She added.

"Keep your voice down!" I hissed jumpily, looking around the deserted common room.

"Calm down. Take some, now" Sarah said, sitting back down. I did as I was told and took a gulp.

"Aw, I feel better already" I sighed, soothed.

"Have that bottle. I'll order you some more up at the apothecary when I send off for my moisturiser."

I nodded.

"Thanks Sare." I said, pocketing the bottle.

"Haven't you two got homework to do?" I asked sternly. Sarah and James rolled their eyes.

"Yes, Hermione" James replied with a grin, ducking out from under my punch and darting up the stairs to retrieve his books.




"When are you all free for shifting again?" Becky asked late that night to the common room in general.

"Wait a minute, where's Sarah? We need to arrange with her too," I said, looking around.

"Dunno. With Danny maybe?" Dom shrugged.

"What does she see in him?" James asked grumpily, sinking into his usual seat by the fire and folding his arms.

"Well for a start he's absolutely gorgeous" Dom gushed dreamily.

"I'm not too harsh on the eyes..." James protested huffily, rumpling his untidy hair and looking terrifyingly like his namesake – James Potter the 1st – who we've seen in Uncle Harry's pensieve.

"And he's on the Quidditch team-" Becky continued.

"I'm captain of the Quidditch team!"

"And then there's the fact that he's funny-" I began

"Knock, knock!"

"Not to mention that he seems to know Sarah inside and out" Becky added, smiling at James' frantic attempts.

"What do you lot know anyway. She's my soulmate and I'm getting her back, even if I have to chain her to a radiator to make her live with me." He folded his arms in determination.

"How is it that I can see that actually happening?" Dom asked, looking alarmed.

"Because it's James?" Albus replied with a Slytherin smirk.

James opened his mouth to retort when there was a tap-tapping at the glass window. I looked up to see my mother's owl stood shivering outside. I stood up and went over to him and let him in.

"How are you shivering?" I asked as he hopped onto my shoulder, hooting excitedly.

"Aww, he's got his little coat on" Dom said, cocking her head in adoration at Sprite, mums owl. I untied a large package and several letters.

Dom was right. My mum decided that on long journeys our little owl should have a little vest-like jacket that allows him to use his wings and legs but keeps him warm. Dad laughed but Sprite pecked him when he tried to take the coat off him.

Mental but true.

"Can I steal him?" Becky moaned from the corner. "He's sho shweet!" She added with a grin.

I grinned and sat down to open my post.

Sprite was hopping gleefully around the sofa, enjoying the attention from everyone and I ripped open the package first. It contained a small note from Nana Weasley, which I read before looking inside at what was probably food:


I know you're probably eating well enough, but please pass these around everyone. I have only heard from Lily this month and she seems well – Dominique wrote to talk to your Grandfather about the Quidditch result last month... Heard from Louis too – he says he is enjoying Beuxbatons. Your Uncle Percy flooed us the other day to tell us how American life is treating them – the girls are apparently enjoying Salem's Academy. Oh and do tell Albus that your grandfather absolutely adored his essay on the origins of electricity. We all send our love – see you at Christmas!

Nana xxxxxxx'

"Nana says hello" I said to the room in general, passing around several dozen cream-cakes which had been iced with all our names on it.

"She's so nice. I love your Nan." Becky said, biting into an orange cake with 'Becky' iced onto it in white. I tore open the first letter I grabbed.

'Dear Rose,

I hope school is going well and everyone is doing well too, please tell my darling eldest child James that if he doesn't stop sending us photos of him setting fire to things then I will have to kill him. I hope I find you well, love, we all can't wait to see you lot over the holidays – I recently found a perfect present for your mum – it's a book on House Elves through the ages that she could use as research material for her latest book. She's settled on a name: "A Complete Guide to the Proper Treatment of House Elves." What I have read of it is very good, but you'll see it over the holidays next month. I think your Grandfather has something planned for all you kids over the Christmas break, so brace yourselves! Also, I don't know whether your Nana told you, but she wants to know who can stay over at Christmas time, so if you could send her a list as soon as you have a minute it would be great – Lily already sent hers back but when I sent a letter asking James to, he replied with another bag of Honeydukes and what looked like some of his hair. Boys!

Anyway, see you soon sweetheart,

Your Auntie Ginny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

I laughed and passed the letter around.

"She loves my fire pictures really." James said with his cat-like grin. I grabbed the next letter, which was scrawled in my father's handwriting.


Get James to send home some more pictures of him winding up Peeves – I put the last few on the wall in the study and even your mum laughed. My favourite is the one with his head covered in custard. Is he back with Sarah yet? Whenever I see him he insists that he will win her over again, but his best plan involved dangerous explosives and a dragon so I hope the poor girl is a fast runner. Also, is there any news on Hugo getting onto the quidditch team? I hope he's practicing for next years tryouts. Your mum sends her love – she wanted to write this letter to you but I beat her to it!

You still daddy's little girl? Love you loads Ro-Ro,

Dad xxx'

I bit back tears as I folded the letter and put it in its envelope carefully. I took a deep breath to steady my emotions and I grabbed the penultimate letter, carefully opening it.

"Miss Weasley,

After the trouble at the last Quidditch match, Professor Hart is determined that the detention is to take place in the Trophy Room. As a rogue bludger is on the loose in there, I have excused you from this activity on medical grounds. Don't get yourself into any more trouble as it will draw too much attention to your medical situation. At my suggestion your friends will be taking it in turns over the next three weeks to help me out in the Hospital Wing for one Saturday each instead. These detentions will not be joined.

Stay out of trouble,

Madame Pettifoot"

"Ha! Sarah will be happy about this," I said gleefully, passing the letter to James.

"Well done preggo!" James grinned at me. I shook my head with a smile as I grabbed the last letter.


Ha! You wasted your time opening this! Please bring me a sandwich.

Your favourite cousin,


"James!" I laughed, throwing the letter at him.

"What?" He asked with a grin. "Where's my sandwich?" He asked seriously.

"Get knotted." I replied, smiling casually.

"How about we just say we'll shift tomorrow night and we can cancel it if Sarah's not free?" Becky asked, tucking into her third named cake.

"Good idea, if you see her can you tell her? I'm off to bed, eat all the cakes you want" I said tiredly, excusing myself and making a beeline for my warm bed.





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